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READ DOWNLOAD ¹ Matilda's Song ⚞ Duty Requires Sacrificebut The Heart Will Not Be Denied At The Time, Pretending Marriage To Her Middle Aged Widower Cousin Seemed Like The Best Way To Escape A Politically Motivated Betrothal To A Brutal Knight Now, Her Journey Toward A New Life Has Landed Her In Hot Water She S Been Waylaid By A Local Norman Baron Who S Mistaken Her For A Real Bride And He Demands First Night Rights Hot Water Turns To Steam In A Scalding Night Of Passionssion She Has Never Known And Now Must Live Without Lord Geoffrey Is Entranced At First Sight Of The Anglo Saxon Beauty, And Finds That One Night In Her Arms Is Not Nearly Enough But All He Can Offer The Low Born Matilda Is A Life In The Shadows As His Mistress Her Head Warring With Her Heart, Matilda Resigns Herself To Her Duty In A Masquerade Of A Marriage It S A Choice That Could Cost Her Life For The Knight Who First Sought Her Hand Is Back With Murder On His Mind Now It S Geoff Who S Faced With The Ultimate Choice Which Is Precioushis Estates Or The Love Of The One Woman Who Can Heal His Soul Warning, This Title Contains The Following A Norman Baron Who Teaches An Anglo Saxon Beauty The Medieval Mambo In The Bedroom Men Fight To The Death For This Lady S HonorNote This Book Is Out Of Print Except For Used Copies Because Samhain Publishing, Ltd Went Out Of Business Is it possible to give a book no stars I was sent this to review for the Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers blog, but I gave up on it about a quarter of the way through.The writing is poor, simplistic and extremely anachronistic For example, the hero tells his sister that he wants to marry someone who loves him for himself and not for his money I ask you what self respecting 12th Century knight would utter anything so girly And the heroine, preparing herself to be deflowered by the hero, who has invoked his droit de seigneur tells herself that I grew up too stiff necked If I was like some women, I would enjoy this night with no conscience to disturb me Um No.The exposition is clumsy, the plot unlikely and the characterisation is non existent I ve hardly ever not finished a book, and had I spent money on this, I would probably have seen it through to the bitter end But it was dire and I had to set it aside. During the time when Saxons gave way to Norman invaders, to escape a marriage to a brutal knight that was forced on her, Matilda enters a union with her middle aged cousin On the way to her new home, another Baron, Lord Geoffrey, demands Droit de seigneur, first night rights One night is not enough but she is beneath his station so he has little to offer Matilda While Geoffrey wars with his need to keep her, the knight she had fled finds her and Geoffrey must choose between his place as a Norman lord, and the love of a woman he truly wants.The author blends setting, history and story so the details set the reader in time and place and do not overwhelm the tale. One of the best books I have read this year Coffee Time Romance If you enjoy a good medieval tale, don t miss this one ParaNormal Romance I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Literary Nymphs Vivid descriptions of time and place put the reader right in the middle of the story as a participant Affaire de Coeur Great story RT Book Reviews