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It won t happen to you You re too strong You ll fight it, just like you did thistime I only did because you were here He wrapped his arms around me, and I buried my face in his chest I can t do it by myself, I whispered You can, he said There was a tremulous note in his voice You re strong you re so, so strong It s why I love you Don t worry, little dhampir You might be surrounded by clouds, but you ll always be like sunshine to meOh my god I can t That ending broke my heart 1I set off, off to kill the man I lovedWhy Why I hate that Strigoi Nathan that turn Dimitri into Strigoi Oh my god, at first I felt so happy that finally Rose and Dimitri found a way to be together and made love of course P and then that happen On one hand, I am glad he is not dead but on the other hand he is Strigoi They don t feel anything I m so sad When Dimitri was attacked I cried and criedI love you, Roza He kissed me again I ll always be here for you I m not going to let anything happen to you2 Finally, Lissa finds out about Dimitri and Rose Okay, she is your best friend and it took you 3 books to figure it out Congrats 3It s like I said You ve never wanted me, never even considered me The flowers, the flirting it rolled right off you You were so gone for him, and nobody noticed If you go do your thing, will you take me seriously Will you give me a chance when you returnRose promised Adrian to give him a chance when she comes back It s a terrible mistake He is in love with her And she is in love with Dimitri even though he is StrigoiI m always crazy around you, Rose Here, I m going to write an impromptu poem for you He tipped his head back and shouted to the sky Rose is in red But never in blue Sharp as a thorn Fights like one tooOhh, Adrian 4 When Rose sees Mason s ghost I was like Wtf it s going on here 5You will lose what you value most, so treasure it while you can She pointed to the Wheel of Fortune card The wheel is turning, always turningGuys, that witch Rhonda, she scares the hell out of me 6 A lot of things happened in this book,such as Victor s trial or that Rose was paired with Christian I laughed so hard in that scene, she was so sure that she was paired with Lissa or the Mana and so much but all I can think is that ending 7It s not about you, okay This time, it s about me Not you All my life, Lissa all my life, it s been the same They come first I ve lived my life for you I ve trained to be your shadow, but you know what I want to come first I need to take care of myself for once I m tired of looking out for everyone else and having to put aside what I want Dimitri and I did that, and look what happened He s gone I will never hold him again Now I owe it to him to do this I m sorry if it hurts you, but it s my choice I can t write a proper review for this My little heart is too broken for it.THAT ENDINGOkay okay I just hope the other books are good as well I mean, I ve heard this one is the best one so far and then it all just fades Maybe the hype will fade maybe it ll grow I don t know But I just hope Richelle Mead doesn t disappoint with them. Incredible This series continues to get better This is one of the best vampire themed series out there After my disappointment with other series losing there touch, I have to say that it is not the case with these books Everything that initially drew me in is still there and then some I ve been in anticipation for this book for a long time, and when I finally got a copy it trumped everything else There were parts of the story that I figured out, and even though I wanted the novel to end one way, I applaud Mead s unpredictability Does that sentence totally contradict itself Let me see if I can explain In my quest to keep this spoiler free it may be difficult, but here it goes I knew that something big was going to happen to one of the characters in this novel The clues where there the foreshadowing was set up wonderfully And even though I had an idea of what was going to happen, Mead was still able to surprise me in the end Why Because, I never really thought she would do it The ending wasn t what I wanted I ll admit that, but I don t think I would have been happy with it being any other way One of the reasons I m such a fan of this novel, besides the extraordinary writing ability of Richelle Mead, is Rose Hathaway Let me just tell you how much I love Rose She s beautiful, smart, confident, she s a smart ass and she kicks ass I want to be her She is one of my all time favorite literary characters I absolutely cannot wait to read the rest of this series. I think I have to assume that something devastating will happen in every series that Mead writes With this one I was pretty much crying from the last 40 pages until the end Talk about heartbreaking I sort of saw what was going to happen coming but it didn t make it any less horrible I m actually still feeling the effects of this novel and I had to quickly order the next two books to find out what happens On the heels of the death of her friend, Rose finds out that she s going to start six weeks of field exercise along with the other senior novices The problem is though, Rose is seeing ghosts and feeling a terrible rage whenever angered or cornered Rose had her temper before but something is different about these feelings And being visited by the dead isn t helping her in going back to living any sort of normal life Rose has grown up since the incident from the previous book and the people around her take notice Rose isn t the only one changing though and she has to deal with these circumstances as a new threat from the Strigoi looms I FLEW through this book I think I could read about Rose and her friends all day every day and not get bored Honestly though, I think I feel this way about all of Mead s heroines so I could be biased I love the characters, the story, the way the world is crafted, and Mead s simple yet effective writing style This series is miles above any teen series I ve come across and it rivals some adult series I ve read as well and it s quickly become one of my top favorite series ever Great addition to the series and I can t wait until my order from ships My reviews of books two and four Frostbite and Blood Promise. Well holy shiiiiiiiiiit the end of this. Buddy read with the lovely YasminFinishing this book and running to Goodreads likeSo this book started off really well I think this might be one of those series that get interesting with each new book But that ending Why did nobody warn me The worst part is that I don t even have the next book view spoiler So Dimitri can t be strigoi It can t be true We need to find a cure for strigoisism strigoism whatever We need to get Dimitri back I m not finishing this series if my bae is gone Lisa is a major selfish bitch She s been acting like a brat throughout this whole series My favorite part was when Rose finally snapped THIS ISN T ABOUT YOU THIS IS ABOUT ME THIS TIME BECAUSE I WANT TO COME FIRST Not the actual quote but you get the gist of it I feel like Rose is going to be so much better without Lisa because she can finally focus on herself and not run to Lisa s rescue every time she breaks a nail I have never been this close to looking up spoilers about a bookin my life I just need to know if we get Dimitri back Agh hide spoiler 5 OMG Dimitri Stars all kinds of SPOILERS up in this piece It s like one huge spoiler OMG OMG OMFG so much happened in this book I can t even wrap my mind around it Rose is having all kinds of issues Thanks to being Shadow kissed and bonded to Lissa she is taking all the dark emotions and crazy that Lissa gets from using her magic and it is flowing though the bond to Rose This is making Rose act crazy, angry and at times totally out of control and dangerous Also Rose is seeing Mason s ghost Rose thinks she is going crazy, seeing ghosts and all but later finds out that she can see ghost thanks again to being Shadow kissed She can also sense Strigoi when they are close On top of all that craziness she is doing her 6 week field test to become a guardian Lissa and Adrian are working on their spirit magic Christian is very unhappy with Lissa and Adrian spending so much time together especially after he finds out that the Queen plans on setting Adrian and Lissa up to marry Adrian still flirts with Rose and wants to be with her but she blows him off Rose and Dimitri make love for the first time They say I love you and decide they can have a relationship They make plans on how to go about living their lives together There is a huge Strigoi attack on the school right after Dimitri and Rose make love Dimitri is turned Strigoi Rose is heartbroken and goes to Adrian and asks for a lot of money He tells her he will give it to her if she will give him a real chance at a relationship when she gets back She tells Adrian she will give him a chance The next day Rose drops out of school and goes after Dimitri with the plan to hunt down and kill the man she loved, the man that is now Strigoi this series is so, so fun and so, so terrible.people die constantly and no one is sad beyond sometimes being like i am sad i am so very, very sad there s a romance between a teacher and a 17 year old student.there s so much sloppy nonsense magic answers to mysteries unknown for years come exactly when they re needed out of nowhere.it s basically Pretty Little Liars but with vampires.soPretty Little Liars but better.bottom line the reread will continue, and presumably continue to be a blast and a half GUILTY PLEASURE REREAD IS A GO (READ KINDLE) ⚢ Shadow Kiss × Is Rose S Fate To Kill The Person She Loves Most It S Springtime At St Vladimir S Academy, And Rose Hathaway Is This Close To Graduation Since Mason S Death, Rose Hasn T Been Feeling Quite Right She Has Dark Flashbacks In The Middle Of Practice, Can T Concentrate In Class, And Has Terrifying Dreams About Lissa But Rose Has An Even Bigger Secret She S In Love With Dimitri And This Time, It S Way Than A CrushThen Strigoi Target The Academy In The Deadliest Attack In Moroi History, And Dimitri Is Taken Rose Must Protect Lissa At All Costs, But Keeping Her Best Friend Safe Could Mean Losing Dimitri Forever There s no denying it, I loved this third book in the series probably best of all and I finished it with all kinds of feelings and thoughts running through my head The ending leaves the reader on such a cliffhanger and the fact that I am constantly being warned against reading book 4 just makes it all the worse I want to know what happens damn it, I NEED to know what happens Can that possibly be it view spoiler Is there really no hope for Rose and Dimitri hide spoiler