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Re reading 30 9 13 The battle over Alex was just as hot funny as I recalled Seth and Aiden are both adorable, and the witty banter is definitely a highlight of this wonderful series.Original Review You know what His breath was warm against my cheek There are a lot of stupid things to do, but I really want to do the stupidest thing possible What s that I want to kiss you Seth Aiden The oracle in summary Everytime Alexandria kicked ass Brilliant book and I can t wait to read the next one in the series (((DOWNLOAD PDF))) ⇵ Pure ⇵ There Is Need And Then There Is Fate Being Destined To Become Some Kind Of Supernatural Electrical Outlet Isn T Exactly Awesome Especially When Alexandria S Other Half Is Everywhere She Goes Seth S In Her Training Room, Outside Her Classes, And Keeps Showing Up In Her Bedroom So Not Cool Their Connection Does Have Some Benefits, Like Staving Off Her Nightmares Of The Tragic Showdown With Her Mother, But It Has No Effect On What Alex Feels For The Forbidden, Pure Blooded Aiden Or What He Will Do And Sacrifice For Her When Daimons Infiltrate The Covenants And Attack Students, The Gods Send Furies Lesser Gods Determined To Eradicate Any Threat To The Covenants And To The Gods, And That Includes The Apollyon And Alex And If That And Hordes Of Aether Sucking Monsters Didn T Blow Bad Enough, A Mysterious Threat Seems Willing To Do Anything To Neutralize Seth, Even If That Means Forcing Alex Into Servitude Or Killing Her When The Gods Are Involved, Some Decisions Can Never, Ever Be Undone It s always good to be back to this world sighs happily Sometimes I forget how much I care about these characters until the feels hit me like a truck Review to come edit July 2012 Sigh Eff it I really didn t want to have a star rating on this book because of my mixed feelings good and bad but since I m not risking having yet another review sent to the void, I will award a star rating Original ReviewArgh I am so frustrated right now No matter how entertaining this book is and it s a great read , I feel dirty for reading it Blatant copying should not be rewarded This is even worse than fan fic to me because no one s getting their efforts credited back to them These are not little coincidencesthis is an entire world, race class system, and several characters It s kind of a big deal.I m marking this read for now and will collect my thoughts tomorrow when I m not so tired fast forward one day later and I m still torn Book 2 didn t have as many similarities to VA, well EXCEPT FOR view spoiler the scene with Caleb which echoed what happened to Mason, also in book 2 of the other series hide spoiler CAUTION, BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS I went into this book wanting to like it and enjoy it And I did, I loved it The tension had me on edge Seth was amazing and I loved him Aidan was kind of annoying but I loved him too Ireally really wanted to read this book without constantly having the sinking feeling that I ve already read it before, except written by a different author and with a different name Vampire Academy The second book of the Half Blood series was rud to beoriginal than the first and because I loved the author s writing and enjoyed the humor in the first book I wanted to give Book 2 a shot despite my annoyance with book 1 Unfortunately The similarity crisis strikes again Okay, I ve given up on trying to separate the two From now on I will be calling the main character Alexrose because, honestly, they are so alike they might as well be the same person Also, might as well throw in Aidimitri since Aiden and Dimitri are sometimes evenalike than Alex Rose are Just to make this a lot less confusing, cuz I honestly mixed them up throughout the entire book.Aidimitri breaks Alexrose s heart by saying they can t be together any because they would get in trouble when the higher ups found out and he lies and tells her he doesn t love her Aww Now I gave this the benefit of the doubt because a great majority of paranormal YA novels have this type of situation, and honestly I saw this coming from book 1 He leads her on all throughout the book and then he goes cold on her when he realizes he s lost control of his maskAgain, classic YA paranormal sopho novel.Caleb Mason Alexrose s best male friend dies and Alexrose is left emotionally scarred Book 2 of vampire academy, anyone This one shocked me senseless It was the first sign that this book would not go Vampire Academy less like I hoped it would It turns out Lea Mia who is a PURE can actually fight Really are you kidding me No no, no, no, no, this is definitely not a coincidence Mia Lea, the mean girl Pure, can somehow now fight off Daimons Strigoi after her parents died Please.Alexrose then goes to council court where all the Pures Moroi s hate her except for one, which leads me into the next one that threw me over the edge Introducing the newest stolen character Laaden AKA Tasha, the only Pure Moroi who doesn t hate all the Halfs Dhampirs She also turns out to might be evil Wow You had me there, I did NOT see that coming At all Very heavy sarcasm there, in case you didn t notice Then Alexrose gets an aphrodisiac drink cough necklace that makes her lusty and she almost ends up going all the way with Seth Again, Vampire Academy all over again Meanwhile, the supernatural bond between Alexrose and Sethalisa Seth Lisa is growing and they re starting to be able to sense each other s thoughts and feelings And whenever Sethalisa is with a person intimately Alexrose can sense it Remember the whole Lisa Chrsitian thing where Alexrose would see every time they were having an intimate moment Yup Sethalisa for sure guys Each time these things came up and I kept banging my head against a wall But, I loved the book and could not stop reading it I m starting to think the only reason I like it is because I loved Vampire Academy I feel kind of torn between wanting to be mad at this book for blatantly copying off of another, and seriously liking it for being so similar to a book I loved If you miss Vampire Academy, and you don t mind head banging similarities, would I recommend this book Yeah BUT now this is a very important but If you haven t read all the Vampire Academy books I highly strongly recommend you read those first Why Because Half Blood isn t nearly half as good as Vampire Academy was In the VA series I liked the characters a lot better, the setting a lot better, and the plot way better Everything feltalive in the Vampire Academy series Then after you ve read it go on to read Half Blood as a not so very different not so different at all spin off series. 4.5 stars I enjoyed this one SO muchthan the first Full review up tomorrow There be spoilers here Be warned There is nothing quite like the experience when reading an Armentrout novel My Symptoms included Stomach tied in a knot so tight it refuses to loosen till the very last sentence Continuously released a breath I didn t realize I was holding Felt the need to want to rip someones heart out and or bang my head against a wall depending on the scene Cried frustrated tears of pure agony or annoyance Glared at the words on the page so hard that I could almost taste sheer will transforming the words right before my eyes which.does.not.work Whimpered at the thought of actually falling for the guy I planed on hating from minute one It left me begging forPure would be the third novel I ve read from Jennifer L Armentrout and I gotta ask, where have you been all my life Her books are so dame addictive devourable unputdownable I swear I could read her stories every single day and it ll still leave me craving forWhat I adore about Jennifer s writing is that she really makes the reader understand the choices these characters are put through For example I hate all this tension and meanest that Aiden is giving off, but that whole Hector Kelia scene really put things in a different perspective and it s like something clicked into place I don t like it But I finally get it Smart cookie I also love the fact that this women can write one hell of an argument scene It s heated and passionate and extremely well done.But really, there are so many many reason why I adore this book series It s action punched, it has wickedly fun humor, has this crazy unreachable red hot romance just brimming to the surface to the point of madness and it reads like a freaken dream The second installment in the Covenant series was intense and crazy True, we didn t get a lot of answers to our huge list of questions The story doesn t quite move forward at this point but the plot has thickened up immensely Which I find totally necessary It s frustrating, yes, but it s still necessary to develop these characters in a certain light for us to understandabout them as the series goes on, which I can respect but it still leaves me aching for .These characters are a freaken blast Alex is made of pure awesome, but the girl gets in trouble A lot You just gotta love this girls spirit and spunk, it s the very best thing about her and I think we re only seeing the beginning of greatness.Aiden in this book, well, pissed me the hell off actually I love him Seriously, Aiden all the way, and I know what he did for Alex was the best thing for her that felt like dirt coming out of my mouth but that doesn t mean I m not gonna pout about it.Seth He s still just as arrogant, rude, obnoxious, pushy and incredibly in.the.way. I have never in my life wanted to hate a character so badly, but at last, Jennifer is evil and gave the bastard some of the greatest sincere moments, that it actually made me melt I can t hate him now But I still want to.The story line is a complete rush I was in constant doubt, who s the good guy bad guy here My emotions were also all over the place I laughed, I cried view spoiler Caleb, Noooooooooo hide spoiler Ever since I ve met you, I ve wanted to break every rule Holy shit That was awesome massive deadly book hangover THIS BOOK GUYS.This book is crazy Sad Funny Incredible Perfect Dreamy.We don t see much of Aiden, but we do see a lot of Seth And I m not complaining.Remember when I said that I found him irritating and then that I was beginning to like him And that maybe I could have loved him as much as Aiden YES THE ANSWER IS YES I DO LOVE HIM VERY MUCH.I know he s a bad guy sometimes, but in this installment he s also sweet and funny and swoons His arguments with Alex are so funny I cracked up all the damn time I ve constantly in mind this really sweet dance scene, but also the way Seth dumped Alex to the ground hahaAlso, I m all hearts as regards the pool scene, because c mon, it was fucking sweet and a lot hot too I was waiting for that scene since the beginning of the book ahhhh sighs On the contrary, while reading, I spent a lot of time wanting to punch Aiden in his gut Okay I know you re such a responsible and good guy, but can you stop acting so cold And can you stop saying I don t want to talk about this with you Alex, not now not ever or be careful, Alex or shut up, Alex or Alex you re settling with Seth But in the end, I can t I love him anyway 3Alex is so badass I want to marry her view spoiler The furies in the end you know How cool was that How cool was her jumping off the wall and cutting two heads in one fast move And landing with her arms widespread hide spoiler Ever since I ve met you, I ve wanted to break every rule Aiden turned away, the muscles in his neck tensing He sighed You ll become the center of someone s world one day And he ll be the luckiest son of a b tch on this earth Aiden My initial thoughts after reading Pure were wow, Jennifer L Armentrout is a genius and now, several months later I was definitely right, because it is the best sequel I have EVER read This time around we see Alex training with both Aiden and Seth Aiden is still trying to get her caught up on the work she missed and Seth is training her to become the future Apollyon No one said it was going to be easy and for Alex is isn t, especially when she becomes targeted by someone who is trying to get her kicked out of the Covenant Alex can t help but question who s behind it but with danger around every corner for Alex she soon has something else to worry about and that is, can she stay safe from the biggest danger of all the Furies who have arrived after daimons attack the students at the Covenant Pure is undoubtedly one of my favourite reads so far this year and it really surpassed my expectations Jennifer s work continues to amaze me and if anything her work gets better and better with each book I read She manages to create the perfect blend of paranormal, romance and excitement, mixed with pure perfection and I absolutely adored every single minute The characters as ever do not let us down Alex is as feisty and strong as always and she really goes through an even tougher time in this book There s so many things happening in her life that she cannot control and for some reason she is in the middle of everything But with Alex being Alex, through out all these hard times she stays true to herself even if it does land her in eventrouble She s her fun, witty self and I really admire her she s a fantastic heroine Seth is amazing I loved him from the first moment I met him and if anything I love him that muchthis time around His and Alex s relationship takes so many twists during this book and it was really nice to see a different side of him He s still as comical as ever and I felt it was a great addition Now Aiden.I cannot even put into words how much I am in love with this guy, seriously he s so swoon worthy that I almost had to wipe the drool off of my mouth His love for Alex really shows in this book and even though he does do things that make you really angry with him, you really can t stay made at him for long because he s doing what he thinks is best.even if that means pushing away the one person he lovesthan anything He s such an admiral character and you really see the levels he will go to protect Alex and it makes me love him evenSo even though Seth did make his way into my heart, I will always be Team Aiden The story itself was as dangerous as ever, with twists and turns through out that really leave you speechless It s fast paced, exciting and so, so intense and there s so much heat between these characters that you can almost feel the book burning in your hand Honestly, Jennifer doesn t disappoint one bit and she has completely raised the bar for Deity I cannot wait to get my hands on it Now, I need answers I m left with so many questions..who is really after Alex Will Alex and Aiden ever be together Will the Covenant ever be safe But most importantly will the rule on Pure s and Half Blood s being together ever be thrown out So, so many questions and I m counting down the days until I finally get my answers Overall, The Covenant series is definitely one of my favourite series with Pure being my favourite sequel and I highly recommend this series to anyone A huge, huge thank you to Spencer Hill press for sending me an ARC copy of this book You guys rock There were two types of people in this world, those who sat around a fire, staring into the flames, and those who started the fire Seth and I started the fire, and then we danced around it This has got to be one of the best sequels to a book I ve ever read Was it better than the first book Most definitely The characters and their roles have developed so much since the first book it s astonishing Alex is seriously like a sassy warrior princess in my opinion Aiden is really probably meant to be her soul mate, they are literally perfect for each other and are amazing in combat Seth is like a really mischievous, and reckless friend to Alex, although I have a feeling sooner or later he is gonna turn into a power hungry Apollyon. so that s probably gonna pose some problems I like Seth a bitin this book than I did in the first but I don t think that Alex and him should be fated to each other, like everyone assumes they should be, they d be at each other throats half the time I was heartbroken with what happened to Caleb but what s done is done, unfortunately Lastly, Alex is going to be one powerful Apollyon when she awakens on her 18th birthday, probablyso than Seth, which would be awesome The entire story was completely enthralling and it was near impossible to put the book down Can t wait to continue this series.