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Who Said It Couldn t Be Done Is the story of Denise Jones life from a baby into adulthood It s a powerful testimony to what God can do when you allow him to do so This book also made me look at my own faith and what I truly believe. [Download E-pub] ♕ Who Said It Couldnt Be Done? ♻ WHO SAID IT COULDN T BE DONE A Diamond From The Rough This Book Candidly Chronicles One Woman S Journey Through Life On Chicago S West Side Involving Poverty, Incest, Drug Addiction, Incarceration And Lesbianism To Eventually Gaining Sobriety, Spiritual Redemption And Inner Peace In Denise S Words Deep Insecurity And Inferiority, Drug Addiction And Role Confusion Tormented Me For Many Years Often I Wondered If I Were A Boy Or A Girl If I Were Human Or An Animal Who Am I What Am I Why Am I In Spite Of All These Obstacles, Denise Grabbed Hold To A Seed Of Hope She Dropout Of School At An Early Age, Denise Now Holds A Bachelor Of Arts In Applied Behavioral Sciences And A Master Of Science In Nonprofit Management As An Author, Motivational Speaker And Deliverance Minister, Denise Inspires Individuals From All Walks Of Life To Reach Above Life S Circumstances Do Not Miss Your Opportunity To Be Touched By Her Powerful Story Her Message Is To The Masses Therefore If Any Man Be In Christ, He Is A New Creature Old Things Are Passed Away Behold, All Things Are Become New Nd Corinthians This book was about Denise Jones and the trials and tribulations of her life She was a thief, a lesbian, a dope fiend, etc She went through a lot before she was finally delivered to be Saved This book is a real page Turner It was awesome. When the author Denise Jones contacted me to ask if I would review her book, Who Said It Couldn t Be Done , I was intrigued Certainly it sounded like a tragic story that would have an uplifting ending, and I always like to read about people who have struggled and risen above the terrible victimization that so many in the world live every day.That being said, I found it difficult not to take offense at being sent this book to review.When I opened this book, I thought that, in 2015, I would be reading a book by a lesbian who had found religion but who hadn t decided to use it to deny who she really was But that s not what I found In these pages, Denise Jones equates the moral wrong of being a lesbian with the same moral wrong of being a thief, an abusive pimp, and a low life thug.Somehow, in being saved, this woman was also taught that the life I and many other people on the LGBTQ spectrum live is sick, and morally sinful She was taught that same sex attraction is the work of the devil or demons She was taught that women, like me, who don t wear dresses, lacy underwear, and makeup, who decided that a workable haircut was appropriate than long, flowing tresses that get in our way, are depraved, sinful, and essentially broken.I m glad that Denise Jones was helped out of the street life that was killing her The number of young lesbians, gay men, and other gender nonconformist, non heteronormative people who fall prey to abuse, drugs, and crime is tragic The amount who die from it Even tragic But the fact that her church took away the sexual identity of a person who had already suffered so much sexual torture is depressing.Readers who are looking to be converted to a dangerously self deceiving sect of Christianity should look no further. If you want a raw, blatant, disturbing, inspiring story to read, Who Said It Couldn t Be Done by Denise Jones is such a book I have not read such an honest and thorough look at a side of life that I have seen but not lived and couldn t understand since I read Dopefiend by Donald Goines during August of 1975 Wow.I am afraid that I can t do this book justice but I will write this review of this hurtful, powerful novel and experiences of this woman as I feel it Having witnessed first hand the actions of some dopefiends and results of others actions as I grew up near 47th Street in Chicago, I knew many of the truths when I read them.Denise Jones has written a story that is filled with despair, fear, hopeless and pain as it goes on until she chooses another path for her life to take This story spans the avenues of neglect, abuse, unfairness, unfair child labor, drugs, rape, chosen lesbianism, crimes, pimping, fear, near death.and I could go on and on As she recounts her life, one sees these activities as they unfold and at many times with awe and shock This story has answered or helped me learn of things that I have been curious about for nearly 36 years.Ms Jones did an exceptional job telling her story that literally keep you wondering what else could possibly happen to her but death and there was always something else As this woman survived then learned to live after given up her street life for one of hope, faith, strength and fortitude I cheered her on and rooted for her successes Denise Jones I convey to you that I appreciate you sharing your story, applaud your thoroughness and honesty as this story is destined to help someone.It is very hard to rate this book as this is someone s life, whose to say what rating it should have as it just is I give this novel a 5 stars for it s honesty and thoroughness I give 5 stars to the gift of experiencing this raw, blatant, disturbing, inspiring story I give this story a 5 stars because of the survival and triumph I give this author 5 stars for sharing her story and living through it It is rare to find a book that provides readers exactly what its synopsis says it will be In Who Said It Couldn t Be Done by Denise Jones, readers are introduced to the story of a woman who fights to transform her life Denise was raised in Chicago to a mother who allowed her child to witness things no young child should ever know about Denise becomes a product of her environment by following the footsteps of her mother She knows poverty, drugs, incarceration, and even lesbianism because she lived it One day Denise encounters the Word of God and her life starts to change Denise turns everything over to Him and realizes that through Him she can overcome anything God becomes her strength Who Said It Couldn t Be Done is a remarkable story of a woman struggling with her identity, sexuality, and learning to overcome her strongholds The author gives true account of her life with no holds barred The story is powerful, heartbreaking, and educational It will help readers understand that there is always someone else that has it harder than they do Denise s story will teach others to not complain and to believe that a change is going to come I recommend this story to those who are looking for a second chance at life.