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I m kinda speechless My mind is spinning from being held hostage by John Updike for the last two hours of reading this book, which is equal parts disturbing, relatable, repellant, tragic AND one of the most amazingly written books I ve read.Harry Angstrom Rabbit is 23 He was a one time great basketball player in high school Now, our tall protagonist is waking up to his real nightmare he s married to an alcoholic with whom he has little in common besides their two year old son and the baby she is carrying , he has a mindless job selling vegetable peelers, and he is trapped One night, with no premeditation, he does the despicable he runs.Yeah, he abandons his pregnant wife and little boy Rabbit, as an astute Goodreads friend of mine said to me, is a Pig Tis true, he s often acting like a jerk But somehow John Updike, this literary craftsman extraordinaire, makes us understand him, feel his disappointment in his 1950 s suburban hell, and hope for some kind of release.There are stretches of this book where not much happens but Updike captures the interior world of the characters so well He depicts their thoughts and feelings in such a way that I am glued to the page Despite the 1950 s setting and his excellent depiction of this time, I am astonished at how modern this reads The depiction of male sexuality is spot on, and fairly graphic Sex plays a big role in Rabbit s determination to find the elusive something that will give his life meaning, that something that satisfied him so well on the basketball court in years past Eccles, a priest who is trying to steer Rabbit in the right direction, uses religion as a beacon to bring Rabbit away from the dark side But Rabbit is interested in an imagined flirtation with Eccles wife than God One of the most fascinating parts of the book is when Rabbit is playing golf with Eccles, and the game becomes metaphorical, with Rabbit struggling and getting stuck in the sand, then experiencing a perfect swing.If the idea of rooting for such a character disgusts you, never fear Rabbit is doomed to be punished severely for thinking he can escape his responsibilities The tide bringing this punishment comes slowly I could see it approaching inch by inch, feeling sicker as its destructive wave threatened, but powerless to move, witnessed its hideous, tragic crash. This was the first and shortest of the Rabbit books from Updike I think that the last two are better because Updike had 30 40 years of maturity and writing under his belt but this book grabs you and doesn t let you go and makes you beg the the next one The original concept behind the series is that Updike describes the life of Harry Rabbit Angstrom in 1959 in Rabbit Run, 1969 in Rabbit Redux, 1979 in Rabbit is Rich, and 1989 in Rabbit at Rest There is even an epilogue Rabbit Remembered in the short story collection Licks of Love Back to Rabbit Run, Harry Angstrom is a tall man of his times About 23 years old and married to an alcoholic woman The outlook is rather grim no spoilers , but it is so well written and realistic that the characters really leap from the pages and you want to root for Rabbit even when he is acting like a prick which he does a lot The descriptions of life in the US for this everyman character are priceless and continue to capture the uniqueness of each era in every volume What is striking in Updike is how closely his descriptions of human relationships reveal the fissures and cracks that will ultimately lead to rupture or in rare cases reconciliation He, albeit male, perpective of sexuality is incredibly realistic, the characters feel like you just sat next to them on the bus, or crossed them at the Five and Dime if those even exist any The evocation of America at the end of the 50s in Rabbit Run feels very real the moral strictures of Eisenhower are still there, the wounds of McCarthyism are still fresh, and the Korean War is just over The Cold War is certainly present as well Another striking aspect is the frustration of Rabbit and at the same time his resignation to fate against which he feebly rattles his chains from time to time Despite being a deeply tragic story in many ways, it introduces us to Updike s Everyman who will later takes us through 3 decades of radical change for him, for us, and for America.I would highly recommend this book for those who wish to discover Updike who while perhaps not up in the Roth Pynchon echelon of late 20th C writers is certainly very, very close with two Pulitzers for the 3rd and 4th books It is a fun and exciting read Enjoy From a comment I made in a reading group on GR discovering Rabbit for the first time In Rabbit Run, I think that it is not a mid life crisis that Harry is having, it is that he is realizing that his actions have consequences During his life as the high school star, he did not have to actually think about anything, he could get away with coasting and boasting and bullying Enter Janet and the unplanned pregnancy Both of them are too young and too irresponsible to be parents Janet drowns herself in alcohol unable to deal with the screaming baby and Rabbit, well, Rabbit runs I think the book was trying to put the lie into the stereotypical Eisenhower era s idyllic 50s family in demonstrating how the lack of education on birth control and the authoritarian methods of parenting popular at the time only reproduce the same or worse behavior in the generation that follows Each of the other Rabbit books does this kind of counter example against the 60s,70s and 80s respectively If Updike were alive, he would probably point to Rabbit Redux and Rabbit Run and say, THIS is why Drumpf is in the White House meaning that the Rabbit half of the country you will see that Rabbit remains an Angry White Man like my dad and like the cornerstone of Drumpf s support hated their weak mothers like Janet at least subconsciously and would never, ever conceive of voting for HRC and so have to double down on their bad choice by convincing themselves that his lies are truth and truth is alternative fact because otherwise, they would be forced to see the rot that forms the core of themselves Rabbit Runs demonstrates that, in fact, actions do have consequences and that irresponsibility snowballs sorry no spoilers and Rabbit running away does not solve his fundamental questions because he is blaming his circumstances rather than looking inside himself for answers because that is too painful for him Does anyone see what I mean here The danger of posting on FB or GR so close to waking up #FREE DOWNLOAD ò Rabbit, Run Ì Rabbit, Run Is The Book Thatestablished John Updike As One Of The Major American Novelists Of His Or Any Other Generation Its Hero Is Harry Rabbit Angstrom, A Onetime High School Basketball Star Who On An Impulse Deserts His Wife And Son He Is Twenty Six Years Old, A Man Child Caught In A Struggle Between Instinct And Thought, Self And Society, Sexual Gratification And Family Duty Even, In A Sense, Human Hard Heartedness And Divine Grace Though His Flight From Home Traces A Zigzag Of Evasion, He Holds To The Faith That He Is On The Right Path, An Invisible Line Toward His Own Salvation As Straight As A Ruler S Edge bellow s writing blows my mind but rarely touches my heart a handful of mailer s essays and novels are essential, but it s his guts and brain and balls and heart and the ferocity with which he lived life that s the real inspiration roth well, i ve made my views on roth very well known in bookface world and the few updike short stories i ve read only convinced me that his elegant writerly style really bugs the shit out of me all of em bellow, mailer, roth, updike found themselves as the right people at the right time white dudes in america when america was the shit and white dudes were kings of the shit but they knew that their kingdom of shit, of course, owed much to the disenfranchisement of non dudes and non whites and fools have always found em to be racist and or sexist, not realizing that a post war examination of racism and sexism was much of the point that this conflict, that life as guilty royalty , lies at the heart of much of their work i ve always found mailer and roth to be wait for it, wait for it amongst the most compassionate of any and all writers and they re hardasses they accept no preconceived notions they want to know, they NEED to know, even if they find themselves branded self loathing jews or repressed homosexuals or shouted down by an angry panel of feminists well nobody catches shit than updike and nobody gets sucked off and i, of course, found myself in the former camp and digging it updike, from my not having read much of his stuff perspective always kinda came off as some dull smiling yuppie dick and that obsession with the perfect, elegant, adjective heavy sentence makes me wanna diarrhea updike seemed kinda like the literary equivalent of billy joel sitting down for a lunch of kraft cheese and mayonnaise on wonder bread and so i started the first Rabbit and my suspicions were immediately confirmed i mean, those first two sentences Boys are playing basketball around a telephone pole with a backboard bolted to it Legs, shouts.aaaarrrggghh horrible the kind of shit to make a writing teacher come in his her jeans and he uses all those writerly terms that don t really correspond to anything in real life people talking are clucking or chirping crisp to describe a pair of slacks or lumpy to describe people or words or ideas or anything the hell else and it s not just, as many people have pointed out, that Rabbit is a dickhead it s that he s an uninteresting dickhead and updike sets an uninteresting dickhead against a symbolically charged tapestry meant to represent a kind of microcosmic america and it s dull and obvious and schematic and, again, writerly and then 1 2way through the book, neck deep in boredom and fury, something happened rabbit and ruth the tragic town slut he s shacked up with run into rabbit s sister, who s headed down the same road as ruth and it resonated and as the events of the second half unfolded, i HATED updike even as i realized that the bastard was fucking with me and it was working it had worked and all that junk in the first half is suddenly given new significance by the events of the latter half and i was, yes, blown away by updike s compassion and understanding and skill so updike my first book made me cry i m not talking misty eyed and lump in the throat, but, like, tears running down my cheeks not bad and i feel okay upgrading updike from smiling yuppie dick to subject of unfortunately cheery author photo and i just bought the second Rabbit book we ll see. You know what would be nice, is if there was a wikipedia for life, and every time you met someone, you could just give it a glance and see if, you know, you really want to be associated with that person Sure, it would backfire, it would reveal your prejudices and narrow mindedness, your circle of friends might become a lot less varied and interesting On the other hand, you d never have to fake a conversation about football again, and you could easily avoid the total assholes like Rabbit Angstrom.I didn t finish this book I read 30 or 40 pages and I can t even remember the writing because never before have I hated a character so much I am someone who never notices the annoying characters in books or movies mostly, you have to reach a Bella Swan level of idiocy before I ll start hating you Rabbit did it within a few pages I can decide what it was was it when he berated his wife for being too fat and unkempt after giving birth to and caring for his child Was it when he kept thinking about how dumb she was Was it how he pulled that whole, See you honey, I m going to the store forever trick, and ran off to sleep with his mistress and mope about his sad excuse for a life But this is an Important Book by a Famous Author, and who wants to admit defeat So I went to wikipedia and I read the plot synopsis Disgusted, I read about the rest of Rabbit Angstrom s life as told in Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich and Yay, Rabbit is Dead Rabbit at Rest Spoiler alert he never stops being absolutely horrible for a single second They say you shouldn t make snap judgments, but I d wager running away from your wife and toddler son with nary a word is one of those times where basing your opinion on a first impression is ok.Please, go ahead and tell me I am wrong for reviewing this without finishing it, for not appreciating Updike s prose, for not seeing how he has humanized a hateful man, for failing to realize the way Rabbit s life works as a metaphor for the deconstruction of masculine identity in post WWII America, or how erectile dysfunction is a really big deal, or the lie of hyper consumerism, or the empty pursuit of middle class ideals Then I can go ahead and make a snap judgment about you too for clarity JUST KIDDING.Sometimes you just don t want to read a nasty, ugly book about someone horrible Let alone fucking four of them This one s for you, wikipedia Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 2 Least favorite book. Get over it Pull up your socks and get on with it Sheez.Book Circle Reads 96Rating 2.5 of fiveThe Book Description Penguin s bumf Rabbit, Run is the book that established John Updike as one of the major American novelists of his or any other generation Its hero is Harry Rabbit Angstrom, a onetime high school basketball star who on an impulse deserts his wife and son He is twenty six years old, a man child caught in a struggle between instinct and thought, self and society, sexual gratification and family duty even, in a sense, human hard heartedness and divine Grace Though his flight from home traces a zigzag of evasion, he holds to the faith that he is on the right path, an invisible line toward his own salvation as straight as a ruler s edge.Ballantine s is a little better To millions of Americans, Rabbit Angstrom is like a member of the family They have followed him through RABBIT, RUN, RABBIT REDUX and RABBIT IS RICH We meet him for the first time in this novel, when he is 22, and a salesman in the local department store Married to the second best sweetheart of his high school years, he is the father of a preschool son and husband to an alcoholic wife The unrelieved squalor and tragedy of their lives remind us that there are such people, and that salvation, after all, is a personal undertaking.My Review I suspect my hostility to this book stems from a lack of respect for Rabbit Angstrom I knew guys like this, I could have been a guy like this, and I think reading this book held up too undistorted a mirror to the facets of my own psyche that I dislike the most for me to enjoy the book as a leisure read.So now let me get at why I gave it such a low rating I think Updike s writing is mediocre I think he s gotten heaps of praise for being unsparing and a brilliant observer, both of which are undeniable, and then the flat surfaced all nuance low impact writing style in this book got a pass It s BORING The story infuriates me, yes, my issue there but the way it s told Blahblahblahblah even in the most tragic moments Like the Peanuts cartoon adults, the entire cast of the tale seem to honk and blatt, and nothing makes one sit up and take much notice of any one of them.Flat flat flat Untoasted white bread spread with Miracle Whip, topped with limp outer leaves of iceberg lettuce and slices of weak kneed, pale pink winter tomatoes, with one piece of undrained, undercooked bacon in the middle This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Have you ever seen something noted because it is a representation of a specific thing For example, a building might be marked with a plaque as a perfect representation of a type of architecture Well, this book should be marked with a plaque as a perfect prose example of America in the late 50s early 60s The thoughts, ideas, acceptable social standards, treatment of women, etc are so vivid and strongly represented, but soooooo dated The book is very interesting, but mainly held my attention the way a trainwreck would I spent most of the book exclaiming NO, Rabbit, NO , Why would you do that, Rabbit , How can anyone put up with you, Rabbit , Do you really feel like none of this is your fault, Rabbit , etc Needless to say, Rabbit is a guy that needs some serious help This is not a book for everyone especially if you don t like uncomfortable relationships I spent some of the book thinking it is great and some of it thinking it is terrible In the end, the terrible only made me want to see again, trainwreck , so I settled on the 4 star rating Also, I am looking forward to seeing what insanity Rabbit gets up to in the rest of the series as so much is left unanswered. I ve read three or four Updike novels and I can t recall a damn thing about any of them Never a good sign I was fifty pages in before I realised I d already read this one That in itself to spend money on a book I d already read was irritating Updike s novels seem like misplaced objects in my life He s one of those writers I feel I ve underappreciated and yet every time I give him another go I m left underwhelmed This isn t a bad novel by any means But I was relieved to finish it because it s not what I would call an enjoyable novel It s rather humourless and lacking in vitality for a novel written by such a young man In terms of its scope it often felt like a short story or a novella that had been fattened up for consumption Updike is writing about the blindfolding tyranny of male vanity but I often felt he himself was guilty of it in the register of this novel s voice I couldn t help thinking of our English young literary prot g Martin Amis Like Updike s Amis first novel was a sexy, cynical affair about a self centred misogynistic young man Except Amis gets us to like his hero by not asking us to like him Updike, on the other hand, I always felt wants us to like Rabbit He knows he shouldn t but he can t help himself He s trying to work Rabbit s for me inexistent charm on us the reader as if he is a reflection of the writer himself I never felt Updike was sufficiently detached from the character he created Amis is a whole lot subtle in creating his male monsters Amis women are deliberately male projections Updike s are male projections but presented otherwise When he gives us their perspective we discover they have nothing better to think about than Rabbit, usually in terms that gratify Rabbit s vanity When Rabbit s supposedly irresistible virile charm also has the clergyman s intelligent wife wobbling at the knees my suspension of disbelief was punctured It was like Updike s own vanity couldn t resist another gratuitous female conquest Maybe part of the problem is that I m English and didn t find any connection to the suburban middle America community he was depicting but I found this hard work It s not a misogynist novel but it does have a lot of misogynist undertones, especially in its depiction of women as weak kneed, gullible concubines most evident in his patronising depiction of the clergyman s wife where he had the opportunity to create a woman of some integrity.Only the quality of the writing made it a 3 star novel instead of 2. I m sorry I think I might have to pause before the start of this review and scream discretely into a pillow AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Phew, that s better, very cathartic This is yet another book from the 1001 books list which has made me question whether or not the people who write the list actually like people who read books or if they are really secretly intent on torturing us all for their own amusement The review will now proceed in the style of Harry Rabbit AngstromHello everyone, I m Harry Angstrom, but you can call me Rabbit The name is totally applicable in two ways in high school basket ball games I was a sporting ace don tcha know a rabbit is a runner who sets the pace, and since leaving high school I appear to be breeding in a way which is prolific and almost rabbit like too Some might say I also have a tendency to bounce from thing to thing without really thinking about it No twitchy nose or whiskers though.So I had this girl since high school, Janice Springer, and I knocked her up and well, damn it, I m a fan of the idea of domesticity so I made an honest woman of her and her old man hooked us up with an OK place to live and all and no one was too suspect when little Nelson was born 7 months after the wedding After all, I m Rabbit, I m a breeder that s what we do But y know how it is Maybe I m just not ready to be tied down Janice drinks, man oh man she drinks and she can be a misery Nowadays she s so busy looking after the kid she s not interested in me ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME , not like she should be I mean, I m great a regular swell, the cats pyjamas sewn up around the bees knees I m a catch and any woman would be lucky to have me So one day I decided that rather than go home to my pregnant wife and two year old kid ,I could pretend that I was still the Rabbit of old, and set out to remove myself a suitable distance from adult responsibility Turns out that a suitable distance involves moving about ten blocks away in the same town and setting up home with a retired hooker with chunky ankles, while reacquainting myself with a load of people who thought I was great ten years ago When alls said and done its a nice little ego boost Don t get me wrong, I think I love her I mean I am pretty sure I do and she lets me talk about myself a whole lot Plenty in fact and really that s what it boils down to self indulgence on a grand scale I m a bit uncertain about my direction in life, possibly because of an immature, shallow perspective which doesn t allow me to appreciate other peoples outlooks maybe I m a Sociopath I have no empathy I like to please myself End of Obviously poor old Janice went and had the baby and man, did it cut me up to think that I might miss out on a whole extra helping of double domesticity so off I went back to Janice without a thought for chunky ankles and my newest domestic set up After one short night I realised that when the going gets tough then rabbit gets going and promptly bailed again, this time with disastrous consequences Still I manned up and came home to face what was coming to me, but really I didn t enjoy that much and now I ve strapped on my running shoes and am sprinting off into the sunset again as fast as my lucky rabbits feet can carry me You can catch me in the sequels Rabbit Redux and Rabbit is Rich if you feel like playing with the boundaries of your own sanity, but the subtext will always be that I m a selfish loser with low self esteem and the attention span of a kitten filled with e numbers. This is the best book I ve read this year Period Maybe last year, too Maybe I don t know But this book is amazing I just looked up synonyms for amazing , and all of them are adjectives you can use to describe this book Man, John Updike just has this way of making the most mundane, ordinary stuff extraordinary He takes pages and pages to set a scene or describe the inner thoughts of one of his main characters, and all of it is awesome I mean there were paragraphs that went on for pages to depict every single aspect of a scene, and I ate it all up like a beautifully crafted Caesar salad before the filet and baked potato arrived That steakhouse analogy seems appropriate because this is like the Ruth s Chris of literature There is so much I want to do with this illustration, but I m gonna stop myself and move on When I consider the plot of this story and imagine myself describing it to someone, it doesn t feel like an easy sell at all I mean, here I am giving it five stars, and I feel like breaking down the story for someone will make them think I m crazy Like, Alright, alright, check this out This guy, Rabbit, yeah, not his real name Long story Anyway, dude has this wife and a kid and stuff and he has this boring job and then one day he just decides to run away from it all It s crazy And, man, I don t wanna run it for you, but he makes these crazy decisions and gets himself in some wild situations and I ll be damned if it really is just a whole awful, sad mess of a story, but it s awesome, man It s so awesome Sometimes nothing happens for a long time, but the writing is so good that you don t even really care The characters are complex, too, and all developed and stuff and you just get lost in the story every time you pick the book up again It s classic contemporary American literature or something I don t know And that s how I would describe the book Just like that Because that s how I talk in real life when I m not reviewing books on the internet I can t recommend this book enough I ve got some Roth and Bellow waiting now Look at me getting all well rounded and cultured all of a sudden Maybe I ll start writing serious reviews like I m writing for The NY Times or something Bigger adjectives and pretentiousness and whatever Start talking about existentialism and symbolism and the human condition Maybe I ll turn a corner Nope.