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This is a fabulous book Ms Carroll s story takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of Arizona Sedona I have had the opportunity to visit Sedona, and reading Ms Carroll s book brought me right back to that experience She is hands down one of the best sensorial writers I felt like I was there with the characters experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the desert and the beautiful world that surrounds us, but don t get too attached, because the world as we know it is about to end when a planet enters earth s orbit and turns it on its axis Her heroine, Kate, must survive earth s end of days and forge a new beginning for humanity I experienced the heroine s pain of loss, love for Noah and her son, and the hope of what is to come A truly moving theme for serious readers who want a deep and powerful story. Gemini Rising Louann CarrollA fascinating take on one possible future, and past, for Earth and her inhabitants This story explains the reason s for the repeated demise of cultures that seemed to be at the pinnacle, only to suddenly be snuffed out, for no known reason Some were explained by the different Ice Ages, but couldn t explain what caused such radical atmospheric shifts as to create an Ice Age.The story follows three main characters A mother, Kate, and her 13 year old son Ryan, and finally Noah Initially they meet Noah as a semi colleague of Kate s husband, Jason Unbeknownst to one another, Kate Noah experience overwhelmingly intense physical attraction to the other each time they so much as brush up against the other A simple hand shake is mind altering and while Noah is confused he appreciates it Kate feels intense guilt, seeing as she is a married woman Kate s reaction gives the reader some insight into her character, as most adults don t experience overwhelming guilt over even strong sexual attraction to someone other than their spouse unless they intend to act on it And Kate has no such intentions However her response demonstrates just how poorly her marriage to Jason is doing.To avoid spoiling the book for others this will be a very vague review in many ways Something happens that impacts the entire world, and it just so happens that Kate, Ryan, and Noah are in the thick of the action Each responds differently to the experiences they undergo, and learn from those experiences and the responses of those closest to them Even the character with the most knowledge of what is to come, what does come, and what is supposed to happen after the event has much to learn And surprisingly to them, they learn a great deal of it from those they came to assist.Rules are broken, factions formed, plans altered without going through necessary channels, and much hardship is endured by all Yet it almost seems that the breaking of the rules was part of a higher plan The ending of the book is disappointing if this is not the first in a series Too many questions go unanswered and are just left dangling, which would be tolerable if a sequel is planned but if there is no sequel then the book ends to abruptly, almost like the author had an assignment to write a story of a specific length and upon reaching that magical number they simply stopped writing and called it the end. I had high hopes for this book when I read the back cover blurb, thinking that this would be a really great futuristic Science Fiction romance Sadly, the book didn t live up to the excitement generated on the back cover for me.First of all, it seemed to me that the heroine, Kate, did nothing but cry for the first two thirds of the book, something I found very annoying A few episodes I could understand, but it just seemed like she had to cry about everything, all the time I had also hoped that the offworlder, Noah, would remain with Kate through the events of the book, but he was only a minor character in the beginning and was never really developed enough for my tastes and didn t remain with Kate.Secondly, there is so much that is not explained in the book, leaving this reader wondering what in the world was going on There are several sudden changes in the book with no real buildup as to why the change was occurring, making it difficult to follow the chain of events.Third, the romance between Kate and Noah was not developed enough for me, it was an attraction that was denied and fought against, and then they are suddenly in love It just didn t ring true for me.I really struggled with this book, reading several others while in the middle of this one I couldn t form a connection with the characters, nor could I get interested in the book until after Kate returned to Earth after the apocalypse Once I got to that point, the struggles that Kate faced made it much interesting to read, and I was able to finish the rest of the book in one sitting.If this is a start to a series, I hope that future installments will not be as bogged down in environmental details and have detail about the characters, so as to make it easier to form a connection to them. I loved this book The plot was so unexpected and the characters were outstandingly developed Can t wait for from this author The author paints an eerie and descriptive picture of the coming apocalypse and its devastating effects on earth It didn t take me long to finish this book, as I wanted to know how Kate and Ryan Kelly, a Recorder of the event and her Healer son, forge a new life in the unknown new world If you like stories about the apocalypse, this is a good one The author paints a picture with vivid imagery and strong emotion of pre and post apocalyptic Earth after a planet, scheduled to return every six thousand years, comes too close to the world. Kathryn Kelly must learn to face her fear of being ridiculed and rejected in order to survive She has been chosen to record a monumental event The world is changing, and Earth will never be the same. `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇝ Gemini Rising ⇫ Over , Years Ago, Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Warned Future Civilizations Of The Planet Nibiru Every Six Thousand Years The Tenth Planet Crosses Earth S Solar System Spreading Death And Destruction During Its Latest Crossing Kate And Ryan Kelly Learn To Survive A Post Apocalyptic EarthSent To Help Sustain Earth, Noah, A Member Of The Intergalactic Counsel, Joins With Kate, The Chosen Recorder Of The End Of Days One Woman, And One Offworlder Collide With The Ambiguous Light Becoming Humanities Salvation Out Of Tragedy Is Born A Love That Forever Changes Mankind