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All Good Things Die in L.A by Anhoni Patel truly lives up to it s title The book chronicles the sobering stories of three individuals united both by their patronage to a small Hollywood eatery and their dreams of making it in Los Angeles.Patel s unrestrained and hauntingly realistic storytelling made this book difficult to put down I was completely mesmerized by her straight forward, crude approach to debauching the American dream The ending left me emotionally raw and yearning forI completely recommend this book for a quick and dramatic read, preferably if you are interested in a completely captivating train wreck My only complaint is that it was very short Regardless, I know I ll be looking forward to readingfrom Anhoni Patel. amazingly accurate, after having been a hollywood transplant myselfI can attest to the madness that makes up this place, love it or hate it, L.A has an undeniable allure, and this book captures that seamlessly. For 1 onthis book was a great findI love the way it was written, I could barely put it down I like how it shows that behind all the glitz and glam, the fuckery that Hollywood is And I loved how she made me feel for the characters Now what I didn t like there was just too many damn cliques in the book About the characters and LA And I hated the way it ended not the lead up to the end literally the last section it felt so abrupt [ Free Epub ] ♿ All Good Things Die in L.A. ☪ All Good Things Die In LA Is A Fast Paced And Cinematic Story Centered Around Three Ambitious Characters Who All Want To Desperately Make It In LA Unfortunately, The City Of Angels Isn T As Glamorous As It Seems Instead Of Trekking Out To The Valley To Work As A Make Up Artist, Joey Has Decided That He Rather Spend His Time Snorting Meth When She S Not Binging On A Box Of Ding Dongs, Suzanne Is Stuck In Retail Hell And Struggling With Her Screenplay Meanwhile, Fresh From The Border, Minimum Wager Rodri Has Three Mouths To Feed, A Suspicious Wife, And A Big Secret The Only Thing They Have Going For Them Is Their Connection To Mama S , A Dingy Soul Food Joint In Hollywood As All Three Try To Navigate Life In LA Just How Far Will Each Go To Realize Their Dreams