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There s a lot going on in this one It is much than the standard blood sucker tale that I thought it was going to be Brian Lumley pens a unique take on the vampire mythos and adds some very cool paranormal esponiage elements as well His characterizations were very well drawn and while the pacing is slow at times, it never disengaged me from the storyline It had a real old school horror feeling throughout Excellent 4 Stars. A common criticism of Cold War era spy novels is that they do not have enough vampires Brian Lumley addresses that problem in Necroscope, where Harry Keogh saves the world from monsters and Communism For those of you who don t know Latin, a Necroscope is someone who can scope the dead, which means Harry can have pleasant chats with the deceased to learn their secrets and even absorb their powers for his own This ability comes in handy when Harry is enlisted by British Intelligence s ESP branch to fight a KGB vampire named Boris Dragosani This plot sounds ridiculous and you re probably wondering if Brian Lumley is a slightly retarded twelve year old, but this book is awesome, largely because the writing is so good Lumley s prose reminds me of a Savile Row suit It s crisp, understated, and distinctly British It has an authority that makes the lunatic plot sound almost plausible The book also has one of the greatest cover illustrations I have ever seen Do you see that freaking vampire skull with a tongue coming out of it that looks like it wants to violate you How creepy is that I feel like I m not selling this book enough, so I ll just finish by saying that any fan of Dick Francis will like this book It s British and fun and is intellectually satisfying than a book with a vampire skull on the cover should be It s a great read. @Free Epub  Necroscope Ý Amazing E Book, Necroscope Author Brian Lumley This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Necroscope , Essay By Brian Lumley Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I am officially calling it quits on this book I have been trying to read it for 10 days and barely made it to 35% of a less than 400 page book No bueno.I kinda feel guilty about not finishing this, because it was selected for my bookclub, and I hate not finishing bookclub books BUT, then I remember that life is too fucking short to waste on terrible books, and I have given this one than enough of my time already And it s not like I wanted to finish but couldn t I just couldn t bring myself to want to keep reading The writing in this book is not good It is a product of the melodramatic 80 s, and wears that badge proudly on the pocket protector of its button down plaid shirt under the sleeveless denim jacket with all the Misfits patches and studs and spikes on it Probably There are exclamation points in exposition, which I HATE It s so juvenile and every time I see it, I immediately start disliking the book If it is not INTENTIONALLY written for kids, there shouldn t be exclamatory exposition Save it for over dramatic dialogue, not your narrative This is slooooow to start, which is somewhat crazy to say since the book actually starts with one of the main characters eviscerating a corpse and learning secret information about an assassination plot from the dead man s flesh, and then immediately helping to thwart said assassination attempt And then 100 pages of boring, followed by about 20 pages of Bond villain level melodramatic Evil with a capital E The boring was a whole lot of junk about the main character, who at this point, was only 13, being bullied at school for being different, a dreamer and then suddenly, after sitting on the headstone of a math genius, becoming exceptional at math Like 100 pages of school stuff, including teacher conferences about the kid, and WTF I THOUGHT THIS WAS A VAMPIRE NOVEL, math homework problems Plural Seriously Ugh ALL of that, just to hammer the point home to the reader that Harry is now a supernatural paranormal math whiz by beating around the bush I know this is a thing, getting the reader to understand what s going on without coming out and saying it directly, but it was not skillfully used in this book I would like those hours of my life back, please PS, sorry for the awkward pics and fat fingers I was trying to snap these pics from my cell while waiting for a doctor s appointment Anywho, so that s the boring but then there s the melodramatic Evil Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn Here comes another fat finger pic, because I just don t care enough to transcribe this awful catastrophe of writing and will cheat and post the image that I snapped of it instead of quoting it Read on if you re morbidly curious, or just have a strong desire to see what it feels like for your eyeballs to try to roll themselves right out of your skull That s just one page It didn t take long after that point for me to realize that I couldn t, nay, WOULDN T make it through 65% of that And this is a series There are MORE WHOLE BOOKS, presumably just like this WHY Well, to be fair, I didn t get to the cool stuff, the battle vs good and evil sorry Evil stuff Harry has switched schools, and we re learning about why Dragosaaaannniiii goes home to Romania every chance he gets Spoiler He s being groomed by Evil Vampire Daddy to be Evil, so that he can release EVD from his imprisonment and thus TAKE OVER THE WORLD So I was still in the story set up phase but I just no longer cared Kill everyone, Evil Vampire guy Cool You ll put me out of my misery I will say that there were cool drawings in the book but that s about the only positive I have to say about this Here are a few examples Yeah, so I ve returned this back to the library, and I am officially moving on I ll try not to rant TOO much at my bookclub Maybe. I truly loved reading this one Really got into the plot and characters barely did anything else for most of 2 days This is an another author new to me that I m going to have to explore, and deeply Why if I had next book in the series in hand, I d be reading it immediately Great SF adventure Complete page turner I m definitely a Lumley fan now The beginning was a bit cool and drowsy but once the leading man was introduced, about 100 pages in, the books plotting got pacey and thrilling Harry Keogh is a fascinating character Can t wait to get my hands on a copy of books 2 and 3 2.5I m really undecided about this book It wasn t bad, but it didn t grip me Where to start It was a bit slow off the bat I was reading about the Russian ESPers and sort of wondering where everything was going, and when the actual story was going to get set up Looking back I suppose it was getting set up at the time, but it didn t feel like it.Then we got to Harry, and I was much interested For awhile, I dreaded the parts where we went back to Dragosani Ok, not dreaded, but I certainly didn t like them as much as the parts with young Harry And then it sort of reversed, and Dragosani s story became interesting, and Harry, after skipping a few years, sort of became stunted There wasn t really any development in the character.I think that s the thing This book spent a lot of time on what I consider backstory and set up And that would be fine, except the characters were sort of thin I mean, I don t mind things being a bit slow or thin plotwise if we re getting some juicy character stuff, but after the initial set up and self discovery of the two s individual powers, it just seemed rather repetitive.I kept waiting for something to happen but when things finally happened, it all seemed so, well, predictable, I suppose It unfolded as we knew it must The action bit at the end was denoument, the real climax happening when Harry fully realized his powers But it was just so sudden I mean, after belaboring the earlier years and development, it all sort of clicked too neatly.I also was expecting to be, well, horrified, I suppose I was grossed out a few times at some of the descriptions Not to mention conflicted about the whole I really did the things they credited to Vlad, because I like Vlad, damnit But I was never held in suspense My heart didn t race, my palms didn t sweat I was never really caught up in the story enough to get truly involved, and I never really felt any impending terror.Meh.I bumped it up a few notches, though, because I did like the very end the resolution and the revenge And I was glad that the epilogue explained something I didn t understand from earlier in the story And I was glad that everything was tied up in this story It left you with enough of a hook to continue to series, but also wrapped things up nicely if you re not that interested in continuing And, frankly, I m undecided For a minute or two I was terrified it was going to end in a cliffhanger, so I was extra relieved with the ending In fairness, horror isn t really my forte, and, perhaps, my expectations were a bit too high since this book came so highly recommended. First read 6 20 2014Second read 12 3 2015 It seems like I ve had Necroscope and some of its sequels on my bookshelves forever I think my early twenties I tried reading one of them and got bored in the first chapter so didn t get back to it Thanks for a group read at Horror Aficionados group, I finally dug in, stuck with it, and soon became absorbed.It still takes a mighty long time to take off, but it s just a slower style, a long tome that promises interest but divides its action sequences randomly When fight is present, it stands out and doesn t hold back punches Harry is an outcast child trying to fit in at school, blessed with the powers of speaking to the dead Some may call that a curse, but for him it works as he keeps the dead company There s an especially sad death where he shows later he can learn their skills by allowing them temporary possession and getting out of tough spots When Harry was on the page, I was riveted to the story, loving to read through his viewpoints and what he went through.The villains of the story were just as fascinating, if not so Dragosani is a demented power seeker who has uncovered a vampire buried deep in the ground He himself has learned how to unlock the secrets of the dead, but instead of the subtle dance and conversation Harry uses, he rapes it from their minds when they ve first fallen and are still fresh Telepathically the evil vampire Ferenczy communicates with him, bringing him closer with knowledge as the web.It s a serious book with little joy, but the evil Ferenczy managed to amuse me, especially when teasing Dragosani about his lack of experience I can t help but like the putrid character he s diseased in soul and mean as a snake, but he s entertaining to read about.Unfortunately the book finds itself spending a ridiculous amount of time in the heads of other characters too characters in political positions that I care absolutely nothing about The political angles and subplots mixed with these dry characters made the book duller than it deserved to be.Overall my rating is strong 4 stars , and I was riveted, but I had to skim sometimes through some dull parts Politics bore me like nothing else does. Still holding his victim, now the necromancer crouched down into himself and his jaws opened wide Needle teeth dripped slime and something moved in his gaping mouth which wasn t quite a tongue His nose seemed to flatten to his face and grew ridged, like the convoluted snout of a bat, and one scarlet eye bulged hideously while the other narrowed to a mere slit Harry stared directly into hell and couldn t look away Harry Keough can talk to the dead He discovers something very fascinating though our bodies are no , our minds continue The interests that people had while living can be expanded on in the afterlife If a person is an amateur student of Mesopotamian pottery while living, they will become an expert in the afterlife So given the fact that I strive to be a renaissance man, an interest in knowing a bit about everything, I would say I will be busy for eternity The question for all of you is, how busy will you be in the afterlife I d say give yourself a good base of interests to work with after all, eternity goes on and on and on If you are dull now, you will just get duller shudder That thought is scarier than vampires Harry can not only talk to the dead, but he can also take advantage of their gifts Remember in the movie the Matrix when Neo indicating a helicopter asks Trinity, Can you fly that thing She replies, Not yet Then Tank downloads the knowledge of how to fly that specific helicopter into her brain It is exactly like that Harry doesn t ask the dead questions or listen to them lecture He skips that process and takes into his brain all that they know This ability is calledNecroscope His mind can fly out across the world until he finds the dead person who has the knowledge he needs To harness even power, he reaches out to August Ferdinand M bius s moldering corpse and discovers the secrets of the M bius Continuum, which allows him to transport himself anywhere he wants to be in multidimensional time Fortunately, the dead are lonely, so they enjoy their interactions with Harry The British E Branch is trying to recruit Harry to help them in a growing ESP war against other countries The Soviets have their own equivalent of E Branch, which is also trying to recruit Harry If Harry doesn t join the British and he doesn t join the Soviets, then one or both are going to kill him anyway He is too dangerous to be left as a free agent to be potentially exploited by someone Boris Dragosani is a necromancer who can also talk to the dead, but in a much different, brutal way than Harry s method He eviscerates the corpse, plunges his hands into the body, and fondles the organs of the deceased until he knows all that they know He is the bright and shining star of the Soviet program He makes frequent visits to Romania to attempt to manipulate a chained, long buried vampire into sharing his secrets without giving him too much of what he wantsnamely his bloodThe animal was large and heavy with wool, but even as Dragosani watched so it seemed its bulk shrank down a little, caved in upon itself diminished The necromancer sent out a mental probe towards the Thing in the ground, but such was the lusting bestiality it was met with that he at one withdrew it And still the ewe continued to shrink, shrivel, dwindle away.And as the ewe was devoured, so the cold ground about began to smoke, a stinking mist rising and rapidly thickening, obscuring the rest of the act It was as if the earth sweated or as if something down there breathed which had not breathed for a long, long time Wooly ewes are a fine snack for a vampire the wool probably cleans away the nasty, centuries old plaque between his teeth , but we know what he really needs So Brian Lumley sets up this face off between the necroscope and the necromancer as they battle to see who or what will control the fate of humanity The novel has a Victorian gothic feel, but mixed with much modern concepts It is a bit of a slow burn, but then the later third of the novel explodes into a flurry of action One of my favorite parts is when view spoiler Harry raises a long dead Mongol zombie army, and as the skeletons are blown to pieces by modern weapons, the tiny bits of ribs, fingers, and skulls keep attacking hide spoiler 4.0 to 4.5 stars I just finished re reading this book and had forgotten just how much fun it was Harry Keogh is an absolutely fantastic character and his powers i.e., the powers of the Necroscope are original and very cool This is a book that I have not heard come up very often in discussions of really great series and I think that is a shame This is extremely well written and very engaging Highly recommended Most recently read August 10, 2009.