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Everything about the Morganville vampire s series is getting so repetitive and tiresome This book is so similar to previous books in the series Claire and co are in danger Michael broods The gang try and come up with a solution to said danger which requires them moving from A to B for some reason or another Eve makes smart alecky remarks Whist moving from A to B there s a fight with the bad guys Michael broods someClaire and co think they re dead but somehow manage to survive the fight with the supposedly unbeatable bad guys Shane gets angsty about his daddy mummy sister girlfriend issues The gang again have to move from A to B, whilst moving they have another fight with bad guys, and rinse and repeat Michael broods Claire and Myrnin have to find a scientific solution to save the day Shane continues to angst about his life Claire wuvs Shane and using the power of twu wuv, she tries to help him A solution to beat the bad guys is found at the last minute Shane wuvs Claire and decides to stops angsting for all of 5 minutes because that s the kind of thing you do for your one twu wuv Shockingly Michael broods Claire and co fight the good fight and what do you know they win But oh noes Claire and co can t get too happy because they might have beat the bad guys but there s the other bad guys they have to fight So there has to be yet another sequel in the neverending Morganville saga so we can find out if Claire and co survive and find out if Michael ever stops brooding.I didn t like the multiple POV s, it was hard to distinguish between voices because they all sounded so similar..thankfully R.Caine had the good sense to note who was narrating each scene because otherwise it d be impossible to tell who was who The narrative also changes from 3rd person POV to 1st person which was annoying because it just bought me out of the story Pretty much everyone got a POV except for Myrnin and Monica who I would have actually preferred to read about Over the course of the series Claire seems to have morphed from an intelligent, studious character to a cookie cutter blah YA heroine I m bored with Claire s vanilla, do goody and boring personality, so much so that I was wish I could read from Monica s POV yes Monica s a crazy bully and a little psycho but at least she s interesting and full of fire I ll only be reading the last 3 books because I ve come this far and I m hoping the last 3 will have aoriginal and solid storyline. Some Spoilers I tell myself every time I finish one of these books not to bother reviewing it since I sound like a freaken broken record It s true, just read the 11 past reviews But at last, I simply can t resist gushing about how un freaken believable this series is In the lastest episode, Black Dawn, Claire and the gang continue to fight off a common enemy between humans and vampires Magnus and his hive of draugs.Now lets just take a moment here so I can properly geek out how badly I loved this plot line Who would have thunk something could be worse then the vampires of Morganville These draugs don t mess around and with the cool use of traveling through anything water makes them utterly chill worthy and fascinating at the same time.Leave it to Caine people But I do wish the plot line could have stretched out to at least onebook, but then again I guess a dire situation on hold would seem strange, but now I m really curious what Caine plans to do for the next three books.There is just so much to love about these books Every time I reach for the latest Morganville it truly feels like coming home Caine s writing is so easy to slide into and I look forward to what ever comic whip she has in store for these characters to say next I feel like I know each them so perfectly and as silly as it sounds, it s like they ve become friends I adore the romance, the banter, the wit, the sarcasm and the way they all look out for one another, and that includes Myrnin He s one of the best things about these books and when it s all said and done, Myrnin better be standing there in all his madness, cause I can t even fathom a Morganville without him in it Oliver can go away though, he had slight moments here and there, but yeah, he can go away now please But it sthen these beloved characters, it s also the speed of danger and the rush of excitement, and never evah not knowing what s gonna happen next At the risk of sounding like a complete cheese ball, I m gonna gush about some of my favorite moments.The entire novel is just amazing mind you, but I feel the need to give some proper shout outs One was to chapter seven That was some of Caine s best work, or at least to me We all know what kind of character Shane is, so when he went through the motions in that chapter I felt just as trapped and terrified and longed for the things he saw Powerful stuff.The next shout out is for this quote Claire, don t We re not your enemies don t do thisWe love him, too Not fucking enough, you don t she snapped, and left them there I was actually pretty shocked at that line Claire as always, always been the calm rational one, so for us to see her just completely unhinged and frantic was a real testament to how much this character has grown She was a madwomen possessed, nothing was stopping her and I dont think I ve ever been prouder of her in that moment Again, another power hit by Caine.And the last shout out would be a scene between Claire and Shane when he was explaining to Claire what his dreams were about Tell me her name, he said Please tell me her name.What an amazing moment for Shane and Claire fans After reading that scene, I kept envisioning that for our final ending If it be 15 or 50, that ending, that s the moment where I want these books to end I want Shane to have his everything and then and only then will I be able to let these books go with a heavy heart.Basically I loved everything about this one Fantastic energy, increbile writing and characters you would fight the death for I also thought it left us with a perfect ending but now I m all nervous again since I have no clue what the gang are in store for with this new and improved Morganville Three books left and I have no idea what Caine is plotting in her evil genius mind, so yeah, I m scared people November feels so.very.far away Another Morganville Win Always More Black Dawn.ooooooh sounds all mysterious and dark I looooooove these books, don t get me wrong, but does anyone else want them all to be happy for five minutes or just get the fucking balls to run out of town for good Or can t these kids just figure out that their town is going to hell and to just leave I find myself feeling that sometimes, but I still love these books.Also, I found the last book significantly creepier than the other eleven of them Anyone Anyone think that either I m just curious to see what happens. Ooops hold your horses guys possible teasers and spoilers in here.Okay don t say I didn t warn you Now carry on..Hey so I just finished reading this book I mean just now actually and I m still having the after effects of it..So let s go to my review..there s a lot I like about this book one of those are the times when MYRNIN is clearly showing his affection for CLAIRE don t get me wrong guys I m still team SHANE I m also happy for EVE and MICHAEL they finally had their plan come true in the end nope not telling you what that is also I was a little scared that SHANE and CLAIRE will actually break up because of what happened to SHANE and what it was doing to him I thought he will actually give up.oooh and also I love the baby s name CARRIE don t know where she get it though But I actually thought CLAIRE would be the one to you know kill MAGNUS and save the world because she seems to be having a lot of major role there also I was a bit disappointed about how they killed him it s just looks so easy its like when you read about it you ll be all That s it he s dead And about AMELIE I didn t doubt it for a second that she ll make it in the end. I just know RACHEL would be able to pull it off but actually I had a tiny little thouhgt that maybe AMELIE should have died because I was scared to death of how things would turn out now that the rules have been change and damn did it look bad and did I mentioned scary But all in all I love it definitely So I have one little question before I end this IS TOMORROW NOVEMBER ALREADY ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ♌ Black Dawn ♝ Ever Since The Draug Mysterious Creatures That Prey On Vampires Took Over Morganville, The Lives Of Student Claire Danvers And Her Friends Have Been Thrown Into Turmoil Most Of The Town S Residents Have Evacuated, But Claire, Shane, Eve And Michael Have Chosen To Stay And FightUsing The City S Water System To Spread, The Draug Have Rapidly Multiplied Things In Morganville Look Grim, Especially Since Vampire Amelie The Town Founder Has Been Infected By The Master Draug S Bite Now, If Claire And Her Friends Don T Figure Out How To Cure Amelie And Defeat The Draug, It Looks Like Morganville Will Become Little Than A Ghost Town First of all I would like to give you the honor of meeting my Myrnin Yes, I know he doesn t exactly look like Rachel Caine intended him to, but I don t care Deal with it Now bathe in his awesomeness Mmmmmmmmm He is perfect.Anyways, if you managed to read this series completely, or close to it, you might as well call yourself a Morganville fan If you are a Morganville fan, you surely know about the vampire heaven that is I personally stalk the shit out of this website The site has a whole bunch of goodies short stories, news, MVTV good stuff I want to show you guys some cool pictures for a bunch of characters.Amelie and Oliver are PERFECT Especially Oliver Just look at that Holy ballz Ada is meh, I can t really form a proper image out of that sketch And Myrnin well, he is different That is not how I imagine him Well, my previous image is also not exactly how I imagine him either, but it s pretty badass I guess if you combine my image with the one Rachel Caine has on her website you d get something better.But anyways, apart for the unimportant stuff I m dumping in this review, lemme talk a bit about the book and why I didn t like it so much.It was boring Like really really boring Boring start, then got a bit better, then boring again, then I lost interest and was counting down the pages till it finished Black Dawn wasn t as bad as Bite Club you can read my rant here , I mean the story was pretty good But, I repeat, it bored me I also noticed that the book was almost 400 pages long Wow When compared to the previous MV books, this is a lot And, if you remember me saying this in my previous reviews rants, the thing I love about MV is how short and fast paced the books are That s why I could handle reading so many of them without getting bored Black Dawn proved my point The book is stuffed with extra info and extra POVs from various characters, some of them were completely unexpected Hannah wtf , which added to the length of it They also add extra drama which also bores the crap out of me And it was sooo painfully slooooow to read So unlike the previous MV books Me has a sad.I guess what I need is a break from the series I ve been reading it for the past few months now, and I guess I need to miss them a bitin order to enjoy reading them again I ll probably resume reading them closer to the MV15 release, which is at the beginning of November if I recall correctly I do hope I won t end up dropping the series That would be a shame. Haven t you heard Geeks run the world now Black Dawn was the perfect fix for my Morganville addiction I wait for six to seven months for each release to finally hit the shelves and when they do, I m one of the first in line to download my eBook and hide in my room for a couple of days This is one of the few storylines where I don t mind if they continue indefinitely Typically, for most series I invest in, I m usually eager to see the final conclusion approach, but with Morganville I actually dread it I don t want these books to end, and I hope Rachel Caine has a way of allowing them to continue indefinitely I really do.In this installment, the draug have invaded Morganville and taken over the town This most feared enemy of the Morganville vampires move through the water and take form as they drag them down to a slow, awful death The draug have been undefeated by the vampires for many centuries and when they attack Morganville causing the residents to evacuate the city, only a few stay behind to try and take their town back I feel it s the Morganville cast that make this experience both exciting and fulfilling You have four Glass House residents that have forged a strong bond and unbreakable friendship no matter the circumstance There s no annoying love triangles, aside from the ones I image view spoiler because you can t convince me there isn t deep seeded feelings between Claire and Michael I m on the verge of proving something exists hide spoiler What Morganville Vampires book isn t amazing I can t wait for this Edit 2012 September I ve always liked Morganville as I ve stated above I expected a lot from this book maybe too much For starters, I got the book, read the first chapter, and let it sit in a corner for weeks It didn t interest me, in fact, it bored me When I finally decided to pick it up again I had to tell myself it will get better Just keep reading and finish it It didn t I found the constant shift in prospective annoying and confusing although I do applaud Caine for her ability to write a novel from multiple points of view ClaireI don t even need to say anything I ve never really liked her I think she still needs to grow upShe s childish at times I couldn t stand it when she kept badgering Shane to tell her what happened after they freed him from the draug Of course she wanted to know, but for the time being she should have taken a step back and realized Shane needs time Michael, who himself had been taken by the draug, even told her to lay off, but she didn t Sure, eventually Shane told her, and it helped him, but Claire s way of getting it out of him I somehow tolerate Claire, and I really don t know how.I honestly was not too impressed with Black Dawn Hopefully the next Morganville will be better. UPDATE It was ahhh mazing Another wonderful installment in this riveting series 3I really need. this. BOOK 3Here s an excerpt to tide you over till the release date I love The Morganville Vampires series with all my heart I ve read all the books to date a few times and I only do that with absolute all time favourites I tend to complain when a series just goes on and on but seriously I don t want this one to end, ever I don t know how I can ever let go of these wonderfully developed characters and their scarily addictive story Everything about these books just draw me in and refuses to let go They re so incredibly gripping and entertaining The only bad thing is that I get so caught up in them I finish them in no time and then I m left waiting impatiently for the next book I try to pace myself but it s just not possible.Black Dawn picks up right where book eleven left off Morganville is in serious danger as the draug the only thing that really terrifies vampires are in town and threatening to ruin everything We see humans and vampires somewhat reluctantly joining together to fight a common enemy This whole book was so insanely intense I had to put it down several times because it was freaking me out so much It really messes with your emotions and I was so terrified for my favourite characters because they have to face some awful situations Yet they do it with courage and never really think about not fighting They re all seriously brave and I love how, as always, Michael, Eve, Shane and Claire look out for each other even when they re not getting on.Shane gets a lot of focus in this book something I m sure many fans won t mind at all Of course, as always where Shane is concerned, it s not always good focus and will probably make your heart freak out and have you refusing to believe what you ve just read Shane has a way of always getting into sticky situations not always his fault, really and terrifying both the characters and the readers Claire is awesome and has gotten even tougher, something I didn t think was even possible She s so selfless and smart, it s hard not to like her Their relationship faces some problems but neither of them run away from the problems and it s interesting watching them try to deal.Myrnin is as awesome and wacky as ever and made me laugh out loud so many times He s also getting really sweet and at times was seemed to be becoming a bit of a softie Michael and Eve are still reeling from the events of book eleven This book is told from many POVs, which works sometimes and doesn t work other times I like seeing things from Shane and Claires perspective, but I m really wasn t too crazy about the times it switched to Eve I really love her as a character but her POVs just don t work for me Overall, this is book is amazing and I have no idea how I m going to handle the wait until book 13, which isn t out until November of this year I can t recommend this series enough, even though new comers will certainly have a lot to catch up on