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I am back to reading only the stories by the authors I know and like in anthologies, after my recent yet again failed attempt to read an anthology in its entirety Thus the rating and review are for Charlaine Harris s story Two Blondes only.Pam suddenly invites Sookie on a weekend getaway to enjoy some gambling while running an errand for Eric which, of course, means Sookie s telepathic powers will be put to use Is it just me, but it seems Sookie is used by Eric left and right What follows is although a not very clever, but super entertaining romp involving some mystery, some ass kicking, and some double girl stripping Once again I find Sookie a little tartier in this short story than in the books see Gift Wrap in A Touch of Dead for another example of tartiness , but no matter, the story itself is a lot of fun. Two Blondes Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse 10.1 Sookie and Pam head off to the riverboat casinos to mix business with some fun DNF I can t go on with this charade any Sookie annoys the crap outta me Ms Harris writing is slow and tedious with innumerable mundane details about clothes, cleaning, and other bullshit I don t care about it I just have no interest what even happens to these people any.The Boys Go Fishing Sarah Smith A crotchety old superhero s lonely exile is invaded he longs for death, but may yet discover how to truly live 2 stars The description is accurate yet sounds way exciting than this story actually is It was a good idea but was executed in an odd way that didn t allow me to get into it view spoiler the addition of the shape shifting Japanese children was random and although I understood their attempted purpose, I didn t feel anything for them hide spoiler Here are a few things that I did like about this anthology 1 Each author had a short introductory paragraph outlining their biography and their work What a great idea I now have a few authors to look into.2 The vacation theme was kind of fun I liked all the different takes on vacation stories.3 There was a nice mix of authors I recognized Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, and Katie MacAlister The rest were new to me authors and some I will definitely look up.My favorite stories in this anthology were 1 One for the Money Jeaniene Frost I ve missed Cat and Bones, the sexy, loving, happily married, Cat and Bones Loved them in this story and I now have high hopes for the next book 2 Safe and Sound by Jeff Abbott This is a new to me author and I really enjoyed his story about a boy who goes missing on an island vacation Very well done.Honorable mention goes to Charlaine Harris story Two Blondes I didn t really like it for a Sookie story, but I enjoyed it for Pam s character Katie MacAlister s story The Perils of Effrijim was also entertaining and makes me want to start reading the Aisling Grey series. Two Blondes is a short story in the Sookie Stackhouse series by popular American author, Charlaine Harris Pam and Sookie go to Tunica on vacation The plan is a bit of sightseeing, gambling, see a show Oh, and run a small errand for Eric But in the course of said errand, the pair finds themselves tangled up in Vampire politics, the object of a plot that is bound to end in their deaths, via much unpleasantness Of course, the two blondes are ever resourceful, escaping their fates with a gun, some brute force, a quick change of costume and a bit of dancing Very entertaining Two Blondes by Charlaine Harris 4 5 Fun story with Sookie and my favorite character Pam As soon as I knew Pam was going to be in story, knew I would like it One character that is awesome in both the books and the TV show Somehow, I got the feeling you really didn t think enough of humans to want to claim one as a friend Sookie You re not as intolerable as most, Pam said LightlyThe Boys Go Fishing by Sarah Smith 3 5 This one didn t do it for me Found myself confused with what was going on Good writer, really can set a mood, but the story was so so Robin grew up, came out, moved to San Fransico, he s in politics now The Bat retreated into scientific experiments One for the Money by Jeaniene Frost 5 5 Frickin awesome as usual Outstanding, especially for a short story I adore Cat and Bones Loved the scenes between Bones and Cat s Mom Of course, Bones always looked good enough to eat Whoever said don t play with your food sure hadn t been a vampire Meanwhile, Far Across the Caspian Sea by Daniel Stashower 5 5 I absolutely loved this story and was extremely disappointed when it ended, because I just wanted to know Must go find out about this author This one grabbed your attention from the first line and never let go This story alone is worth the price of the book he radiated a sense of wary befuddlement, as though someone kept hiding his stapler The Innsmouth Nook by A Lee Martinez 4 5 Delightful story, reminded me a little of some of Stephen King s short fiction the good stuff Awesome beginning and nice light dry humor Loved the two main mail characters and the dialogue between the two It was just a tentacle, reaching out from the great unknown, from that horrible place where credit card bills, junk mail and despair were spawned They ve made some terrific advances in gaydar, dude Safe and Sound by Jeff Abbott 3.5 5 Good story, drags a little and some of story doesn t make sense, but still enjoyed it Great characters and author great at setting mood Someone went shopping at the unsolicited opinion store Seeing is Believing by L A Banks 3 5 Not bad, was sorta of irritated with the manner of speaking of some of the characters and was a little confused at times on who was being discussed Author has incredible talent with setting a scene and the mood of the setting Loved the characters though Boy, I used to change your diapers, so don t sass me The Perils of Effrijim by Katie MacAlister 3.5 5 Loved this authors writing and her wit, but found myself lost in the world she was creating I think I would have given this a higher rating if I had read one of her novels first Natasha agrees with me on this point Must say I really enjoyed her dialogue though and will be checking out some of her other works Loved the part about My Humps funny stuff It s just not a good idea for me to take on girl form Cause if I did, all I d do is jump up and down and watch by boobs bounce Thin Walls by Christopher Golden 3 5 Old fashioned horror sort of story Author quite exceptional at setting mood of story quite quickly Very sexual Honey, trust me, I ll make you forget your own name The Heart is Always Right by Lilith Saintcrow 4 5 Interesting and quite different Never read a story about gargoyles before Main character is quite sweet and the story was just really enjoyable And the shell shocked look in her swollen red rimmed eyes was enough to make me feel as if I d stepped on a fluffy helpless kitten The Demon in the Dunes by Chris Grabenstein 4 5 Good old fashioned nostalgic horror story, really enjoyed it and the ending was unexpected Again another author who really knows how to set the mood and landscape for his story The critics always label my impossibly busty in her tight, revealing costume as nothing than an adolescent sexual fantasy Home from America by Sharan Newman 2 5 Just couldn t get into this one and really didn t like the ending Also didn t like the main character, which probably really affected my enjoyment of the story What the hell he said, reading the titles of the seminars How to keep your pot of gold in trying times Invisibility, the best defense Which end of the rainbow To jig or not to jig, fighting the stereotypes Pirate Dave s Haunted Amusement Park by Toni L P Kelner 4 5 Delightful and fun Excellent dialogue Looking forward to reading some of the authors other works After all the diets I d endured and the exercise regimens I d abandoned, it had taken being turned into a werewolf to give me the figure I d always wanted 4 5 Dewey s Worth the price, just for the Jeaniene Frost and Daniel Stashower stories I received this from Penguin in return for an honest review I picked up this collection solely for the new Sookie Stackhouse story, but I found quite a few stories in here that I enjoyed.Recommended Two Blondes by Charlaine Harris The Sookie story Sookie and Pam go to a strip club As strippers.The Boys Go Fishing by Sarah Smith Great story about aging superheros Fabulous.Meanwhile, Far Across the Caspian Sea by Daniel Stashower Researcher is recruited to shadow conspiracy Good, but the ending falls a little flat.The Innsmouth Nook by A Lee Martinez So, two guys only one gay open a bed and breakfast in Innsmouth And then something tentacled walks out of the sea Very funny.Safe and Sound by Jeff Abbot Opportunistic journalist clashes with new vampire when she refuses to let his past human life rest in peace.Not Recommended One for the Money by Jeaniene Frost Married couple vampires bodyguard annoying teenager Crap.Seeing is Believing by L.A Banks Something about witchy werewolves down south Meh.The Perils of Effrijim by Katie MaCalister Shapeshifting dogs humor very flat.Thin Walls by Christopher Golden Well, the story opens with four pages of the narrator listening to sex sounds from the next hotel room over and goes downhill from there.The Heart is Always Right by Lilith Saintcrow A gargoyle goes to WalMart Oh, excuse me EvilMart The Demon in the Dunes by Christ Grabenstein Nostalgic look a 1970s beach vacation, with demons Crap.Home from America by Sharan Newman Young American called home to Ireland for family gathering, finds out he s a leprechaun, later gets eaten by cannibals Meh.Pirate Dave s Haunted Amusement Park by Toni L.P Kelner Young werewolf has hots for costume pirate Crap. It s kind of sad that I judge an anthology as successful when I enjoyed 5 13 of the stories in it I ve had such rotten luck in the past with anthologies, that I usually lower my expectations going into the book Favorite stories in this anthology for me Sookie story Two BlondesPam and Sookie take a vacation together Quite a setup I love Sookie Stackhouse and I was happy with this story Plus, even though Eric isn t really in the story, we got plenty of Eric love Yay Bones Cat story One For the MoneyThis contains characters from one of my favorite series Night Huntress I liked this story, but I recommend reading the first four books in the NIght Huntress series before reading this short story Otherwise, it will likely spoil some events that take place in book 4 Effrijim story The Perils of EffrijimOne of my favorite characters from the Aisling Grey series by Katie MacAlister I highly recommend reading the Aisling Grey series before reading this series to appreciate Jim in all his glory Pirate Dave s Haunted Amusement ParkHow can you resist a pirate vampire It s hard I might read by this author The Innsmouth NookSuch a bizarre story I couldn t help but be intersted It made me chuckle a couple times I might read by this author. There were three good stories, a lot of mediocre ones, and one or two bad ones.C Harris This was her best short story so far Normally I m highly disappointed in her shorts, but this one was fun Probably because Pam was involved I would have loved to hear Eric s reaction to what Sookie and Pam did S Smith I was bored.J Frost I love Cat and Bones and this was still good The only problem, and it s the same that I have with every Bones book, was that it didn t keep going for thousands of pages D Stashower On the border between interesting and bored I d like to try one of his books before I make a decision on him A.L Martinez Odd I m not sure what else to say.J Abbott This story was interesting I m slightly curious about the author now L.A Banks Rather funny I think I ll move her up on my TBR list K Macalister Not bad I m always on the fence with her stories I find them annoying and yet slightly entertaining.C Golden I was definitely curious I might try something else of his later L Saiintcrow Ehhh C Grabenstein Interesting Had a theme I didn t expect.S Newman It was okay.T Kelner Cute I m interesting to see what else he s written. (Book) Ë Death's Excellent Vacation ï Because Everyone And Every Thing Needs A Break From The Routine, Charlaine Harris And Toni L P Kelner Return With An All New Story Collection Of Postcards From The Edge Of The Paranormal WorldIt Really Can Be An Endless Summer If You Re Immortal Though A Vampire Would Be Ill Advised To Take A Cruise To Bermuda, The Possibilities For Getting Away From It All And Maybe Snacking On Some Unsuspecting Tourist Are ManySookie Stackhouse And Her Vampire Friend Pam Take A Weekend Getaway To Mississippi In New York Times Bestselling Author Charlaine Harris S Two Blondes And When They End Up In A Shady Gentleman S Club, To Escape In One Piece They Need To Do Something That Wasn T On Their Itinerary Something Involving A Stage, A Pole, And Very Little Clothing New York Times Bestselling Author Katie MacAlister S The Perils Of Effrijim Follow A Demon Whose Vacation In Paris Is Disrupted When He S Banished To Another Plane, Thus Kicking Off A Crazy Dimension Hopping Road Trip Across EuropeProtecting An Heiress From Supernatural Hit Men Isn T Cat And Bones S Idea Of A Relaxing Vacation In New York Times Bestselling Author Jeaniene Frost S One For The Money, But It Could Get Worse And It Does When Cat S Mother Shows UpWith Ten Original Tales, Editors Harris And Kelner Bring Together A Stellar Collection Of Tour Guides Who Offer Vacations Frightening, Funny, And Touching For The Fanged, The Furry, The Demonic, And The Grotesque 3.5 starsThis review is only for One for the Money by Jeaniene FrostGosh, how I missed Cat and Bones They only appeared as cameo in the two Night Huntress World books, so I totally welcome this novella This time, Cat and Bones must postpone their vacation to help protecting a heiress, as a favor for Cat s uncle Don There are also Cat s mom, Justina, and the ghost, Fabian, making appearance I think the story is entertaining, funny at some point especially in regards to Cat s behavior towards the spoiled heiress but also tender on others when Bones teaching Justina how to fight vampires It s all good as a tease before the 5th book coming next year Hurry up, Ms Frost, I miss the full length adventure of Cat and Bones.