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First off have to say, this is not my typical read, but it was brought to my attention by a good friend Also this is a first read by this author for me as well And hope I give her work as fair and honest a review as I can.Synopsis I know the blurb asks the question, if the reader has ever fallen for someone that they shouldn t have And I have to concur, that is the definitely one of the over riding themes of this particular story However, I feel like this was mostly a story about a 30ish young woman who had to struggle so hard to be herself, in a time in her life when she was swinging between equal parts of depression, meeting her family s rather outdated beliefs, and her own reality of what she really needed vs what she really wanted in her life What I liked about the story I gotta say, not one for memoiresque stories, it was really difficult for me to get into this story at first But I will have to say that what I really enjoyed about this story was Rachel s resolve to try, try, and try some even when it didn t seem like the most logical thing to do at times when it came to her choice of man, in Lee I also really enjoyed how strong of views Rachel had at times There are so many stories out there at times where the female protagonist doesn t have that strong of a back bone and identity That it was such a blessing in seeing one that finally did and didn t really want to compromise her beliefs Most especially when she was around her family that kept brow beating her, with these ideas if she was a good little woman and behaved a certain way she would get the man of her dreams and be a wife and have kids But she stuck to her guns And finally, I loved that Rachel finally saw the writing on the wall and packed up her stuff and her dog and moved away from where all her addictions and obsessions were the worst for her to manage What I didn t like about this story The length of Rachel s journey I m sure the author meant the reader to see the vast highs and lows Rachel was experiencing and the various levels of disconnection But frankly I felt the story went on a little too long Which made the story really draggy to read in some places and I couldn t quite connect with Rachel emotionally at times Lee, Lee, Lee Maybe because I come from reading a lot of romances and times than not there is a happily ever after And the guy getting his girl And when that didn t happen with Lee and Rachel cause neither was willing to compromise and learn to make sacrifices together or individually in my opinion , I was just really bummed Even worse for all their attempts at being with each other Neither ever seemed to learn anything from the times before which was such a waste of their time and even the reader s time Rachel s family In a few words, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY I get it was just the 90 s and they were a Jewish family No doubt having old country ideals and beliefs Which normally there is nothing wrong with But the way they made Rachel feel like she would be nothing if she didn t dumb herself down, shut her mouth, stayed in a woman s place Then she could be the wife and have kids and be totally happy and normal And that was beyond wrong to even see or read about Because although I m sure they meant well, it sounded like they could not value the woman she had grown into being and actually thought she was of a threat to their views than being a forward thinking woman Really a bad message and hard to read at times.Would I recommend this story I would have to say that this is a read an excerpt and see of yourself kind of story Especially as the characters are definitely not one to fight their cravings and cave in to them very often And for some it might not be so easy to accept that this many individuals have no resolve to rise above for a greater portion of the story, til the end So yea, definitely find and read an excerpt and decide for yourself. Title DisconnectedAuthor J CafesinPublisher Entropy PressReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review Disconnected by J Cafesin.What was this novel about Ever drank too much, ate too much, indulged in excess Ever fall for someone you knew you shouldn t Rachel was an artist, an obsessive, straddling the line of addiction She sought what most women did to be successful, married and in love, have healthy kids It was hard enough attracting a man when she wasn t heroin thin and perfectly chic like most L.A women, sparkly but not too bright, as her mother insisted females need be But in the 1990s, finding a man looking for an equal partner, wanting a woman beside him instead of behind him, seemed the impossible dream.Then along came Lee Disconnected is an L.A story, an addicting contemporary romance that never should have been, and like the city itself embodies a very sharp edge What I liked from this read.All I can say is this author really told the reader quite a interesting story It was really interesting seeing how this author would bring it all out in this well written script It was really interesting how this author was able to incorporate the LA life.with the Rodney King riots into this well detailed read The heroine Rachel was really committed to her standputting it out their just what she wanted in her life to be successful, married, in love, and have healthy kids Then Rachel meets Lee Will Lee be all that Rachel wants and needs in her life Was Rachel Lynn to have all of this and just when will she did she realize before its to late for her if this would even be for her The characters in this novel were all richly well developed, well portrayed, where each one seemed to come alive on the pages I did find Rachel s family quite a interesting bunchthe father, mother and sister I will say they were not my favorite characters I will say it took me a minute or two understanding Rachel Lynn thought patterns but in the end I was able to understand it clearly Be ready for a read of a little of it all romance, family relationships, drugs, realism, and definitely self worth Now, I don t want to give away too much away other than say you must pick this read up and see how this author will bring it all out to the reader What I especially liked about the read Disconnected was a well captivating powerful story line and once you start reading it will be hard to put down until the end In the end will Rachel will she be able to move on with her life alone having a different mirror of herselfdefinitely disconnecting Again you will have to read it to see Saw a tweet about this book that said, Have you ever fallen for someone you KNEW you shouldn t Haven t we all Some fantasic insights into a woman s view of Hollywood, and the L.A scene in 1990s Great read DisconnectedBy J Cafesin2015 Reviewed by Angie ManginoRating 4 starsRachel Cohen, 33, single and childless in Los Angeles in 1991, places a personal ad to stifle her loneliness Her intuition cautions her when first speaking to Lee Messer, but when they actually meet, she silences it Conversation came easily, without hesitation or awkward silences We kept it mostly light, talked about favorite shows, movies, books, our interests We had an even exchange, his focused attention and continual barrage of questions fully engaging The author immerses readers into Rachel s life, keeping them engaged in her story A backdrop of the news of Rodney King and subsequent conditions in Los Angeles at the time intensifies the setting Realistic dialogue makes readers privy to an intimate connection to Rachel, carrying them to both the high points and to the depths of despair she experiences.The author shares a story to which readers can relate, acting as a thought provoking reflection on connections and disconnections in all of our lives.Angie Mangino currently works as a freelance journalist and book reviewer, additionally offering authors personalized critique service of unpublished manuscripts. Having survived life in LA, I found Disconnected highly relateable Cafesin transports the reader directly into LA life, via an addictive relationship with an addict In the background, we see, hear, and feel all the glitz, glam, and social ills that colored the city in the 1990s In response to the Rodney King riots, for example, Rachel is moved to do volunteer work The author skillfully recreated that historic saga in vivid, evocative detail.Rachel and Lee s struggles, though fraught with peculiar idiosyncrasies, strike a chord of universal truth We ve all endured unhealthy relationships We ve often followed our hearts, not our brains, and repeated self defeating patterns in the name of sex, love, romance, or simply because we re taught that we re not worthy if we re not coupled.The characters, story line, and setting keep the reader captivated throughout the book Cafesin raises important questions regarding romantic and familial relationships, drug addiction, self worth, and other psychosocial factors The author writes with power, poignancy, and realism It s a solid 5 star read that I strongly recommend. Have you ever realized that little voice inside your head is telling you secrets or giving you knowledge about situation Yet when you blatantly ignore it your life falls into disconnect and depression This is the premise of Disconnected The simple act of little choices leading to disaster or worse We follow one woman s journey which lead us to discoveries about ourselves Even though she s being told watch out just doesn t listen I find there are times when I just wanted to throw the book across the room over certain phrasing but restrained myself from doing so Will you feel disconnected Your answers await you in Disconnected.This story is bought to you by the same author of Reverb The author truly grasps emotional and mental processes of her characters that you can t help but follow along As I was reading the story I felt a familiar cadence and had to know for sure if I was right I m happy to admit that I was right Definitely need to read something that just takes me away for a bit of time without having to think I look forward to this author s work in the future. Disconnected would possibly be better suited for someone who enjoys memoir books Personally speaking, I ve never read a memoir book that s adult oriented until now.What I did like was that the characters did have their flaws, both good points and bad points about them view spoiler The dog called Face was cute, though I felt bad for Face and Lee s sister and her partner when Face caused some major damage to their home Rachel had a strong back bone when it came to standing up to her family It was nice to see some family in the book who got along much better once Lee s sister was introduced hide spoiler Have you ever been so addicted to something, whether it be from drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shoppingand there are numerous others, some even too weird to mention, that no matter how hard you try to stop, you find yourself going right back to your demon I m pretty sure that there isn t a soul in the world that doesn t suffer from some sort of addiction And yet, though we know we shouldn t indulge in our desired sin but we just can t help ourselves.Rachel is a woman who s career has taken the forefront of her life, leaving her biological clock ticking away Her parents are concerned that she has an addiction, and the fact that if she waits too much longer, no man will ever want her and she won t ever have the family that she longs for She puts out a personal ad on a dating site hoping to find the last man she will ever be with.Lee answers Rachel s dating site ad, and Rachel finds out that they have in common than she wants And yet, she can t help but be drawn to Lee as well, even to just feed her addiction as well as his.This book is real lifeor at least real life for so many, especially when your addiction fogs your mind to what you really desire So many of us have self harming tendencies, putting a proverbial gun to our heads with our addictions, and often we don t know how to stop And when the relationship has a strong base of addiction, it could spiral out of control.Disconnected is a strong book with characters and storyline that you will see yourself in Taking place during the 90 s, and during the time of the Rodney King riots in L.A., this is a must read. ^READ E-PUB ⇹ Disconnected ⇷ Ever Drink Too Much, Eat Too Much, Indulge In Excess Ever Fall For Someone You Knew You Shouldn T Vivid, Sharp, Realistic Slice Of LA Life On The Cusp Of The Riots, Disconnected Is A Novel Memoir, Based On Truthmostly Unabashedly Unafraid, Completely Honest Writing Absolutely Gorgeous Stuff, RJ Keller, Bestselling Author Of Waiting For Spring Says About DisconnectedRachel Was An Artist, An Obsessive, Straddling The Line Of Addiction She Sought What Most Women Did To Be Successful, Married And In Love, Have Healthy Kids It Was Hard Enough Attracting A Man When She Wasn T Heroin Thin And Perfectly Chic Like Most LA Women, Sparkly But Not Too Bright, As Her Mother Insisted Females Need Be But In The S, Finding A Man Looking For An Equal Partner, Wanting A Woman Beside Him Instead Of Behind Him, Seemed The Impossible DreamThen Along Came Lee