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THIS WAS PASSION ALL OVER MY FACE I like tattoos oh yes I do, I like tattoos how about you I like them on hot faces, and some that are hiding in his pants I like them in places, places I can grab Oh Aeron I do love you, oh Aeron my winged baby you have enough for me and you.So here it is right in your face, I loved Aeron, this crazy ass man lights my fire, and as this series goes on I just love it and I freaking cried for this book, I felt sad at times, not for the book, but for the characters They are so energetic and real that I sometimes forget I am reading a book and should get over the heartbreak easier said than done Aeron I have been waiting to finally read his book, and let me say it was no disappointment Aeron is everything that was portrayed and , he loves fiercely and hates just as fierce He lives with guilt and has drawn a conclusion that he deserves nothing good When he feels an invisible presence tailing him he knows that his time has run out and he is about to be killed, but weeks go by and the presence wont make themselves known Frustrated and annoyed by this invisible person, Aeron just wants to get it over with, when this very person is keeping away his love and soothing demon Legion Well he meets his invisible person and it was nothing he expected.Olivia just got booted from the heavens, and fought her way out of hell, all for the tattooed hottie that gets her blood boiling Well the reception is somewhat cold, but one thing is clear Aeron wants her and if only, would he listen to his body instead of his head and start trusting her Olivia knows there is only a matter of time before someone takes over the job she was meant to do and come for Aeron Olivia is coming to realize she would do anything for Aeron even give up her life.So let s talk, this book was feckin sexy My face fell of a few times cus I found this book the far most erotic of the bunch, there was something very sensual and carnal about it and it just blew my freaking mind I wanted to hop on Aeron and go for a ride, this man is tortured and all types of good Plus there was Legion, F.Y.I that bitch be crazy not regular crazy, like demon bitch in hell crazy This created one hell of a triangle and Olivia managed it like a pro.Overall, I really liked it and LTU is one of my fave series out there, these men always float my boat Lysander I want to stroke those golden wings and take him to a new heaven but that s just me going places I shouldn t On that note, Aeron and Olivia were good together, only disappointment was that it just ended, kept flipping the page going WTF That s It Mmmmmmm Aeron you sexy tattooed beast 4,5 view spoiler hide spoiler Yet another favorite for me in this series I found Olivia and Aeron to be a great couple I loved how Aeron just couldn t resist her, and how Olivia was so drawn to Aeron, that she was willing to fall for him, instead of killing him as she had been ordered to do.As this series progresses, I am seeing investment in developing the heroines I liked Olivia s steadfast ability to love Her determination to enjoy her time with Aeron, and for him to be happy Even though Legion was a real pain, she tolerated her as much as she could, because she knew how much Aeron loved her Olivia was a heroine who brought to mind 1 Corinthians 13, which explains what love is For Olivia, her love for Aeron wasn t an easy thing It wasn t simple, but complicated her life, and she knew that she wouldn t have him forever, but she was willing to be with him as long as she could Truly, she was hesitant to define it as love because she didn t view it as a sacrifice she was wrong about that In the end, her love helped to save him As you can tell, I really loved this heroine.Aeron had closed his heart off from people, so that he could avoid the pain of loss To him, dying and having those he loved die was the worst thing possible He didn t seem to understand that it s important to live the time you have to the fullest In some ways, I could understand why he had boxed himself in emotionally His demon caused him to harm and kill people for their sins, and he had seen so much death He knew than anyone just how frail humans were When Olivia comes along, he does all he can to resist her But even Wrath, the demon that possesses him, knows how important she was to him Even though Aeron didn t realize it, his actions showed love The way that he watches out for Paris, the tenderness and care he shows for Legion He doesn t want to let Olivia in his heart, but when he does, she becomes so important to him, he s willing to do just about anything for her to be happy And in the end, his true, deep love for Olivia causes him to make a great sacrifice, one that is very much rewarded by the One True Deity, the god that Olivia loves and serves.I think the theme of this book was love You could see this played out through the actions of the various characters Interestingly, Legion truly believed she loved Aeron, than Olivia ever could But her actions showed a very selfish aspect to her love Olivia, her nemesis, taught her a lesson about what real love was One that I hope she takes to heart.This book had some exciting twists and turns The focus wasn t exactly on the war between the Lords and the Hunters, but on the issues that Aeron and Olivia faced instead I liked that And there was an unsuspecting angle that tied into Aeron s relationship with Legion That was pretty interesting I was pretty surprised at how this one ended I didn t expect things to unfold the way they did It wasn t quite a cliffhanger, but pretty darn close Things promise to get very complicated in the forthcoming books But I have to say, I really did like Aeron and Olivia s happy ending It was the best one so far a silver lining to the dark cloud of how things progressed at the climax The Darkest Passion is my favorite in this series so far I loved the romance aspects, and the underlying message about love I think Olivia was a great heroine And the love scenes were pretty darn steamy I thought I liked Aeron in the previous books, but seeing him as the hero in this book showed me depth to him that made me love him even.I will take a short break before reading The Darkest Lie, because I don t want to go too long without Lords of the Underworld books These books feed my paranormal endorphins, and my spirits took a downer when this book was over What will I do when this series ends Better a fool who plays the game than one who remains on the sidelinesThe Darkest Passion is the fifth book of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Aeron, keeper of Wrath and Olivia, a fallen angel.It s an amazing, thrilling, heartbreaking, exciting story I have only one serious problem with it Olivia s character I ve read this book twice, and even for the second read I see Olivia as selfish Olivia, a former joy bringer, now a newbie warrior angel, is assigned to execute Aeron, because he had unintentionally summoned a little demon, Legion, from Hell, and bounded her to himself But Olivia is so fascinated by Aeron that instead of accomplishing the command, she chooses to fall.A respectable sacrifice, but the problem is that she makes it mainly for herself and not for Aeron She knows that another executioner will be sent to Aeron, and there is no way to escape his fate But until then they have fourteen days, so she wants to have fun Because she deserves itI watched you, she continued, as well as those around you, and I ached I wanted you, and I wanted what they had freedom and love and fun I wanted to play I wanted to kiss and to touch I wanted joy of my own Her gaze met his, bleak, broken In the end, I had a choice Fall or kill you I decided to fall So here I am YoursAfter arriving to the fortress, endless conversations start about if she should stay or go She is hysteric and importunate She constantly reminds Aeron of her sacrifice And now what does she want To have fun, to have sex, to pierce her navel, to dye her hair, to persuade Aeron to accept his upcoming death, and until then to have fun with himShe wanted Aeron here with her, yes, but he apparently needed time away to reflect on how lucky he actually was to have her That wasn t egotistical of her, she told herself Truth was never egotisticalA little bit arrogant, our angel, isn t she When Aeron is injured, all Olivia can think about is that she can t enjoy her nine days left with him, if he dies before his execution.When Olivia thinks that Aeron view spoiler is having sex with Legion in order to save the demon from the bargain she had made with Lucifer, and save his friends as well, hide spoiler 3 Very, Very, Very Low Stars and that is only because the story is well written I ll make this review quick and to the point If I don t, I will do nothing but rant I ve never been a fan of Aeron and after reading his book, I m still not, though he did redeem himself at the end But Legion, Aeron s little demon pet fiendOMG I hated her character with such a passion that I almost gave this book 1 star She completely and utterly ruined this story for me Even the awesome heroine couldn t save it This will definitely be one book in the series I will NEVER read again Well, I guess I didn t quite achieve the no ranting part. Aeron Demon of WrathButterfly in the middle of his back Although he kind of likes tattoos He has several others His curse He craves violence His Demon senses the sins of anyone nearby and forces Aeron to attack and to punish no matter how small or big the sins are, no matter if there is a good reason for them or not Olivia warrior angel Supernatural ability She used to be an angel, so she had a number of abilities including creating weapons from air, shielding herself from the world s evil and flying with two amazing wings Unfortunately, her wings were removed violently from her when she decided to become fallen in order to be with Aeron.Aeron is a bad boy with tattoos and piercings Oh, and he has wings Black ones He is another tortured Lord who likes torturing Aeron owns a big favor to Paris, the Lord of Promiscuity Because Paris has chosen to save his best friend instead of finally being with the love of his life, Sienna.Aeron is lonely He has of course Legion, but she is really a demon minion and not that trustworthy And then he meets Olivia an angel who was trying to kill him, but then she fell in love with him And now she is no angel any More precisely she is weaker than a human now and totally in Aeron s mercyWhat are you doing here, Olivia I m here I m here for youThe way Olivia has lost her wings in order to be with Aaron, it kind of reminds me the fairytale of The Little Mermaid who lost her tail in order to be with her prince.Olivia believes in Aeron She became fallen for him, weak and easy to kill Just becauseBecause you aren t what you believe you are You aren t what everyone else believes You might have delivered countless deaths but you love fiercely than anyone I ve ever known You give of yourself with no thoughts to your own happinessMost women love bad boys and tortured heroes Fortunately, Aeron will love Olivia back He will love her fiercely and passionately than Olivia would hope I just love Aeron and Olivia together I cannot really decide who made the biggest sacrifices for the other.Final note The book also starts the love story of Galen the Demon of false hope and Legion Their HEA is one of the books I am looking forward to reading hopefully soonKiss me, he commanded No Kiss No Why not Not like it s anything special Cease talking she growled.His snarl was like a caress Fine You want a quick fuck, that s all you ll get 8 books and 7 years after this one night stand Galen cannot stop thinking of Legion. 4 My Fallen Angel Stars This was the fifth book in the Lords of the Underworld Series Aeron and Olivia s story Aeron the keeper of wrath He s full of tattoos and has wings Flying through the night punishing those that need to be punished Olivia a fallen angel that has finally become visible to Aeron after months of following him around I loved Olivia She wanted Aeron She wanted to experience so much in life She wanted to experience her own joy instead of just making others experience it She wanted to have sex with Areon and she cracked me up with everything she did to try and tempt him into soiling her lol These woman that are at the fortress are always ready to corrupt a new woman brought in They defiantly slutted her up for Aeron Haha Aeron was awesome too I loved how loyal he was to all his brothers How he took Paris under his wing to try and help him feel better How he made his room all girly for Legionthe daughter he always longed for but never would allow himself to have He tried to stay away from Olivia His demon was not happy about it His demon loved Olivia right away Of course we still have Legion Trouble causing Legion Aeron thinks of her as a daughter but Legion thinks of Aeron as a man she plans to marry When Legion bargains with Lucifer I probably screamed NO so damn loud I woke up the house lol Once again this book was filled with lots of action, betrayal, kidnappings and even death Ugh Does Legion s bargain with the devil go as planned Does Olivia listen to Lysander and return to Heaven to be an angel again Does Danika s painting come true where Lysander kills Aeron and his demon wrath is freed Why not a 5 star Well I had issues with the ending and I m just not sure I liked it I mean I m thrilled that things ended how they did but I m sad because of how something was not put back where it belonged lol SorryI can t say because I don t want to spoil anything I love how in each book we also get some of the other warriors I love being in each one of their minds They are all so fierce and loyal to each other I love them all I m super excited to get to Gideon keeper of lies and Scarlet keeper of nightmares story next What fun it s going to be Lies and nightmares together and something was revealed in this book about them I can t wait I will be reading it soon 6 STARSStarting this series, and rereading this particular book approximately 13765 times you aren t what you believe you are You aren t what everyone else believes You might have delivered countless deaths but you love fiercely than anyone I ve ever known You give of yourself with no thoughts to your own happinessAwesome book Made me cry too If only there was no Legion in it Aeron and Paris see a woman screaming and running toward their fortress.She is screaming for Aeron.Thinking her a Bait, Paris goes to check the situation, but even though he knows it might be a trap, Aeron is compelled to help her.Olivia is the angel that s been following Aeron for months, and now she has fallen, her wings torn off, her body completely human and wounded from escaping from Hell.She has done it all to save Aeron s life, for refusing to kill him herself Even though he knows what sacrifice she s made, Aeron still doesn t want her near him, but he can t stay away from her himself.The war between Hunters and the Lords is progressing, and when they find out that Olivia is the one that can help them, Aeron will be forced to work with her, and she will force him to show her all she s been missing in Heaven.She wants to have fun Faced with a choice to either kill Aeron, or become fallen, Olivia decided to follow her heart and seek refuge with the Lords, and of course, Aeron.All does not go according to plan, for Aeron doesn t care about her or what she did to save him, he just wants her as far from him as possible.That doesn t work because Olivia does whatever s necessary to keep him with her, and to make him show her fun and passion I think Olivia might be my new favorite heroine from this series DShe is pretty different from the others, and her seduction attempts were completely hilarious Olivia is basically clueless, but learns fast, and she is convinced she is right for Aeron even though he pushes her away all the time I admit I didn t expect what happened in the end, or near the end with her view spoiler concerning Galen hide spoiler `READ DOWNLOAD ↠ The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld, #5) ✘ For Weeks, The Immortal Warrior Aeron Has Sensed An Invisible Female Presence An Angel Demon Assassin Has Been Sent To Kill Him Or Has She Olivia Claims She Fell From The Heavens, Giving Up Immortality Because She Couldn T Bear To Harm Him But Trusting And Falling For Olivia Will Endanger Them All So How Has This Mortal With The Huge Blue Eyes Already Unleashed Aeron S Darkest Passion With An Enemy Hot On His Trail And His Faithful Demon Companion Determined To Remove Olivia From His Life, Aeron Is Trapped Between Duty And Consuming Desire Worse Still, A New Executioner Has Been Sent To Do The Job Olivia Wouldn T