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This was a good story, at times I wasn t sure who s POV I was reading but I figured it out quickly It s an urban story and I find those not my favorite but this one was pretty good sad full of wtf moments It s a quick read For that I was appreciative. I read a lot, and street lit is my favorite However, this novel was a different type of street lit Urban tale I ve been pondering all day to put my words around how to describe this read I ve never heard of Sa Rese or this novel in any of my book clubs, I happened to stumble on it via Good Reads I am glad I did.Stripping Asjiah is a story of a young girl s life from age seven to eighteen however the majority of the story takes place in Asjiah s senior year in high school As if your teen age years aren t already an emotional roller coaster, add being raised by your Grandmother who absolutely despises you because you re a female version of the man who killed her daughter That s life for Asjiah The only person left in the world who loves her unconditionally is her brother Angel, the hoods Al Pacino Stripping Asjiah was a great read, very fast paced and easy to follow Sa rese s writing style is very fresh, witty and filled with humor that this generation would understand Very hip in her wording by using many slang related terms, made the story very fun to read This novel had me literally laughing out loud when reading Asjiah s journal passages and her train of thought, I loved it I also liked the way she began and ended a situation very swiftly she didn t make it a long drawn out situation with pages and pages She got to the point easily We are left with some unanswered questions, so I hope a part two will be out soon I m rooting for Money Asjiah I give Stripping Asjiah 3.5 4 stars Great read, a little short but I m anticipating a part 2. Very Minor Spoilers in this Review5 out of 5STARSThis book was nothing like i thought it would be It was very RAW,pain filled and emotionally brutal The Author did a very good job with the weaving of this story, she did not drag out a single plotline There was a select few times when i was unsure of who s POV i was reading but my guessing did not last long All i can say is WOW This story is soooo crazy If you can not stomach rape, incest and family loathing then this book is not for you It s a hard read I give Very Minor spoilers about the begining of this bk.This Book is about a seventeen yr old girl Asjiah pronounced Asia she is a high school senior Asjiah lives with her maternal grandmother who hates Asjiah You see unlike Angel Asjiah s big brother Asjiah looks like their Italian father with her curly black hair light skin and blue eyes, his eyes She has a brother Angel who is 3 yrs older than her When Asjiah was 8 and Angel 10 their mother was attacked and killed by their father At 17 Asjiah is a virgin but one pain filled day that right to choose is takin away from her in a brutal attack by a sick,twisted,drug addicted prick with no morals After the attack Asjiah bravely pulls herself together and cleans removes all traces of being raped on her Grandma s living room floor Asjiah is sooo upset b cause her Boyfriend CJ 18YRS OLD was supposed to pick her up so they could go have dinner but he arrives late She believes that if he would have arrived on time he could have stopped her attacker Unbeknowst to Asjiah CJ was to busy cheating on her to be on time Eventually he arrives and she tells him what happened Together they plot to kill her attacker and so begins a story of hate, jealousy, addiction, sex, lies and video tapes.Reader Warning this book contains rape and incest May not fit all reading taste.My RatingsCharacters LikableWrting Style Good and RawPlot Storyline Raw,Intense and CalculatedOverall Good Urban Fiction Four and a Half Thats Whats Up Stars Wow..What a page turner While I enjoyed the other urban novels on my list I had yet to write a review on any of them, that is until I picked up Stripping Asjiah This book is fire from beginning to the end Sa Rese has figured out a way to craft a story that flawlessly flows from character to character, scene to scene Stripping Asjiah doesn t read like other urban fiction to the point you almost feel like it s real The situations in the story can actually happen, if they have not happened already to yourself or people you know Unlike other stories where its just the usual drug selling boyfriend and prostitute turned hustler girlfriend Sa Rese has shown raw talent in what I believe is her debut novel and I can t wait for her next book. The book Stripping Asjiah is about a girl trying who went through a traumatic experience as a child that created a domino effect She and her brother got sent to live with her mothers family who hated her because she was mixed and looked like her father, She was raped by her uncle, and her boyfriend s mistress killed her baby Despite her obstacles she always seemed to bounce back even though her provider and protector, her brother, was in jail When Asjiah was 8 her father stabbed her mother to death in a fit of rage Asjiah and her brother Angel was sent to their mother s side of the family where they were constantly abused They hated Asijah because she looked just like her white father I m a constant reminder of my father, a mirror image, a reflection of the man who killed her daughter and she hates me for it, They verbally abused her and made her do everything Angel looked like them so they treated him a little better but he was still beat up by his uncle Angel started selling drugs to provide for him and Asjiah because their family never got them anything and they would starve otherwise Asjiah came home one day to find her uncle waiting for her He said he was going to use the phone but instead followed her into her room where he raped her for 30mins 1hr He convinced himself that Asjiah secretly wanted him but just couldn t open up to him, saying He thought deep inside she felt the same way about him but needed him to show her that he felt the same way, She told her aunt Samantha who called her an ungrateful liar looking for attention She told her brother who didn t believe her at first To get revenge Asjiah got her uncle to come back to the house where she slit his throat, after her boyfriends friends cleaned up the mess they left She didn t know her brother was coming to get him for her He shot the barely breathing uncle and dumped him at the hospital thinking he would die before anyone saw him Asjiah got pregnant about a month before she was supposed to go to college At first her boyfriend, CJ, wanted her to get an abortion She was at the clinic when she walked out in the middle of the process because she realized she was only doing this because he told her to This is supposed to be my choice yet I allowed him to bully me into doing this, It turns out that CJ was planning to dump Asjiah after the abortion and go to his mistress When ASjiah didn t go through with the procedure CJ was upset.However as she got further into her pregnancy CJ started to warm up to the idea He started spending time with ASjiah and buying the baby things When he made it clear to his mistress that they couldn t be together she beat up Asjiah so bad that she miscarried I would recommend this story to a friend because it s very inspiring.No matter how many obstacles were thrown Asjiah s way she always managed to pull through The only time she really got depressed was after her baby but even after that she managed to get out on top Another moral of the story is to always think for yourself When Asjiah was getting an abortion she wasn t doing it for herself but for CJ and when she made her own decision to leave,she ended up happier Another moral is to always stay loyal to your friends because everybody who expressed disloyalty to Asjiah and Angel ended up dead and everyone who was loyal got rewarded For example Angel s cheating girlfriend, Stacey, was killed after she received her lover s heart in the mail However Money, who completed a mission for Angel, was given a lot of money and got a promotion. I haven t really read or had the interest to read anything since The Coldest Winter Ever I m glad I picked up Stripping Asjiah After reading the back cover I was immediately drawn into the story and I haven t put it down since My boys and I have talked about all the characters and how they relate to us or people we know Good Job shorty hope there s a sequel This book grabbed me from the very first page Sa Rese has truly captured the essence of keeping it real She pulls you in with every character and never loosens the grip I found myself crying, I couldn t stop Can t wait for the sequel. BOO YAH `Download Pdf ↠ Stripping Asjiah ⇺ I Wish Someone Could Ve Told Me By Seventeen I Would Get Raped By My Uncle That No One Would Believe Me Maybe Then I Could Ve Prepared Myself No One Was There To Protect Me Instead I Was Thrown To The Wolves I Had To Find A Way Out, To Escape All This Madness Before You Judge Me, What Would You Have Done If You Were In My Position