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Directly after hearing that he must face vicious trials or die, Darren Shan takes on the Trials of Initiation in Trials of Death The consequence for not passing the Trials is death by being dropped on spikes over and over until death takes you The Trials are hard enough for adult full vampires, so how will our half vampire protagonist fare One things for sure, if Darren passes the Trials he might have wished he didn t in the end.PlotThe plot in Trials of Death is all about Darren going through five Trials of Initiation to prove himself to be a good standing vampire For some, the plot in this book may be a little dull It all revolves around Darren training and completing the Trials If you have a big interest in vampire society you might not be so bored Along with the trials we get intimate details of vampire society in this universe and we get to see it in action I ve seen probably and equal amount of reviewers say that the book was either too fast or too slow Personally, I don t think it went fast at all If you re used to reading books that have slow, gradual development then Trials of Death may have been a little fast paced One thing that I did think was a little too fast was how quickly they started on the Trials There is literally only one chapter between Darren hoping he doesn t die in the Trials and him training for his first Trial WritingOne thing I will say is that I like the way Shan wrote the action scenes and the scenes with the Trials He describes them so well that I can easily picture Darren going about his challenges without struggling to imagine them There s no over descriptiveness going on it s just the right amount of description to be able to imagine the Trials and not be bogged down with information.The parts where there aren t any Trials or action going on are pretty boring, though The Festival of the Undead is an example of the boring parts of the book While it was interesting to learn about the different aspects of vampire culture, it was still a little dull.CharactersI still like Darren as our protagonist He s very realistic He doesn t just magically excel at things, even though he does have a few talents for certain things His emotions are pretty real, too, like when someone makes a joke in a tense situation and he snaps at them Mr Crepsley is a character I want to like but just can t because we still don t know all that much about him Darren spent most of his time with Vanez Blane in preparation for the Trials There are moments where I can say I like him, like when he and Darren hug before Darren s first Trials and Mr Crepsley s confidence in Darren Besides that, and a few instances where we re told Darren and Mr Crepsley are close, I don t feel any strong feelings towards Mr Crepsley The other vampires were developed a little since the last book, but not too much One has to remember that Trials of Death only spans across the course of not even two weeks at most I feel like Darren should have been in the company of these other characters so that certain character s death is meaningful.Things I Didn t LikeUnfortunately one of the biggest negatives in books made into my Things I Didn t Like section plotholes There are only two major plotholes that I could catch, but they re pretty big The first one is why the Council bent the rules to give Darren extra time after The Hall of Flames Darren, Mr Crepsley, and all other vampires have reminded the reader over and over again that vampires are honorable creatures There are vampires that would, and have, died for honor During Darren s first trial, when he could have given himself a head start through The Aquatic Maze that he was so afraid at dying at, he didn t Nobody but Darren would have known that he d cheated but he still didn t because of honor and nearly died in the process So why would these vampires bend the rules that they are literally dead set on all of a sudden for a half vampire This is a gaping plothole The other plothole was with regards to Darren and Kurda running away Harkat wants to come with Darren but Kurda tells him that he s too wide to fit through some of the tunnels However, Gavner ends up going with them and I m pretty sure that a vampire described as short but wide is probably wider than a Little Person I know that Gavner needed to be the one with Kurda and Darren in the end to advance the plot, but this doesn t make sense Harkat could have fit and gone with them and the whole situation in the end of the book could have been avoided There is no logical reason for Harkat not being able to come with Darren Shan should have come up with a different reason as to why Harkat couldn t join them.DiversityThe diversity in Trials of Death is the same as in the last books One woman, who gets beaten by a pacifist despite being the best, and a vampire with one eye Sad to say that that s the end of the list OverallI enjoyed Trials of Death It gave the readers a better look into this vampire society, which the majority of vampire books rarely do The Trials might be a little boring for some but I thought that they were very well written The plot twist at the end was great, too There are gaping plotholes that I don t like, but what is one to do The earlier books in the Cirque du Freak series are a little better than this one, even though the books are really moving forward Here is a link to my notes. What a great series Always fun, always a good mixed between action, storyline and characters evolution and some good twists to make it hard to predict where it goes I like every book of this series so far and this book deserve to be notice read even if I discover it years late #KINDLE Ö Trials of Death ì The Trials Seventeen Ways To Die Unless The Luck Of The Vampire Is With You Darren Shan Must Pass Five Fearsome Trials To Prove Himself To The Vampires Clan Or Face The Stakes Of The Hall Of Death But Vampire Mountain Holds Hidden Threats Sinister, Potent Forces Are Gathering In The Darkness In This Nightmarish World Of Bloodshed And Betrayal, Death May Be A Blessing This was an improvement over the previous book but not by much The plot is still going nowhere up until the last few pages, but at least Trials of Death was action packed I feel like the series has lost some of it s appeal with the lack of the Cirque background Not that the vampire society is not interesting, but it alone is not enough to maintain interest Maybe the next one will be better. Just LOVE this Series I went back and forth with being disgusted by the storyline and riveted at the same time Yes, it was a weird experience Trials of Death wasn t filler ish, better than the fourth because the pacing and almost non stop action made it hard to put down Action scenes were excellent, nail grinding, detailed, spaced right Some disturbing stuff happened during the trails, especially the weird flame stuff Characters are fleshed out, seeming livelier and not imitations of their former selves the fourth suffered from that a little, especially for Crepsley Arra is still irritating, as are a lot of the princes and other vampires following their rigid systems without the bend of common sense exceptions There is something that soured it for me I still think Darren shouldn t do the trails because of his age and half vampire status Letting a child go through all that, especially for some ancient and limited system, was a form of child abuse and that sickened me Yes, it s fiction, but still wrong in this fiction world There were a lot of torturous trials burning, almost drowning, cutting, fighting to the death with wild boars shudders The burning was the hardest to take because of the detail His hair will likely never grow back because of the permanent damage I mean, geez All this for that silly code Crepsley s outlook and rigid adherence was disappointing Apparently I m protective of the protagonist than his mentor It s shown that these bizarre mindsets are how these strange creatures think I agreed with the one outcast of the group that there is no honor in losing your life so willingly If I were in Darren s shoes I would have started getting raged.The ending holds a nice surprising or so, and although I did see a betrayal brewing, it worked well for ending this book Even if I guessed a little of it, it leaves it open with no predictable start of how the next book will begin.Despite my annoyances with the plot s direction, it stayed exciting and earned a four star label. About the Book When we last left Darren, he was told that he would have to complete five deadly trials to prove himself a worthy vampire Not only are the trials themselves deadly, but if Darren fails in any way besides death, he will be executed It is actually after one of these trials that Darren learns about a treacherous plot that involves the vampaneze.Review This book was filled with action and kept me turning the page especially near the end Darren s trials were interesting and even though you knew he wouldn t die he is the main character and there is seven books after all , Shan still managed to throw some curve balls at you Although there were parts I didn t enjoy immensely such as the Festival of the Undead , I still didn t really hate any part of the book this time Besides, I appreciated getting to see Darren in than his role as a half vampire It is always a plus when the author lets the every day and little affairs pop through into a book as well It always makes it seem real, and I didn t feel like I was bogged down with these kind of details either.My favourite part was definitely the climax of this book, and I found myself unable to put it down and wondering how Darren would put a stop to it Not only is he in a fix with the vampaneze at this point, but he is also in a bit of a pickle with the vampires, which may also limit his options.I do wish that Shan went into details about the Guardians of the Blood and their beliefs Although they may not be the most imaginative creature, they are still quite striking to the imagination and Shan could have introduced another culture thoroughly into his world All in all though, I really enjoyed this book and started the next one right away the cliff hanger is a suspense like no other It may have taken a while, but this series is definitely starting to take off. Pretty harrowing and brutal, this macabre fifth book in the running Cirque du Freak series continues in the vein of all those that came before it with a lot of action, a lot of blood, and a lot of fun I liked this one better than the last, as I felt it got a little involved But, being a fan of the entire series, I have yet to be disappointed, at all Shan delivered darkness with Trials by Death, and I would have expected nothing less.Five Stars Another frustrating TO BE CONTINUED Someone needs to explain to me why I paid 8 for a book that didn t have an ending to it Honestly, it didn t have a beginning either because that was in book 4 WHAT..THEHELL AREYOUFUCKINGKIDDINGMEHOW THE HELL CAN A BOOK END WITH SUCH A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE CLIFFHANGER OH MY GOD JESUS LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL AND EVERYTHING NO NO NO NO I AM A MESS RIGHT NOW