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this is one of the best books i have ever read in my life.this book is about love friendship like it is extremely good i highly recommend this book I love this book, this book gives you a exciting story I LOVE IT And I will read it again. What s Love Got to Do With It Let me start by saying, my expectations for this book were high It s no secret I am totally, unequivocally, absolutely, and positively anti TCP As such, I haven t had a chance to sample the talent of one Keisha Ervin, with the exception of her novella FINDING FOREVER published by Priority Books But that s a novella I need a full length story to see what an author is working with I had heard here and there, over and over again readers raving about Keisha s novels So, again, my expectations were high Ervin s new novel, Gunz and Roses chronicles the relationship of Gray Rose, a bi racial beauty and fashion editor, and Gavin Gunz Marciano, a sinfully handsome drug kingpin Gray is looking for love and her happily ever after while Gunz is living in the moment For him, it is what it is And what it isn t is a committed relationship So here we have it Boy meets girl Girl likes boy Boy likes girl Boy and girl have sex Boy and girl argue Boy and girl have sex Boy and girl argue Boy and girl have sex Boy and girl argueIt s a vicious cycle of dysfunction and foolishness Gunz and Roses is a story of street love, according to the synopsis However, if that is the case, this novel failed at its very premise Gray and Gunz were not believable as a couple The sense of a bond or chemistry that is imperative to make the plot convincing is never established They had sex They argued That a relationship does not make, much less love Instead, it leaves readers disconnected, removed from the feelings the novel hopes to evoke Also, sadly, Gunz and Gray fall into the pattern of stereotypical characters I won t even get started on their designer clothes, Gray s looks black and Korean with BLUE eyes and bootylicious or Gunz s swagger 10 inch thang thang with a net worth of over 50 million Gunz and Roses asks readers to believe the unbelievable, but then fails to provide any accompanying support In addition to being an avid reader, I m a huge movie buff So I was very disappointed to see the scene from one of my favorite movies literally play out on the pages of this novel Are you serious That wasn t cool at all Be creative Be original I wanted to like this novel I really did There were too many shortcomings It s unfortunate that they mired the novel to a level of superficiality and predictability In the end, Gunz and Roses was flat and unconvincing Reviewed by Toni 2.5 LOVED IT I ve read all of her books and I judge each book individually It is what it is I love her style of writing all of the characters in this book even Gunz Real talk, the situations in this book is most of our realitypast or present Worth the money. I really liked the characters in this book I constantly went through the back forth with Gunz because he was a good dude, he just wasn t really familiar with LOVE And Gray.with her ghetto fabulous friends and career in the fashion industry.she was a well rounded out character also The action and constant twists and turns had me up all night reading So I finished this book in one day.The only thing I kinda had a problem with is how Keisha Ervin lifted the whole scene from the movie, Sugar Hill Maybe she thought nobody s ever seen that movie before. December 20,2010This book has a really sexual beginning I was surprised and a little disgusted I was disgusted we probably because the sexual things were out of my knowledge Other than that, the book begins off with Gray meeting Gunz at a club at night.The moment Gunz walked in, Gray had her eyes on him He was the only one that Gray wanted to go home with that night Turns out she did leave with him to his rich condo They had sex but the next morning Gunz just gave Gray money and told her to go home he thought she was those one night girls But really Gray was hurt After that fight, Gunz held her back and told her, she was his home girl Unfortunately, he hasn t called Gray after months and she is hurt by that.December 22, 2010Gray couldn t get Gunz out of her mind when she wants him out of her life, he would come back When he holds her near him she will fall for him again Gunz was a guy that deals with a gang He had killed a guy named Rich because Rich snitched on the gang Turns out Rich was Trust s younger brother and Trust was Gray s friend Gray wanted to know what Gunz did But Gunz lied to her that he didn t have anything to do with Rich s death because he didn t want to lose her.December 28,2010Gunz is really learning to love the way Gray is she cares about him a lot and he can feel it Gray knew about his business but they don t talk about it so no one will feel weird Gunz is finally opening a little to Gray.December 29 30,2010The relationship between Gunz and Gray is really deep inside but Gunz is afraid to show it Most of all he has lots of business to deal with deals and killing The two breaks,come back,breaks, and come back.January 1 2 ,2010Gray rejected her and going to Paris for Gunz but he turned out cheating on her Gray decided to leave him for real but months later, Gunz came to her she fell back to him because he told her the truth.This time was different because Gunz told Gray everything about him and that he was afraid to love her and lose him After getting back, Gunz took Gray to his place that he never took anyone to Gunz is planning to give and show love to Gray from now on.January 2,2010Problems keeps getting in the way of Gunz and Gray They broken up again because Devin s text message Gunz dumped Gray for looking over his text They lived plainly for weeks without each other Trust, Gray s friend, raped her but he told her that she was enjoying it Trust and her had a baby but Gray only loved Gunz At the end, Trust amount killed Gray because she was with Gunz But turns out Gray killed him but she also forgive him for leaving her a back scar Gray learn that if she love someone or something, she should hold on until the end.Review I didn t like the story at first because it was perverted but the story turned out to be very emotional I have to admit that reading the book at night and alone, simply made me cried. I really enjoyed this book, which surprised me It s a hood love story with a size fourteen main character which shocked me and I give the author props for that one I can t tell you how lame it is that every hood book features a main female with a 25 inch waist get for real Anyway, I really like Gray and Gunz, even though they were both with the B.S during the story It gets kind of old after awhile but I stuck it out so I could read the end The ending was just a little too dramatic and fairy tale for me but I still enjoyed the book. This is probally my favorite book It was so real, and makes you never want to put the book the down The book is kind of hard to explain, so you ll just have to read it and see for yourself but I promise you wont be dissapointed Its really for adult literature but i understand well those are the only books i really read. This read was ok..I was really finding myself liking the story, however it just ended up being too much back and forth and plus I do not find it entertaining for a woman to continuously compromise herself for a man that will not have not done the same And did I really read an entire scene from SugarHill ^Read Book ⇱ Gunz and Roses ✘ Urban Fiction Diva Keisha Ervin Is Back With Gunz And Roses, Her Latest Story Of Street LoveTime Stands Still As Up And Coming Fashion Editor Gray Rose Watches The Man Of Her Dreams Walk Into The Club The Last Thing St Louis Kingpin Gunz Marciano Wants Is To Become Attached To One Woman Until He Spots GrayAfter One Night Of Erotic Passion, Gunz And Gray Embark On A Tumultuous Journey When Their Obsessive Love Becomes Too Much And Gunz Wants Out, Gray Is Ready To Let Him Go Then She Learns The Identity Of His New Woman, And Things Get Complicated Gunz And Roses Is A Sensational, Passionate Drama Filled With An Intense Mix Of Suspense, Lies, And Murder