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Lady Haughston is in financial straits and when The Duke of Rockford issues a challenge consisting of her finding a husband for a lady of his choosing before the season ends, she accepts She does have a knack for these things Rockford s choice is Miss Constance Woodley Little does Lady Francesca Haughston know, her brother Dominick has already met Miss Constance in the Library of that same ball and her task may just be easier then she thinks I love this Matchmaker series and not only watching Dom and Constance travel the road to their HEA, but watching the sparks between Rockford and Francesca and wondering how their story develops Candace Camp is a fabulous storyteller 4.5 5 In a way, this book justifies my habit of reading books in a series completely out of order depending on availability or my moods It s a delight to reacquaint myself with Francesca and the haughty duke of Rochford The Courtship Dance , to pick up the nuances of their interactions knowing their hidden long suppressed feelings for one another It almost overwhelms the primary romance between Dominic and Constance in its intensity, despite each action and word being subtle and implied rather than overt That s what great writing is all about It allows the reader to read between the lines and not spell out each scene and emotion like a Romance for Dummies guide But this book belongs to Constance, spinster poor relation Cinderella, and Dominic, Viscount Leighton aka Prince Charming Dominic is charming and honourable, however his jovial and rakish fa ade hides a sinister family secret The subject of a wager between the match making Francesca and Rochford, Constance is rescued from a life of spinsterhood and her beauty is finally allowed to shine through the intervention of Francesca Dom s sister Romance ensues, a fair bit of passion, all well told in true Candace Camp style, leaving a smile on this reader s face. 3.5Well, I couldn t leave it at I need to take a break from this genre after the last disaster I usually read series in order Actually, I m a stickler when it comes to it I ve lost count of the series I haven t even started yet because I was planning to read the book in order I ve already read the fourth book and the last book in this series by accident and loved it I wasn t aware it s part of the series This one didn t disappoint If you re in the mood for a light Cinderella themed romance, you might give this a chance You get than one likeable female character from Constance to her fairy godmother Francesca to a couple of girls who are just there to be likeable, it was a pleasant read Then you get a scheming, evil ones too How could you not when it s a Cinderella type of story Added bonus is to see the characters from the fourth book moving towards their own story It wouldn t have been as fun if I didn t know what happens A rare occasion when a spoiler isn t bad.I would have preferred harsher punishment for certain people, but you can t have everything. Had such potential but the narrative completely ruined it for me we never hear the hero s perspective The Marriage Wager is the first in Candace Camp s Matchmaker Series and I wish I could give it a higher rating, but I just cannot bring myself to As others have remarked there was nothing really unusual or innovative about this book, but it would have been an enjoyable and sweet read if it hadn t been for one hugely annoying thing that I could not get over we never hear Dominic s thoughts Every historical romance I have ever read is written in third person narrative and the writer takes us back and forth between the hero and the heroine s POV sometimes adding that of secondary characters Though I kept on waiting for that to happen here, it NEVER did and it was extremely disconcerting I don t know if this is how Camp normally writes her novels, but if it is I don t think I will continue reading her books.The book had such potential because although the story is not very original, Camp is a talented writer and I found her characters interesting I liked Constance since I always love it when the heroine is something other than the beautiful belle of the ball society girl and is a wallflower, shy, on the shelf, or whatever I especially liked the secondary characters of Sir Lucien, Lady Calandra the heroine of The Wedding Challenge, Book 3 , Francesca the matchmaker in the series , and the Duke of Rochford Calandra s brother and Francesca s love interest in The Courtship Dance, Book 4.Unfortunately, at the end of the book I still didn t really have any sense of Dominic, because not only do we not ever have his perspective, but we don t even read that many exchanges or very much dialogue between him and Constance Since we never know his thoughts, it makes the whole story of them falling in love seem contrived and hard to believe they barely know each other What goes through his mind when he s trying to figure out why he kissed Constance that first time without knowing her What does he think about Constance What attracts him to her When did he start to love her When does he decide that he wants to marry her But nothing, zip, nada so frustrating Aside from a couple of passages where we see things from Francesca s perspective, it is all told from Constance s POV and sometimes quite repetitively so and we are never really able to get a handle on Dominic which is kind of essential since he is the hero of the book OTHER BOOKS IN MATCHMAKER SERIES Francesca, Lady Haughston is the matchmaker in Camp s series, which is kicked off by The Marriage Wager, featuring Miss Constance Woodley and Dominic, Viscount Leighton Francesca s brother It s followed by Book 2 in the series, The Bridal Quest, which tells of the romance between Gideon, Earl of Radbourne and Lady Irene Wyngate The Wedding Challenge is Book 3 in the series and features Lady Calandra the Duke s younger sister and the Earl of Bromwell And the series ends with The Courtship Dance, which tells the long awaited story of Francesca and Sinclair, the Duke of Rochford. 3.5 starsA nice and light read with interesting characters A good choice if you want to pass your free time reading I ve read better HR but I enjoyed it and I want to read the next one I was afraid that a misunderstanding or some devious actions by disapproving parents, however you d like to put it would destroy what Constance and Dominic had built a lovely relationship where both were free to be themselves Constance Woodley, on the shelf at twenty nine, is in London for the first time only to act as a companion to her two spoiled younger cousins Her aunt displays traditional evil stepmother tendencies, pressuring Constance to dress in drab, matronly clothing and ensuring that she is so busy tending to her daughters that she has no time to attempt to carve out a life for hersefl Enter Lady Francesca Haughston, Constance s fairy godmother I ve always gravitated towards books with a non conventional heroine and Miss Constance Woodley, no longer in the first blush of youth and without a marriage portion, exemplified this Miss Constance Woodley is having a lucky day A supremely lucky day Due to a Duke s fancy, Lady Francesca is going to take her under her wing and look for a good match for her No standing in the corner as the companion to her cousins.A nice and light read with interesting characters A good choice if you want to pass your free time reading I ve read better HR but I enjoyed it and I want to read the next one It may be due to my increasingly spinster like age, but it turns out that the aging and unweddable heroine is one of my favorite romance tropes I read the blurb on the back and this book went into the basket without a second thought I had to put this one down at one point, and it took me a really long time to get back to it A wager on matchmaking ability by one pair of friends leads to an unexpected pairing from a poor young woman and a noble who needs to make a wealthy match to shore up the failing estate he will inherit The ending is very satisfying and not the usual doings you expect in a book that draws heavily on the usual ton doings No magic fix just love and hard work lie ahead for the happy couple You ll like the main characters and boo and hiss at the minor ones You know that Romances are one guilty pleasure Sometimes it is nice to take a break between my usual novels You know those books you just have to keep reading even though it s past midnight just to see what happens and before you know it s 2am and you ve finished the book Good book The first in the Matchmakers series has a definite Cinderella like flavor Ever since I read my first Mills and Boon book as a teenager, they ve been one of my guilty pleasures, something that I reach for when I need a comfort blanket and a few hours away from reality Almost without exception, they leave me smiling and in a calmer frame of mind In this respect The Marriage Wager didn t disappoint She remembered the last time that she had been alone with Leighton and what had happened then She looked up into his eyes and saw them light suddenly, and she knew that he had thought of that kiss, as well I know I could not resist you last time, so how can you trust me now That is what you think, is it not A valid questions, surely, she retorted a little breathlessly That time was a lark, he replied softly I did not know you, never thought to see you again It was justa foolish moment, a bit of pleasure And now Constance could not pull her eyes away from his Now it is different, isn t it He brushed back a stray curl from where it clung to her cheek, and his eyes traveled over her face, coming to rest on her mouth Because I am your sister s friend, you mean she asked, struggling to sound unaffected by his gaze Because it would mean something The very air seemed to sizzle between them So his words had likely been a warning to her, she thought Yet they had not sounded like a warning They had sounded, quite frankly, like an invitation She thought of kissing Dominic Leighton again, of sinking into his embrace and melding with him She wanted to discover all the pleasures that lay hidden in his hard body she wanted to know, to feel, everything her own flesh was capable of Perhaps it was wicked of her, Constance thought, but she wanted to know what it was like to lie with a man no, not with a man, but with Dominic She wanted it with a fervor that made her tremble And she could not help but think that if she denied herself that pleasure, she would regret it for the rest of her life This, she thought, was what it was to love a man She had never really known before and how could she She had never before felt the full extent of love the way the heart and soul and body wrapped around another person, threaded through him, touched him in every way It was raw, and it was beautiful It was not nearly so sweet or ideal as everyone made it out to be Yet it was a thousand times wonderful shocking, sweaty, intense and achingly real He took her hand in his and dropped down onto one knee Miss Constance Woodley, you are the heart of my heart The only woman whom I have ever loved or ever will love I offer you my heart, my hand, my fortune or lack thereof I will count myself a rich man, indeed, if you will but consent to entrust your hand and your heart to me Will you marry me Yes, Constance said, laughing and crying all at the same time Yes, yes, I will marry you I love you Oh, stand up, you foolish man, and let me kiss you Gladly, he said, and he did And she did You have done it again, my lady, said a deep male voice just behind her Francesca matchmaker to Miss Woodley and her brother Dominic turned to face the Duke of Rochford She smiled at him Yes, Your Grace, I have Not only engaged before the end of the Season, but even married before then, as well, he went on in his usual sardonic tone Perhaps I should give you a bonus What we agreed upon will be enough, Francesca responded. She won their bet AND later wins his heart in the last book of this series At first I thought the story was a bit on the predictable side and then I realized I have read this before Regardless of having read it once before and knowing where the story was going, I just could not put it down This is a story you can read again and again and still enjoy it The writing as always with Candace Camp, is amazing The story flowed really nicely I love Dominic and Constance Dominic is such an alluring character, I couldn t get enough of him. 2 y media Bien, media sopor fera los dos primeros tercios quiz los primeros tres cuartos pero mejor al final Menos mal que Dominic el h roe aport una importante cuota de cordura al final, porque Constance me sac de mis fr giles casillas.S lo para las que le gusta mucho mucho la hist rica de regencia Dos escenas hot hot 2.5 5I have to admit that I was not impressed with this book, at all It was slow and rather dull But the biggest flaw, for me, was the fact that it was told almost entirely from the heroine s POV, with a very small handful of scenes told from Francesca s perspective secondary character, and the Matchmaker There wasn t even a hint of anything from Dominic s side It left the story very one sided and when I finished, I felt like I hardly knew Dominic at all, only what Constance saw and what other characters said The story would have greatly benefited from Dominic s POV.Maybe it s just me, but I don t understand how you can tell a thorough romance story using only one character s perspective In any case, the book fell flat for me and I ended up skim reading chunks of long monologue ish paragraphs.The redeeming quality of the book was that I did like the premise and the characters it was just the telling of it that left me wanting I will definitely think twice before reading another book by this author. ^EBOOK ↙ The Marriage Wager (The Matchmaker #1) ☊ In A World Where Love Was Always A Gamble, They Meant To Beat The Odds No Longer In The First Blush Of Youth And Without A Marriage Portion, Miss Constance Woodley Could Scarcely Imagine Why One Of The Leading Lights Of London Society Should Take An Interest In The Likes Of Her But Under Her Benefactor S Guiding Hand She Was Transformed Into A Captivating Creature Who Caught The Eye Of The Handsome, Charming And Ever So Slightly Notorious Lord Dominic Leighton And Before The Shocked Eyes Of The Entire Ton, The Nobody And The Rakish Viscount Showed That Even In The Heartless World Of The Marriage Mart, When Love Was At Stake, All Bets Were Off