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@Read Epub å City of Fallen Angels ë The Mortal War Is Over, And Sixteen Year Old Clary Fray Is Back Home In New York, Excited About All The Possibilities Before Her She S Training To Become A Shadowhunter And To Use Her Unique Power Her Mother Is Getting Married To The Love Of Her Life Downworlders And Shadowhunters Are At Peace At Last And Most Importantly Of All She Can Finally Call Jace Her BoyfriendBut Nothing Comes Without A PriceSomeone Is Murdering Shadowhunters, Provoking Tensions Between Downworlders And Shadowhunters That Could Lead To A Second, Bloody War Clary S Best Friend, Simon, Can T Help Her His Mother Just Found Out That He S A Vampire, And Now He S Homeless When Jace Begins To Pull Away From Her Without Explaining Why, Clary Is Forced To Delve Into The Heart Of A Mystery Whose Solution Reveals Her Worst Nightmare She Herself Has Set In Motion A Terrible Chain Of Events That Could Lead To Her Losing Everything She Loves Even Jace 1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes 3 City of Glass 1 Clockwork AngelWhy is it, little Shadowhunter, that your angels are so cold and without mercy Why do they break that which will not obey themOkay, I m going to start this review off by saying that I am reading this for the first time in 2018 I know this is almost a decade old And I know so many of my friends hold this series close to their hearts and have a lot of nostalgia for it But friends, this was a damn mess Easily the worst book I ve read from Cassie Clare, and the themes were hella harmful and disgusting to read So, I m not going to say any major spoilers, but this review is going to talk about my thoughts and feelings, which will talk about some things that have already happened in the story, and themes that have happened in this book So, please use caution while reading this review if you are not up to date with this series Okay, I don t really know how to do this review And I ll be honest, I m a little scared because I know how beloved this series is But these are the five things really made me dislike this book ONE What have I complained about in every TMI book so far Jace I mean, I guess this book made the most sense on why he was acting the way he was, so I ll cut him a little slack But the dude wants to be Clary s brother so bad, and just wants to live in pain so desperately, that it makes for a really unenjoyable reading experience TWO Alec s behavior in this book killed me I know most of my friends love this character, but I honestly have disliked him from the start Not only was he shitty to Clary about something she couldn t control, but now he s going to be shitty about Magnus and his past I mean, he s like 800 years old, you expect him to be a virgin I don t understand And if you all want to be like, Well Alec is still young Then maybe he shouldn t be dating someone that s so much older andexperienced than him I mean, he obviously can t handle it And I also feel like there were some stereotypical gay dude things in this, that made my skin crawl, honestly And how he treated an abused person at the end of this book because he s a petty little fuckthrows up foreverTHREE Cheating is not okay, even if you re young, grieving, and learning what you want from a relationship Simon is one of my favorite characters If I was Clary, I would have easily wanted to be with him over Jace But I ll never be here to make excuses for people s shitty actions And Simon acted really shitty in this book And not to be too much here, but who the fuck would cheat on Isabelle Lightwood anyway Like, what a dumbass FOUR Abuse apologists storylines need to be canceled, and they are never okay not in 2018 and not back in 2010 And the fact that I ve never even seen this mentioned makes me honestly sick to my stomach Comparing Simon s need to eat from blood will NEVER be the same as a freshly turned werewolf physically assaulting and turning someone they care about into a werewolf against their wishes There should be no redemption arc here, ever It s disgusting and was honestly the biggest contributing factor as to why I hated this book FIVE Like, nothing happened in this book until the last four chapters And then the twists felt so over the top that I couldn t even stop the side eye if I tried Especially the closing like of this book Lord, help me And, like with all my reviews of this series, I m going to break down my thoughts briefly on each of the main characters Jace Wants to live his life in pain and annoy me forever Clary Such a bland character Like, she is supposed to be the star, true But she s so forgettable Simon My dude fucked up Isabelle My queen Deserves the entire universe and all the stars within it Way too fucking good for Simon at this point Magnus My king Deserves the entire universe and all the stars within it Way too fucking good for Alec at this point Alec I honestly feel like I just disliked himandeach book When am I finally going to see this character that you all love so much Luke Planning a wedding, therefore, not in this book as much But I still love him Jocelyn Planning a wedding, therefore, not in this book as much She s alright Maia I wish,than anything else in this series, that she would see her worth and realize that it s okay to be alone and it s okay to not accept an apology from your abuser Jordan The scum of this book I have so much hatred in my heart for him I m going to buy Maia a dump him shirt Boy, bye Seelie Queen Still one of my favorites, but Clary still playing with fire I m hyped Camille I liked her in TID and I liked her in this one Give me all the morally grey characters, please Especially one that gets under Alec s skin so much Lilith Like, this book was dark as fuck All the stuff with the babies I was honestly feeling disturbed But she was a pretty good villain, if I m being honest Just a little too over the top Overall, I hope this is the only book I ll give one star to in the Shadowhunter world And I ll be really honest, I am really starting to regret that I didn t just start my Cassie Clare experience with Lady Midnight, because I m truly thinking that these books don t hold up well while I read them as an adult in 2018 I feel like this fanbase is really fueled by nostalgia and not actual substance, because this book was honestly awful But I m so ready to dip back into TID with Clockwork Prince Wish me luck.Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchContent and trigger warnings for medical experimentation, a lot of talk of children s deaths, a lot of blood depiction, misogynistic comments, death, murder, cheating, abandonment, self harm, talk of suicide, and war themes. Right after I finished this book, I had a bit of an accident I was running with a pair of lightsabers when I tripped and fell and accidentally sliced the entire book to shreds Maybe it s not a good idea to run with lightsabersCity of Fallen Angels is amazing Oh wait, that was weird, my keyboard cut me off This is some sort of conspiracy isn t it Like the way that certain unnamed sites sometimes don t like to publish non glowing reviews I never write those. angelic smile Oh, did that angelic smile make me look like Jace He s such a pretty, shiny angel sigh As I was saying This book is amazing ly unnecessary I m sorry, Fangirls Please don t eat me.Here is a general rundown No specific twists are revealed just vaguely referenced, so possible spoilers view spoiler Part OneCh 1 2 Simon talks to people Jace and Clary talk to each other and kiss.Ch 3 5 Simon talks to new guy Jace and Clary talk to each other.Ch 6 8 Clary talks to people Simon and Jace talk about Clary.Ch 9 Jace, Clary and Simon ALL make outoops, I mean, Jace and Clary make out Simon bites, ummmm, talks to girls and has relationship issues.Part TwoCh 10 11 New guy is revealed Dun, dun, dun Blah, blah An attack Wonder woman saves the day Wow, something actually happened for two seconds Vampire chat.Ch 12 13 People talk about the Vampire chat Jace and Clary do stuff.Ch 14 15 Jace has issues Chatty, chatty, chatty.Ch 16 17 Jace goes emo Weird stuff is revealed.Ch 18 19 Clary believes in Jace Things happen.Ch 20 Chatting again Lovey dovey stuff But wait someone is alive Luke Skywalker scream everyone join in with their best squeaky voice NOOOOOOOOOOO hide spoiler full video review discussion can be found here 3.5 I enjoyed this, but it just didn t wow me I also think it struggled finding it s footing after an epic book like city of glass, but I do realize that I should consider this last portion of the series to be it s own trilogy, since that s what Cassandra Clare originally had in mind I m glad that I decided to re read this before continuing on with the series, because I remembered basically nothing from this book and there is a huge reveal at the end that I mthan sure will be an important plot line in the last two books. As human society evolves, so do its methods of tortureLet me start off this review with a small confession I liked The Mortal Instruments Yes, it was cheesy, it was derivative, and it was an embarrassment to good literature everywhere, but it gave me a couple of afternoons worth of guilty pleasure, and I was satisfied I enjoyed the fast paced action and the triumph of true love, and I was happy to leave Jace and Clary to enjoy the fruits of their labour in happily ever after land But then Mammon beckoned, and Cassandra Clare fell into the trap Not content with the adulation of her millions of teenyboppers and wannabe teenyboppers like me she decided to flog a dead horse In addition to her derivation of a derivative series The Infernal Devices , she decided to revive Jace and Clary from their life of teenage bliss and torture them and her readers all over again.Unfortunately, she forgot some key elements in her rush to milk the cash cow Elements that most readers tend to look for in their books Minor things like plot, characterization and heart Let me be honest here CoFA is the worst excuse for a novel I have ever read It is a waste of time, money and paper Even as I turned each page, I could hear the groan of a million trees that gave up their lives to fulfill one person s fathomless desire for fame and money Cassandra Clare says that she often gets asked where she derives the inspiration for her books Thus far, she has kept that answer a closely guarded secret, but the truth WILL out, ladies and gentlemen So here, without further ado, is the inspiration for The Mortal Instruments The writing in this book is like the dry rattle of a dying man s throat The slow crawl towards a climax is like watching the continental drift The endless descriptions of what every person is wearing is like being forced to trawl through a random stranger s vacation photos The unbelievable level of teenage angst in this book is like the Dear Diary scrawls of a twelve year old The ridiculousness of calling this a novel and selling it for 11 is like like sorry, I can t think of anything obviously I don t have Clare s talent for overblown similes So, let s see what the plot in this book is about Okay, Simon s a vampire, but he s still trying to pretend to be a normal boy He s turned into a playa, and is juggling two hot women at the same time Then he gets accosted by a really old vampire who wants him to help her take over the Manhattan clan But that s not important, because we never come back to that story Moving on, Clary and Jace are supposed to be training, but mostly they re making out One such session gets interrupted by Isabelle who tells them that a dead Shadowhunter has been found somewhere in the city But let s not worry about that either, it s not very important What simportant is that Jace is having some really disturbing nightmares in which he ends up hurting killing Clary So he decides that he ll talk to his mom about it His mom suggests therapy, and Jace finds a therapist, who advises him to talk to Clary about his disturbed emotional state Clary, having been told the whole story, begins to suspect that Jace may not be mentally disturbed at all, but the victim of a demonic attack She takes him to the Silent Brothers who work their silent mojo, and together, Jace and Clary investigate the dead Shadowhunters, find the culprit, vanquish him her and save the Shadowhunters.Oh wait embarrassed silence Umm, actually, that s not how it goes.What actually happens is that Jace, because of this nightmare, decides that he will distance himself from Clary, whinge about their relationship endlessly, run away every time he so much as spots her in the distance, and mope miserably But don t worry He s not really breaking up with her or anything He s just nobly making her miserable and refusing to tell her why he s avoiding her But every once in a while, his hormones emotions get the better of him, and he just tosses her up against an alley wall and plays out some abstinence porn.In the meantime, Simon the playa gets kicked out of his home and works some mind mojo on his mother to make her forget that she has discovered his secret life as a vampire He feels miserable and guilty about this, but again, not to worry, it s only for about two pages After that, he just walks around town being targeted by sweatsuit ed assassins and checking out the long, thick eyelashes of the guy who comes to audition for his band, and feeding Jace tomato soup and mangoes and watching him sleep Awww.Then there are random snippets about dead babies anddead Shadowhunters and the faerie Queen psyching out Clary about how she might lose Jace and some moving, heart rending conversations about Shadowhunter weddings, andassassins in sweatsuits.But what about the super cool, super adorable Magnus, you ask Take heart, dear reader, Magnus and Alec DO reappear about three quarters into the book When they promptly get into a fight about Magnus s long and colourful lovelife Alec throws a jealous fit, gets sullen and asks random embarrassing questions that no one wants to know the answer to, least of all me Thenunnecessary things happen, culminating in a made for TV moment where Alec decides to pause in his attempts to save his sister, brother and fellow Shadowhunters to quiz Magnus s ex girlfriend about Magnus s lovelife I kid you not.In the meantime, those long forgotten plots about dead Shadowhunters, dead babies, assassins in grey sweats merge with a last minute, hastily scrambled together plot about a Greater demon and a villain who s back from the dead oh, am I spoiling this for you image error