Omg I Am Soooo Mad That Justine Got Killed By Simone I Swear I Thought She Was Gon Make It But I m Glad Noah Killed Simone And Lucas Should Be Ashamed Of Himself Cause he Could have Controlled Himself If He Didn t really Like Simone Like He Said He Didn t If It Wasn t For Him Having Sex With Simone Justine Would Probably Still be Alive And Their Relationship Wouldn t Have Been The Way it Was After he Cheated But Justine Knew What Simone was Doing I Think She was Just Scared Of Simone They Should have Moved To A New State So Simone Couldn t Find Them I Hate Her And I m Glad She Died. This book was great but I think It could have been better and I can t believe it ended the way it did I hope there will be to this story FREE DOWNLOAD ♿ Karma ⚖ When Narcotics Detective Lucas Cain Meets News Reporter Justine Greer, She Stops His Playa Attitude In Its Tracks It Is Love At First Sight As The Two Fall Head Over Heels For Each Other, Despite The Influence Of Justine S Jealous Friend, Simone While Simone Tempts Lucas With Her Raw Sexuality, He Struggles To Keep His Old Ways In The Past Lucas And His Partner, Noah, Accept A Dangerous Undercover Assignment That Will Topple The Empire Of The Notorious Drug Lord, Nine Can Lucas And Noah Survive This Dangerous Bust Will Lucas Revert To His Player Ways With Simone S Constant Temptation It S A Race Between Love And Lust, And What Goes Around Definitely Comes Around As KARMA Takes Its Toll This book was good, but I hated the ending. The author titled this book Karma, but it just as easily could have been called Frenemy of the State Justine Greer is an attractive woman with a good head on her shoulders and a great career as a news reporter A night out with her best friends Holly and Simone leads to a chance introduction to the suave and debonair narcotics detective, Lucas Cain Lucas and Noah have been partners on the force and best friends for years When Noah sees the trio of ladies enter the club, he immediately senses that Justine is just the kind of woman to turn his friend s head When Lucas sends drinks to the ladies table, the romance begins for them, while jealousy and envy begin for others.Simone has been friends with Holly and Justine since college While she s always been able to relate to Holly, since they both came from humble backgrounds, inwardly she has hated Justine since college In her mind, Justine s middle class upbringing and the fact that she is an only child has lead her to have a charmed life Everything has always come so easily to Justine, but Simone knows that there s one department that Justine cannot compete in with her Holly s husband, Robert, has warned Lucas about Simone and her evil ways, but Lucas isn t prepared for the extremes that Simone will go to Though he s managed to dodge a few bullets she sends flying his way, nothing will prepare him for what happens when he and Noah go undercover as bodyguards for her rapper drug dealer boyfriend, Nine.Justine knows that Simone is a little flirty and over the top, but she s always been that way Even when Simone openly flirts with Lucas in her presence, Justine sits by idly without saying a word Everyone wonders how long she will allow Simone to carry on with her wild antics, until the day Justine loses it and turns the tables Bodhidharma once said, Still others commit all sorts of evil deeds, claiming karma doesn t exist They erroneously maintain that since everything is empty, committing evil isn t wrong Such persons fall into a hell of endless darkness with no hope of release Those who are wise hold no such conception I can t say that Simone would have changed her ways had she known what fate awaited her for her evil actions, but she just might have.What did you like best about this book It was very well written The author created such an unlikeable character in Simone that even when she was in harm s way I felt absolutely no remorse for her.What did you dislike about this book Not a thing, I ve already added the sequel to my to be read list.How can the author improve this book No improvement needed. OMG I am so glad that I received Karma II today I hated to put this book down And the endingI didn t see that coming I Loved this book but I totally hated Simone in this book.It s basically about a detective named Lucas Cain who meets Justine Greer in a bar and he s instantly attracted to her His only problem of many to come is that he s not sure with his player ways if he can remain faithful to Justine Lucas meets one of Justine s friends named Simone Simone is not your average woman She s conniving,arrogant, aggressive, and always flirts with everyone s man In College she stole Justine s boyfriend and Justine s friend Holly fears the same about Lucas Countless people have warned Lucas and Justine about Simone s antics about trying to make a pass at Lucas Even Holly s own husband tries to warn Lucas At first Lucas can t believe Simone was like that but, then he realizes the trouble he s in with Simone He tries every which way to avoid her but, Simone just keeps persisting and eventually Lucas gives in because deep down he s attracted to her He sleeps with Simone on two occasions the second time Justine discovers Lucas and Simone together and goes in blind rage The relationship isn t the same, so for revenge she goes after a co worker whom she had an affair with before named Darius Who Lucas can t stand Lucas eventually catches them together and beats the shit out of Darius and is furious with JustineTo see what happens next just have to read it I think I gave you the idea All in all like I said I hated Simone, and I think Lucas should have been a little stronger in his decision in not sleeping with Simone Justine should have dropped her as a friend a long time ago also. Seriously, I tried REALLY hard to like this book The idea or plot is original, very interesting, and different from the normal back stabbing bff stories I ve been reading, but this just didn t do for me I got BOREEEDDDDD and skipped multiple parts, even the so call steamy scenes I just felt like I loved Simone than I did all the other characters and she is the enemy I think I didn t like it so much because all the energy and character build was focused on making Simone over the top and out there that the other characters, like and especially Justine, didn t really have a personality interesting enough Lucas annoyed and bored me at times, I was shocked with Noah s sudden personality flip, but that was really it Holly was Holly, I felt like could have been done with her or she could have just been left somewhere Idk I just struggled to stay into the story And when I finally got to the ending I was so upset that I actually considered searching to see if there is a second book, and honestly I d probably only read the first few chapters to see if the story picks up where it left off, and from there I ll decide if its worth continuing to read. I loved this book Simone was dirty from the get go Justine shouldve been put her foot down with that situation Shame on Lucas for not holding out on his temptations Overall I loved this book I was a lil saddened by the end I had hoped they had worked out their differences before things got out of hand This book was GREAT