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Antony John s novel wouldappropriately be called Five Flavors of AWESOME This rocking good book will make you want to jump up and cheer, for wonderful characters, great narration, and an absorbing and uplifting tale.I m really quite bowled over at how well John captures the voice of a teenage girl Piper may be deaf, but she struggles with many of the same issues as other teenagers her dreams of independence and acceptance battle her sense of familial obligation, she wishes she could blend into the crowd yet simultaneously wants to be respected Incredibly, Piper never falls into the YA clich of the smart and quiet good girl who breaks out of her shell She is down to earth and resilient despite years of having to struggle against the current, particularly her family s subpar ways of dealing with her deafness She is truly a character that I would be proud to call a friend, and gives contemporary YA female protagonists everywhere a good name.A story cannot propel itself on the strength of a well written protagonist alone, and happily supporting characters in FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB are just as fascinating, just as complex The band members different personalities and problems with one another are believable and add a good amount of conflict to the story without being too messy or overwhelming The changes that Piper and her family undergo in their relationships with one another truly take the cake, however It is subtle yet prominent, optimistic without wandering into unrealistic happily ever afters.FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB is not simply a book about the music business, or being deaf It is, rather, the story of an incredible girl who learns how to be proud of who she is, and beautiful in her confidence Highly recommended for those who enjoy a strong read that reminds us about why we love contemporary YA for that gem of a character into whose journey we get irrevocably swept. Rating 4.5 starsFavourite QuoteMusic It s not about those things It s about a feeling It s about expressing yourself It s about letting go I have being trying to write this review for days and I am having a hard time trying to sum up what makes Five Flavors of Dumb so special from most other coming of age stories It could be Piper s believable and heart felt voice or the loveable bunch of supporting characters or the constantly entertaining plot or the wonderful writing But whatever the reason is I loved it John s writing makes you feel like you are there with the characters And what an awesome bunch of characters to be hanging out with They would have to be some of my absolute favourites Piper is just awesome Strong, witty and inspiring She isn t perfect, she makes mistakes but she learns from them pretty quick Then there is Piper s brother Finn I loved the interactions between him and Piper It was absolutely hilarious at times and then they would share a really touching moment I kind of wish I had a younger brother like him.There is also a little bit of romance in the story that will make you wish your were Piper and of course swoon all over the place And awwww the first kiss, so perfect and completely goofy grin worthy So I suggest not reading that part in a public place like I did Music is another important element in the story It takes you behind the scenes of the music business I for one am a big fan of stories regarding music and I loved Piper s journey into the music world.Overall, Five Flavors of Dumb is funny, smart and completely heartwarming A must read 3 1 2 starsI don t often read or enjoy feel good books and that s most certainly what this is, although I will grant that it does take a while to find its way into corn country However, sometimes I do get bogged down by all the darkness and depression Sometimes I just need a little refresher Luckily for me, there are a few things that can help circumvent my corn free policy A few of these things are Nerdery Geekery in all its formsOff beat humorA unique voiceSoft rock anthemsShenanigans90 s GrungeAwkwardly hot Asian love interestsAnd guess what This book has all of those things This book was exactly what I needed, and I m really glad that Flannery challenged me to read it I think I inhaled it in less than a day, and in my world of chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning, and crisis mediation that s quite extraordinary I really couldn t put this book down.This is a very sweet story withdepth than your average sweet story Piper feels completely alone in her school, ever since the only other deaf person and her best friend moved to a new state At home, things aren t much better Her baby sister, who was born severely deaf, has recently been fitted with a cochlear implant and is starting to hear meaning that Piper is now the only person in her family who can t To make matters worse, Piper realizes that her parents have raided her college fund the one she was going to use to pay for tuition at a prestigious university for the deaf to pay for the implant.Desperate for money, Piper sees opportunity in the somewhat lame but nonetheless enthusiastic high school band quite appropriately named Dumb After witnessing a performance in front of the school, Piper ends up giving the band a not so small piece of her mind and their arrogant but hot, natch leader challenges her to become their manager If she can get them a paying gig in one month, she will not only get a share of the money she will get to keep the job So Piper accepts Even though she has little to no interest in music.The first three quarters of this book had me grinning and laughing and swooning I loved almost every minute from Piper s realization that her dorky Chess club partner is secretly a master percussionist with the soul of a rock star, to the band s various and mostly failing attempts to succeed and get paid, to the very sweet dynamic between Piper and her younger brother Finn I loved that Piper is a no nonsense shark of a manager, perfectly willing to lie to get her foot in the door And I really loved that each and every member of Piper s family is both present and feels like a real, three dimensional character No absentee parents here Where this story lost me was, of course, in the ending Oh, how I wish that I could just beam myself in to these quirky, fun reads and tell everyone to step away from the corn ledge Just don t do it, fictional people Don t reach for the cornAlas, I have no such powers Because I have to admit that I really loved that Dumb was such a big hot mess of a band And this story, for me, was about Piper reconnecting with the world both at home and with her peers and finding her own identity I just don t think it was necessary or realistic for the band to fall into such perfect alignment and become a success Also, the way that they eventually came together was very predictable, in my opinion Her family s progress also verged into unrealistic territory Some of her parent s decisions and actions later in the book felt out of character and yes, corny.However, I did have a lot of fun reading this Will I remember this book in a year or two I m not sure I am writing this review only a week after reading it and already had to look up the main character s name.Perfect Musical PairingEvelyn Glennie How To Listen To Music With Your Whole BodyOkay, so this is actually mostly a lecture, but I wanted to include it here because I was kind of bummed that this book never addressed the myth that deaf people do not enjoy music Even though I thought it was hilarious that Piper was very much not a music lover, I think it would have been awesome if the author had found a way to dispel this myth However, I completely respect his decision and I would much rather it not be present than for him to have artificially shoe horned it in That doesn t stop me from including it in my review though This video is really amazing a fascinating demonstration from deaf percussionist she probably plays the marimba Evelynn Glennie.Also seen on The Readventurer. I sort of rode into my teenage musical awakening on my older siblings grunge post grunge coat tails Well, since coats aren t very grunge, maybe the tails of their oversized flannel shirts Which means that as my social circle nudged the periphery of theirs, it was Nirvana and Pearl Jam playing in darkened living rooms, The Stone Temple Pilots and Silverchair s Frogstomp in the car CD player etc etcNow that I m older, and I find myself getting a bit crotchety when I see a kid in those of those mass produced Ramones t shirts and wanting to shriekdo you even know who they are , I have to wonder if the generation preceding mine felt a similar protectiveness over their music If they eyed my fourteen year old self askance when I borrowed my sister s cherry red Doc Martens and tried to emulate what I perceived as her particularly cool brand of apathy It never worked, I have always been far too dorkily earnest to pull it off But I guess part of the beauty of music is that for each person the discoveries feel like they re being made for the very first time, profound and deeply personal, no matter how handed down it really is This journey of musical and personal epiphany forms part of Piper s story in The Five Flavours of Dumb, and I have to say that this reading experience hadthan a touch of nostalgia about it Piper undergoes her own musical awakening of sorts when she takes on the role of managing high school band Dumb, with the goal of securing them a paying gig within a month It s a means to an end replenishing her recently raided college fund And Piper also happens to be deaf The cover quote describes The Five Flavours of Dumb as a love letter to rock music , and that s partially true Set in Seattle the story traces a path through the musical history of area, most notably touching on Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, and their respective musical legacies Butthan that it charts Piper s growth from a manager out of necessity to a girl with a genuine passion for what she has become embroiled in, and a greater understanding of the power of music Piper is one my favourite protagonists of late she s intelligent, resourceful and driven, yet not without insecurities and a streak of naivety view spoiler I confess I found those Ed and Piper scenes extremely cute I wish Ed would make me a coffee hide spoiler I wish I hadn t read this book Well, not really, but there s a chance I might meet the author in November, and now I m going to have to put on a wig and pretend like I m not really Mike Mullin because I ll be too nervous to meet him.Anyway, the book insane humor and gentle humanity wrapped in a cloak of grunge rock attitude Five Flavors of Dumb is six flavors of brilliant You know how people say that something is made of awesome Well this book is really made of awesome The concept is golden A girl who is deaf managing a band Does that even work Oh yes it can.Piper Vaughan is eighteen, a good student that gets stellar grades, president of the chess club, and deaf Oddly enough she gets recruited to be the manager of the local high school band Dumb She has her reservations at first of course, but the recent emptying of her college fund drives her to try this and get some cash As it turns out the band needs a lothelp than she knew How was she suppose to know they were so bent out of shape The band goes through ups and downs, and Piper feels everyone of them Dumb the band becomes her life but things start to get really ugly Can Piper keep it together so the band has a chance to survive The book deals with a lot of things Piper being deaf and how that affects her interaction with people, connecting with people through music, and coming to terms with who you are One of the things that stood out the most to me was how Piper had a family they aren t MIA like in many young adult books but who have problems of course I think the family dynamic is spot on The people in the family are real people who have flaws, make mistakes, but at the end of the day they do love each other Piper comes to realize that she wasn t alone as she thought Then there is the musical aspect of the book Since the book is set in Seattle we hear about Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix I can honestly say I m not into this type of music but now I get the appeal It s interesting to see music through a deaf person Piper can tell how music is so enigmatic, moving, and tells the story of people It can capture a moment and through this experience she learns that and so much .There are so many enticing characters I mean I don t think I can even write about them without coming up short My personal favorites were not including Piper Finn Piper s brother , Kallie, and Ed All of them are exceptional in their own way, for good and bad reasons I so wish I could give you guys a rundown of each character but read the book You ll get what I mean, and it would be so much better than what I could come up with I m not giving the book enough credit with my review Just go and fall in love with music again with Piper The girl who can do anything, even hear music. Okay, I TOTALLY enjoyed that I didn t have particularly high expectations, but gawsh, I just enjoyed it meaning my mega analysing brain just chilled for a moment OKAY but there was some stuff I didn t like There were a few sexist comments mostly coming from the girls not okay and I didn t actually understand some of the characters crankiness BUT WHATEVER I had fun A big reason I wanted to read this is because it s narrated by a deaf protagonist Piper ironic name wasn t born deaf, but it s hereditary Her dad is really crappy about ithe wants to fix deafness I really appreciated that the book took on passive aggressive discrimination AS WELL as just outright discrimination And it was also a totally interesting peek into deafness, hearing aids, and signing SO The book has a big focus on music Irony, right SO MUCH IRONY IN THIS BOOK It was interesting, but I have to admit I m not into rock And I don t care about bands awkward So even though premise wise it was kind of meh bleh for me it had such good characters they made up for it I LOVE GOOD CHARACTERS There s a big cast, and everyone s really fleshed out and dynamic and interesting Plus Piper s family is a HUGE part of the book yay for books featuring families and I loved the character development and how Piper changed and grew and how her relationship with her parents strengthen AND fell apart And friendship So much friendship awesomeness Also it had a super diverse cast There were all sorts of ethnicities in their and minorities YAY YAY YAY.A quick list of what I wasn t fussed on There were a few moments when Piper was hearing things I didn t think were realistic for her to hear The band, Dumb, got through a LOT for not knowing how to play Like, realistically No But for an interesting story yes I totally don t understand why everyone hated on Kallie LIKE WHAT It felt so shallow and randomand I also do not understand why Piper was so quick to let her in the band without a knowing what instrument she played, or b thinking it through It had one of those deluded romances You knowwhere the girl totally doesn t notice the dude s liked her for 87 million years ARGHHH THEY DRIVE ME NUTS But ultimately they were cute and I ship it It was totally well written and spunky and I literally couldn t put it down I ATE IT IN LIKE TWO SITTINGS I loved the view into Deaf culture and the characters were ultimately the best part Maybe belief needs to be suspended a little BUT C MON IT WAS FUN. Original post at One More PageIn 2007, I wrote a NaNoWriMo novel with my main character as the manager and the guitarist of a Christian band I had a pretty good idea for a story, really, with the band looking for a female vocalist and I figured the hardest part was writing about their chemistry It turned out it wasn t The hardest part was writing about music because even if I ve helped produced some concerts before, I still didn t know how it feels like to be in an actual band, or even to just manage one Suffice to say, that was one of the hardest novels I ve tried to write.But that doesn t stop me from putting singing characters or bands in my stories I don t know why maybe it s a frustration because I know I am hardly musical Oh I listen to a lot of songs, but I usually pay attention to the lyrics and not the music Maybe it s because I have a secret dream of being a rock star or a manager of a band Antony John s latest novel, Five Flavors of Dumb spoke to my inner rock star and band manager I ve been eying this book for the longest time even made a Want Books post about it ever since I saw it from That Cover Girl I was planning on waiting for the actual book to arrive but I had an ebook itch I needed to scratch and I was very easily swayed when she convinced me to And this is one splurge I am very glad I did Five Flavors of Dumb tells the story of Piper Vaughan, deaf girl, who gets recruited to be the manager of Dumb, the new rock band in school What would a deaf girl know about music, right But Piper says yes to it after she finds out that her parents used her college money to buy a cochlear implant for her baby sister, Grace, who was born deaf She has one month to bring in the cash, and it would have been easier for her if Dumb actually worked togetherbut as luck would have it, it wasn t And craziness ensues Five Flavors of Dumb is such a fun read from the start all the way to the end I loved Piper s voice If you didn t read the blurb, you d honestly be surprised to find out she was deaf as she revealed it I loved how smart and snarky Piper was despite her circumstances, and the fact that she was hearing impaired made her rock someI love how the other characters werethan what they were at first, particularly the other girls, Tash and Kallie The characters were a diverse group, and it really brought out the flavors in the novel.There s also a lotgoing in this novel other than Piper s deafness or managing the band This book also tackled some music history Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, for those who are curious , passion, a bit of self image and a lot of family I was torn between Piper and her family when tensions rose about her deafness and her sister s cochlear implants, and normally I would think it was unfair for Piper I hated Piper s father at first for being so prejudiced against his daughter, but he had a good redemption in the end It really is a difficult situation for a family to be in, anyway The choices that Piper s parents made are choices that they shouldn t have to make, but they have to and just find ways to deal with what happens after I loved how that issue was resolved and how everything was tied up at the end To put it simply it rocked.I was kind of expecting it to be like Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway which I also liked a lot , but Five Flavors of Dumb had all the things I liked about that novel, andThis is one of the books that I think I will also get in print version when I see it in the stores here so I can lend it to other people and they can read for themselves how much this book rocks and the cover is just really pretty Don t miss out on this one rocking your world And you know what This book just gave me a problem I d need to fix my Top 10 reads of 2010 again to make room for this one. Piper has one month to get her high school band, Dumb, a paying gig and if she succeeds she gets to become the band s much needed manger The only problem is, how do you manage a crumbling band into rising stardom when you don t even know if they re any good SeePiper s deaf.Going into this book, I had zero expectations and pretty much thought it was just another fluffy piece about high school, music and teenage angsts Yeah..how wrong was I Five Flavors of Dumb is an inspiring and humorous story that features a tough fiery protag, Piper and her five flavors Ed, Will, Tash, Josh and Kallie It s a story about a girl finally finding out who she truly is and what she s really made of Despite the fact that Piper s deaf, sit back and let her show you just want she can accomplish when she wants to be heard.I loved this book It s clever and uplifting and funny and I had a lot of fun reading it.Antony John did an amazing job with Pipers voice and the very detailed storyline that he crafted.I m not one for reading music type books, and have a few that I actually loved, but this book felt very different from the rest It meshes the inner workings of the music industry from contracts to negotiations to recording to interviews to finding your next gig, combining it with the true meaning and passion of music while set to a journey of self discovery That s a very hard task to create in ya contemporary, and yet, John makes it look effortless and impressive, not to mention a whole lotta fun.I really just loved every single one of these characters minus Josh They each have there own unique rhythm that bounces off each other.Piper is a conflicting character She s strong, dependable and resilient but she s also very blind to her life and the people in it She also has one of most realistic voices with very understandable issues She s always felt ignored, alone, disabledbut with the right opportunity truly begins to come out her shell and be the person she was born to be.The rest of the flavors were also really great, but Ed and Finn were my favorites Ed s that guy, the one who believes and likes you for you and only you Everyone needs an Ed in their life As for Finn, I ve always had a thing for strong brother sister bonds in books and these two are a great example of that.Bottom line, I loved this book It surprised me in the best way possible The writing is brilliant, the characters are likable and the plot is warm and wonderful.If your a fan of music or a fan of ya contemporary or just a fan of feel good reads, this one goes out to you.Well done ^Epub ☞ Five Flavors of Dumb ↚ The Challenge Piper Has One Month To Get The Rock Band Dumb A Paying Gig The Deal If She Does It, Piper Will Become The Band S Manager And Get Her Share Of The Profits The Catch How Can Piper Possibly Manage One Egomaniacal Pretty Boy, One Talentless Piece Of Eye Candy, One Crush, One Silent Rocker, And One Angry Girl And How Can She Do It When She S Deaf Piper Can T Hear Dumb S Music, But With Growing Self Confidence, A Budding Romance, And A New Understanding Of The Decision Her Family Made To Buy A Cochlear Implant For Her Deaf Baby Sister, She Discovers Her Own Inner Rock Star And What It Truly Means To Be A Flavor Of Dumb