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Hell of good story I never realized how tenuous the links were that bound the Thirteen original states, nor how divided the frontier became from the heavily populated Eastern coast From these tensions came the party politics, and signs of the divisions that led to the Civil War were already showing The hurdles that prevented new states from forming really took me by surprise, as did the degree to which the US faced constant tensions with Britain, France, Spain and the Indians of various tribes Definitely a great read for anyone interested in American history.My only gripe is the author s tendency to indulge in that sort of history writing that purports to take us inside the minds of historical figures it s a very popular and readable approach, but I am always uneasy with such presumed intimacy. Chose this myself for our history book club, great discussion, great success. [Read Epub] ⚖ Jefferson's Great Gamble: The Remarkable Story of Jefferson, Napoleon and the Men Behind the Louisiana Purchase ♧ A New York Times Bestseller The Fascinating Story Of How Four Great Men Fought For The Louisiana Purchase, Changing The Future Of Our NationJefferson S Great Gamble Tells The Incredible Story Of How Four Leaders Of An Upstart Nation Jefferson, Madison, Monroe And Livingston Risked The Future Of Their Country And Their Own Careers Outwitted Napoleon Bonaparte, The World S Most Powerful Ruler And Secured A New Future For The United States Of AmericaFor Two Years Before The Louisiana Purchase, The Nine Principal Players In The Deal Watched France And The United States Approach The Brink Of War Over The Most Coveted Spot On The Planet A Bustling Port Known As New Orleans And Until The Breakthrough Moment When A Deal Was Secured, The Men Who Steered Their Countries Through The Tense And Often Beguiling Negotiations Knew Only That The Futures Of Both Nations Were At StakeJefferson S Great Gamble Is An Extraordinary Work That Redefines One Of The Most Important And Overlooked Events In American History To Read Jefferson S Great Gamble Is To Experience The Tense Days And Nights Leading To A Decision That Changed The Face Of The World From The Early American Infighting To The Heated French Negotiations To The Battle Needed Years Later To Secure The Purchase, This New History Is A Story Of Dedicated Men, Each Driven By Love Of Country, Who Created An Event That Robert Livingston Called The Noblest Work Of Our Lives Great if you like lots of details. I complained about the last book because I found one factual error in the text and a misplaced city on the map Well This book was FULL of errors It claimed that Britain made false claims that the United States was violating the Treaty of Paris 1783 It applauded Hamilton and Madison for putting aside their longstanding rivalry to get the Constitution written, even though their rivalry didn t even begin till after the Constitution was ratified and in effect It repeatedly confused Edmund Randolph an important federalist governor of Virginia from the Revolutionary through Washington Administration periods with John Randolph a firebrand congressman from the anti Jefferson wing of the Democratic Republican Party during the 1800s 1820s It was also rife with copyediting errors, many of which introduced factual mistakes when the sentence says Madison s instructions to Madison and Livingston , I can tell that the second Madison should actually be Monroe but when that happens repeatedly in contexts that are easy to spot, I don t know how many times it s happening where it ISN T easy to spot.I have the hardback or trade cloth, as we used to say in the biz , published in 2003 Maybe it was rushed through edits in order to get it out in time for the two hundredth anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, in which case it s perfectly possible that subsequent editions have all these errors corrected. Pretty good, overall It s definitely of a story, with the author meandering through the personal backgrounds and character traits of the men involved as much as the events of the Louisiana Purchase This adds a lot to an event that takes up little than a couple paragraphs in most people s grade school U.S History books The book talks about a lot of the main issues though the reasons Napoleon decide to sell the entire territory rather than just New Orleans, how the U.S benefited greatly from tension between France and Britain, the importance of New Orleans to the U.S., the role of the slave uprising in Saint Domingue, Jefferson s agony over whether what his administration had done was constitutional, and the personal and political rivalries between the main players on both the American and French sides Most importantly, the book makes you understand that the U.S would ve been a very different kind of nation if the Louisiana Purchase didn t happen the way it did It also does a good job of explaining that westward expansion was a hotly contested issue in early America not all supported itThe main downside of this book is that, as a story, it s heavily slanted toward the author s personal biases So you get a lot of praise of Jefferson and Madison at Livingston s expense If anything, Livingston comes across as human and the book does make me want to learn about him Also, he doesn t ever explicitly explain why Napoleon needed to raise cash by selling the territory to the U.S instead of just borrowing it from European bankers, which is exactly what the U.S needed to do in order to raise the funds for the purchase Marbois makes clear to Napoleon that France s finances were a mess, and Cerami mentions that the French saw the U.S as a good credit risk, so that seems to be it. After recently finishing Founding Brothers by Joseph J Ellis, which covered various major events in post revolutionary American history through the 1800 election of Thomas Jefferson as president, I was interested in continuing my reading through the next several years of Jefferson s administration The Louisiana Purchase was an obvious next step and arguably the next event of any significance after Jefferson s election in a reading of early American history.I was disappointed by the narrative, though I think the subject matter was generally interesting In the hands of a accomplished author historian, the story could have had the pop, the suspense and the intrigue of a historical novel It didn t Cerami s narrative was plodding and often dull He backtracked and zig zagged to provide context to his principal narrative to such extent that there was no real story to follow.There s so much history available to read and so much good scholarship from original source material that narrative skills separates the mediocre works from the great ones I would put this book in the former category 12 20 05 I remember reading this book on the Mississippi trip and particularly Bay Saint Louis The bed and breakfast where we stayed was leveled by Hurricane Katrina We want to stay there again after the owners rebuild it. We enjoy history and the story behind the news Read this to Winston as we traveled this marvelous country and marveled at the men who had the foresight and ability to negotiate this purchase So many things we simply take for granted and accept as a fact of history I had never before wondered about the HOW regarding the Louisiana Purchase.hmmm However, once again, there are great men, great decisions, so many personalities agendas AND chances that things might not have gone so well in the formation of this incredible country Traveling hither and yon throughout these areas puts powerful punctuation to how blessed we are and to my gratitude to be able to travel with ease and ability to experience all the grandeur of the geography and the peoples of this my beloved nation We enjoyed the author s presentation that presented not only the facts , but well done interpretation.Once again, this book begets several others that we ll need to read If you enjoy American history, this is a must read Charles A Cerami goes into great detail about the events leading to the Louisiana Purchase, and the men responsible for it Jefferson faces many challenges with his young and hungry nation, but overcomes the odds From Pierre Clement French Politician being handed the keys to Louisiana by Spain, to America purchasing the 800,000 square mile behemoth, Cerami keeps the story interesting and well written. I found the book informative, but almost with too much repeated information I can say that I learned from this book I can t say that the knowledge is useful or that I particularly enjoyed gaining it.