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|Read Book ô Tiger's Voyage ¹ With The Head To Head Battle Against The Villainous Lokesh Behind Her, Kelsey Confronts A New Heartbreak In The Wake Of His Traumatic Experience, Her Beloved Ren No Longer Remembers Who She Is As The Trio Continues Their Quest By Challenging Five Cunning And Duplicitous Dragons, Ren And Kishan Once Vie For Her Affections Leaving Kelsey Confused Than Ever 4.5 5PlotKelsey and her tigers continue their search on how to break the curse They are sent to get information on one of Durga s prized possessions Lokesh is now determined to find and get Kelsey for his personal reasons that had existed when Ren and Kishan were younger and their parents still alive In the meantime, Ren and Kishan are bent on showing Kelsey their love for her and that she should make the choice of who to be with.The Love TriangleI wasn t particularly pleased to see the love triangle forming but it was okay It caused a little too much drama for my taste I thought that Houck should have focused on the problem at hand but a little romance was okay.Picture the girl watching as a guyCharactersThe characters were overall good.KelseyKelsey is a smart and resourceful young lady in this series In this book, though, she seems to be dependent on the guy I wish to have seen her be independent and possibly have less drama She was in love and loving two guys but she should just make the decision of what to do.RenRen had amnesia and it affected his love life with Kelsey The entire time I was wishing for him to just remember her since I know that they are meant to be together He is handsome, romantic, funny, and protective He cares a lot for Kelsey and wants to protect her.KishanKishan is and has been in love with Kelsey He is jealous of Ren and that he still has her affections He is funny, relaxed, and wants Kelsey to be happy with either decision that she makes.The EndingThere is a definite cliff hanger and I can t wait to get the fourth book when it comes out of hard back You should read it. My favorite of the series. Meh 3.5 stars on this, folks Review later.Okay, at the end of Quest, I just about died WHYYYY, COLLEEN WHYYY And now, we are stuck waiting until NOVEMBER to find out what happens with Ren and Kelsey I mean thats counts on fingers FOUR monthssss I think I m gonna cry Someone buy me some tissues This is my favorite new series, and this wait just makes me want it sooo much So, in conclusion,Mrs Colleen Houck,Please make it come out sooner Pleasee Like tomorrow would be good Sincerely, me and everyone else who just about cried at the end of the Quest.Edit Due to my extreme obsessiveness over this series, I have found two poems that I feel will describe Ren and Kelsey for the next book, or at least their feelings Geez this wait is making me go nuts Kelsey s Poem s Poem the poems could work for both of them just as well, maybe even better, but Kelsey s was in the perspective of a girl and vise versa for Ren They could even work for Kishan Yeah, I m kind of smitten hahaha Warning spoilers if you haven t read the first 2 books Okay, to all you who understand and share my intense love for this series, let me explain the rating Because I do still love these books, and I did really enjoy this one, but after considering it, I just couldn t give it 5 stars.First, a positive the adventure in this book is wonderful I feel like this is the first time that it was so good that it eclipsed the romance s and relationships of the characters I was fascinated by the journey to visit the 5 dragons and all Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan had to accomplish to retrieve the Pearl Necklace of Durga I also really loved the dragons and the fact that everything was based just as much on Chinese folklore as Indian.That one of my favorite parts of this series Houck s interweaving of so many different types of folklore into one series I m constantly astounded by how much research she does and all the planning she must have done before writing these books Everything fits together seamlessly, and it s really impressive That was my favorite part of the book this time around.Now, here was the rub for me the love triangle Don t get me wrong, I love a love triangle done right The Bella Edward Jacob plotline in Twilight was great for me I mean, my team lost, but that s become a thing for me choosing the losing side of a love triangle I should join a support group or something Anyway, but I was excited in Tiger s Quest to see that Kishan was getting face time I really enjoyed his character, and even though I loved Ren at the beginning, Kishan really won me over by the end He was funny and charming and had less of a Superman complex than Ren, which I often found a bit irritating.So when I saw that the love triangle was going to play a bigger role in Tiger s Voyage, I was excited More Kishan And I really enjoyed the interplay between Ren and Kishan, and their rivalry It was funny in the last book And I was pissed at Ren when at the end of the last book, he didn t remember Kelsey And who was there to pick up the pieces Kishan I was ready for this all to come to a head in Tiger s Voyage.But what I found made me a little uneasy The beginning started off good for me, with Kelsey and Ren arguing up a storm But it was funny, and I ve got to say, it was hot Their best interaction comes when they re fighting But I was disappointed in Kishan He stood by and watched entirely too calmly He lost a lot of his personality in this book What we all loved in Quest his cockiness, humor, and charm were all but gone in Voyage I hardly recognized him And then the love triangle began to really take shape, and I ve got to say, I was super disappointed What we re presented with is Kelsey s connection with Ren and how all consuming it is, and a Kishan who is the anchor that helps her keep her sanity Kelsey soon has to decide which brother she wants to be wish, and she picks Kishan because he s stableand we re led to believe this is a bad thing.I give you the following exercepts I thought it would be easier, practical, if I just picked Kishan No, practical is the wrong word Safer That s the right one Ren took risks Ren surrounded himself with beautiful bikini clad girls I know why he did it, but the fact remains that he still did And if another opportunity to save me came along, he wouldn t hesitate He d once again sacrifice himself, and I d be alone I d almost had the man of my dreams But almost doesn t count Besides, who took care of me when Ren nobly let himself be kidnapped Kishan Who told off Randi when she was insulting me Kishan Who lets me wear my hair the way I want to Kishan Who said he d be willing to let me be with another if that s what I really wanted Kishan Who never argues with me Kishan Who kepts his hands off when I asked him to Kishan p 454 455 And this one, which really tipped me over the edge He Kishan protected me from the relationship roller coaster ride that was Ren I loved Kishan, and I believed I could be happy with him, but I also had to acknowledge that it wasn t exactly the same Ren s love was an all consuming fire, but Kishan was likea space heater Comfortable, steady, reliable Both kept me warm, but one could burn me Singe me to ashes If Kishan left me, I would cry I would hurt, but I would move on, sadder but wiser.Loving Ren was like loving an atom bomb When he went off, and it was just a matter of time before he did again, he would destroy everything around in a ten mile radius Of course, I always managed to be standing in the middle of the bull s eye Shrapnel had mangled my heart Twice Kishan tried to pick up the pieces and hold them together by sheer will, but there were gaps Pieces were missing I had to pick between the consuming love of Ren that I was so desperate for I sometimes forgot to breathe, and the steady glow, the endless kindness and comfort that Kishan offered me p 433 434 We all know Kelsey will end up with Ren on the last page of the last book It s a given But Voyage left me wondering if Kelsey was crazy Why does she love Ren And this was where I was left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth Houck presents us with Kelsey and Ren s relationship, one which follows the common theme of paranormal romances, in which their love is literally the only thing that keeps them alive Ren even declares that Kelsey is the purpose of his existence I m sorry, but if your significant other is the purpose of your existence, your life must be really pathetic.And, sure, that type of love makes for a really good, dramatic story Why has Romeo and Juliet survived for so long other than it s great one liners Because it s a powerful love story of two individuals who were so in love that they couldn t survive without it But how many people in the real world want this type of relationship Ummno thanks.To me, Kishan represented a healthy sort of love He was supportive and devoted, but he had other things going on in his life He didn t practically worship at Kelsey s feet like Ren did And while Kelsey was attached to him, she could think of other things when he was around As opposed to her relationship with Ren, which is practically a drug.It was all very teenage angsty and annoying.And this was what kept me from giving this book 5 stars I m just not with Houck on portraying this type of all encompassing, obsessive sort of love to teens, who already think everything is the end of the world It reminded me too much of Bella s willingness to kill herself when Edward left While Kelsey isn t as bad as Bella, she s still tempted by that connection with Ren that will make her lose herself And because I m positive that she and Ren will end up together, I m a little miffed.Maybe I m wrong Maybe their love with tone down a bit Maybe she ll even pick Kishan in the end.but I doubt it.Am I the only one that thinks the relationship Kelsey and Ren share is not only not normal but not healthy It took me almost a week to get through this book because I was disappointed And even though I adored the adventure and the mythology, and did like some of the romance, I just was a little uncomfortable with the turn the story took and some of the themes.Am I crazy for thinking this What is everyone else s thoughts