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I m truly shocked Not by the novel, but by some of the reviews of it Before reading this story, I checked out the reviews as usual, and not a few of them went on and on about the supposed depravity of the book That being the case, I asked myself Self, are you interested in reading a little erotica right now Turns out, I was So I settle down all comfy cozy in my bed prepared to be titillated and hopefully a little shocked How very disappointing The was no sex in the sex scenes Oh, the story line led you up to it and let you know that they DID, in fact, do the deed But there wasn t any vulgar descriptions No play by play No raunch There was no THERE, there The scenes of violence went on longer and were described in much detail This book isn t even as explicit as the TEEN Twilight series, ffs As for the incest that so offended everyone have you NEVER read a story about ancient Egypt before Or really any of the ancient cultures No actual history either, huh With all that being said, the story was okay Not brilliant Not completely horrible Readable, but with no real umph to it Forgettable would probably be the most apt description In all honesty, it probably would have been better HAD it been explicitly erotic Just my two cents And if you don t like em, leave em where I dropped em. This book is FICTION and based upon a time in ancient history when the human body was not regarded with the same Puritan ethics that modern day readers exhibit Therefore the sexual scenes are normal for that historical period The ancient Egyptians had their standards of modesty and so have we but to judge their period by our strait laced opinions is wrong As for the incest , that happened but not as often as we in the 21st century believe To learn about what we know of Egyptian live, I recommend RED LAND, BLACK LAND DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT EGYPT by Barbara Mertz a noted Egyptologist When Pharaoh Tutankhamun dies, his wife wants to marry someone of the same social standing a prince of royal blood As there is no one of that level alive in Egypt, the story has her writing to the Hittites and asking for one of the ruler s sons princes to be sent to her for marriage I felt this book missed a few steps in the beginning when it had the Princess Ankhesenamun stealing out of the royal palace whenever she wanted to have fun But it seemed to identify a young girl, and a teenager at that, that isn t much different from a teenager of today Willful, disobedient, manipulative and deceitfulchange the clothing and she would fit right in with some modern day teenage girls I ve known And I think the author did a great job of showing that, regardless of the time period, people really haven t changed all that much in 1,000 s of years Greed, hate, schemes, love, tenderness they re all human qualities and we ve always had them Truly Disgusting I am appalled by this book I have never in all my years read a book so distasteful I want to warn anyone who thinks this is a historical fiction book I think it should be sold as erotica or in that category I am not saying it doesn t have historical facts, however it has incest and so many sex scenes in it that it takes away from the historic value The worst part is the copulating dwarfs and the very explicit description of the male dwarf s genitals I have to wonder what the author was aiming for there wishful thinking on his part or something else The treachery of these people is unreal The women are all whores at one time or another This could have been a good book It has suspense, a love story, history, and at times good writing Too bad it had to be ruined the way it was The Harlequin romance novels are called smut I have news for those that think that The romance in those novels are done very tastefully compared to this book I read all most every page, I skipped a few towards the end. The writing, especially the details about ancient Egypt, was pretty accessible However, I stopped around the 50 page mark It seemed pretty trashy The story was broken into several threads covering several classes in ancient Egyptian society And each thread had an element of violence sex violent sex that was off putting, odd, and distracted from the story.I was repelled and had no desire to continue. So I am going back and reading the reviews on this book and if people are so offended by the sex in this book, then maybe they should stop reading about Ancient Egypt It was a way of life during that time period, when women were looked upon only as a path to gain an heir And if that had to be with your parents grandparents siblings, then so be it All of that being said, I did not like Ankhesenamun I thought she came off as a spoiled, mean little brat I can t say if her behavior is historically accurate, but I liked the book and I felt for Tutankhamun and all he went through throughout the book. just posted this review on If you had considered reading this book, I advise against it I am someone who really, really loves the Amarna time period, so I can say I have a fairly good knowledge of the time, although I m not an Egyptologist.Let me list the things I liked about this book Great cover Very readable printThings I didn t like Ankhesenpaatan While I truly believe you can detest a main character but still like a book, it just didn t work out that way for this book She was just so unbelievable Not only was she an unlikeable character, but she acted far too out of character for the time period and for who she was To many things that didn t make sense As far as I know, there weren t candles and wall sconces in ancient Egypt Also, as soon as one pharaoh dies, another becomes pharaoh There is no regency period without a pharaoh, as there was for 2 years while Prince Tut waited to crowned and Aye ran the kingdom Granted, Aye probably did run the kingdom, but Tut was the pharaoh I won t get into what happened between the time Tut died and Aye became pharaoh in history, this isn t the place for it I hated all the gratuitous sex Had I known that the book would be like that, I wouldn t have bought it I regret that I had it in my to be read pile for almost year, during which most of the reviews on were posted I wonder if I can still return it I sure feel cheated I know that I tend to leave negative reviews when I do leave a review usually I just give a book a star s Books that are great tend to stand on their own, and usually it s my intense disappointment that causes me to leave a negative review I m very disappointed in this one I couldn t finish it I hung in there through about page 70, or whenever the dwarf sex scene happened That s when the book hit the wall a wall banger. I do not like this book at all I do not know how the book got so many five star reviews , but seriously this book is all about sex Believe me ,in the first part of the the book only , we can see that the main character is making fun of her future husband s sex organ What type of a book this is Historical fiction or Erotic novel Then, again I have read several historical fiction novels, and even they sex scenes, though none of them are so simply weird And the cat fight between Ankhesenamun and Mutnojemet, is actually extreme and both of them are complete sex maniacs I had high expectations about the book but it greatly disappointed me Even Ankhesenamun s five other sisters are not even mentioned And its common knowledge , that Tutankhamen did not become a king at seven years of age or Ankhesenamun was fifteen when she married Tutankhamen This is all I have to say about the book I went to several review sites prior to purchasing my latest batch of reads I ve noticed one lady on almost every book review site possible dissing this book because of the sex scenes They really aren t as bad as she makes them out to be and one wonders what her agenda is I mean, she has taken a lot of time to write all of her one star reviews In one, she states she has done her Egyptology research at, of all places, Wikipedia As you can see, though, the folks that have read the novel and enjoyed it far outnumber her lone dislike of it.I am so glad I didn t listen to her for I would have missed out on one of the best novels I ve read in quite some time Rich with history, Mr Klein has truly done his research I loved the characters, most especially the tragic Ankhesenamun The intrigue and action kept me from putting the book down at night I highly recommend this to anyone, and I look forward to from Mr Klein. `Download ☞ The Woman Who Would Be Pharaoh: A Novel of Ancient Egypt ↠ Ranging From The Flood Plains Of The Nile To The Snow Covered Passes Of The Taurus Mountains, This Historical Novel Is Set In The Tumultuous Period Of The Waning Th Egyptian Dynasty, And Follows Ankhesenamun, The Newly Widowed Wife Of The Murdered Tutankhamun She Rules Over A Court Rife With Intrigues, Assassins And Daring Sexual Liaisons Facing A Forced Marriage To Her Own Grandfather Who Covets The Throne For Himself Ankhesenamun Desperately Turns To Her Dear Friend, The Warrior And Scholar Menkhara, For Help She Sends Him On An Impossible Mission To The Land Of The Hittites, And The Court Of The Most Feared Ruler Of The Ancient World His Task Is To Bring One Of The Sons Of This Sworn Enemy Of Egypt To Be Ankhesenamun S Husband, Thus Saving Her Throne This Saga Is At Once A Portrait Of A Remarkable Queen Willing To Embrace In Marriage Her Country S Ancient Foe To Save Her Crown, And A Heartbreaking Love Story That Weaves History, Mystery, Regicide, Incest And A Terrifying Conclusion Into A Compelling Tale