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FREE EBOOK Ü John Belushi Is Dead Ù IN THE END WE ALL FADE TO BLACK Pink Haired Hilda And Oddball Loner Benji Are Not Your Typical Teenagers Instead Of Going To Parties Or Hanging Out At The Mall, They Comb The City Streets And Suburban Culs De Sac Of Los Angeles For Sites Of Celebrity Murder And Suicide Bound By Their Interest In The Macabre, Hilda And Benji Neglect Their Schoolwork And Their Social Lives In Favor Of Prowling The Most Notorious Crime Scenes In Hollywood History And Collecting Odd Mementos Of Celebrity Death Hilda And Benji S Morbid Pastime Takes An Unexpected Turn When They Meet Hank, The Elderly, Reclusive Tenant Of A Dilapidated Echo Park Apartment Where A Silent Movie Star Once Stabbed Himself To Death With A Pair Of Scissors Hilda Feels A Strange Connection With Hank And Comes To Care Deeply For Her Paranoid New Friend As They Watch Old Movies Together And Chat The Sweltering Afternoons Away But When Hank S Downstairs Neighbor Jake, A Handsome Screenwriter, Inserts Himself Into The Equation And Begins To Hint At Hank S Terrible Secrets, Hilda Must Decide What It Is She S Come To Echo Park Searching For And Whether Her Fascination With Death Is Worth Missing Out On Life Hilda has always felt a bit odd Together with her best friend, Benji, they prowl the sites where celebrities have died, sometimes taking away a piece of history to remember it When one apartment they come across has an old man living there, Hilda and Hank form a bizarre friendship When Hank s downstairs neighbour, Jake, brings himself into the equation, Hilda starts to discover that Hank is hiding a dark secret As Hilda s new relationships grow, she starts to question whether her fascination with death is making her miss out on life.I did not know what I was getting myself into when I opened the first page of John Belushi is Dead, but I was not disappointed From the first page, the reader is introduced to Hilda and her macabre friend, Benji The two have a bizarre fascination with the dead especially dead celebrities All the characters are well thought out and believable, which made some parts of the story gut wrenchingly realistic I loved Hilda and her pink hair and the journey she took throughout the novel was full of enough twists and turns to keep me reading.The premise of this story is unique, and even though some of the scenes were confronting and graphic, I couldn t put it down Besides the melancholic tones, there s also the subtle romance that blooms between Hilda and Jake His introduction to the story turned the whole plot upside down, which is a good thing because I was never able to see where it was going.This is an emotional story which will appeal to anyone with the slightest bit of morbid curiosity, or anyone who has ever been interested in a death of a celebrity. I m scolding myself for waiting so long to start this book But that doesn t matter now because I did read it and I loved it Actually, it may even be my favourite book of 2016 They were scavengers feeding off others, obsessed with lives that were not their own Yes, it s morbid, likely disturbing for some people, but it s real, gritty and packed with emotion, which I really did not expect.I ll admit to going through a phase where I was obsessed with weird famous deaths I was young, naive and lost I never took it to the extreme they did in this book, I never looked at pictures or visited where it happened It wasthat I wanted to know WHY Why would someone do that to themselves or someone else John Belushi once said that happiness is not a state you want to be in all the time I knew what he meant He was talking about the uncontrollable urge to fuck it all up, the desire to put a knife in the toaster of existence just to see what would happen To put a bomb under your blessings and watch them blow sky high To swan dive off the precipice and give in to the free fall That right there was me I did that, I felt that, that s how I lived Anyway my point was that I understood Hilda Her character was flawless She grew so much through this book and never even realised it She let go and moved on, thanks to the help of one grumpy secretive man and even her psychotic best friend helped her accept her past and live.This wasn t just well written the story was well formed, the characters were three dimensional and everything just worked It even had me upset near the end And again I ll say I loved it Something about the premise of this book interested me Probably because I can be a bit morbid myself But very early on, it becomes obvious that Hilda and Benji aren t just a bit morbid Benji in particular can be downright ghoulish It s one thing to visit graves in publicly accessible cemeteries, and another entirely to take pilgrimages to sites of famous murders and suicides to take pictures and collect souvenirs The way they meet Hank, by showing up uninvited at his apartment to take pictures of his bathroom because a celebrity committed suicide there It s pretty creepy It takes a good 50 pages or so to get into Hilda s head enough that I could move past being disturbed at her level of death tourism It was these first 50 pages that moved slowly for me Once I could start to understand Hilda, I started to get absorbed in the book She isn t the easiest character to like, but I found myself feeling strangely protective of her And increasingly so as she grew throughout the course of the story, while Benji essentially did the exact opposite.I was a little disappointed with the ending, though It felt a little too easy, a little too conveniently hopeful for everyone A little jarring, after everything that came before But I can t argue with the nearly 300 pages that came before that last chapter, or with some of the ambiguities that Charles did decide to leave unresolved Although it could be a tough book to get through in some spots, connecting to Hilda was enough for me to all but swallow it whole. 3.5 John Belushi is Dead also published as Hollywood Ending in Australia is an strangely compelling and original read It s dark and gritty in parts okay, inthan just parts it doesn t shy away from vivid descriptions of death disaster It fascinates with its exploration of that morbid curiosity that so many of us have in regards to sudden gruesome tragedy particularly in the lives of the famous It captures that haunting sense of history that you get from just standing in the spot where Something Huge once occurred.My own devouring of this book en likened me to the enthusiastic way it s characters seek out these sad and horrific events in history, like thrill seekers, it s an addiction one that defines the lives of Hilda and Benji Parts of this book made my skin crawl particularly Benji O.o The plot starts out slowly but builds breathtakingly to the point where you feel like anything could happen in the climax brilliantly done It s an odd little blend of the macabre and bittersweet It has touching moments alongside vividly disturbing encounters It touches on the holocaust, on iconic celebrities from an era long gone, mass murderers and unsolved mysteries like the black dahlia.It features a flawed, fantastically human cast not always lovable.I actually really enjoyed learning a lot of those hollywood ending type stories it was like reading awesome unbelievably true wikipedia articles about the most fascinating parts of Hollywood s history all blended into a present day narrative of one girl who s obsessed with death even as she overcomes her own demons with it Strangely moving, in the end.It s not particularly a me book but it was original, compelling and addicting Not sure it is one I will re read, but I am glad I read it I recommend this to anyone who loves learning true crime type stuff within a fictional narrative , has a mild interest in the golden days of Hollywood and can stomach the macabre side of things this review feels a little scattered but trying to get my thoughts down as i go, rather than waiting for divine inspiration and then never coming back to share what i thought