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I m already dead It s your world that killed meThis was a YA paranormal romance, featuring some mythology.I felt really sorry for Nikki in this, she d obviously been through a lot and just wanted to get her life back, even if it was only for a brief time.The storyline in this was about how Nikki had been in the Everneath, acting as a battery for a boy called Cole, and had finally gotten out only to find out that she only had 6 months before she would have to go back to a far worse place I really liked this story though, and I liked both of the love interests too, even if we weren t quite meant to like Cole The ending to this was a bit of a cliff hanger, and I m interested to see what happens next.8 out of 10 This ARC was provided to me by HarperCollins No money or favours were exchanged for this review much to my chagrin November Madness is what I nicknamed this month With a variety of very interesting looking titles becoming available for galley grab, to many readers, it appeared to be a smorgasbord of literary delights.Everneath is one such of these delights and, in my opinion, completely deserves the hype.Becks, a seventeen year old girl, wakes up from a hundred year long hibernation with bad boy supernatural, Cole He s been feeding from her to replenish himself, above the surface only six months have passed Becks returns to her life a husk of her former self Emaciated, numb to emotion and damaged She has six months to live before being dragged back into hell but she wants to see her exboyfriend, Jack, onetime before she goes.If I were to find a movie to compare this book to, I suppose it would be a mix between The Labyrinth and Drugstore Cowboy or The Man With A Golden Arm if you re going to be persnickety In fact, the whole book is a rather excellent drug metaphor This hit home for me in a big way and was perhaps why I was especially moved and addicted sorry by this novel The book is agonizingly beautiful in that Becks honestly struggles as a drug addict would and one could argue that all the fantastical elements in this book are Beck s psychosis trying to deal with her recovery and past experiences Jack was her love before The Feeding and Ashton breaks up the novel with several flashbacks to give us insight into Beck s fall from grace Cole, on the otherhand, is the perfect counterbalance He is dark, seductive, effortlessly tempting He is like a devil on Beck s shoulder He follows her everywhere trying to tempt her back He has a weird relationship with Beck s that is part dependency, part companionship that sufficiently muddies the usual moralities shuffled through in other such novels It s very clear, often, that Beck s struggle to resist Cole is painful, sometimes a little nonsensical and takes an extraordinary strength of will and character.Ashton weaves Cole s character as being both despicable and yet sympathetic It s hard to entirely dismiss Cole as evil and yet you can hardly claim he s good He s almost the culmination of almost every paranormal badboy douche who gets romanticized in these kinds of novels Ashton takes that kind of character to his final conclusion and releases him upon her novel like a tornado Yes, readership, there are boys out there who are gorgeous, dangerous, sexy beyond all reason and effortlessly charming But they will also suck you down into hell, suck you dry and in the end they just plain suck Jack is the excellent counter balance in this novel Damaged, yet loving and courageous he battles to keep Becks from being dragged back into the Everneath Their relationship isn t always strong There s so much honest emotion and history with these two characters that their relationship arc is solid and real.I found the pacing of Everneath was smooth but fans of action and adventure books will probably find themselves itching forThis is a book about people People healing, people trusting, people trying to tear that all down again There s a plot and there s a rushing timeline looming in the background but there s not a lot of fists and falcon punches Ashton s writing is strong and serves well for this novel Her use of imagery is great and she manages to create a rather unique and coherent mythology in this book.But be warned, this is a trilogy and Ashton leaves her novel on a heartbreaking cliff hanger of sorts I am eagerly awaiting the sequel and this book goes on my to buy list when released [Read Epub] ☪ Everneath ♬ Last Spring, Nikki Beckett Vanished, Sucked Into An Underworld Known As The Everneath Now She S Returned To Her Old Life, Her Family, Her Boyfriend Before She S Banished Back To The Underworld This Time Forever She Has Six Months Before The Everneath Comes To Claim Her, Six Months For Good Byes She Can T Find The Words For, Six Months To Find Redemption, If It ExistsNikki Longs To Spend These Precious Months Forgetting The Everneath And Trying To Reconnect With Her Boyfriend, Jack, The Person Most Devastated By Her Disappearance And The One Person She Loves Than Anything But There S Just One Problem Cole, The Smoldering Immortal Who Enticed Her To The Everneath In The First Place, Has Followed Nikki Home Cole Wants To Take Over The Throne In The Underworld And Is Convinced Nikki Is The Key To Making It Happen And He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Bring Her Back, This Time As His QueenAs Nikki S Time On The Surface Draws To A Close And Her Relationships Begin Slipping From Her Grasp, She Is Forced To Make The Hardest Decision Of Her Life Find A Way To Cheat Fate And Remain On The Surface With Jack Or Return To The Everneath And Become Cole S QueenEverneath Is A Captivating Story Of Love, Loss, And Immortality From Debut Author Brodi Ashton Then Once there was a Girl named Persephone who was abducted by Lord of underworld HadesNow There is a girl named Nikki, abducted by Cole to Everneath, sounds same Ohh wait there is twist of third guy I love twists a lot Then Once there was a pair of lovers, Orpheus and Eurydice When Eurydice was poisoned and died, Orpheus didn t give up hope, he made an impossible journey to underworld to bring Eurydice back He was almost succeeded but one small mistake of looking back took Eurydice back to underworld, this time forever.Now Jack and Nikki were lost in love, impossible to separate until Cole took her to Everneath Jack never gave up on her His love and memory helped Nikki to survive the feed in Everneath Now she s back on surface but only for six months The tunnels are coming for her soon and Cole will never leave her alone Question is will Jack be her Orpheus and save her from dragging back to Everneath Or Cole will succeed to make her his queen I m a sucker of mythology and this book is a wonderful adaption of my favorite mythologies of Hades and Persephone and Orpheus and Eurydice Everneath did what Abandon and The Goddess Test couldn t Brilliantly written the book led us to journey of love, passion, sacrifice and bravery We are given several flashbacks throughout the whole story Organized beautifully, the series of pasts and presents made this bookinteresting Ashton s imagination of Everneath is fascinating and wonderful Everneath is a limbo between life and death, residents of Everneath are called Everlivings, and they are some sort of supernatural who feeds on human emotion and energy.Nikki, Jack and ColeAs for the characters, I would love to give Ashton credit for creating Jack, Cole and Nikki Each of them has their own different approaches and characteristics Nikki has six months left to say goodbye to her family and to her love before sucking back into Everneath Normally no human can survive the feed, Nikki was an exception and that made her unique Despite of some stupid decisions she made, Nikki is marked by firm determination I felt emotionally attached to her and I liked her Numb, broken and gaunt, when she came back from Everneath, instead of being anguished she put the pieces together, struggled with past experience, repaired the damage between her and Jack Nikki is also compassionate in my opinion she chose to be a forfeit in tunnels rather than feeding on innocents Jack is a sweet heart, a loving and caring guy Broken, yet courageous, Jack is an ultimate love interest It was very hard to endure the pain of losing Nikki, but he never lost hope.In one word Jack is a crush worthy male protagonist.On the contrary Cole is like an eclipse with different shades of personality He is dark, seductive and charming he is an ultimate completion of bad ass supernatural He may be morally reprehensible but it s hard to consider him as evil, he s not good either On one hand Cole is detestable, wretched on the other he s sympathetic and caring, I just couldn t hate him Cole is a destructive whirlpool, if you jump in there is no way of coming back, it will swallow you instantly.The TriangleNikki s warm affection and devotion for Jack is praise worthy She remained unbendable to Cole s temptation to take her back and make her an Everliving Cole took away her all memories of surface but her feelings of Jack was beyond his reach, and her love was invincible.Same words are applicable for Jack He fought till last moment to keep Nikki safe but with a terrible price to pay The invisible thread between them always kept them together even when they were apart They are so connected and meant to be with each other Their love for each other was admirable.If I compare Jack with Orpheus, Cole s character is definitely inspired by Hades The relationship between Cole and Nikki was not love exactly it wasa relation of decency from both sides Cole can t survive without Nikki and whether she admits it or not, Nikki was also emotionally dependent on Cole Whenever she was in pain, Cole took it away If Jack was her guide towards light Cole was Nikki s shadow, following her around everywhere It was not clear whether Cole was in love with her or not, but he feels something fierce and protective for her His heart aced whenever he saw her with Jack.Cover lustThe cover is amazing the way Nikki in red dress walking down from the cyclone of tunnels is just what we need to attract the readers I can kill someone to get the red dress and I m two hundred percent serious Well, this book is a page turner, surprising and the end will take you to the height of excitement that you will feel itched to read the next installment I really really liked this book Please NoteI got this amazing artwork from I wish the whole book contained what its last 10% did Review to come. I m always on the search for good Hades and Persephone retellings This summary gave me hope It talks about a girl who survived the underworld and comes back to the surface Even without the obvious Persephone themes, those are some of my buzzwords The marketing and design of the cover also scream Hades and Persephone Unfortunately that was all a ruse This is not a Hades and Persephone retelling This isof an Orpheus and Eurydice retelling, with a random love triangle thrown in Except I wouldn t even consider it a love triangle, because, to me, that implies that both love interests have an equal chance They don t It s very obvious from the beginning who Nikki has chosen Which is fine, except it makes the whole love triangle thing evenpointless than it usually is If this was marketed like the Orpheus and Eurydice retelling that it is, I think it would besuccessful and would have gotten a higher rating from me as I would have had realistic expectations I know Hades and Persephone is pretty marketable right now, but it s not as if Orpheus and Eurydice is unpopular In fact, there are plenty of people seeking retellings of the myth as well Aside from all of that, the writing style isn t anything to write home about Although it s a quick read, there are a few things used that I don t tend to enjoy Most prominently, the always annoying Capitalization Of Random Words To Denote Importance In This World For example, Everlings Eveneath Feed The author then chooses to not really explain these things at all, just uses the capitalization to show they are important The reader is very much thrown into the story with no explanation Overall, I considered this story a letdown The characters weren t anything to write home about, the writing is fairly mediocre, and I don t find the romance very compelling I have continued with the series, because it s easy and I do plan on reading anything even vaguely Hades and Persephone , but it s not something I d recommend to most people This review was originally posted on Thoughts on Tomes 2.5 starsI really wanted to love this one I had high hopes for it, but it didn t quite live up to its hype Most of the book felt like a stall to get to the climax, which is probably why I couldn t quite suspend my disbelief I found myself out of the story most of the time, picking apart its inconsistencies, instead of pulled into Nikki s story Little things like Nikki sitting at her desk and then several pages later getting up off or bed or Jack stacking chairs but then he s turning them over on tables Minor flaws that should have been picked up somewhere in the editing process but were a distraction to me.My biggest issue with the book is the timeline In one flashback it s February and one month before Nikki disappears and the next it s April and two weeks before she does I spent most of the book trying to figure out when exactly she came home From the cold and lack of holidays, my best guess was January, until four months into her ordeal when Christmas rolled around Which means she came back in August, when it should have been warm, and nowhere near six months from the sometime between March and May that she was supposed to have left My best guess is that she was supposed to have disappeared in spring, come back in the fall, and stayed until the following spring, although the dates don t quite match up A good editor and or copyeditor should have picked up the mistake.There were also larger flaws that bothered me Like for someone grieving over her dead mother, I didn t catch much of Nikki s grief I understand that everyone grieves differently and she didn t want to face her grief, but for months all there was there was happiness about Jack and she seemed to hold it together a little too well I also didn t understand how when she came back Jack would know that she didn t remember anything Why would he even suspect that she would forget him She was ignoring him and acting weird around him, not acting like she had no idea who he was It was beautiful that he asked her what she remembered and she said everything, but it didn t make sense that he would question that And speaking of Jack, he had some elements of a great love interest, but he was a little too conflicting for me to buy into view spoiler Because of his history beforehand and then saying something could have happened at USU, it made him seem less committed If he were as committed as we re supposed to believe, the possibility that something could have happened wouldn t be there, and if he were trying to save his relationship, he wouldn t admit to that when nothing happened hide spoiler Hades and Persephone, we ve all heard the story Of all the myths, this is easily my favorite When I saw that Everneath was a retelling of this heartbreaking tale, I was instantly attracted to it However, I was mistaken This is not a Persephone and Hades retelling per se, but a modernized, completely original story that is loosely based on the myths of Persephone and Eurydice It was beautiful First and foremost, the character that breathes powerfully throughout this book, is the emotion It is full of raw, pure, palpable emotions I could constantly sense Nikki s despair Even when stripped of all feeling, she had this hollowness that I could easily discern a void once full of energy She lost everything to the Everneath, and six months is an incredibly short time when you know what you re going back to My heart was breaking for her, while holding on to a tiny flicker of hope that things would turn around.You can t start describing Nikki without first understanding Cole Cole is manipulative and cunning, which is capitalized by the fact that he can control emotions He wants Nikki Nikki loves Jack So while her actions can seem a bit rash, even impulsive, Cole plays a big role behind these decisions Her doubts, her pain, her fears, they re all fabricated, or at the very least, magnified by Cole With this in play, I couldn t help but open my heart up to her She becomes his puppet, and it s tragic Cole and Jack are complete opposites which makes a fantastic love triangle One you will love, and one you will love to hate To add to the trepidation, the story shifts from past to present in a way that leaves you feeling restless You KNOW what s going to happen while seeing these events unfold It keeps the story intriguing, while building anticipation for a shattering ending Was it predictable Yes But was it original Completely This fresh take on the Persephone myth mixes the old with the new for an altogether beautiful and dark tale Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Yep I totally just gave my own book five stars. Whilst reading this I happened to glance over at my mirror and see the expression on my face my mouth was open, my eyes were wide needless to say, I looked like a complete moron But that should give you some indication of how much this story surprised me I confess that I didn t expect to like it that much and it s obviously time I stop making these predictions when I m nearly always wrong I should also stop trying to work out what certain things appeal to me in books, these theories also fall flat on their faces.I m not going to sell this book as something it isn t, from the beginning there is a very heavy romantic element and a lot of the story is built up around the idea that Nikki has returned after a century in Everneath, six months to the human world for the purpose of rekindling her romance with her past boyfriend, or at the very least seeing him for one last time before the Tunnels claim her forever A lot of the book is definitely paranormal romance, or PNR, or even Love in a Supernatural Climate take your pick But I wasn t put off by this.A lot of the story is interwoven with parts of Greek and Egyptian mythology, which I liked very much It was well thought out, made sense, seemed fairly original well, I haven t read anything like it and even though a lot of it was romance centred I still didn t feel that it claimed the novel I was intrigued by the whole concept of this Everneath, a place almost like hell but rather than being a place for sinners, it s a place for Everlivings who drain souls for energy and the souls that have been drained.I think what I liked best, that saved the book from being nothingthan a love story, was the characters So many young adult books make the entire novel about the female protagonist and her male love interest and, apart from the occasional over stereotyped mean girl, they disregard all other characters But Everneath explores Nikki s relationship with her friend, her father and her brother as well as her boyfriend I just wish she didn t have to blush so much There s this one part of the story where Jack says I know you re worried about that and just the small word emphasis makes her turn red all over Come on, this is the 21st century, surely every girl doesn t blush at the mention of that, do they And if they do, why don t the boys Because boys are wild, experienced from birth, sexual animals that you have to fight off with a stick and girls are meek, mild and pure I m not saying that s what the author wanted to portray but the sexually smirking guy meets innocent girl seems to be a common theme in these types of books.And also, is that a potential love triangle I spy there I don t know, it seems pretty one sided right now but there s clearlybooks to come.