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I wasn t really a fan of this book as much as I was the previous in the series.I just didn t understand how Trae could go from worshipping the ground Tasha walks in to smacking her around, choking her to death, or holding her outside of a plane while threatening her.Tasha has always been portrayed as a strong black woman so it really disappoints me that her character puts up with it and ends up going back to Trae.Also, how did Kyron go from trying his best to get Tasha to leave Trae and then just talk all that bs while laid up in the hospital.Overall it was just too much of a change.Not sure how the story goes from here.There definitely also was not enough in there about Angel Kaylin. As I stated before these are sooo NOT the Trae and Tasha that we fell in LOVE with in Wahida s previous novels..Eventhough this one was different from the other s in the Thug series, I still couldn t help turning the pages to see what would happen next..with that being said I can t wait to see what Trae, Kaylin, Kendrick, Faheem and Rick will do next and what will the WOMEN who LOVE them Tasha, Trina, Jaz and Angel do when it comes to the THUGS in their lives.but like Tasha said if we wanted happy ever after then we need to stick to reading Harlequin romance.cause it defintely NOT happening with this one.I really hope we don t have to wait another year to find out will there be a happy ever after for those THUGS that are still standing.. #Read Book ⚤ Justify My Thug (Thug #5) Ø Justify My Thug Continues The Scintillating Drama Of Wahida Clark S Bestselling Thug Series Following The Action Of Thug Lovin , The Story Rejoins The Saga S Favorite Couple, Tasha And Trae, As They Try To Overcome Their Troubles And Make Their Marriage Work Meanwhile, Jaz Is Facing Drama Of Her Own In The Torrid World Of Sex, Drugs, And Crime, Wahida Clark Continues Her Definitive Hip Hop Soap Opera That Fans Have Come To Love Tasha and Trae fell off their damn rockers in this one After reading this series almost back to back I can say this book is definitely a little different from the rest as far as the characters go Damn near everyone is cheating, murdering and getting knocked up and not with each other whoa Of course this is not the series end, because nothing was resolved and we were left hanging once again There were alot of unanswered questions in this book I feel the ending was a let down, so I know there has to be yet ANOTHER sequel to this series After waiting so long for answers, only to be left with even unanswered questions was somewhat bogus to me And OMG how much drama is Trae and Tasha going to go through So much abuse was really over the top BUT I will say this, If this series would end with the next novel, I THINK I would read it, otherwise I d just prefer to draw my own conclusions. Why Tasha acted like a st8 up HOE She gone need to go to some pussy aerobics classes cause all she did was get f.ked Trae Needs to stop putting his f.ckin hands gone his wife and try to sooth her Jaz Needs to get some back bone because Faheem punked her MULTIPLE TIMES Oni Needs to be atleast 5feet under right now Kyra Im so glad she alive but i hate the first person she remembered was her JUMP OFF Kaylin Has Trust issues Faheem Needs his a beat for getting his JUMP OFF pregnant For treating Jaz the way he did Marvin Im so sad he died i loved me some Marvin , now he was the REAL Thug I Wish he was still alive and just faced Kyra Kyron lmao, DIE SLOW Im so glad he met his death HOPEFULLY Being that Wahida Likes Making Browne Does Now Hands Down THis is the 3rd Best In the Thug Series I couldn t put this book down From beginning to end I was left speechless and wanting I didn t see the ending happening the way that it did I m ready for part 6 Wahida never disappoints me I can t imagine what could happen next. Man I loved this book I read it within hours, it kept me on edge the entire time I ve grown to really love and hate these characters, I loved how Kaylin is still the voice of reason and attentive to his wife Angel Words can not explain how feel about Marvin man I was disappointed, Faheem and Jaz I m still on edge about them I know that they have history and I ve read about some of it but there s lying there with those two we ll see in the next one I guess, and finally Trae and Tasha Macklin I love and hate these two so much they both have so many good qualities about them but they have so much to heartache and turmoil between them I m always anxious to see what will unfold with those two If you haven t read this series I suggest you get on it but I m telling you once you start it s a wrap you re officially hooked.Major props to Wahida she really put it down in this one. I Didn t Drink the Kool Aid,I don t even know where to begin with this review I won t bother with a recap because those that have followed the Thug series already know the players and what it is Justify My Thug picks up where the last book left off To say that I was disappointed, insulted or stupefied wouldn t begin to express how I felt while I was flipping the pages of this book I don t know who any of these characters are but they are not the same as the series started out with and that readers grew to love It s like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something It looked like them They had the same names But these are not the same characters Everyone seems to have digressed in maturity with age Love turned into abuse and disrespect Domestic violence and verbal abuse is not cute or sexy nor can it or should it be justified by thug mentality A lot happened in this book, yet nothing happened It was just a bunch of strung along events and characters running around doing things with no real plot or purpose except to make it possible for another book to keep this series going Add to that a lot of pointless sex There was no closure and, instead, new issues were brought into play that now makes it necessary for readers to continue on to get answers Five books in, readers deserve I feel cheated and insulted With Cash Money backing this project, I expected, at the very least, quality editing That is not the case More than the copyediting issues, though, was the obvious lack of a content or developmental editor A qualified person would have picked up on the plot issues And that person should have definitely nixed this narration The alternating first person narration was ridiculous I counted sixteen, yes sixteen narrators with some narrations as short as one paragraph Readers are forced to jump from one character to the next to the next to the next, all within the same chapter Many of the characters that got airplay through their own narration weren t even central characters Because of this, there is zero connection with any of the characters Apparently character development stopped in book two or three I didn t even bother counting how many times the narration switched as I d still be counting And just when the narration issue couldn t get any worse, the book flipped to third person temporarily only to flip back to the ever changing and dizzy first person Many scenes were unbelievable Some will reason that it s not that serious, that this is a work of fiction Exactly Fiction, not fantasy With some of the outlandishness of this book, it read like fantasy I could give example after example in this review but that would only spoil the book for someone else I initially loved the Thug series and Wahida quickly became one of my favorites, but I don t know what happened here or honestly with her last few releases Justify My Thug is like a rocking chair It was moving but didn t go anywhere I m sure that with her tons of fans there will be plenty that like this book just because it s Wahida I don t doubt that if this book was published by a first time or unknown author, the reviews would not be the same But for those willing to be honest and real, on the strength of the content of this book, Justify My Thug falls way short of the power of the beginning of this series as well as Clark s talent displayed early on in her career It s very unfortunate as these originally were some really great characters that a lot could have and should have been done with Now they are just doing any old thing for the sake of books It s almost as if someone else had a hand in this or the fire is gone I feel that same way about her other recent releases Either way, I wish Ms Clark the best and I truly enjoyed her first releases, but I m sorry, this is it for me Reviewed by Toni Being that I have read the whole series and I really couldn t wait for this one to come out,I was very disappointed The story was nothing like i ever imagined it would be like, it felt like i found myself reading it just to know what happened with the characters but not enjoying it like i did with all of the other books I felt like this book was rushed and a real let down to anyone who was anticipating this book for as long as we waited, the story was just a on going drawn out series of events that were just a waste of time and very random, i feel like they all lost there morals values in this book especially Tasha The book went from being something realistic and pulling you in, to just another broke down book filled with total bs Wahida Clark can do waay better than this and i hope the next one she makes of for this and does than just update us on the characters,i hope this one is very enticing and pulls you in with anticipation and actually makes you want to know what happens next and give you a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement she needs to gets back on her square in the next one because this was not the business.