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|Read E-pub Ò The Dead-Tossed Waves ⚛ Gabry Lives A Quiet Life As Safe A Life As Is Possible In A Town Trapped Between A Forest And The Ocean, In A World Teeming With The Dead, Who Constantly Hunger For Those Still Living She S Content On Her Side Of The Barrier, Happy To Let Her Friends Dream Of The Dark City Up The Coast While She Watches From The Top Of Her Lighthouse But There Are Threats The Barrier Cannot Hold Back Threats Like The Secrets Gabry S Mother Thought She Left Behind When She Escaped From The Sisterhood And The Forest Of Hands And Teeth Like The Cult Of Religious Zealots Who Worship The Dead Like The Stranger From The Forest Who Seems To Know Gabry And Suddenly, Everything Is Changing One Reckless Moment, And Half Of Gabry S Generation Is Dead, The Other Half Imprisoned Now Gabry Only Knows One Thing She Must Face The Forest Of Her Mother S Past In Order To Save Herself And The One She Loves Considering I recently reviewed GODS OF THE JUNGLE PLANET, it s really unfortunate that THIS is the worst book I ve read in a long time Real review is under construction, below this line It ain t finished I m sure some of you who made the decision to read The Forest of Hands and Teeth will decide to go ahead and read the rest of the series DON T No, really you ve seen all there is to see If book one was an iMac, this sucker right here is an early model of Windows Vista In fact, my goal in writing this review is to rescue you from having to read this book at all Instead, I shall rewrite an abbreviated and less emo version of the book Once you ve read this review, you will know everything needed to skip over this book completely and just read book 3 which I ve heard is slightly better than this one, although I won t be reading it to find out for sure Act 1Scene 1 Old abandoned amusement parkProtagonista Gee, guys, I m not so sure it s a good idea to climb over the fence and go into the amusement park, since zombies are likely all over the place out there.Female Bee Eff Eff Oh, don t be such a wuss It s going to be lots and lots of fun What possible bad things could happen by wandering around an abandoned amusement park that may or may not be populated with zombies God, girl, live a little Friend s Hot N Sexy Brother Looks at her with eyes that radiate warmth, and with pecs of chiseled marble, and other Edward Cullen like descriptions Yes, Protagonista I want you to come To the amusement park Protagonista aside I wish I were able to just have fun like other people my age, and not worry about the swarms of pesky zombies that are moaning and groaning around the fences around my village Maybe just this once, I ll just go and have fun without being such a wet blanket After all, what bad things could possibly happen Everybody climbs over the fence and into the abandoned amusement park Female Friend Isn t this fun We re outside the safety of our village Weee Zombie AAAAARRRGHGHGH Random Red Shirt Arrgh, I ve been bitten Ack, now I m a zombie, too Aaaaaarrrrgh Everybody else who is non zombie AAAAHH Hot N Sexy Brother attacks the zombies Oh, shoot Looks like I ve been bitten, too Doesn t that just take the cake Protagonista I m petrified with fear, and overwhelmed by swarms of internal dialogue I don t know what to do Hot sexy Run, and know that even though I never said anything about it until we were in this zombie infested amusement park, I ve loved you for my whole life, and you mean everything to me Protagonista Thanks a lot for telling me now, douchebag But seriously, I love you too Runs back to the fence Everybody else We re stunned immobile This is all so sudden and surprising We just wanted to be out in zombie infested territory and have some kicks Who would ve thought something like a zombie attack might happen Scene II Protagonista s Momma s LighthouseMomma Basically, all of your friends were found roaming around outside of the safe zone last night You wouldn t happen to know anything about that, would you Protagonista Gee, mom, I m shocked So, is that the kind of thing you, like, get in trouble for doing Momma Yes, sweetie The ones that aren t already zombified are being deported Sent to Gary, Indiana Protagonista Stunned Not Gary, Indiana Why Momma Because the stupid thing they did could ve gotten everyone in this entire village DEAD So, we re a bit miffed about the whole thing.Protagonista It s so unfair Aside and I feel immense internal guilt for running away last night, when I could ve maybe helped out by staying outside of the fence and screaming while I watched my friends get eaten by zombies.Momma By the way, I m not your real mom I found you when you were a tiny little tot, wandering around out in the wilderness, so I rescued you and took you in, and then raised you But, we aren t related by blood I ve just taken care of you since you were a toddler.Protagonista You re not my real mother, and you didn t tell me before now I hate you You re an evil, bad person Momma Are you taking your medicine, sweetie Protagonista Runs away crying Scene III At the Holding Cell for Stupid TeenagersProtagonista Looks at her friends who aren t zombified Is wrought with guilt Bee Eff Eff Oh, Protagonista Have you seen Hot n Sexy Is he okay He must be okay Protagonista I know, right Life would be so unfair otherwise I uhh, I haven t seen him He must still be out in the zombie infested territory.Bee Eff Eff You have to go and find him He s my brother, and I love him, and before I get deported to Gary, I need to know if he s alright Protagonista So, you re willing to sentence me to nearly certain death, just in case he s hanging around outside of the protected zone and ISN T a zombie Bee Eff Eff Yes.Protagonista I m on it Scene IV Out in the dangerous territories A rundown old hut.Protag Hotsex H S Protag Protag Are you okay Did you get bitten H S Doi See this wound on my arm that looks like teeth marks Yes, I got bitten And I could change at any time That s why I m out here beyond the safety of the village Protag But I cannot leave you Can we have some steamy, passionate sex before you turn Just kidding That didn t happen as Carrie Ryan understands, teenagers consider kissing on the lips to be the extent of sexual recreation H S Will you hold my hand, Protagonista Protag Getting hot and bothered Sure At this point, we skip ahead to the beginning of Act 2 where the real conflict begins which of multiple hot boys Protagonista will choose to hold hands with ACT 2Scene 1 Outside the safety of the village after having rescued BFFProtag Hi, Hot n Sexy I m so glad you re immune to zombie attacks, because otherwise, you d be trying to eat my brains H S I know, right I m pretty glad about that, too Protag leans in to kiss him H S moves away, looking emotionally torn apart inside H S Alas, we cannot I may infect you with the zombie disease that s still in my blood and anyway, I m not like you any, Protag I m all alone in a hard and unforgiving world.Protag Can we hold hands H S No That s how STDs happen Runs off into the woods in a state of emotional turmoil Bald and Sexy enters the scene B S is everything alright, Protagonista You look distraught His pectorals start flexing and unflexing as animal magnetism radiates from his being The sheen on his bald head is quite arousing Protag ASIDE I can t decide whether I want to go with the boy I loved through most of my life who is now part zombie, or if I want to go with the sexy boy who has rescued me from zombie attacks on multiple occasions, and who doesn t run away from me Although he is involved in some strange zombie related cult Or, perhaps I m most interested in the forbidden love I could share with my BFF she s looking quite comely as well Just kidding This world is purely hetero These kids don t even experiment To be continued Gabry, the main character of this story, is lacking in the crazy ass psycho department that her mother so nicely managed during her debut in The Forest of Hands and Teeth.This story is about self discovery With Zombies.Which actually makes a lot of sense.In what I can only assume is stupidity gone rampant amongst teens, Gabry is convinced to go out past their safe border and into a closed and derelict theme park.It isn t a spoiler when I tell you that things quickly turn to shit because, really, you can do the maths.A group of stupid teens possible zombie infested theme park things quickly turning to shit.Very simple maths and the authors of the horror genre have taken such delight in viciously murdering poorly behaving teenagers that this is nothing new.After this incident, Gabry s life falls apart piece by piece until the only thing that can fix it is a zombie adventure I pity anyone caught in a zombie uprising with me I consider that sign fair warning that if there are zombies around, I am not above using your soft, gooey flesh to slow them down and aid my escape Which was rather disappointing because, in the first novel, people seemed to share this philosophy.Yet this group of zombie victims are unfortunately kind, brave and willing to face a zombie horde to protect those that they love It s annoying It makes for a surprisingly goreless zombie novel.Not ONCE does a zombie baby get tossed out a third story window.What are you doing to us Ryan How am I supposed to ENJOY a novel when I m pitying the damn antagonist and its mindless horde Well, actually, I still managed to really enjoy this novel but stillMore brains, Ryan I m torn with the rating I gave this book It deserves than three stars but I wouldn t say I really liked it So, even though I like this book than I like it s companion, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I gave it the same amount of stars Quick review In The Forest of Hands and Teeth we were introduced to Mary, a not entirely likable teenage girl living in a remote village reminiscent of the village in M Night Shyamalan s The Village Mary s village is fenced off from the surrounding forest which is full of zombies referred to as the unconsecrated Mary desires, than anything, to venture outside the fenced in village to find her way to the ocean, even though she s been told her whole life the ocean no longer exists At the end of The Forest of Hands and Teeth Mary receives her heart s desire she sees the ocean, and that is where her story ends The Dead Tossed Waves is told by Mary s teenage daughter, Gabry This is Gabry s story Gabry Gabrielle is quite unlike her mother Raised in Vista, the seaside city Mary discovered at the end of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, she has no desire to venture outside the city walls where the Mudo unconsecrateddwell In the first chapter Gabry is invited by her best friend s cute older brother, Catcher, to sneak past the barriers to the abandoned amusement park, which, while still technically fenced in, is forbidden since those fences are no longer maintained or guarded It is only the lure of Catcher, his flirtatious promise to protect her, that finally gets Gabry to do what she fears most leave the relative safety of Vista.It is in the amusement park, as Gabry receives her first kiss, that things go horribly wrong who d have guessed I kid, I kid A Breaker an ber mudo, if you will attacks the group Gabry is with Long story short their little adventure outside the city walls does not end well.Because of the commotion caused by the attack they know it is only a matter of time before the city militia arrives So Catcher insists Gabry flee the scene because those caught outside the city walls will be punished severely Before she leaves, Gabry tries to round up Cira, Catcher s sister, to go back with her, but is unsuccessful.Gabry returns to the city by herself, a decision with which struggles throughout the rest of this novel She s riddled with guilt that she was unable to stop everyone from going to the amusement park in the first place Gabry hates that, unlike Cira and the rest of her friends, she wasn t caught.Because she s the only one who wasn t caught she s obligated to search for Catcher, at Cira s request The only problem is, Catcher may have been bitten by a mudo What s worse, he s hiding somewhere outside the city walls So Gabry ventures outside the walls once again, attacked by mudo, and saved by a young man, named Elias, who is clearly not from her village And this is when the adventure really begins Overall, this is a pretty good book I think it s much better than The Forest of Hands and Teeth, mainly because I don t mind the protagonist she s not selfish like her mother was at her age Also I think The Dead Tossed Waves is written better than The Forest of Hands and Teeth Before I go on, I need to mention that I m not a fan of the love triangle in this book It s not that I don t luuuurve me a good love triangle, because I do It s just the fact that Carrie Ryan already did the whole love triangle thing, and not very well might I add IMHO, Mary was undeserving of such attention so the love triangle in The Forest of Hands and Teeth felt forced And in the end it turns out the triangle was completely unnecessary I feel Carrie Ryan should have gone a different direction this time around not everybody has two equally good looking guys vying for their attention I feel Carrie Ryan, along with a lot of authors these days, are relying on the love triangle a little too much I think Carrie Ryan cheated herself, her story, and the readers, by focusing too much attention on the love story.Example Gabry spends too much time being torn up over the whole Catcher or Elias question Especially when, as far as I m concerned, her preference is obvious I wish Gabry had made a decision early on, sparing everyone involved including the readers , and spent time thinking about important things Such as the many interesting ethical questions raised by various characters in this book What is the difference between existing and surviving Is there a difference How are the infected mudo unconsecrated different from the non infected When a body Returns, is part of their former self their soul still there, just trapped inside There are other things I didn t necessarily like but I can t bring them up without giving away too much Basically, what I m trying to say is, while I do quite like this book and I m planning to read the next one I m left feeling a little disappointed Carrie Ryan could have done so much with this storyline, the deeper elements are present but not explored Which is why I couldn t give this book four stars I do want to give Carrie Ryan props for writing zombie books targeted specifically at females If it weren t for her I wouldn t have picked up a zombie book, ever Which, in retrospect, would have been quite unfortunate as it is a genre I quite enjoy Side note Also, I think Carrie Ryan could have should have released The Dead Tossed Waves first and eventually released The Forest of Hands and Teeth as a prequel Why Because The Forest of Hands and Teeth does not actually add to this story, seeing as Gabry spends the majority of this novel mostly ignorant of her mother s past Sure, we the readers are able to make the connections, but that just takes away from the reading experience we already know what Gabry doesn t It s sort of infuriating Plus, the way in which this book ends I m assuming the next book, The Dark and Hollow Places, will start where this one leaves off Gabry still telling her story Which is just another reason why it doesn t make sense that The Forest of Hands and Teeth was released first.