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READ PDF Û Enshadowed Ü True Love Takes A Twisted Turn In The Second Book Of This Modern Gothic Romance Trilogy Channeling The Dark Brilliance Of Edgar Allan PoeVaren Nethers Is Trapped In A Perilous Dreamworld A Treacherous And Desolate Realm Where The Terrifying Stories Of Edgar Allan Poe Come To Life Isobel Lanley, Plagued By Strange Visions And Haunted By The Nightmares Of Varen S Creation, Is The Only One Who Can Save Him Isobel Knows That Her Only Hope Lies Within A Balti Cemetery There, In The Early Morning Of Edgar Allan Poe S Birthday, A Mysterious Stranger Known As The Poe Toaster Will Make His Annual Homage At The Legendary Poet S Grave Only The Poe Toaster Holds The Key To The Way Between Worlds But Great Dangers Lie Ahead For Isobel An Ancient Evil, Draped In Veils Of White, Is Watching, Challenging Her For Varen S Affections When Isobel Finally Finds Varen, He Is No Longer The Quiet And Brooding Boy Who Once Captivated Her, But A Dark Force, Powerful And Malevolent Could Isobel S Greatest Love Also Be Her Greatest Adversary 2012 2012 I feel sick 2012 Edit Oh A cover titters Errrrrrrm.why is this guyugly then the one on the first book Edit No.2 Yeah I don t really remember book one anyAnd if there is book 3 gosh, what will be first The end of the trilogy or the end of the world This will sound harsh, but, who needs two years to write and edit a book who s backbone you had to already have seeing as how you sold the idea to a publisher I mean, it s not like you are writing a Russian classic It s just a silly YA book It could be glam, but it the end, it s mostly a shallow teen bed time story with a bit of Edgar Alan Po thrown in. I m going to write this review in the form of a letter because I think Ms Creagh deserves a letter because I LIKE LETTERS so here you go Dear Kelly Creagh,I would tell you that I love you, but I m not sure how tolerant you are of creepiness.So, instead, I ll just tell you that Enshadowedmade me cry and slobber and squeal and scream and also made me throw it across the room.Maybe that ll be an adequate expression of my love for you, without me directly informing you of my predicament.I began Enshadowedlate one night, a while ago I had just re read Neverand I was anxious to see what was going to happen to our darling Isobel See, unlike a lot of others, Isobel has always been one of my favorite characters I m not sure why, but she strikes a chord with me that is unfamiliar to other people Varen is that way, too When Neverended, I felt like my insides had been ground up in a blender Its sequel seemed so out of reach, so far away.Receiving an ARC was like heaven In my hands when I tore open the box was the sequel to my favorite story, probably ever.I know, the goth and the cheerleader has been so overdone But Creagh writes the story so well, and makes it so believable, that I had no other option but to fall in love with it.In Enshadowed , we are where we left off in the first book Isobel is grieving and reliant on her best friend, Gwen who happens to be my favorite character in the book She has many clever lines throughout the book One thing that will please people about Enshadowedis that the book is substantially shorter, only 429 pages Never was 543, which brought about a lot of complaints I never really understood them, but to each their own, huh I don t want to give too much away about Enshadowed , because the book isn t due in stores for another almost two months, but what I can say is that I loved every second of it and I CAN T WAIT FOR THE THIRD Yes, Kelly I am insinuating something.Love Unless You Have a Problem With That ,Hayden The Teen Bookworm Dear Enshadowed,If you could come out tomorrow, I would love you forever and stuff.Love,Hayden 3The Next DayDear Enshadowed,You didn t come out today, so I m mad at you.Mad,Hayden 3The Day AfterDear Enshadowed,I ve gotten over the anger I pointed toward you Can you forgive me Love,Hayden 3The Day After, AgainDear Enshadowed,I miss you When will I get to see your pretty face Love,Hayden 3Every Day Up Until August 28, 2012Dear Enshadowed,I m going to go wallow in self pity about the fact that I don t have you yet.Love,Hayden 3 This is how I felt before reading this bookHow am I expected to wait that long FML, someone should change the date to this year NOW Not to sound crazy, but I Need My Varen And this is how I feel now I almost feel like crying This doesn t seem fair, that the sequel to such a great debut should fall so flat I almost don t know what to feel, it s all a mess of disappointment, sadness and confusion What do you do when something you ve waited for with such high anticipation and delight just leaves you hollow Goodreads SummaryTrue love takes a twisted turn in the second book of this modern gothic romance trilogy channeling the dark brilliance of Edgar Allan Poe.While Varen remains a prisoner in a perilous dream world where the terrifying stories of Edgar Allan Poe come to life, Isobel travels to Balti to confront the dark figure known throughout the world as the Poe Toaster This man, the same man who once appeared to Isobel in her dreams and abandoned her in Varen s nightmare world, holds the key to saving Varen But when Isobel discovers a way to return to this dream world, she finds herself swept up in a realm that not only holds remnants of Edgar Allan Poe s presence, but has also now taken on the characteristics of Varen s innermost self It is a dark world of fear, terror, and anger When Isobel onceencounters Varen, she finds him changed And now Isobel must face a new adversary one who also happens to be her greatest love The ReviewEnshadowed by Kelly Creagh strikes me as being an utterly absurd book In some cases, it brings new meaning to the word, filler, solidifying my idea that there really is such a thing as curse of the second in terms of book series and their sequels.The book, following the preface, begins with a dream Isobel, being in the middle of practising for Nationals with her cheer squad, is interrupted when none other than Mr Nethers appears They go off together, only to have a strange interaction, and before Varen leaves, he imparts a very eerie message, one I will NOT spoil As the dream closes to an end, Isobel wakes tolife without Varen Christmas is around the corner, we even have snow but where I m from, that white stuff is all annual, and it is revealed that nothing much has happened since we last left off Like nothing I use the word very literally because aside from inheriting the Dark One s moodiness, Isobel really isn t on a set path to finding Varen, let alone bringing him home She has an idea of what could happen, providing that her very concerned parents do not lock her up in asylum before said plans materialize Still, she isn t 100% on the exact details for Operation Bust Varen from Clutches of Evil Demoness Nope, we re still working out the bugs on that one.Now, if I was Varen or anyone trapped with Lilith, for that matter I would bethan a little pissed Maybe it was the overall pacing or the fact that the word development wasn t relative to Enshadowed s story line at all Isobel looked like a pouty, angsty, teenager whining, but doing nothing about the problems in terms of solving them.YeahListen up, I get that you miss Varen, I ve missed himprobably these past months, butcan you LIVE a little Seriously, Isobel has a loving family, the most adorable little brother, and while they d all give the world for her she just cuts them out of her life completely Isobel Ah, life is so meaningless without Varen Very Confused Readers of Never and now Enshadowed blinks Were you always this annoying Tell me you weren t always this annoying Yep, the death of one of my favourite characters just happened Her dad and mom kept trying for her to connect Danny tried Isobel wouldn t budge And while I used to adore this coupling, hers and Varen, their relationship started to look a lot like every other PRN YA out there where the lead heroine loses the love of her pubescent life, consequently slipping into manic depression I couldn t stand this happening, not with Isobel and certainly not because of Varen Because they were both better than this, or at least I thought so The only thing this book gets points for are its side characters, Brad believe it or not , Danny, Gwen, and Isobel s mom and her dad The writing was pretty, but ultimately didn t take the reader anywhere I could handle reading about a depressed protagonist if being inside her head did not make me feel depressed also The only thing that got our little cheerleader acting lively was Varen, any mention or memory of him and she gained about a zap s worth of energy Not that she did anything useful with this energy, mind you And as you can imagine, this source of restoration got old pretty fast Isobel s perception of Varen suddenly took a turn for the worse he became the tortured artist and misunderstood, giving the whole thing an awkward hero worship quality I became sceptical of him, disliking Varen to an extent when ordinarily I wouldn t have The whole mess with Lilithit was his fault Varen failed to connect appropriately with humanity, and hence, he sought the understanding companionship of a soul sucking banshee Go figure The problem here is not that he is being made to face the consequences of his actions, but rather that Isobel seems utterly blind to him being at fault at all She wants to stop Lilith from hurting anyone ever again, but what if they, like Varen, want her summoned What then Isobel Varen was tricked, and Lilith, she corrupted him Every Reader, and I, who read Enshadowed and head desked on a grand scale post and during the read Sure, sweetheart Hey, show me that pretty somersault of yours Yes This was absolutely unbelievable That my intelligent, witty, Isobel would put aside rational thought, reason, to defend the Great Varen Nethers there was just no point to it, like none at all Whichever way you look at it, he is responsible for whatever s happening to him Her denial of his involvement,than anything, made her look stupid You cannot seek to resolve anything by hiding or avoiding the truth someone should have told Isobel Nowto his Darkship what the hell happened to you Frick, man, you were on a roll people loved you, America s ovaries were in your favour And then you went and ruined it I don t know care if the tool committing that heinous act at the end of this book was you or just a Noc, but, that my friend was absolutely unacceptable NO OVARIES FOR YOU I am kind of royally ticked off about this, Kelly Creagh would have been better off never writing you Varen into this sequel and just sticking with the endless and somehow elegant prose of description Listen up Varen, you should file a character complaint or something in the underworld s court of justice that is, if Lilith will allow you because you, my friend, have officially been victim to a total massacre It will take a lot to win back this reader, I feel let down by this series Maybe I should have just stuck to re reading Never and foregone Enshadowed, I would have been happier Major Problems The writing was endless, almost 430 pages worth, but there wasn t an actual story, nor substance Somebody mentioned that Gwen almost became a plot device, but luckily I stopped reading before then At first she was my Batman, saving the world reading experience of this book for the masses, until I realized that Isobel s role was being greatly overshadowed by Gwen Isobel is the main protagonist, and while she is there, her presence failed to accomplish anything by me A chunk of pages at the beginning should have been sacrificed, if only to start the book off rightly, preferably when the action begins in Balti Final ThoughtsI leave Enshadowed thinking badly of both Isobel and Varen, even considering if the final instalment in this series will be worth the anticipation wasted on this second novel This was a hard review to write, but if the next book is anything like this one, I m thinking that maybe placing a hold for it at the library instead of pre ordering a copy might be a better decision I am safely disappointed, and I have said it before, but I ll say it again, this was not the sequel I waited almost a year for 1.5 5 stars OH NO D until 2012 whaaaaaaaaaaaaat TTDude, it s TOO LONG.I want to know what happens to Varen NOW.And it better be GOOD.He deserves some HAPPINESS.go, Varen March 28, 2011 seems like book 2 has a title and a BEAUTIFLY AWESOME cover,and a summary Varen goes to THE DARK SIDE DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I can t wait any longerrrrrrrrr locks herself in mental sanatorium