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Coheed and Cambria is one of my favorite bands and Claudio Sanchez s graphic novels, while not the best paced nor the most articulate, are wonderful because they have the music to flesh them out and make them personal This novel was decent for that same reason.While the comics can be difficult to understand, the novel was plain english and informative, as novels have the leisure to be The story was fun but the writing was not all that great Many times I cringed at wording, structure of chapters, and the way characters spoke to each other which was not natural at all Sometimes it even felt uncomfortable All in all, Sanchez has a big picture story he s trying to tell and this prequel does a fine job of informing us of what we were missing before I just wish he was better at writing dialogue. I am a huge Coheed and Cambria fan I ve read all the comics that have come out I ve spent years supporting them So when I give my opinion on this book is educated It was mehThere were chapters that were genius Pearl of the Stars and Guns of Summer They were truly literary quality writing The rest of the book was entertaining as well so that was not the issue.My biggest issue is the gap between the Epilogue and Second Stage Turbine Blade There better be another book album coming as there is no explanation for a lot of items in between those time periods.This did not answer many questions, but rather only one Why was Monstar created It did raise another question that is even larger in my opinion What role do the dragonflies play in the virus and where does Whilhelm Ryan obtain them There are other questions raised to like how is House Atlantic rebuilt How does Whilhelm Ryan obtain power again What is the Black Rainbow Are Claudio, Maria and Matthew IRO bots Were they created just like Josephine, or did Coheed and Cambria actually give birth to them And why suddenly did Khrom decide to serve Wilhelm There are other issues from an English majors point of view grammar, the writing and lack of editing properly there were way too many typos but I ll let those slide.This book does not fit with the whole story line, and creates a lot of plot holes I suggest every fan of the actual story read this and come up with your own opinion, but in my opinion this falls short of where I would have liked Claudio to take me, and anyone else, as long time supporters. Such an amazing story Claudio has such a knack for story telling he always has and I m so glad he took on this endeavor, along with the album His efforts were than worth it I can t explain how much the story means to me and how much it moves me every aspect of it has so much beauty and depth to it Anyone who sees this novel as strictly sci fi or strictly about war, is completely incorrect If you had to put it under a category, it would probably be sci fi although I don t read much of sci fi so I wouldn t be the best to constitute for which books fall under this specific genre , however it s much contemporary and it s much advanced and developed to be put under a category The ideas and basis of the story are too exceptional to be put a limit to by naming the book in a certain genre This is so hard to explain in words when it s really just an unexplainable, overwhelming connection that all true Coheed fans possess whenever they hear that first song or sing those firts few lines The beauty of the novel is that it clarifies the bits and pieces that the fans have come to understood but not put together fully, but the novel really does that for us And since it s the origin of the story, the story is not technically over, but the novel does have a conclusion that could give off a little bit of that vibe and also since this may be the last project Coheed takes on hopefully not I would be so devastated if any of this ever ended for good , but regardless, the story lives on in our hearts forever And that s what makes it so amazing. review update after attempting to read this book again, I ve realized that it s really quite bad The premise, while interesting, is really the only thing going for the book as the dialogue is unfortunate and the overall writing style is awful.This book most likely will have little to no appeal to anyone not already a fan of the Amory Wars universe the sci fi universe in which most of the albums Claudio Sanchez has released with his band Coheed and Cambria take place It isn t written particularly great the prose is clunky at times and the authors try a bit too hard to include lyrics from some of Coheed s songs resulting in awkward dialogue However, as a huge fan of the band and its concept, I found this book immensely enjoyable Once the plot started in earnest, I was hooked and didn t want to put the book down The concepts integral to the overall plot of the Amory Wars the Keywork, the Mages, and the Prise are all explained in this novel As a whole, this book provides an exciting story, as well as a wealth of insight into Coheed and Cambria s album of the same name. This is a prequel story to the fantastic Amory Wars graphic novel collection and this is probably one for the die hard fans to really enjoy I have the hardback copy and for me the paper style was excellent with its rugged edges and unusual quality, but then that s probably just me liking that sort of thing It s fast, easy to read and perfect for escaping from everyday life. POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT So I read the limited edition paperback version, which is identical to the hardcover that comes with the special edition of the album of the same name, and I must say that Year of the Black Rainbow is one of my favorite books I ve read in current months Claudio s imagination plus Peter David s solid, comic book style story structure really did feel like I was reading a novel adaptation of a comic book, which makes the experience of the book feel very cinematic and easy to read The story truly, despite some grammatical and punctual errors, can stand alone So you DO NOT NEED TO READ THE COMIC BOOKS BEFOREHAND But the end of the book was very enticing for me to go out and buy the Amory Wars comics, and believe me, I m a huge comic book fan Go pick this up wherever you can track it down It s a solid read that isn t terribly long, but not too short, and tells a story that really is in the vein of Star Wars and the original Human Torch comics from the 30 s and 40 s. .DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♬ Year of the Black Rainbow ☫ The Origin Prequel Story Of Coheed And Cambria S Epic Series, Known Widely As The Amory Wars Welcome To The Worlds Of Heaven S Fence, Where A Lattice Of Mysterious Energy Known As The Keywork Binds And Sustains Life On A Triangular Network Of Planets From The Bleak And Hellish Howling Earth To The Spare Beauty Of Bendelesh Beneath The Keywork S Glow, Under The Governance Of The Twelve Grey Skinned Mages And The Watchful Gaze Of The Winged Prise, Humanity Goes About It S Daily Life Unaffected By The Goings On Of The Higher Powers At Work In The Universe Until The Day When The Ambitious Wilhelm Ryan, Newest Member To The Brotherhood Of Mages, Acts On His Growing Discontent At Being Branded Another Ordinary Mage, Ruling Over One Lowly Sector Shrewd And Silver Tongued, Ryan Launches The Mage Wars A Devastating Campaign To Win Control Of The Entire Fence And Take On The Legendary Mantle Of Supreme Tri Mage, A Position Likened To God Himself Dr Leonard Hohenberger, The Fence S Top Scientist Is Summoned By The Prise To Stop Ryan His Creations, Coheed And Cambria, Are Thus Born And Lead The Battle To Save Heaven S Fence I m less a fan of this than I thought I would be It s needlessly thick with details that aren t necessary, and the gore is so substantial even I got tired of it The dialogue isn t the best thing ever, but the solid story beneath it all has real value Great idea, unimpressive execution They should stick with graphic novel form. Honestly I feel that giving this book 3 stars is a bit too generous As a longtime fan of Coheed and Cambria, I try not to be bias when it comes to the criticism of this book After rereading this six years later since the first time I ever picked up this book, I realized how bad it is The story is interesting but I had to force myself to finish this book because of how bored I got of it Also the unnecessary amount of details and the repetitiveness of certain phrases When rereading, I realized this is how I wrote when I was in middle school and I hate saying that but the way the similes were typed out reminded me of it If you love Coheed and love Amory Wars, I would stick to the comic books because those were interesting than this. As a fan of Coheed Cambria, I have been itching to explore the world behind the songs for some time Having found the subsequent graphic novels online, I decided to splash out on the ebook and read that first.I enjoyed the story and setting up the background to the later graphic novels.I had possibly expected of a clear link between the book and the corresponding album which is my least favourite of theirs so was a little disappointed by this.Overall, I am very glad I read this and appreciate the whole series a lot now I will always prefer prose to graphic novels for the ability to create my own vision of the worlds.