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WILD CHERRY is a spicy, provocative tale of sex, lies, stolen identity, and murder Jihad takes his readers on a bumpy ride through the lives of twin brothers, Jordan and Jevon Hayes and their encounters with Cherry Sherell, the wild and sexy daughter of a notorious hit man with a taste for vengeance.Jordan is a fallen ex football star who lost his career to the lure of his crack addiction When he hits rock bottom, he falls in love and decides to turn his life around But before Jordan s newfound love develops fully, he is sentenced to five years in prison.Jevon has been living in his famous brother s shadow all his life, but he gets the opportunity to steal the spotlight when he constructs a convoluted plan that lands Jordan in prison for a crime he didn t commit When Jordan is released from prison, it becomes very clear the two brothers are in sharp contrast as Jordan repeatedly tries and fails to get his twin to live a life of righteousness.Cherry, the common denominator in this twisted tale, gets the ultimate revenge on all disrepectful men that cross her path She finds herself connected to each of the characters as she becomes involved in an intricate plot of deception and murder.This erotic tale held my attention in the very beginning, but as the story progressed, I found the characters and the plot to be fairly unbelievable Jihad successfully created a tangled web of sex, lies, drama and deceit, but the excitement and intensity of this roller coaster ride was greatly overshadowed by unrealistic dialogue, confusing plot twists, and sub plots that were seen in the author s previous works I do not recommend this novel Instead, I encourage readers to check out Preacher Man Blues for originality and a bit believability.Reviewed by Monique D Mensahfor The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers Very interesting read Takes place in Atlantanice twists I wish there was a part 2 I could not put the book down {Free Epub} Í Wild Cherry õ Cherry Is One Bad Chick That S No Surprise Since She S The Granddaughter Of One Of The Most Thorough Hitmen In History, Daddy Cool An NFL Superstar And Bad Boy Himself, Jordan Hayes Is About To Find That Out The Hard Way When He Decides To Make Cherry A Pawn In His Game Of Lust, Drugs And Lies After Jordan Moves On, He Forgets All About The Girl He Once Called Wild Cherry But Cherry Hasn T Forgotten About Him In Fact, He S All She Can Think About As She Does Her Time In A State Mental Institution Jordan S Twin Jevon Has Been Living In His Brother S Shadow For Years When An Encounter With A Beautiful Young Lady Opens The Door For Him To Not Just Follow In Jordan S Footsteps, But Assume His Whole Identity, Jevon Jumps At The Chance But Jevon Is In For A Rude Awakening When He Discovers The Real Reason His New Woman Is Called Wild Cherry Wild Cherry Is An Intriguing, Wild, Drama Filled Tale That Will Keep You Guessing All The Way To The End