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Don t kill me, but my tag to this book is Adventure Erotic Historical Romance Yes, really long one, and let me explain why Jem 19 years old, and a whore after a night with the handsome and ex Captain Alan get the change to be his valet Jem, obviously, is direct and know very well what a men need to be aroused, so he will do it to Alan a lot and I love that You know how historical romances are boring with all the protocol the characters must obey to be accept in society Well, Alan can try to follow that, but Jem tempt him too much Is wonderful all the times Jem win, and Alan like in a HOT park scene , succumb to his love yeah, Alan will immediately be in love with Jem you will see that, I m not spoiling and all the fun of this book is the expectancy Their love will be strong enough to change the immense sadness of Alan Will Jem be accepted as Alan s valet without ruin Alan social appearance BUT it s not only a historical romance In addition, it s a incredible adventure And with two brave heroes Both, Jem and Alan, will affront a terrible and vicious villain to rescue the little girl in his hands Poor Annie, I pity her so much I HATE SO MUCH THE VILLAIN I admire the writer capacity to create such scary and horrible bad guy It s one of the worst villains I ever read So, we are talking about a adventure historical romance NO, there is Put also erotic in that tag and you get this book Yesssssssss, Jem dirt talk, and HOT bed scenes, is absolutely erotic Believe me, some parts will leave you breathless Well, I hope I successfully explain why this book deserve my loooooong tag as Adventure Erotic Historical Romance By the way add also fun all Jem attempts to make Alan laugh crack me up Soooo hilarious How could Alan be sad with someone so funny as Jem So, without doubt, 5 stars.Observation Maybe next time Chuck Norris will be available to go back in time to kick the ass of the villain image error FREE today at All Romance 12 15 14 I love rent boy stories But you know what I enjoy even Great rent boy stories Paired with my fave historical time period Regency , let s just say I was a happy lady.Sir Alan is injured physically and mentally from war He wanted to have one night s pleasure before meeting his maker and decided to pay for a male prostitute Who he picked up that night changed his life for the good He and Jem have their night but there was something about him that kept pulling him towards the younger man And their story is not a case of insta love even though they had sex the first night Alan had difficulties accepting his true nature and admitting that yes he has feelings for a man it was an inner grapple that touched melancholy but was not overcome in a high tide of grief and angst.You know why Jem.Jem He s truly a gem His name is just perfect for him.He has got a mouth on him And the best part he knew how to use it His outlook on life and he had a sucky one pun intended was surprisingly light He was the light to Alan s dark and gloomy I was afraid his feelings for Sir Alan were bred out of gratitude for not being on the streets any I mean, I d be singing the man s praises myself if it meant I didn t have to whore myself any But as the story progressed, you get a sense of the deep affection he had for his Lord Bumbuggerer I was happy for his happy ending The dark turn the story takes into the gruesome and macabre view spoiler There s a carve happy doctor who is a fan of abuse, messing with the minds of others, vivisection and just being fucking creepy.This is how I kept imagining the bastard Just put some limp white blond hair on that dude and a scalpel in his hand I loved what happened to him He so deserved it Asshat hide spoiler NO LONGER A GENTLEMAN I am a huge fan of historical romance and a huge fan of M M loving, you put them together, I become extremely happy, and I was extremely happy about this book It has a bit of everything, the evil villain, the brooding hero and his upbeat and beautiful lover The sex is just sweet and erotic at the same, plus our upbeat and beautiful lover has to come in and save our brooding hero, I call that a very good read.Sir Alan Watleigh is home from the war, and as to be expected from most soldiers of war, he is plagued by nightmares and his reality is all kinds of hellish He decides he is going to end his life with a bang, by giving into his forbidden desires for another man All he wants is just a night of good sex and he is calling it quits He spots his target a beautiful male prostitute and takes him home What he does not expect is to be charmed, and to start liking the very young man, who makes a living by selling his body.All Jem has known is the streets, the streets is where he lives and makes his living Until he gets picked up by a very distinguished looking gentleman with the sad eyes Jem swears to give him the best night and to make the broody looking gentle man smile What he never expected is to want to stay in Alan s company and never leave his life All that is gonna take is to convince Alan he is right for him, put a smile on his face, and to erase him of his guilt because he likes cock, phew seems likes Jem has some serious work to do.Throw in both Jem and Alan on the open road on their way to rescue a girl caught in the clutches of a mad man, and you have yourself a well balanced book This little journey is the defining moment in their relationship, there is sexual tension and the occasional this is not right from Alan, this dude just never quits He is the ultimate brooder I tell ya, after sex, this guy thinks about the war and how it s his fault, he got everyone killed Right after sex come on, at least catch your breath first.I love Jem he is just a ray of sunlight This man single handily knows what pain is but he continues to smile and wants nothing than Alan to smile with him He makes this book entertaining with his bawdy jokes and witty sense of humour, and even though he was a prostitute, he is quite innocent in his flirtations, but when it is time to be dirty, Jem gets down like no other That Sir Alan Watleigh never had a chance The two together is just a great balance, and it becomes a beautiful story about finding love in the least unlikely of places.I really liked this book the villain was a sick bastard My fave thing was the word bugger we have come along way if that word use to be a swear word for men who like other men That s child play now but I find it so entertaining bum buggerer classic fantastic I loved Jem and this is a book I will be giving another go in the long run The sex was hot, I like when people are vocal during sex and Jem has that down, ah the dirty thing he says If you like M M romance check this one out, the writing is superb and there is never a dull moment, unless you count in Alan, ha kidding I like him. 3.5 StarsI admit, I don t typically read a lot of historicals, specifically of the M M variety because the intolerance and the need for secrecy wrecks havoc on my poor nerves I m not saying I didn t fret while reading this because this story did have the above, but at the same time, I liked the setup and the characters.Poor Alan Devastated, numb, and depressed after coming home from the war, he can t seem to forget the atrocities and losses so much so, he s about to end it all for peaceful oblivion However, before he does so, he indulges one last time in companionship and brings home Jem, a street urchin who survives on his smarts and willingness to do savory and not so savory things What results is something Alan would ve never predicted he actually starts to feel, as Jem incites within him longing, anger, passion feelings he thought were forever lost to him.So of course, Alan hires Jem to be his valet, as it s the perfect ruse for them to be together Jem is cocky and cheeky, and though lust and safety play a role in him staying with Alan, he also simply wants to make him laugh, wants him to engage in life again Slowly, despite Alan s personal guilt surrounding his proclivities, his resistance to Jem s charm weakens, and he can t help but come to care for Jem, as he becomes a vital part of his Alan s wellbeing.The plot veers into an odd development as Alan tries to rescue an orphan from an evil person from his past, but it serves its purpose in making these two realize just how important they are to each other No doubt, Jem made this story Though he didn t always think things through, his quick wit and sense of honor show his true character, making him the perfect foil to Alan Overall, very well written for what I assume is accurate for the time and setting, this was also quite smexy Add in some good dashes of action interspersed with some great feels and I wouldn t be remiss to revisit this writing duo again Audio for this is really good, would recommend it Loved this, and historical is never my first choice Picked it up as a freebie and now wondering why it s taken me so long to read it.Far story here than I expected The characters are instantly likeable, haunted gentleman Alan only why does he have to be named Alan, that s my dad s name and irrepressible rogue Jem At first I wondered at Jem being so up beat but that s clearly his defence mechanism This being a historical the dynamic would seem set but I was pleased to find that assumption wrong, Sir Watleigh I can t call him Alan indeed has the money and position but Jem has attitude and brings life The relationship balances out, they each bring something, and need the other I enjoyed seeing them work things out.There s big class differences, the damage of war, forbidden desires.And then there was drama A sociopath and a vulnerable child I was gripped wanting to know how it would resolve, where they d go from there Intrigue Danger It was unexpected and thrilling.Found this an engaging read with characters I instantly fell for Immediately on the hunt for by these authors. This story has great characters, believable period detail, and an interesting plot, resulting in a very readable and engaging historical romance Jem is a 19 year old male prostitute, picked up off the streets by Sir Alan for one night of indulging Alan s long denied need for a man s touch, before Alan plans to commit suicide But Jem is no down trodden silent body to be used His spirit, his humor and his zest for life have survived all that he has gone through on the streets By the end of their first night together, Alan can no longer feel completely hopeless in a world that has moments like the ones Jem has given him, moments not just of sex but of humor and connection and caring touch The question is, how can Alan keep that hope alive when the person who gave it to him is a prostitute and a thiefand a man Jem is a wonderful character, not unreasonably Polyannaish, but one of those rare souls who can find the positive in any situation and make the best of it, not with resignation but with zest and enthusiasm Alan is great as the man pulled back into life in Jem s wake, willy nilly, becoming persuaded against his own conviction of depravity, that what he and Jem give each other is a good thing.Add a child in need of rescue, a silent but protective ex batman servant and some action, and you have an engrossing and entertaining story The historical detail was unobtrusive but smoothly done And I was very glad that the story didn t stop too soon after the action climax, instead giving us the HEA in enough detail to picture it continuing for all the years to come. One of my first historical m m romance, I got hooked since the first pages.Set in the 19th century London this book tells the story of a rent boy Jem who meets a noble and closeted man Sir Alan What was intended to be a one night stand turns into an offer of permanent employment as the Lord s valet after a slow and wonderfully depicted building relation Jem and Alan become at last lovers and companions There s a really intriguing secondary plot with a scary dirty evil doctor villain.Some of the slang used was a bit hard for me to understand but I loved Jem s filthy talk and dirty tales. Written August 7, 20143.7 Stars A light and cozy historical gay romance but also a good novel with..I have for some time thought about to soonish pick up and read this historical M M from an author Bonnie Dee I enjoyed some m f romances by earlier It also felt like an nice novel to listening toeven if it is yet another rent boy romance seems to be a favorite genre among historical M M romances A good one.chuckle worthy, and enjoying yummy. I have a sort of old fashioned passion for historical novels and romances you know me and these old Jane Austen s books This story suited me perfectly If it were not for some yummy sex scenes, could it perhaps have been written long ago It felt like a novel with grand sweet romance in it London, England 1813This is a tender story about a sad and depressed baronet Sir Alan Watleigh and the rent boy Jem Brown who this gentleman picks up the planned very last night of his life But that meeting with the rogue and that first steamy night change a lot A charmer seducing a sob stick yep, it ll be fun.Sir Alan can t understand it but he just doesn t want this cheerful young guy to leave It was such a nice feeling to feel a warm hard body next to him in his big bed He actually smile for a short moment again.Already the next day is this cheeky, but so gorgeous, Jem guy Sir Alan s new very chatty sevant valet The journey towards a grand final or begin I said I do not wish to speak about the matter Yah, you did But I wasn t sure if you meant it Christ, man, he snapped I speak plain English What you speak of and what you long for are a fair distance apart, pardon my saying soThis 9 hours audio version is IMO nicely and well narrated by Jasper de Montfort A new voice for me A voice and narration which was well suited to this stories time period, charachters etc view spoiler You can get this audiobook for a bargain Just 6 for the audio and the kindle ebook hide spoiler ^Free Pdf ☟ The Gentleman and the Rogue ★ A Lad From The Streets Meets A Lord Of The ManorWhen Crimean War Veteran Sir Alan Watleigh Goes Searching For Sex, He Never Imagines The Street Rat He Brings Home For One Last Bit Of Pleasure In His Darkest Hour Will Be The Man Who Hauls Him Back From The Edge Of The GraveA Night Of Meaningless Sex Turns Into An Offer Of Permanent Employment As Alan S Valet, Jem Offers Much Than Polished Boots And Starched Cravats He Makes Alan Smile And Warms His Bed Just As The Men Are Adjusting To Their New Living Arrangement, News About A Former Soldier Under His Command Sends Sir Watleigh And Jem On The Road To Save A Child In DangerThe Journey Brings Them Closer Together As They Travel From Lust Toward Love But Is Alan S Love Strong Enough To Risk Society Discovering The Truth About Him Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Male Male Sexual Practices