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Steam punk psychic romance historical Victorian mystery long on world building not boring repetitive descriptions either but rather shorter on character development than it ought to be perhaps because it s the middle of an in series trilogy Virginia, rescued from a horrible in bed with a murdered man incident by a perhaps dangerous Owen Sweetwater which, I gotta say, seems to betoken a diabetic ancestor is feeling older and although her career as a glasslight talent mirror reader is going well, she is pretty sure no romance is in the offing and she and her good friend Charlotte have half joking plans to visit a vibrator therapy Doctor But Crackling psychic tension And she may be Stalked By a Serial Killer And Quick s usual quick wit and not too embarrassing steamy sections are still pleasant here in this mindless escape There s a bit too much going on here, though, perhaps the other volumes flesh things out a bit Too many plot points solved in the characters heads and thus we end up told not shown too much, but too be fair, the book is chock full of action sequences, where would you put Honestly these read just as well without the silly mindmelding sex Krentz needs to try a plain historical romance sometime to make the most of her gifts with humor and relationships. Everytime I read an Amanda Quick Jayne Ann Krentz book, everything feels familiar the storyline, the characters and the writing style This is a good thing because Krentz is a great writer who writes equally great stories, but it also takes away from the anticipation Her Arcane books are great but so are her standalone novels I hope she has one in the works soon.As expected, I enjoyed Quicksilver The characters had great chemistry, the plot was interesting Yet, I found it lacking intensity and urgency Although a killer is on the loose, never did I feel endangered It felt safe Virginia Dean is a glass reader with a mystery on her hands, a deadly one it seems She awakens half dressed next to a man who is very dead Also in the picture is the mysterious, ominous Owen Sweetwater He is an investigator, and it is his investigation of two recently murdered glass readers that has brought him to Virginia Or so he says Despite the mysteries, one thing is certain a killer is targeting Virginia and the clock is ticking for them to discover who it is The chemistry between Owen and Virginia is instant and grows stronger the they work together In the dark days to come, the light on their secrets is also shed Their love story is a sweet one but one which needed developing I liked the familiarity of the Arcane world and as I have found in her other novels, the paranormal happenings comes off believable and easy to accept. [Free Epub] ⚖ Quicksilver ☰ Virginia Dean Wakes At Midnight Beside A Dead Body, With A Bloody Knife In Her Hand And No Memory Of The Evening S Events Dark Energy, Emanating From The Mirrors Lining The Room, Overpowers Her Senses With No Apparent Way In Or Out, She S Rescued By A Man She S Met Only Once Before, But Won T Soon ForgetOwen Sweetwater Inherited His Family S Talent For Hunting The Psychical Monsters Who Prey On London S Women And Children, And His Investigation Into The Deaths Of Two Glass Readers Has Led Him Here The High Society Types Of The Exclusive Arcane Society Would Consider Virginia An Illusionist, A Charlatan, Even A Criminal But Owen Knows Better Virginia S Powers Are Real And So Is The Power She Exerts Over Him Simply With Her Presence And If Her Abilities Can Be Relied Upon In The Midst Of Great Danger, They Just Might Be The Key To His Investigation Originally posted at I need a book that has light action, dark secrets and mystery, and a romance that soothes the senses and I always seem to find it when reading a story by Amanda Quick.Some might say that the format is formulaic and they could be right However, I ve read enough stories by Ms Quick to count on it and find it 100% positive I needed that teasing sensual build up between Virginia Dean and Owen Sweetwater, I needed the light drama and suspense and I required a book that would entertain me enough to forget looking at the clock I wanted to simply enjoy myself with a tale that swept me away to a time and place where the odd and spooky were normal and indeed, presented as almost logical I demanded a guaranteed good time and Ms Quick delivered.Virginia Dean is a character that is a delightful change from the typical historical heroine She s in trade , educated and mostly self sufficient She s not easily thrown by deed or word and even when she s threatened with diabolical paranormal weapons, this woman never resorts to swooning She has a brain and is not afraid to use it The heroine also has an almost child like fascination with learning new skills and her excitement is contagious Her willingness and enthusiasm for such mundane and obscure things ends up being the key to saving her life She also has a very odd notion of bling Only a reader of the story will understand my reference I liked her generosity of spirit, her voice that comes through in the dialogue and her choice of friends Virginia was fun to get to know.Owen Sweetwater is fascinating In fact, his whole family has enough secrets and know how to fuel many stories to come They re an odd bunch with twisted paranormal burdens than usual I appreciated how Ms Quick enlightened the heroine and reader alike about the family s peccadilloes through dialogue and action It almost seems like they are supermen who can do amazing things However, they re regular people which means that the use of their talents come at a price What I found adorable is that one of the cures , seems to be love As with all stories based on that emotion, it s a rocky and tricky road to travel before it can blossom into a happily ever after Of course Owen has some serious obstacles to overcome before he can breathe easy and that contributed to the book s drama.The conflict, besides Owen and Virginia overcoming their differences and getting to know one another, is a mystery of who killed who and why The why of it, once explained, is bizarre and totally off the wall, but again, a reader will understand the depths of its ludicrousness when they get to that part in the story If a reader is paying attention, Ms Quick actually provided a solid clue as to the villain s identity I picked up on it but like the masterful storyteller she is, the author threw in a big surprise that made it even better and heightened the suspense.I enjoyed Virginia s friend, Charlotte Dr Spinner, though completely off screen, has got my curiosity piqued and those that I ve met of Owen s family, were entertaining and interesting Then there is the family connection for Virginia that was a nice touch It wasn t crucial to the solving of the mystery itself but it did help showcase the heroine s personality, integrity and ability to think on her feet It helps a reader understand her character.Quicksilver once again shows why stories by Ms Quick are an auto buy They have re readability, characters with interesting dialogue, unusual and flamboyant take over the world plots and a well crafted romance to steam the pages With its chapters populated by such eccentric characters who contrive convoluted means to further their devious goals, it brings to mind the old television series, The Avengers, with Steed and Mrs Peel In a way, Owen and Virginia could be their historical counterparts and I think that s really cool Quicksilver is pure fun and entertainment, just the way I like it. Re read 9 12 12 and increased from 4 to 5 stars.Another great JAK book This one an Amanda Quick, Victorian era, Arcane Society story.We finally get some background on the mysterious assassins known as the Sweetwater family Just as famous infamous as the Jones family in these stories.Owen Sweetwater, a hunter talent who searches out psychial monsters and disposes of them permanently is contracted by J J, an offshoot of Arcane to look into the recent deaths of 2 glass light readers His gift allows him to predict what the killer will do next and thus he comes across Virginia Dean.Virginia is a strong glass light talent and is next on the killer s menu She is already convinced that the other 2 deaths are murders and allows Owen into her life and heart in the guise of protection.Jayne Ann Krentz, whether writing under her name or Amanda Quick or Jayne Castle is always entertaining and you know what you are going to get before you read them They always leave you feeling good. I think i really need to give up on the Arcane Society novels They are just becoming too repetitive it s like reading the same book over and over again Constant talk of auras and psychic powers and psychic connections , etc Other than the constant psychic mumbo jubmo, this one started of a little jumbled i felt like i was thrown into the middle of the book with little explanations of the characters and plot Starts with a murder, with the hero and heroine already knowing each other, yet we know nothing about them weird If the Arcane Society Novels were at least a series with a tangible connection between one book and the next maybe it would be easier to get to know and love the characters This way once the book is over, the next one has NOTHING to do with the previous, but sounds EXACTLY the same It really doesn t help that the narrator is always the same British woman who talks with a hot potato in her mouth, trying to immitate old young men women children s voices She partially ruins the books too But to actually sit down and read these the old fashioned way no way, sooo not worth it At least the audio makes my walk to work go by faster Although I did think that Dr Spinner s method for eliminating women s hysteria vibrator was pretty hysterical hahahaha A very dark plot, fast paced and some subtle humor thrown in Ok, not so subtle with the female hysteria cure haha but Virgina was a great protagonist, and Owen balanced her nicely I enjoyed her house keeper as well, and the underlying theme of family. A fun easy to read book Some mystery, some murder, some paranormal, some romance Sweetwaters sound like a fun family Enjoyed it. Quicksilver Arcane Society, 11 Looking Glass Trilogy 2 And JAK s alter ego does it again As I said in my review for In Too Deep there was something missing in the contemporary part of the Looking Glass Trilogy This historical part had it all Romance, intrigue, murder, mayhem, secrets, suspense, sex, paranormal Even the soul mate thingy on steroids, since the hero came from a family where men needed the One to stay sane Clich , I ll readily admit, but once again it worked Everything clicked And, lucky me, the reader is once spared the annoying trait of old AQ heroines the know it all factor Virginia is aware of her shortcomings, she s than willing to learn, and, what s most important, doesn t try to lecture on how Owen should conduct the investigation She goes with the flow, and I loved her for it I won t mince words when it comes to the hero Owen Sweetwater Rawr In my imagination, he s one of those guys you meet on the street and the first thing that comes to mind is hubba hubba He s dark, he s mysterious, he s strong, he s protective, he s sexyHe s a hunka hunka burnin love, if you ask me, and I wonder just why they don t make men like him any if they ever made them.Oh, and one thrilling tidbit I ll reveal about this book It had humor Not that previous AQ books didn t have funny parts, but this one, with Owen s huge family, especially his three cousins, Virginia s housekeeper and Virginia s best friend, the conversations about Dr Whateverhisname and his vibrating cure for female hysteria I couldn t help but chuckle There weren t any LOL moments, the humor was subtly inserted in the story, but there were a lot of chuckle inducing moments And I loved it The balance of it all A keeper. Read for URR Halloween challenge A romance where one the characters are murdered.I absolutely loved this book, but looking at the other reviews, I m wondering if a small part of why I loved it so much is because I ve only read two books in the Arcane series, this book, and the previous book in The Looking Glass Trilogy, In Too Deep While the plot and characters might be repetitive to others, everything is new to me and I must say, I love everything about it and I can t wait to go and start the Arcane series from the beginning I wouldn t recommend this book for the first plunge into this series though Amanda Quick doesn t really take any time to explain anything and just assumes you know what a talent is and who the Arcane society is and what they do etc Virginia Dean wakes up next to a very dead Lord Hollister with a bloody knife and no memory of what happened and how she ended up next to Lord Hollister Before she can be discovered, she s rescued by Owen Sweetwater The Owen she knows has been spending his time trying to prove that Virginia and her colleagues are talent less frauds Obviously, she isn t that pleased to see him but understands that she needs his help to escape the situation It turns out that he s isn t exactly who she thinks he is, he s actually a very specific kind of hunter talent, someone who can sense the motivation of killers and predict their next move He s been hired to find the killer who is targeting glass readers and he s discovered that Virginia is the killer s next target Together, they hunt the killer and end up falling for each other That s a very condensed synopsis that doesn t really do the book justice but I don t want to give too much away This book is filled with mystery, drama, humor, and a healthy dose of amazing book boyfriend material in the form of Owen Sweetwater I m absolutely in love with him The men in the Sweetwater family have a unique talent that comes at a price Each Sweetwater man is a bit of a ticking clock They need to find the one or eventually, their talent robs them of the desire for anything other than the hunt Owen is beginning to show signs of this when he meets Virginia He immediately recognizes her as his and so begins the most awkward, adorably realistic, and mature wooing I ve ever read Everything about their romance was refreshing They have such great chemistry and I can completely understand why they feel for each other I can t believe I ve actually found a romance with a hero who doesn t have a single asshole moment Honestly, I don t think he has a douchey bone in his body He sticks his foot in his mouth once or twice, but that s it He feels possessive of Virginia but never smothers her with any of that mine business He actually works with Virginia rather than insisting that she stay home and leave the dangerous work to the men They rescue each other He s a dangerous man who would murder anyone who threatened Virginia and do anything to keep her safe A fact he makes quite clear when he tells her,I would walk into to hell to keep you safeSWOON.I loved Virginia She was smart, independent, self aware, and knew exactly what she wanted and what she didn t What s not to love I don t feel like this is a spoiler because certain things are expected in any historical romance but I ll hide it anyway view spoiler One of my favorite quotes in this book is Owen s response after he proposes and Virginia makes it known that she would never marry someone who would keep a mistressHas some married man asked you to be his mistress If so, give me his name and I will see to it that he disappears Oh, Owen You have my heart hide spoiler