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@Download Kindle ⚜ Wings of the Wicked õ Life As The Preliator Is Harder Than Ellie Ever ImaginedBalancing Real Life With The Responsibility Of Being Heaven S Warrior Is A Challenge For Ellie Her Relationship With Will Has Become All Business, Though They Both Long For Each Other And Now That The Secret Of Who She Really Is Has Come Out, So Have Hell S Strongest Reapers Grown Bold And Vicious, The Demonic Threaten Her In The Light Of Day And Stalk Her In The NightShe S Been WarnedCadan, A Demonic Reaper, Comes To Her With Information About Bastian S New Plan To Destroy Ellie S Soul And Use An Ancient Relic To Wake All The Souls Of The Damned And Unleash Them Upon Humanity As She Fights To Stay Ahead Of Bastian S Schemes , The Revelations About Those Closest To Her Awaken A Dark Power Within Ellie That Threatens To Destroy Everything Including HerselfShe Ll Be BetrayedTreachery Comes Even From Those Whom She Loves, And Ellie Is Broken By The Deaths Of Those Who Stood Beside Her In This Heavenly War Still, She Must Find A Way To Save The World, Herself, And Her Love For Will If She Fails, There Will Be Hell To Pay When I started reading this book, I was hoping that after her many near death experiences, Ellie would have grown up, you know, gotten better at prioritizing what s important For example saving the world is a heck of a lotimportant than partying and having a picture perfect teen life But no, Ellie is every bit as whiny, selfish, annoying, make me want to rip my hair out as she was in the first book I mean, I already hated her when I started, so I assumed that it honestly couldn t get much worse, but oh it does If I was to make a list of the top ten things I would never do as the Preliator, especially knowing that I m an angel on top of that, getting drunk which impairs judgement and much needed fighting skills would be at the top of my list In that list would also include going to movie nights instead of training fighting and whining every ten seconds because life isn t fair Another thing that bugged me was the plot twist with Ellie s dad Why Well for the first book I was completely siding with him for the majority of the time I know, I know, he was horrible to Ellie but from his perspective, she kinda deserved it Example Her awful dad buys her a 40,000 dollar car wish my dad was that awful and she crashes it after having it for like a week Her grades are sucking and at her birthday party she was drinking at 17 and crashed through the window Another thing that hurt poor wittle Ellie s feelings was when he called her a slut on Halloween, although ELlie, when you leave the house looking like this ve gotta be able to withstand the comments So when ELlie s dad reveals himself to be a view spoiler demon that had already killed her real dad hide spoiler 95% of the people who read this book and message tweet email me Courtney, Wings of the Wicked made me sob like a baby and I ll likely need years of therapy Me SPOILERS BELOWYou ve been warned Oh, and sorry for the bad language in advance First of all, let me get one thing straight This book was I know, it s not the newest book in the stores, but I got my signed copy proud last week, and you know for waiting for it And it s over but I m writing this anyway.So, in the beginning, I mean in the very beginning all that sexual tension was bearable Really But then when the room was getting hotter Ava had to arrive and freeze everything No, not because she is so cool, but because she is so totally frigid that even thinking about her makes my teeth chatter, so I was like I remind you, this was in the beginning As the story went on, things changed Right, what a surprise, I m so smart for writing such a statement Whatever So as we went on, my hatered toward her diminished No, I m not saying I grew to like her, but I don t have any problems with her and I m not thinking when she is on Sorry for the random order, but now come the sad parts of the wonder that Courtney gave us, and yes, by wonder I mean her novel I know there wasn t really an important character to die in Angelfire yes, you know Ragnuk wasn t all that important regarding everything what s going on here but really, was this necessary Our dear author killed 2 kind of main characters, plus one who was just sweet to have, so I m telling you First Ellie s mom died I could handle that, I m tough But then came Nathaniel and it broke my heart into tiny shards and as Will lost his head Courtney was just stomping on the pieces until only dust was left of my dearest organ When Bastian died Well I can t just say to but I don t know I know I should have been kind of happy that the enemy died, but I wassad than content, to be frank Oh yeah, one thing I gotta say Either I m so freaking smart, or I don t know, but how the Hell did I figure out that a Cadan was Bastian s son and b so was Will Because I don t think it was that obvious I know Courtney wanted it to be so extremely surprising, and yeah, if she d dropped that bomb in the previous book, then I would have been surprised, but here Nope Call it women s intuition or whatever you d like, but after the first time Cadan was involved, I would have bet he was Bastian s son And around the half of the book, when Bastian was on the spot, and I went to bed to sleep, I was thinking about the last chapter I d read, and the Will part just popped into my head in thatwhat if sort of way I wasn t even totally serious as I think I was half asleep already, but maybe that was the key to solve it And when Bastian revealed the truth, I was laughing in myself, because he just proved what a smartass I am So yeah, it was good the way it was written, I m just delusional Though I really would have appreciated it if Ellie had told Will the truth And now we arrived to the part where pink ponies neigh lullabies and uhh Just quickly Ellie is the character who is standing the closest to me No, I don t mean in the book, I mean in literature on average She is almost perfectly like me, except for some tiny details including that I m not some kind of super warrior kicking reapers asses and I don t have an unbelievably pefect Guardian, which is kind of fortunate considering that I would have to carry a bucket all day long to drool into But she makes the decisions I would, she always changes her mind about things like I do, and she didn t let Cadan kiss her, and I m so so so SO grateful for that Courtney that you didn t make them kiss Because that would have been just and totally clich.Oh and last but not least, Will I swear Will s were the most difficult parts to read Why Because I was constantly getting my hands burned by the steaming hotness coming from the pages and wondering Seriously That sexuality was overwhelming And he doesn t even know about it I mean how freaking perfect and sexy that is Pulling it off just like that And when things are about to turn really really interesting Ellie turns him down If Will was horny and wanted to sleep with meSo you see, I wouldn t want to wait for anything Unfortunately I m not Ellie, so these things are just in my imagination and sweet dreams But let me also express you how cute he is and even though sometimes I feel like he should be less perfect, it s just good this way I guess, because he doesn t make me believe that such guys exist in our world, so instead of the cruel reality.But then One thing I really didn t expect I knew something would happen because it was the calm time before storm, but THIS That reaper bit him And now he is dying And they only have one week to save himAnd something tells me they will only be able to do so in the very last moment Because he cannot die That s impossible. I would bein a moment And Cadan has to be the one to help Why do I have such a bad feeling about this one If he puts his things anywhere near Ellie But all in all, WotW can join my shelf of favourites of course, because it was freaking awesome Thank you Courtney Hah More like Wangst of the Wicked I kid, I kid.I made a comment about the first book being Buffy Season One Disney Channel Version Well, the sequel jumped straight into Buffy Season Six territory It s dark, sexy, and witty Muchso than the first.Admittedly, I wasn t too impressed with Angelfire, the first book in this series, but Wings of the Wicked is abundantlyfun than it s predecessor.The characters are starting to get into a comfort zone with each other and the chemistry between them is coming alive The straight forward no frills prose carries you right into the action and drama The Rundown With the help of her guardian Will, Ellie battles the forces of darkness She is the Preliator, the only one in the world who wields awesome reaper slaying, sickle shaped swords that are infused with the heavenly flame of Angelfire, and she s getting even better in battle Things have gotten complicated with angelic Will, and he and Ellie fight the feelings they have for each other A demonic reaper named Cadan begins to make advances toward Ellie, but can she trust him Now a strong force of darkness is rising up and it will take everything the Preliator and her friends have got to face this new evil Characterization and Romance In the first book, even though it s written in first person, I never felt like I was getting to know Ellie because of her Mary Sue tendencies Yet somehow, I ve really grown to care about her in the sequel, as have many of the other characters There is Love Triangle I know what you re thinking Noooooooooooooooo Or maybe Yes, yes, YES But I actually really liked both of the boys First, there s Will Why does every book have a Will these days His mouth says, I love you but I can t be with you But his eyes say, I can t stay away Then there s Cadan His mouth says, I love you whether or not want to be with me But his eyes say, I m gonna lock you in my basement Guess which one she goes for NOT the creepy stalker guy Oh wait, they re both kind of stalkers Well, they call themselves guardians or protectors but we all know what that means view spoiler PEDOSUPERNATURALS view spoiler Kidding view spoiler It s not at all weird that they are a thousand and she is seventeen hide spoiler