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2.50 5 in the beginning was just perfect and interesting but after that I hate it I decided stop read it EDIT ON 9 13 Gahhhh, I want to read this book ALL OVER AGAINNNN.Original Review When I found out about Revolution, I positively went mental with excitement Jennifer Donnelly had me utterly in love with her writing and characters in A Northern Light ALL OF YOU NEED TO READ THAT BOOK IT S AMAZING Ahem , and Revolution sounded absolutely amazing It didn t hurt that it snagged glowing review after glowing review, which only whet my wanting for it.And thenwhen I finally was able to attain it, I ll be honest, I didn t really get into the story almost after halfway But then again, it s such a grief heavy book, see the gist of the beginning Andi s lil bro Truman died two years ago, and she s been drifting along through her life ever since, leaning on her music as her pillar of support Her dad, a Nobel prize winning scientist, had been absent from home before, but hasn t been home now for four months Her mother barely speaks any, just paints portrait after portrait of her dead son.Andi s despair was done pretty well, actually, and I did get her pain, but the beginning was just so bleak and hopeless, really, that I felt really, really deflated I mean, I have this sort of mad author crush on Ms Donnelly, and I was expecting too much out of the book from the get go, I suppose But still, Andi s cynicism and bland outlook at life was fairly compelling, as you can see from these quotes I don t like hope very much In fact, I hate it It s the crystal meth of emotions It hooks you fast and kills you hard It s bad news The worst It s sharp sticks and cherry bombs When hope shows up, it s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt And I m super quiet as I head into the bathroom I don t want to wake my father up I can just imagine that conversation.Hi, Dad Four thirty Is it really Well, what do you know What am I doing I m going out With who Oh, you don t know him I just met him myself Where are we going Good question I have no idea But then the story picked up, when Andi s dad forces her along to Paris so she can complete her senior year thesis Meanwhile, he, a DNA specializing dude, is conducting an experiment to find out whether this heart a real, actual heart that s been preserved for so long belongs to Louis Charles, the son of the slain King Louis XVI.Somehow, Andi stumbles upon the diary of Alexandrine, a young woman living during the French Revolution who has a personal connection with Louis Charles she s sort of like his nanny I can t really say the diary entries had me entranced much at least not during the beginning parts I was actually so confused I almost gave up on the book, since I couldn t quite comprehend for a while that the events in it were not in chronological order I know, I know, I m exceedingly dim sometimes But once I got that, it was pretty smooth from there I didn t really feel like I knew Alexandrine or her family all that well, though And I was pretty irked by how there were no quotation marks for the dialogue in the diary entries It wasn t THAT jarring or confusing, but, well, a bit inconvenient, I suppose In the same way, I didnt really feel as if I got a sense of who Andi was before the tragedy I was told she was a straight A getter, but I d liked to have it shown a bit.Anyway, before I go into my thoughts on the French Revolution, I think I m going to have to mention Virgil, Andi s dread locked love interest Normally dreadlocks are a total no no in my guy guide, but hell, this dude pulled them off like nobody s business He was hot And fun And cool And sympathetic And a great kisser And basically all round awesome He is now officially on my All Time Fave Hotties Hell yeah I mean, sure, some of his raps were a bit lame and all, but there s so much music in him Like, take this scene, for example He starts rhyming He s got one song about Africa And one about New York One about cabdrivers His best friend, Jules And his neighborhood He s got one about Paris, his city, the city of his dreams He raps about driving around it all night long and al the night people he meets and then stopping at Sacr Coeur, high above the city, to watch the sun come up I hear him in his songs His dreams and his fears His braggedy ass rapper s shtick His kindness and his anger I hear his soul in his songs, and I could listen to the sound of it all night His and Andi s banter was adorable See Andi Are you going to tell me where we re going Virgil Sure Yeah We re going to the most beautiful place in Paris, he says Cool, I say I love that place He laughs and I decide to stop asking I still understood though, why Andi chose to push him away This excerpt shall speak for itself, methinks My phone rings I pull it out of my pocket and look at the number It s Virgil I put it back He returned my iPod I don t need anything else from him Boys let you down, but music never does.I take a deep breath, and try onceto play the passacaille without mangling it One note, just one note That s all I need But it s hard tonight So hard that I stop playing And look up at the sky instead It s black No moon No stars.Hello, darkness, my old friend Also, the twist in the end I didn t really see it coming, although I d read reviews where the reviewers expressed their dislike of it My personal opinion on it is well, I actually liked reading it I understand that it was a bit far fetched, obviously, but I guess it was the only way to make Andi realize the importance of Alexandrine s sacrifice for her beloved brother like Louis Charles.And now for the French Revolution Man oh man, I was NOT expecting the book to be that gruesome I mean, well, duh, we all know how horrible the FR was, but still Pretty much the whole book takes place in Paris, and the contemporary version wasn t really described much, to be honest But even in the sparse insights we do get, we get to see its darker side And after reading Anna and the French Kiss, which was as pro Paris as a book could get, I wasn t really prepared for such brutality Especially not the brtuality in the older days I m pretty sure I ll be having major guillotine related dreams for a while I m actually amazed and utterly disgusted at how terrifying and inhumane the world can be at times How extreme coldness and starvation and abject life conditions can drive people to such desperate measures.Seriously Here s an excerpt from Alexandrine s diary that absolutely Tore Me Apart They dragged him away He was only eight years old.I was in a hallway when they took him Near the room where the family dined I had just come up from the kitchens with their dinner The guards knocked me aside as they tore him from his mother I fell Food went everywhere Dishes shattered The tray clanged against the stone floor.I remember little of that, however What I remember is Louis Charles face His eyes were red with weeping He looked back for his mother but could not find her He saw me instead and reached for me, and I reached for him For a second we clasped hands There was terror in his eyes, and sorrow and innocence and something else something I wish to God I had not seen, for it has doomed me.It haunts me always, that instant It tortures me I wish I could go back and undo it All of it From the very beginning I wish my family had never gone to Versailles I wish the king s carriage had never stopped in the town square I wish I d never heard that little boy s laughter I am not afraid of beatings or blood any.I m not afraid of guards or guillotines.There is only one thing I fear now love.For I have seen it and I have felt it and I know that it is love, not death, that undoes us But at the end of the day, as Andi and Alexandrine put it so well It goes on, this world, stupid and brutal.But I do not I do not I am blown away by this book I don t even know what to rate it with I mean, this author put so much research all that history all that musical info and time into this book it couldn t beevident It s so, so different from her book A Northern Light, that I couldn t believe the same author had written it.I just really think Revolution should be a requirement for every living being to read I hope you ll agree once you read it, too. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♴ Revolution ♤ BROOKLYN Andi Alpers Is On The Edge She S Angry At Her Father For Leaving, Angry At Her Mother For Not Being Able To Cope, And Heartbroken By The Loss Of Her Younger Brother, Truman Rage And Grief Are Destroying Her And She S About To Be Expelled From Brooklyn Heights Most Prestigious Private School When Her Father Intervenes Now Andi Must Accompany Him To Paris For Winter BreakRIS Alexandrine Paradis Lived Over Two Centuries Ago She Dreamed Of Making Her Mark On The Paris Stage, But A Fateful Encounter With A Doomed Prince Of France Cast Her In A Tragic Role She Didn T Want And Couldn T Escape Two Girls, Two Centuries Apart One Never Knowing The Other But When Andi Finds Alexandrine S Diary, She Recognizes Something In Her Words And Is Moved To The Point Of Obsession There S Comfort And Distraction For Andi In The Journal S Antique Pages Until, On A Midnight Journey Through The Catacombs Of Paris, Alexandrine S Words Transcend Paper And Time, And The Past Becomes Suddenly, Terrifyingly Present Beginning to end, I hated the main character Hate is a strong word and I didn t feel that strongly about her, but I didn t sympathize with her one iota I kept thinking of that saying a lack of planning on your part doesn t make for an emergency on my part With Andi it isn t so much a lack of planning as much as a lack of awareness of other people or the world around her or the consequences of her actions that got her into trouble and garnered no sympathy from me I get that she s grieving over her brother s death, but that doesn t excuse her from abusing the rest of the world And when she wasn t being obnoxiously self centered, she was obnoxiously dense There were several times where it was so obvious what was going on and it gets annoying when the main character doesn t follow Since the book has a fantasy and or hallucinogenic quality to it, I could give her a little leeway, but it got old.I didn t quite believe her high school crowd either I know it s private school and the best of the best, but it was over the top Maybe I could believe the intellect of a Harvard graduate party, but not high school kids especially when Andi is so dense later in the book Gratefully, the books moves to Paris and I didn t have to invest too much in characters I didn t believe I can t say the same about the music though A little dropping of band or song names or lyrics to add some ambiance is good, but this gets over the top It dragged down the story and made it a chore the read that coupled with a protagonist I didn t care to follow.So why did I keep reading Besides Donnelly s writing, The French Revolution, baby I read this at the same time I was listening to A Tale of Two Cities Not that I needed any encouragement to want to learnabout the French Revolution, but Dicken s story certainly helped Donnelly did her research and I enjoyed the facts she sprinkled throughout her novel and am grateful that she actually did a ton of research for a historical novel.At times I had a little trouble visualizing Alex s character For the most part she was spot on for her time in history and I am so critical of historical settings , but occasionally she rang untrue Maybe it was too many conflicting emotions or the snippets of time passing that had me working to follow her Her diary waxed a little too poetic of a teenager starving through the massacres of Lady Guillotine Okay, she had Shakespeare memorized and sometimes it s the harshest conditions that bring out the most beauty, but it was a tad over the top for me What I wanted out of her journal was a connection to her plight, her angst at not being able to save Louis Charles, not a detached history of how she was involved in the revolution.The good news is that despite there being two different POVs that are both teenage girls, they feel and sound so differently that even if I weren t reading journal excerpts, I would have had no trouble distinguishing between them I think Donnelly used present tense with Andi s story to differentiate them even , but it was unnecessary and I wished she hadn t I often found myself rewording sentences to past tense.I also had a little trouble buying into the coincidence that Truman s key would unlock this mystery for Andi Donnelly saves it from being too contrived with an off handed comment that the key could have been a standardized key like so many of it s age, but it was a little too convenient Or is it supposed to destiny Some twist of fate that tied Andi to Alex and Truman to Louis Charles I liked that the twist that this all builds up to I expected it early on in the novel isn t answered black and white but left for interpretation There is enough about it that bothers me that its open endedness saves me from having to overanalyze its flaws It didn t go quite the way I was expecting, but I enjoyed how it tied everything together and how real it made the French Revolution, both for Andi and me And in the end, I loved the lesson Andi got out of it It s what saved the book for me Up until that point, I could have gone either way with Andi s story Oh, dead man, you re dead wrong, I tell him The world goes on stupid and brutal, but I do not Can t you see I do not. How does one pen a review for such an exquisitely layered work of art Revolution reads like sadness feels It s throbbing, aching, raw, desolate and poignant In short, it s lovely and extraordinary in scope.Revolution is a juxtaposition between two 17 year old girls set worlds and over two centuries apart Nevertheless, these girls are bound by their love of music and a tangible guilt they both feel as a result of their own perceived selfishness Andi and Alex each provide an astonishing portrayal of a haunted soul struggling for redemption Andi lives in present day Brooklyn When her grief for her deceased brother, Truman, isn t coercing her to numb herself with anti depressants, Andi struggles to keep her head above ground and her suicidal thoughts at bay If it weren t for her guitar, Andi feels as though she would cease to exist When news that she is failing school reaches her noble prize winning father, he whisks her away to Paris He hopes the time away will provide Andi with a revived sense of direction If nothing else, he will be able to keep a watchful eye on her to ensure she completes her senior thesis It is in Paris that Andi discovers an antique guitar case, complete with a secret compartment containing the long lost diary of a girl who calls herself Alex.Alex lives in Revolutionary France As the daughter of a poor, unknown playwright, Alex must earn her way by reciting Shakespeare, Virgil and the lot A simple twist in fate secures Alex the position of caregiver to the dauphine, Louis Charles However, the country is in an increasing state of unrest, and Louis Charles is the very representation of power and oppression Struggling with her own desires and the ever increasing love she feels for the dauphine, Alex will have to make a choice that helps change the course of history Andi blew me away with her unapologetic tale of self destruction Her loss touched my heart, and her love of music was palpable to the point of becoming its own character All the same, it was Alex s story of betrayal and redemption that kept me turning the pages Each of these girl s lives are filled with loss They have been exposed to the volatile and often brutal side of human nature, and yet each continues on without knowing what they move toward Revolutionis vibrant and surprisingly candid Filled with dozens of tiny little nuances, it dazzles the mind with its vivid and seamless depiction of a disheartened modern day girl who collides with the all too distant past There is undeniable beauty in the gutter, as Donnelly shows us all to well Meticulously researched and thoughtfully penned, Donnelly proves herself to be a truly gifted writer All in all, this was a wonderful book to get lost in. Made it to page 200 And that s it The story is just starting to get fascinating, but unfortunately I cannot see myself enjoying this enough to keep wading through it The beginning was incredibly slow, and far too suicidal emo without stirring any compassion in me for me to connect to our depressive narrator I also found it text book style info dumpy in parts regarding music and the French history This did not help me feel transported into the story The French revolution y part of the story was only introduced around page 120 or there abouts going off memory here , and it is barely under way at 200 pages in I think there could be a story in here that would amaze move me, but surrounded by a cast of characters I cannot connect to I am finding it hard to care Back in the old days I would probably finish this and find it 3 star satisfactory assuming the good bits are just around the corner But now I amconfident in my reading tastes and prefer to spend my time reading something that beings intrinsic enjoyment to me the whole way along. This book is undoubtedly one of the most creative I have ever read Revolution is a genre bending masterpiece with two likable heroines and a twisting plot that never stops moving By genre bending, I truly mean genre bending This book is one part contemporary, one part suspense, one part speculative fiction, one part scifi, and one part historical fiction It doesn t matter what genre it is it matters just how great the blend is The plot is fascinating, with twists and turns and story threads that are only pulled together towards the end In the end, however, perhaps I d class this as a contemporary, because the focus here is on character development There are two heroines here, present day Andi and 1700s teenager Alexandrine These characters are both so developed and interesting in their own ways Alexandrine is ambitious and driven she goes out for what she wants, even if she has to break a few necks along the way Andi is incredibly angsty for a good deal of the book, yet her arc is so well thought out that it s hard not to empathize with her and love her Andi has severe depression, which she combats through her music That aspect was great I did take issue with the slight anti medication tilt this book took with the severity of Andi s depression, medication shouldn t be shameful However, I loved that she s never really cured The narrative around her depression doesn t end in it being fixed, or in her being better suddenly It s quite hard to explain exactly what about this book is so brilliant I suppose it s best summed up in that I have never read anything like this before, and I doubt I ever will again Highly recommended.Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly is a vivid and captivating book filled with feeling If you haven t yet read anything by Donnelly, I seriously think you are missing out, and I strongly recommend you fix that Now.Revolution is the story of Andi, an intelligent, talented girl who should have her whole future ahead of her She s always been smart, has done well in school and is a gifted musician able to play guitar and write her own music But, her younger brother died in an accident about a year ago and Andi blames herself Overwhelmed by grief and guilt, Andi loses focus on everything but her music Her mom is immobilized by grief, scarcely able to function, and her dad, who has never been around much, retreats even further.When her father forces her to accompany him to Paris, as a way to rescue her slipping grades, Andi is angry and can think of nothingthan getting back to New York But then she discovers a journal, hidden in a guitar case that might date back to the French Revolution, and her world changes I was blown away by this book The writing is intense and powerful, and Andi s pain practically screamed from the pages Her depression and detachment from life was so real, and so perfectly portrayed that I found myself experiencing everything right along with her But eventhan just experiencing it with her, Andi was so well written, and so real a character to me that I found myself knowing how Andi would feel or react to a situation as it happened, before we, as readers, were given her reaction I knew her I don t think I ve ever felt such a strong connection to a character before, but it was thrilling.The only thing that really reaches Andi is her music and this is where she goes when life becomes too much for her, often playing her guitar until her fingers bleed She is constantly listening to music, both classical and contemporary and she lets that heal the outward hurt Nothing can touch that empty place inside her, but she seems content to let that fester, although that contentment might bea side effect of the anti depressants she eats like candy than anything real on her part.It was powerful watching Andi struggle between life and death, both metaphorically and realistically There isthan one aborted suicide attempt, and they start right at the beginning of the story She isn t sure if she wants to die, but she also isn t sure she wants to continue living.Her experiences in Paris help to open her eyes to life, and help her to understand that although her grief will always be a part of her, it does not have to completely define her Both the journal she discovers of a young girl living through the French Revolution, and Virgil, a boy she met while joining a local band for a few songs help to bring Andi back from the depression she s been drowning in.I liked the sections with the journal It was well written and engaging, but Alexandrine was never a real person for me the way she was for Andi, and the way Andi was for me I don t mean to be derogatory toward them at all, because they are an essential part of the story, and still beautifully written But, they were always sections of a journal, fascinating, but removed from me I doubt I would have paid as much attention to this if my connection to Andi hadn t been so strong.Virgil was wonderful Although he doesn t have a lot of actual face time throughout the story, he is in no way a minor character, but neither is he the focus of the story, which was nice I m a little bored with the books right now that seem to be all about the romance, even when other points should beimportant Virgil was great and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop It was pretty realistic They met, and are attracted to each other Andi does think about him a lot over the next few days, but isn t obsessed, and doesn t believe herself to be in love He s just on her mind, because it s a new almost relationship.This book was almost perfect The only reason I m not calling this book Basically Amazing is because of climax It s the part of the summary that reads, on a midnight journey through the catacombs of Paris, Alexandrine s words transcend paper and time, and the past becomes suddenly, terrifyingly present Take from that what you will what you can I won t spoil it for you I had my thoughts on what that might mean when I picked up the book, and was a little disappointed to realize which of my theories was correct It didn t work quite as well for me as the rest of the story.However, Andi is one of the strongest characters I ve ever come across, and this is most definitely a book I m going to have on my keep forever shelf It deserves to be read again and again, because I imagine there will be new things waiting for me every time. I thought Jennifer Donnelly s debut YA novel A Northern Light was remarkable and well deserving of Printz Honor I don t think Revolution is worthy of winning any major awards no matter how earnestly it tries to be original and important and how heavily it is promoted as the next big thing I am just not sold on its merits, even though I understand my personal dislike of certain things in literature might be interfering with my assessment of the novel.I don t have any problems with Donnelly s writing In fact, she is very skillful at juggling multiple story lines two POV s, past and present, history of France, music, science She weaves them together masterfully and joins them into an excellent epilogue The protagonists voices our contemporary Andi s and 18th century Alexandrine s are distinct and time appropriate The representation of the Revolution is balanced and well researched And yet, the book was a chore to read.First, the moment I opened the book, I was assaulted by preppy kids snobbishness and drugs a la Gossip Girl, never ending references to bands I know nothing about and THE ANGST Now, I don t have anything against books about grief and guilt, but I need not to be beat over the head with constant suicide attempts, pill popping and general nasty behavior to understand someone s pain In literature, in such cases, less isIMO and here the angst thing is way overdone So, strike one unbearable main character Andi The other main character Alexandrine is hardly any better She is not very realistic first she is all driven by ambition at the ripe age of 11 yeah, right , then she is remorseful and self sacrificing I say, give me a break.Second, the book is just too long and boring It really loses steam in the middle and it was work to get to the end Some story threads and some angsty stuff should have been edited out to make this novelreadable.And finally, the twist You ll know what I am talking when you get there It is absolutely unnecessary and a cheap gimmick Andi should have been able to overcome her demons without it, on the strength of Alexandrine s and her own experiences.This is the second YA novel in recent months written by a talented author, with a great premise, but spoiled by poor plot choices the first one is Extraordinary It is frustrating Don t they have any people advising them Frankly, I am disappointed in Donnelly A Northern Light was such a clever novel about independence and freedom and message of Revolution is simply drowned in melodrama I am not sure if I want to read the author s adult novels any if cheap melodrama is the actual genre of her choice P.S Further research indeed indicated that Donnelly s adult books are historical soap operas a la Danielle Steel Adieus, Ms Donnelly This book is staggeringly good It is literary and lyrical like A Northern Light, but edgier I think Donnelly takesrisks here in characterization Andi is a handful, to say the least , subject matter the horrors of the French Revolution are at times excruciating to read and structure contemporary and historical plot lines are mashed together which, of course, is the point the world goes on stupid and brutal, just like it always has What I m most struck by is how nuanced and layered this book is It is chock full of weighty little references and associations and foreshadowings that at least for me don t always fully reveal themselves on the first read Take Max R Peters, the madman in Brooklyn raving about revolution He s obviously Max Robespierre, which means well, let s see The spoiled kids in Andi s school are the pre Rev French aristocracy I think so Modern day Bklyn is Revolutionary Paris Maybe Truman is Louis Charles Of course And the Inferno parallels The three sections of the book The guide Virgil driving a cab labeled EPIC RIDE, naturally Alex s last name The catacombs Seeing the stars I m sure manyexist I haven t found them yet.And of course the anagram Diandra Xenia Alpers Alexandrine Paradis They aren t two girls with striking similarities, they re the same character Their story is one story and it exists throughout time and independent of time Which, I think, is why Donnelly allows time to run in both directions in this book it is irrelevant to the tale.Donnelly cites James Joyce as her all time favorite author He was the master of these little loaded references Ulysses overflows with them , and his influence on Donnelly can be felt in Revolution s little gems Hmm he also took big literary risks created challenging characters and dispensed with the constraints of physical and temporal reality from time to time But that s a subject for another essay What a book Five stars aren t enough.