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I really really wanted to like this one I tried But it was kind of all over the place for me I loved the world building I loved it so much I really couldn t understand Evie s desire to stay away from all things supernatural and live in the real world Esp, being raised as she was and knowing what she already knows.um, boring Also, she IS supernatural I don t really get wanting to pretend she s not I have nothing against Lend Lend s a good guy But after the first couple chapters he was just kind of a boring place holder We spent so muchtime with Jack and Reth Which is good bc they have much interesting and engaging personalities And yes, I know Reth, is supposed to be manipulative, creepy, and borderline crazy, butI wasn t getting that at all in this book He ended up being the character I sympathized with and rooted for the most and I thought Evie ended up being rather cruel to him in the end, considering all he d sacrificed and done for her In fact Evie treated all these huge sacrifices everyone was making for her as if they were just somehow her due Not only not acknowledging them but being flat out mean to almost everyone who really helped saved her It seemed like the book dragged on and on, dwelling on drama that didn t really need to be drama And then once Evie finally made her big decision and stopped being distracted but pointless rabbit trails, everything came together just a little two quickly and easily And I realize the end was supposed to be dramatic and poignant, but her and Lend s decision just seemed stupid and based on nothing to me Seemed like they took the worse deal for no logical reason at all Not a horrible book, but not a very satisfying end to what started as a great unique series. Am I the only one who loves Reththan Lend [Free Kindle] ♵ Endlessly ☣ Kiersten White S New York Times Bestselling Paranormalcy Trilogy Comes To A Breathless Conclusion With A Signature Mix Of Wit, Romance, Paranormal Creatures, And A Truly Original HeroineIn Endlessly, Pink Loving, Butt Kicking Evie Has Way Too Much On Her To Do List Paranormals Are Begging Her To Open A Faerie Gate So They Can Leave The Human World, Something Evie S Not Sure She Has The Power To Do The Dark Queen Is Torturing Humans And Must Be DestroyedOn Top Of All That, Evie S Prom Is Coming Up She S Not Sure What To Wear, And, Oh, Yeah, Her Shape Shifting Boyfriend, Lend, Has Been Cursed So That He Falls Into An Enchanted Sleep Whenever He And Evie Are In The Same Room And Even Evie S Ex Boyfriend, The Faerie Reth, Can T Reverse The Dark MagicAn Epic Battle Is Looming, And The Choices Evie Makes Will Determine The Fate Of Whole Paranormal World And Her Own Life I really liked the first book and must have liked the second one enough though I can t remember it , but I just COULD NOT get into this one.The main reason Evie I don t remember her being this annoying I know she has always been a bit blonde, but I could have sworn I use to think it was kind of charming I don t understand why she was so dense that she couldn t see the message Raquel was trying to send her, and there were some instances that blatantly obvious hints totally went over her head And she was so mouthy not in a witty way, but in a very disrespectful, irritating way Who the hell does she think she is I wanted to shake her and knock her out On the bright side, she kept blacking out explosions, people putting her to sleep, guards tasing her , so I guess there was SOME satisfaction that the books was knocking her out for me Okay, maybe that was a little mean, but it was a bit satisfying.And OMG, what happened to Lend He was so bland in this book I found myself really liking Reth s charismatic charm and Jack s mischievous wittiness in this book But Lend He wasn t swoony worthy He didn t do much And the one thing he really did, view spoiler go to the IPCA after Evie, KNOWING what was going to happen when they re near each other, hide spoiler when you are happy, you don t do anything If you are content, the rest of the world and those who need you fall away into the background This sums up a pretty big flaw about Evie, and why I find her unlikable and irritating I know she s supposed to be a fluffy, sparkling, pink loving character but she seems so SHALLOW and selfish to me Although she does try and justify her reasons for selfishness.A lot of the series it s always Evie thinking about herself, how she thinks she deserve a normal life, how she doesn t owe anyone anything, how she deserves her happiness with generally little regard for everyone else.When she has an opportunity to save people in this book, she doesn t jump straight into it In a sense it s good because we don t have one of those annoying caricature selfless heroes who always gives up everything to save the world But I don t think in this case the antithesis is done well either There s only two things Evie cares about and that is a herself and b Lend and okay, maybe c close friends There are those who made sacrifices in this book and it s hardly felt because Evie doesn t mourn much for them She only cares about those in her inner circle and sometimes I really don t think she appreciates what other has sacrificed for her.She s very good at crying out how she hates being manipulated, but it does take her time to understand the why and reasoning of why people do what they do and to get over itAnd I knew that what I had with Lend was worththan anything else I had in the world Or could possibly have in another one The biggest gripe I have about this book is probably LEND For the whole series Lend is said to be the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.And honestly, I don t see it.I think White has done a poor job in making readers fall for Lend It s easy for Evie to talk about how wonderful he is, why they are so perfect together but it s all TALK and no SHOW.As a reader, I don t personally feel the connection or the chemistry they share The relationship between them seems so superficial I can t help roll my eyes Also I don t like how Evie s world hinges so much on a boy I know she was lonely growing up with IPCA, but her large sweeping declarations about Lend doesn t sit well with me I would prefer Evie to be smarter than that I know she s only a teenager and when you re that age you think this is it, but once again there was this level of 2D ness and superficiality I couldn t overcome The humor in this book didn t work for me I enjoyed it in the first book, but in this one there was a cheesy quality and over the topness I think one of the reasons I feel that way is because Evie is no longer endearing to me The humor also undermined the danger I never felt the urgency or the stakes so I wasn t propelled to keep reading and I put the book a few times And even though Evie pushed herself into silly situations, you know she s going to succeed so I could never feel any tension or cared for her character What I did like about the book was the supernatural world White created, it was finally good to see all the threads coming together for a greater purpose I also enjoyed Reth and Jack They have interesting and strong personalities that surpass Lend by a billion I think anyone beats Lend, I just really don t like him He s a Vanilla Cardboard. Kiersten White has been one of my favorite authors since the first book in this trilogy, Paranormalcy Now, almost 2 years later, she still holds that title In fact, I dare say Endlessly is the strongest installment in the trilogy I m torn between the first book and this one.From the get go, Endlessly is packed with laughs I was cracking up by the time I finished the first sentence Imagine when I hit page 3 My stomach hurt from laughing Safe to say the laughing died out eventually when the book took on asomber tone Endlessly is the perfect concoction of humorous, heartwarming, sassy, and sensational The emotions I felt while reading were roller coaster esque I laughed, I cried at the end, and walked away with a warm heart and wet eyes.Evie is a heroine unlike any I have ever read before She is witty in all situations and such a girl, but not to the point of annoyance One thing that I love about the Paranormalcy series is that it s funny without being crude, crass, judgmental or obscene The book doesn t contain a single curse word Not one unless you count her signature Bleep Kiersten makes it unnoticeable, though Her prose isn t anything special, but it definitely isn t distracting Her humor is spot on.The end of Endlessly oh, the irony packs quite the emotional punch Prepare the kleenex and get ready for a perfect conclusion to a marvelous trilogy I can t wait forfrom Kiersten in the future She is on top of my cant be missed list FINAL RATING 2.70 STARS CATCHALL Where do I begin I loved the Paranormalcy series, but in my opinion it had some pretty serious flaws that I found impossible to overlook To be fair to my rating I should note that by the time I read Endlessly it has been nearly a year since I ve read Paranormalcy and Supernaturally Still, that doesn t excuse everything that was wrong with this book I did love it, but I also believe that it could have been much better THE HEROINE EVIEI don t dislike Evie I really don t I even like her But I can t love her, because somehow I just don t connect with he very well the way I feel that I should And that s kind of necessary I don t dislike her I just don t relate to her on any level She s a girl She s a teenager She s in love I feel like this is pretty much the only things we have in common And that isn t enough for me There s nothing outwardly wrong with her, but I just don t love her THE LOVE INTEREST LENDI know so many girls swoon over Lend, but I just find him to be so boring There s just not much meat on him He kind of exists And that s it I just don t really feel anything for him I wouldn t cheer if he died, but I wouldn t cry, either He just isn t really anything special to me However, I do find him to be annoying at times Selfish Stubborn Blind as a freaking bat, and not in the literal sense THE FAERIE RETHI ve always loved Reth, even though it s true that he has psychotic tendencies in the first two books But in this book, it becomes perfectly clear that he really does care about Evie in his own weird way I love that he s complicated, but not so hard to figure out that you get bored and stop trying He has some seriously conflicting interests but in the end cares enough about Evie to let her do what she wants THE PLOT So, as far as plot is concerned, Endlessly did pretty well It was exciting It held my attention and was crazily action packed.So why didn t I love it the way of should have, since all of this is true It just didn t feel like anything new It didn t feel very original It had a very been there, done that sort of feel to it Empty Hollow Not special And I just can t justify giving it a higher rating when it felt like this.Too much like the first book, too much like the second book, too much like a ton of other YA books out there.There were, of course, some pretty awesome moments that I loved, that definitely had that original quality about them But the parts do not make up for the whole This plot was faulted in many ways, and I can t completely forgive that And that s fair.And then there are some nonsense parts that I m pretty sure were created for the sole purpose of making sure the book lasted longer But moving on THE ROMANCE The romance department was sadly underdeveloped in this book also, mostly because of a very stupid plot element that I hated But so as not to spoil anything, I won t say just what it is Just not so much development I do like Evie and Lend together sometimes, but they don t seem to have much chemistry Sometimes it sparks, and sometimes it just doesn t a bit lackluster Boring.THE WRITINGKiersten s writing was a novelty the first time I read it, because it was new Unfortunately for me, it started to get very old very fast It sometimes tries to hard to be cute and Evie s voice seriously grates at some points i started to get sick of it before, and now I m completely tired of reading it It s very juvenile and it sounds very awkward sometimes and the phrasing please don t even get me started.THE ENDINGOh, boy So, the ending was very neat and clean and fairy tale esque I don t know boring It wasn t anything like what I expected and sadly I don t mean that as a compliment I felt let down Disappointed This book could have been so muchThe ending could have helped make this book Instead, it feels cheap and ill contrived and was only unexpected because it was overly obvious WRAPUP I wanted to feel about this book how I felt regarding the first two books, but I just couldn t It felt very same old, same old, and frankly, I m sick of it I don t know if this book even felt necessary Honestly, this series probably could have been squeezed into two books or even one It was just mostly a bunch of random, dragged out fluff that ruined the series I may or may not be reading Kiersten s future works I ll needinfo before I decide And would I recommend this series Honestly, no Don t be fooled by the covers.FINE.Readof my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning 2.5 stars Ba Blam Oneseries trilogy finished It wasn t totally awful, but this is definitely a trilogy that I won t be recommending for my adult friends who like YA However there is a tweenage girl in my neighborhood that that I think will eat this up with a fork and spoon Evie is an annoying and self centered teenager whose personality would really play out better as a middle grade heroine 11 or 12 maybe I won t do anything unless I decide to to it insert foot stomping here Of course, that might make the romance difficult to pull off Then again, the romance is pretty PG There s some talk about prior make out sessions and a few kisses here and there, but nothing that even remotely resembles something passionate enough to make me feel skeevy about giving it to the kid next door.I remember loving the first book, but for the life of me I can t remember why I have a sneaking suspicion that it wasinteresting when Evie lived in the agency If the trilogy had beenabout bringing an evil government agency down, and less about all that fairy stuff I would have been a bitexcited about the book I think.But I still would have had a hard time getting behind such an insipid heroine.However, I think my neighbor s daughter will love Evie for all of the reasons that I don t Also in the book s favor is the lack of bloated prose There s not a lot of descriptions of scenery or feelings, and unless you count Evie s temper tantrums as a distraction, the story bumps along at a decent pace Which leads us to the final thing that I think will work for the younger YA audience At 266 pages this isn t a whopper.So, while it might not be right for me, I think the sparkly pinkness of the story if you ve read this, you know what I m talking about will work for other readers. Okay, I want to EAT this cover So gorgeous and purply and yum gasp Could this cover begorgeous