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10 7 12 If you want to feel loads better about this, read Nightshade 3.5 The Aftermath I think it s only available as an e book though BUT TRUST ME IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE ENDING AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, GIVE YOU HOPE WTF WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING Argh I LOVE everything about this book Except for the ultimate ending I felt as if Cremer took the easy way out WTF full rant soon after I can actually think about this MAJOR SPOILERS ALSO, MAJOR RANT COMING NOW MAJOR SPOILERS Tries to lower down heart rate tries to breathe normally Okay Not working Uh, umm guys, I literally just finished Bloodrose and I really don t know what to think Hence why I won t give this a rating I couldn t decide whether its a one star or a five star rating This isn t even a review It s a rant, ok so bear with me I love this book I really do I love all the secondary characters searchers and guardians and you can t help but want them to survive Oh god, even I felt so sad when Silas the scriber, remember him died I also was rooting for all the couples to survive Connor and Adne, Sabine and Ethan, Bryn and Ansel, Mason and Nev I love them all Except for Shay THAT BASTARD Never in my life have I ever despised a love interest as much as him, but to be fair he was a lot better uh, yeah who could have guessed than he was in Wolfsbane Don t get me wrong, I would still dig up his grave for him if I have the chance NOW Here s where my madness comes Ren dies REN DIES Like,really I had a suspicion about it a few months ago, but I didn t want to believe that an author like Andrea Cremer would choose the easy way out Kill Ren my precious Ren then BINGO Calla and Shay can be together forever Argh Makes me even sick and ill than I am there s a reason why I missed school, you know I feel like his death was pointless and his dad not his read dad, but Emile the one he believed was his dad broke his neck WTF I would be less angry if it was someone else that killed him but not just his bastard of a fake father And I felt so sorry for Adne they were getting along so perfectly and now she s lost her brother and her whole family now I love Ren evenin this because he showed a different side to him and I was so ANGRY when they didn t have sex While Calla basically throws herself at Shay About Calla, she keeps saying to herself that Oh, I would wait until the war ends, then I make the choice Umm, yeah while you re basically letting Shay rip your clothes off That girl makes me sick She s not a good heroine, and it s ironic because Andrea said that Calla is the inspiration for this series, and she wanted a heroine alpha that knows what she wants Bite my ass Calla DID NOT know what she wanted, she keep going back and forth She s kissing the other behind the other guy s back and she gets OH SO MAD when they try to rip each others throat out Like hello, you can t expect them to not fight over you, you ignorant bitch.Back to my true hero Ren, I wouuld have been happy if he did NOT end up with Calla, but at least with someone else I don t get why Andrea just killed him off like that It would have left a less bitter taste in my mouth I feel embarassed for Ren He lost his Alpha role, he lost Calla to Shay, he lost his parents, he lost his freaking life Oh my days What is wrong with the world Anyway, have you guys seen the post Andrea posted on her blog About wants vs needs or something like that I seriously LMFAO when she said that honestly there s as much as Shay fans as Ren s Oh Did I miss something Is she blind I can t even name one person that actually likes Shay glances around Exactly Apart from THAT thing, I actually liked the epilogue, it was cute and heart warming But what pissed me off again was that Shay s a wolf He should just be left a human and so that slag would be left on her own Heavy sigh Guess we can t all be happy To be honest, I was expecting Calla to die cause the author says the ending is totally unexpected It is in a way, but not really because we pretty much figured out that Calla will end up with Shay right from the very beginning of the 1st book, Nightshade.Anyway, I wanna know what you guys think of the ending and whether you agree with me or not Also, check out my blog for afriendly and structured review later on today [[ Kindle ]] ↽ Bloodrose ✙ Calla Has Always Welcomed War But Now That The Final Battle Is Upon Her, There S At Stake Than Fighting There S Saving Ren, Even If It Incurs Shay S Wrath There S Keeping Ansel Safe, Even If He S Been Branded A Traitor There S Proving Herself As The Pack S Alpha, Facing Unnamable Horrors, And Ridding The World Of The Keepers Magic Once And For All And Then There S Deciding What To Do When The War Ends If Calla Makes It Out Alive, That Is In This Remarkable Final Installment Of The Nightshade Trilogy, International Bestselling Author Andrea Cremer Crafts A Dynamic Novel With Twists And Turns That Will Keep You Breathless Until Its Final Pages Soooooo ANGRY Just want to scream and forget what I just read I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT BLOODROSE IS ONE OF THE WORST BOOKS EVER WITH AN ENDING THATIS WELL, CRAP.This once amazing series is now ruined It had so much potential. I cannot believe what happened, and I LOVED this series, I gave both book 1 and 2 5 stars What I read, was shocking All i can say is I wish I never read the series and am devasted, as will most fans be I will always LOVE REN I cannot believe I waited this long for an ending of what was one of my favouraite series I cried I actually cried because I cannot believe she ruined it on the last book.Anyone who is team Ren should not read it will leave you heart broken and STILL now months down the line my heart still hasn t mended Shay ruined everything but so did Calla in the end Ugh I am disgusted Below is what I wrote BEFORE reading the book.CALLA 4 REN TEAM REN ALL THE WAY I love Ren he s completely damaged after Calla left him and he let her go off with Shay because he couldn t stand seeing her unhappy, everyone could see he truly loved her Then we find out he s been sleeping in the house they were meant to shsre together he s so cute and he never gives up on her I would be very disappointed if they didn t end up together Ren and Calla are meant to be together not Calla and Shay. LOTS OF CURSING AND RANTING There is only one word to describe how I am feeling at this moment.P I S S E D I hate myself for finishing the series.WHAT A HORRIBLE ENDING UGH, I FEEL GUTTED.Anyone who is Team Ren or has any amount of love for him, should not bother with this book Your dreams, your hopes, will be smashed You will regret it Well, I certainly do view spoiler I can t stand Shay I really probably hate himthan any character I have ever read about Why I don t think I can even explain why I will try though Let s seeHe s a bratty little boy He is so immature He was always whining and acting like he couldn t be away from Calla for two seconds He wanted his parents throughout the whole series and when he finally gets them he gives them up for Calla after a 20 minute reunion with them Who does this He is freaking crazy Poor Shay s parents They now lost their son for good Oh, and when Ren died STILL CAN T FREAKING BELIEVE THAT SHIT he was looking at Calla for an answer if Ren s death changed anything between them No grieving there Bastard I hate Calla, too If that were me I would have been inconsolable Seriously There was Ren DEAD And she is making googly eyes with the stupid freakin SCION Ren was the best character He scared me with his almost betrayal in Wolfsbane but he pulled through and I loved him evenI hate Calla for never giving him a fair chance and not giving me at least oneGOOD steamy scene with REN Goodness I told you I AM pissed I HATED IT SO MUCH I rated it two stars ONE for the starting scene with REN and the other for after shower scene with REN That s it All my stars are for REN His death made no sense to me WHAT SO EVER He lost his EVERYTHING while Shay got his EVERYTHING A better, fitting ending to me is would have been for everyone to have died in the explosion At least then I would have SOME peace of mind It would have been SOMEWHAT fair Anyway, screw this series hide spoiler Congratulations Andrea Cremer for taking one of my favorite series and turning the last book in the trilogy into The Biggest Dissapointment I ve read all year My review is NOT based on the winner of Calla s heart Im so pleased I didn t actually invest money on purchasing this book..Since I read an ARC of this I m thinking maybe this was Ms Cremer s idea of a joke and she s rewriting and editing as we speak Surely this can not be the finished copy Say it isn t so Andrea Cremer Love, my father said softly Real love, even in moments, is worththan any of us can say So the first half I found incredibly boring a huge let down for those of us that have been anxiously awaiting the release of Bloodrose.On page 290 I was already disgusted and frustrated with Calla, view spoiler For chosing Shay, and without even informing poor Ren because she was thinking about his state of mind during war , so basically she was willing to continue to lead Ren and his poor little fragile heart on even longer hide spoiler I assume you would be reading this review because you know all about the series, since this is the third book., so I will no longer summarize, etc, but I ll be DIRECT to the point Warning there are rants in this review lots of em and don t read on if you don t like rants HEARTBREAKING Totally, downright and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT DEPRESSING.I haven t, in my entire existence, ever read a book that I wanted to reap out into shreds for the unfairness of how the story went I gave it a TWO star rating ONLY for the fact that my favorite character, REN, had some decent sexy hot and funny scenes, and that the history of the Searchers and Keepers story and how the book was written is UNDENIABLY good HOWEVER Other than that, everything s EPIC FAIL.I would just like to clear out that REN is my ultimate when I say ultimate , I mean he s like on the top of my book boyfriend list most favorite male character I even wrote him many times on my skin with a Sharpie that ll prove it Link sorry, there s something wrong with the html, image won t show And so, I ve waited for many many MONTHS for this book Even if Wolfsbane wasn t out yet, I already had my eyes set on this book i have pictured a PERFECT scene of ending which is REN ending up with Calla And seeing that MOST like 90% of the reviewers here in goodreads and in blogs that I follow are TEAM REN, I was super POSITIVE it s REN.But of course, we must expect the unexpected I am absolutely DISTRESSED with how REn was treated in the book This is not even about WHO Calla PICKED okay, so maybe it s also PARTLY that , this is about, how REN s character was diminished I will name some 1 His scenes with Calla were less intimate than theotherguy BUT, it ll turn HOTTER because HE s HOTTER, OBVIOUSLY.2 He suffered many losses..regrets with what he has done in Wolfsbane. which was really reasonable he only met his real father in a short time3 Calla obviously is LEANING toward theotherguy I REFUSE TO type his name no pun intended to those who have names same as that guy in the first part of the story it s so unfair 4 Clicking this will really SPOIL the ending view spoiler he was UNNECESSARILYkilled in the end and what s worse is that CALLA only mourned for him for like a minute CRUEL hide spoiler Let s do a little pre reviewing If there is one thing that irritates me about this books blurb it s this sentenceThere s saving Ren, even if it incurs Shay s wrathWhat Are we still on this tip Cremer WTF Shay s wrath This is the issue I have with this series Cremer can run around screaming girl power all she wants, but I ll tell you what s really going on here Boarderline domestic abuse disguised as love in sheep s clothing Shay is an awful character and I m sorry if his immature sensibilities will be hurt when Calls attempts to save Ren s life He would rather see Ren dead than the possibility of Calla choosing Ren over him What a controling little prick And all Calla does is submit eyeroll Oh and BTW, I hate the cover. FINAL RATING 2.80 STARS CATCHALL I really wanted to love this book It hurts me that I couldn t love this book I tried very hard, I really did I honestly really tried to love this book And after what I ve heard, I was sure I would But in the end, it wasn t for me I liked it well enough, but I don t love it And I can t I just can t This book made me cry for probably about an hour, and not necessarily happy tears I can t give this book the rating I want to THE HEROINE CALLA TORI liked Calla in Nightshade, but I grew to love her in Wolfsbane And now in Bloodrose, I actually started to dislike her She s become bossy and rather arrogant One of the lines from the book was, I was just too stubborn to fail at anything This is not an exact quote, as I do not have the book in front of me, but it is rather close enough It probably wasn t meant to sound so conceited and self absorbed, but it rubbed me in the wrong way and continued to irk me even when I knew I should ve been over it Overall, I didn t find Calla very likable in this book and was quite disappointed She also seemed so much weaker in this book, which I did not like at all THE LOVE INTERESTS RENIER LAROCHEI really, really, really loved Ren in this book His story was beautiful and if I loved him before, I really love him now I loved the way he immediately accepted Adne as his sister and wanted so badly to protect her It was so sweet It was obvious he really cared for her, and it was so good to see that side of his personality And, as always, Ren is gorgeous I loved getting to know him better in this book It was possibly my favorite part, and I grew ever closer to his character.SEAMUS DORANGod, I hate Shay I only disliked him before, and I m sorry to use such a harsh word, but I do I hate him He s so pushy and apparently has a dated brain because he believes in male dominance He s always acting like he s the one in charge, and has such an awful attitude I suppose I must concede that it is rather sweet that he would give everything for Calla, even up to his life Ordinarily, I probably would have eaten this up and disliked Shay rather less But as a girl whose boyfriend is dying, I m having a hard time seeing anything romantic about dying for love these days God, I need to stop bringing personal stuff into this I m only using it to illustrate a point, though, I suppose THE OTHER SECONDARY CHARACTERS CONNORHa I love Connor He s so funny, though rather less in Bloodrose than in Wolfsbane Still, in Bloodrose we get to see the sweeter side of him, which is pleasant I really adore him He s definitely one of my favorite characters in this book Since Calla has been removed from that list, he s actually probably second only to Ren.ADNEI liked her a lot in this book Far better than Calla She seems sweet and real As aforementioned, her interaction with Ren is very sweet and realistic She cares for him in an entirely good way She also gets a little bit of excitement SABINEI liked Sabine in this book We ve slowly gotten to know her better over the series, and she nows seems like the type of girl you d like to have watching your back She s loyal and kind, but not weak She made a choice that I hugely respect and admire her for.ANSELI actually found him kind of pathetic for a large part of the book, but I suppose he cleaned up nicely And he did try a little, I suppose Well, anyway, I though he was a bit shallower in this than in previous books I have no further comment on these or the other secondary characters at this time I may add a few things later. THE PLOT I m conflicted here For most of the book, the plot was very, very good It kept me interested and on my toes It was urgent and fun I liked the characters, so it was good to read and learnabout them I was eager to know what came next and excited for every minuscule moment Everything that happened felt important I could not stop reading I thought I had never read anything so wonderful and breathtaking and perfect in my entire life I was ready to rate the book five stars then and there.And then it promptly fell apart.I couldn t stand the last 100 pages or so I got annoyed, irritated, bored I got angry.I wanted to love it But I couldn t.WARNING THE SPOILER TAB BENEATH THIS STATEMENT CONTAINS A MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER OR TWO IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO READ THE SPOILERS, YOU MAY SKIP AHEAD TO AFTER THE SPOILER TAB view spoiler Oh my God Ren s death.I seriously cried for probably an hour I actually sort of thought it might happen I even expected it a little but I never thought it really would happen.I just wonder why I feel rather like Cremer wanted what she thought was a clean break from the love triangle, an easy way out It disappointed me I feel like it really didn t need to happen I feel like unnecessary deaths are starting to diffuse into YA, and I m not liking the trend.Actually, I m really grieved about it,so than I m letting on That s most likely because my poor, darling boyfriend had to listen to me cry over another guy, although, considering, this other guy is from a book So, anyway, I got most of my sadness out there, and have very little left to spill I was completely shattered by Ren s death, however dramatic that sounds.Regrettably, Ren s unfortunate, awful death means that Calla ended up with Shay It was obvious from the beginning, I suppose, but at least I had hope hide spoiler BEFORE READING Team Ren all the way If Calla ends up with Shay I will be so disappointed AFTER READING WARNING some swearing aheadI think I hate this bookthan Twilight series And this is the worst way to get out of a love triangle view spoiler I mean,really,why did you,Andrea Cramer,decided it was the best for Ren to die This is the Finnick crap all over again Ren just got reunited with his half sister after he found out that Emile is not his father but then suddenly Emile the Bastard kills him WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT Don t get me started on Calla She is a fucking tease She loves Shay but still goes and makes out with poor Ren who loved her since they were little Eventually she picks out Shay but she still doesn t tell Ren about it because she doesn t want to mess his state of mind during war And when the poor guy dies she doesn t let anyone near him,not even his sister This bitch makes me sooo angry Fuck you Calla Fuck you hide spoiler I can t believe it I have waited a long time for this book and the day finally came and now.well SHIT I wish it NEVER came and I NEVER wasted my money OMG I loved the first 2 books They were amazing, eventhough like I said before in my other reviews that I hated Calla Yea, well THAT NEVER changed OMG, Andrea WHAT WERE YOU THINKING Seriously, you are an amazing writer but this book totally RUINED the entire series for me.SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH for breaking my heart into pieces I had cried enough over books lately but this one sent me over the edge Never have I read a book or series I didn t want to finish And although, I am still reading this as we speak, this is my review now It will be edited once I finish the last page Stay tuned EDITED REVIEW Have you ever read a book that made you want to rip every page out and throw them into a scorching fire til they turned to ash, hoping it would erase all of the pain this book put you through Well, I can honestly say this book did just that for me As much as I loved the first 2 books, giving them both FIVE stars, nothing can compare with the hatred I have for this one and being that it s the ENDyea well it SUCKED I spent 18 bucks on this damn book and sure I can take it back and get my money back or buy aworthy book But it s not gonna change the gut wrenching crap ending that this was Or take away the tears I shed during the last 200 pages OMG I can t believe it I had a feeling it wasn t going to end the way I wanted it to but DAMNthis ending had my head spinning in circles Okay, so sure not every book has a HAPPY ending but dear GOD, this crossed the line I truly loved Nightshade and Wolfsbane for the most part but because of this book, I can never EVER look at it the same again ever I am seriously heartbroken and tearing while typing this Geez, first Forbidden and then this book I have criedin the last week than I have in quite awhile, over a book nonetheless Likes Okay, so here is what I liked about this book ALL OTHER CHARACTERS BUT SHAY AND CALLAShay was selfish and pushy and I just couldn t stand the sight of him Oh yea and he was arrogant Even his name made me cringe.Calla was a dumb bitch She led the boys on and on and on and on someJesus, I wanted to rip her effing hair out Never have I ever hated a heroine so much Nope, she is the first And hopefully only But she made out with Ren then slept with Shay and while making out with Ren, she always thought about Shay Really You are as blind as a bat, not knowing a good thing if it hit you in your bitch ass face The story lineSo the history of the Searchers and Guardians was pretty dang awesome I have to admit It was very intriguing and kept me wanting to learnabout them I was never bored or had a hard time understanding any of it The love of the wolf packI always knew that a wolf pack was strong and loved wholeheartedly and stuck together These characters showed their devotion to one another and it never ceased to amaze me Not only did I love their interaction with each other, but also with the Searchers They were worked as a team the whole way through It was beautiful The actionWow, the action was mesmerizing I could picture the war going on before my very eyes It was so visual She described everything so amazingly.Dislikes Heartbreaking and gut wrenching scenes from the last 200 pagesThis made everything else I just mentioned very small and almost non existent The ending was horrible and I can not like anything about this book.I tried liking this book I did But after what she did I just can t I can t do it She has ruined it for me Dammit I loved this series My favorites were Ren, Connor, Bryn, Nev, Mason, Adne, Monroe Ansel, Stephen Tor and Ethan Did you see Calla s name on there NO, because I HATE her But I will never forget those wonderful people that were in my life, even for a short time And I am sorry that I have to throw them away like they never existed But I can t think about them without thinking about Ren and bursting into tears I wish I knew why Why God, why did it have to be this way It s so wrong So Wrong Okay, I am done with this before I start sobbing like a 2 year old I only gave it a 1 because of the writing and characters, otherwise I would have given it a ZERO.