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The Butcher s Boy is a trilling paranormal murder mystery A divorced mother and her son move into a new house to restart their lives, only to discover it is haunted by a very nasty ghost There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing along the way so don t think you ve gotten it figured out too early Character developments where great and I had a very tough time putting this book down Thanks Michael for the read Book Review 3 Treasure BoxesThe Butcher s Boy catches your attention from the first page and keeps you on the edge of your seat for a wild and scary ride A variety of things happen in this book including possession, murder, kidnapping and redemption I really liked all the characters, especially Michael They were well developed and I thought their actions and reactions were realistic The ending was exciting but brutal and I thought maybe a bit cheesey This is a standalone book with a well thought out plot that builds to a crescendo I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading scary, gruesome books.For my full review go to [Free E-pub] ♹ The Butchers Boy ☦ What Happens When A Newly Divorced Mother, Her Eleven Year Old Son, And Their Overprotective Rottweiler Move Into A House That Is Haunted By The Victims Of A Long Ago Grisly Murder Can Young Michael Fight Through The Madness And Terror To Figure Out What Happened So Long Ago If He Does, Maybe The Tormented Souls Can Be Put To Rest If He Fails, He Just Might Become One Of Them With Only The Help Of His Babysitter, A Burned Out House Painter, And His Dog Lucy Fur, Michael Is About To Try The Problem Is, Not Everyone Is Who They Seem, Even The Dead I picked this one up on Audible thru Kindle Unlimited There was a lot going on in this one and at times it was a bit hard to follow the different characters mostly the spirits Not sure if that was a result of the audio version or not Written well with a good cast of characters but a little predictable Overall, a pretty good ghost story view spoiler Really not related to anything, but I had a problem with one of the characters who was a meth addict that was trying to stay clean while constantly getting drunk Not an expert, but that seems like a red flag to me and something that the character may wish to avoid if he really wanted to stay sober I liked this character, but was confused by his actions and the fact that everybody just stood by hide spoiler I just finished The Butcher s Boy The book didn t take long for me to read because I was totally engrossed in the story The Butcher s Boy is the perfect mixture of paranormal, horror and gore It grabbed me from the very beginning and held on until I reluctantly read the last pages of the book The story is told from several point of view of the characters but the flow between them was done very well and felt perfectly natural as I was pulled along I definitely recommend this book Of course I love a good ghost story, but this is so much than that The ghosts of the past aren t the only mystery entangled within the story and it doesn t take long to figure out that something is amiss Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down Every time I thought I knew what was going on, I realized there was so much to it Truly a brilliant piece of work.P.S The product placement of The Royal Dragoneers was a hoot Thanks for the laugh Michael Thirty one years ago, Buxly the Butcher was tried for murdering his family He was found guilty and sentenced to die for those grizzly acts Now a newly divorced nurse has bought and moved into the house, completely unaware of what happened so long ago.The transition to a new life for Janet and her son Michael seems to go well Janet meets a handsome charmer and decides she likes him enough to start dating again She leaves Michael with a babysitter Fueled by tales of the house being haunted, Michael and his babysitter begin doing research and the deeper in they get, the they find that no one is who they seem.I have read a lot of thrillers in my time so it s really hard to get me engaged to the point where I get the chills This book did it Michael Mathias use of description, storyline and plot twists take you on a dark ride where you just HAVE to know what happens next The night I first started it, I didn t want to put it down for that very reason What could you want It s suspenseful, you don t want to pull away from it and it s gory All things anyone who loves a great horror novel looks for I m really glad I picked this one up and chose October to read it It was perfect for Halloween and now I m looking for something to beat it Thank you to Michael Mathias for the review copy, it in no way influenced my review.Michael Mathias was a Booster for The Top Shelf for the month of October That in no way influenced my review. The thriller The Butcher s Boy is a perfect mix of horror and mystery It left me thinking, I d love to see this made into a movie But then I realized I would be too afraid to actually see it While I did pinpoint the bad guy early on, it didn t keep me from being on the edge of my seat the entire book There were still plenty of twists and turns in this great story I fell in love with Janet and Michael and I adored Lucy I was also caught by surprise by the emotion the author evoked in me with the story of a mother s love For me, this book had it all Haunted house, Ouija boards, gruesome murders, and me having to sleep with the light on With that said, the story is a bit graphic at times and might make the easily offended somewhat uncomfortable I personally thought it was one of the best I ve read in a while. 4.5 stars out of 5You know a book is good when a particular scene will play in your mind repeatedly I remember watching the Shining and seeing Jack Nicholson dragging his leg through the maze with that ax It was not the gore, the surprises, or the story that was memorable it was that particular scene and the methodical slowness in which Jack dragged himself through the maze It scares me to this day The Butcher s Boy has that same quality to it Certain scenes keep playing in my head making this book very memorable and very scary.The Butcher s Boy is not a book of immediate horror and gore, but a slow building up of the terror I was concerned at the beginning, fearful for Michael and fearful for the dog Yes, the dog I have a thing against dead dogs I expect humans to die in horror books, but do not kill the dog The basic story is a divorced mom, her son and their dog move into a house that was the sight of some very horrific murders ok, I know, what murders aren t horrific You think you know what is going to happen and that this book will be like so many other horror and supernatural books about scary homes However, it isn t your classic scary home ghost story The author puts some twists in the story that made it refreshing and pleasantly surprised me.My only complaint was Michael sometimes didn t act like an 11 year old At times, he came across adult like and it seemed the author forgot he was only 11.Overall, an excellent story Be prepared for some gore especially near the end. If rape were a literary device, Mathias might think he s an artist But it s not, and so using rape like sprinkles is a crude curtain for what otherwise would be completely unemotional writing As it is, the characters are grossly underdeveloped and behave in messy patterns that serve the story nothing but thin masking see first sentence The writing was soaked in not only sexism and social ineptitude but also in unedited, floundering piss The writing was drunk and neglected with a story to match Its bad metaphors were clich d and tried at best but mainly absurd and convoluted, much like the plot line and any pivotal moments Mathias systematically manufactured Highly predictable and when it wasn t, it was worse.