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As I listened to this book, it all came back to me D I love how this is the book where he view spoiler first visits Vampire Mountain, and when he meets Rudi, and he discovers Harkat Moulds D hide spoiler This marks the fourth book I ve read in the Cirque Du Freak series, and I keep expecting to be disappointed, waiting for the magic to run out Thankfully, the series is still strong and still gripping One of the things I like best about the Cirque Du Freak series is that the protagonist, Darren Shan yes, also the author s namewhich I thought was a pretty hilarious thing to do, thought I bet his intention was to make it real for the young adult audience , never has an easy time Considering that the series is twelve books long, it s almost a given that he isn t going to die But he is constantly making tough choices and put in difficult situations that constantly build his character I m a sucker for characters that strive to better themselves, or that become stronger characters throughout the story In this installment, Darren and Mr Crepsley his vampire mentor make the trek to Vampire Mountain if I have any gripe against the CDF stories, it is that the names can be a bit corny Vampire Mountain is essentially headquarters for the vampire race But getting to the mountain is far from easy, and vampires pride themselves on being tough resilient creatures This book lacks much direct conflict, with the exception of few fight scenes Additionally, there is a lot of tension built around a predicted war with the vampaneze another corny name But the real fun in this book is how much the reader learns about the vampires Much of the information is revealed in dialogue, which is usually a no no in fiction, but Shan writes it so smoothly that it s easily forgivable Moreover, the world of the vampires is quite interesting and combines familiar legend with unique world building on Shan s part I ll be diving into book 5 momentarily This was pretty bad It is really hard to judge the books in this series because they are parts of a bigger story Even so, I felt that the first three entries were way better than Vampire Mountain was I understand the need for an overreaching arc, but as a stand alone novel this book offers almost nothing It starts nowhere and leads nowhere, with a bunch of new characters being introduced and no climax Nothing really happens until the last few pages that set up the next novel The only good parts were the humor and the likable characters But those can only take you so far. Not my favorite book in the series so far, which isn t to say that the writing is bad or anything the series is consistently good If the series was a TV show, this might be considered the filler episode I still liked the story quite a bit, but I m excited for the next one Another great adventure for Darren Shan, a bit less complete in itself, it s really a piece in this awesome story and it open up for the next one in a good way, but in itself, even if the characters evolve and we learn about the vampire world, alone, it felt less complete then the other volume who could have been read has stand alone in some and still be enjoyable I really looking forward reading another one, probably around next month One of the best, if not the best, fantasy series for children I ve read since Harry Potter A series that deserve love and to be talk about way 2 stars seems a little generous for this, since the book had nothing to offer, so 1,5 it is It was basically an infodump about the broader universe just to set up the next book, with a little bit of Darren s life in Cirque du Freak has gone stale so we have to move on in the beginning Just when I was expecting some action, the already short book ended.Not to mention a terribly sexist remark at one point There aren t many vampire women because we can t have children Obviously, when a woman can t have a child, she has no purpose in life, amiright No matter that there are women who physically can t have children in real life Awesome But what did I even expect from a series that has had a whooping five 5 women with supporting speaking roles so far, in the entire series He looked like a nice old uncle but was really a cruel, dark hearted man who d cut your tongue out as soon as say hello to you. This is the fourth book in the Cirque Du Freak series In this series Darren Shan assumes the role of a half vampire and travels with Mr Crepsley as he learns about his new powers of a vampire and he adapts to the standards and needs of a new vampire life In this book, Darren has to travel to vampire mountain, the journey can take months and they are forced to travel on bare feet On the way to the mountain with Mr Crepsley, they met Gavner Purl, a Vampire General who was following Mr Crepsley to vampire mountain On the way they also met a pack of wolves to go to the Council to pick up the leftover food there When they got there, they met up with the other Vampire Generals such as Mika Ver Leth, Arrow, Vanez, the oldest vampire, Paris, Mr Crepsley s fiance, Arra Sails, and a friend vampire named Kurda Smahlt I can relate this book to the world because many people are called everyday to arrange a party of some sort When they arrive, they have chats of old memories, of recent activities and such and they just socialize, in book 4, Vampire Mountain, of the Cirque Du Freak Series, they also travel a long harsh way just to meet about their fellow vampires and then socialize like normal and have duels I rate this book a 5 because just like the other books of the Cirque Du Freak Series, it is well paced, and beautifully written, I would recommend this book to anybody just finding a book to read, this series will keep you reading for a while I also personally find it hard to put down because Darren is a teenager in this book and he needs to go through relationships personally and with others as well. Good read but frustrating endingSo great story, the plot is building, it s really starting to get good and then, TO BE CONTINUEDReally The book is only 212 pages long I get that the author is writing these for a young audience but we can sit and read a book that s longer than 200 page `Download Book ↞ Vampire Mountain ☠ In The Fourth Book Of The Bestselling Cirque Du Freak Series, Darren Shan And Mr Crepsley Embark On A Dangerous Trek To The Very Heart Of The Vampire World But They Face Than The Cold On Vampire Mountain The Vampaneze Have Been There Before Them Will A Meeting With The Vampire Princes Restore Darren S Human Side, Or Turn Him Further Toward The Darkness Only One Thing Is Certain Darren S Initiation Into The Vampire Clan Is Deadly Than He Can Ever Have Imagined