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FREE ô The Surgeon's Lady ⚠ As A Surgeon In The Royal Navy, Lieutenant Philemon Brittle Has Proved His Bravery Countless Times But He S Never Known The Thrill That Comes With Falling In Love Until He Meets The Beautiful Lady Laura Taunton, Who Has Turned To Nursing The Wounded As Solace From Her Unhappy PastPhilemon Will Need To Draw Upon Every Bit Of His Strength And Determination To Convince The Marriage Shy Laura That Establishing A Life Together Is The Truest Path To Love And Happiness You can find this review in English below.3.5 stars.Menos al que casi siempre puedo confiar en la se ora Kelly para salir de una mala racha de lecturas.Tengo debilidad por los h roes que dibuja esta autora aunque podr an caer en la definici n de beta h roes, yo prefiero pensar en ellos como hombres sensatos, prudentes, respetuosos, inteligentemente paritarios y entregados a sus mujeres swoon En este caso, Philemon Brittle es todo lo anterior y m s Un hombre entregado a su oficio y que ha sacrificado su vida personal por las vidas de los dem s.He tenido m s problemas para conectar con la protagonista, Lady Laura Taunton No me malinterpreten, me ha encantado, ella tambi n ha pasado por lo suyo y est intentando rehacer su vida, lo que me ha chocado es lo bien que se ha desenvuelto una dama en el ambiente de sangre y tremendo dolor en el que, literalmente, Mr Kelly la ha arrojado Ha sido poco cre ble Quiz s si hubiese habido una transici n m s suave hubiese podido entenderlo, pero todo ha pasado en cuesti n de d as O casi horas Esto me ha dejado un poco fr a.Aunque ha sido impresionante leer sobre los procedimientos m dico quir rgicos de la poca Muy interesante Uno de los puntos fuertes de la historia.Y el romance, como siempre, exquisito Lento, bonito y con obst culos realistas que salvar Aunque hubiese sido m s interesante si Lady Tenton no hubiese remoloneado tanto antes de aclarase las ideas.Una nota no he le do el primer libro de la serie y ahora s que hubiese sido una buena idea Hay un par de asuntos que seguramente hubiese entendido mejor si lo hubiese hecho 3.5 stars.Thank goodness I almostalways can trust Mrs Kelly to get me out of a bad streak of readings.I have a weakness for heroes drawn by this author although they may fall into the definition of beta heroes, I prefer to think of them as sensible, prudent, respectful, intelligently defenders of the gender equity and devoted to their women men swoon In this case, Philemon Brittle is all of the above and A man committed to his job and who has sacrificed his personal life for the lives of others.However, I ve had trouble connecting with the heroine, Lady Laura Taunton Do not get me wrong, I have loved her, she has also gone through her own hell and is trying to redo her life, what has shocked me is how quickly Lady Taunton behaves at ease in the environment of blood and tremendous pain at which, Mr Kelly, literally, had thrown her It has been quite unrealistic Maybe if there had been a softer transition I would have been able to understand it, but it all has happened in a matter of days Or almost hours So it has thrown me off a bit.Although it has been impressive to read about the medical surgical procedures of the time Very interesting One of the story s strong points.And the romance, as always, is exquisite Slow, beautiful and with some realistic obstacles to save Although it could have been even better if only Lady Tanton hadn t delayed her change of heart so much.One note I have not read the first book in the series and now I know it would have been a good idea There are a couple of things I would have probably understood better if I had. The 2nd book in the Channel Fleet series, The Surgeon s Lady starts a few months after Marrying The Captain ended The Napoleonic Wars are still playing havoc with everyone s lives, and that s the setting of this book You don t have to read the 1st book to understand the 2nd, but you might want to do that if you don t like spoilers because some events that took place at the end of the previous book are mentioned in this one.Lady Laura Taunton is one of Lord Ratliffe s illegitimate daughters the others are Nana, the heroine in the previous book Marrying The Captain, and Polly, the heroine in the next book Marrying the Royal Marine Unlike Nana, Laura caved to her father s demands and agreed to marry one of her father s friends so he could pay his gaming debts Her marriage to Lord Taunton, who was 30 years older than her, turned out to be a nightmare and she was glad when he died 5 years later Now, one year after his death, Laura is finally ready to get acquainted with her recently discovered half sister Nana.While visiting Nana, Laura meets Lieutenant Philemon Brittle, a Royal Navy surgeon who happens to be the son of Daniel Brittle, sailing master of Nana s husband Captain Oliver Worth s ship Yes, this is a small, small world Laura and Philemon become friends, then co workers when she ends up working with him as a hospital matron and finally lovers in the emotional sense Unfortunately, some obstacles must be overcome war times aren t conducive to courtship, Philemon is a commoner while Laura is a Lady by marriage, but still a Lady and she s still too traumatized by her late husband s behavior to deal with the physical prospect of lovemaking Luckily for Laura, Philemon is a very understanding and patient man.I wanted to love this book so much, but alas, that didn t happen There was nothing wrong with the writing Ms Kelly definitely knows how to do it without resorting to misunderstandings, betrayals and other contrived plot devices but I didn t connect with Philemon and Laura It s hard to buy a romance when I can t connect with the H h.Laura grated on my nerves first, with her crying and babbling her life story to every single person who showed her a minimum of affection then, with her indecision about the consummation of her marriage to Philemon Okay, I know she had reasons to fear the marriage bed considering what she had gone through with her late husband, but she should have also believed Philemon and Nana when they told her that having marital relations with someone you loved would be different I mean, she knew it was possible to enjoy it because she had been close to feeling some pleasure with her horrible husband a few times.As for Philemon, he was a saint caring, dependable, funny, strong and patient Too patient He was no pushover, but the way he waited for months for Laura to come to her senses and to their marriage bed made me want to shake him and tell him to go after what he wanted I like beta heroes, but that was pushing it.Overall, this was an OK read to me, saved mostly by Ms Kelly s writing I liked how she set up the story, inserting historical facts without taking the focus away from the main plot I loved revisiting Oliver and Nana they re still going strong despite the hardships of war and they have the most sigh worthy scene in the whole book I liked the realistic tone of the story, even though following Philemon s medical activities was too detailed for my taste sometimes All that I missed was a strong H h I could love. Carla Kelly has a way of showing not glossing over like some other regency romances the hardships of war But not the war it s self, but the effect it has one the lives of people How it effects the families and love ones of soldiers off to fight battles they don t know their be able to come home from In Marrying The Captain Your shown the effects war has on families, and the love that soldiers live on, when their hearts are back home and their minds having to be in the heat of battle With The Surgeon s Lady you gives sometimes a hard look at what doctors even to this day have to go through, trying to save the lives our their brave men, and having to deal with the lost when they can t save the lives of a soldier But, through this book, it showed me how laughter, hope and love still burn bright even in the most darkest of times Lady Laura Taunton was sold by her evil father to pay off his debts to a man, Laura came to fear and hate After her husband had a stroke leaving him in a infant state for three years, he finally died a thankless job for Laura Now free Laura is lost then ever, on whom she should turn to, what should she do, until a letter comes from news of a sister she never knew In the process of learning about her sisters, Laura comes to learn a lot about herself, her inner strength that never broke through her father s betrayal and her hard marriage She comes to work as a Navy hospital, where she learns to treat the men out there in battle, and she comes to rely and love one of the Royal Navy Surgeons, Lieutenant Philemon Brittle, whom breaks her out of her shell and makes her see herself and the possibilities that are endless that she can do Laura has a lot of learning to do, and at of love needed and to give, she hasn t be able to for almost all her life You see the strength and love Laura has for her love ones, but the biggest lesson she still needed to learn was forgiveness, and through this that many of us are able to let go of the pain that weights on our hearts and for Laura this finally frees her from her past and move on with her future with Phil Lieutenant Philemon Brittle, was kind, caring, stern, helpful, loving and had a quick wit about him that took you by surprise Philemon is one of those doctors that doesn t care about fame in a time of war, but helping each man as best he can with their wounds, cheer or make the soldiers laugh and wasn t ashamed to cry when he lost one of them Philemon was the one whom truly taught Laura about herself, not only being a nurse but being able to trust and love and forgive Phil always saw Laura as an equal and treated her as such, always front up about everything, but a little shy when he confessed his love Phil was Laura s rock in the storm she was going through, even when he himself had to deal with so much He still made time for Laura and when he needed comfort and support Laura was finally there to help him as he helped her I loved Philemon and how he loved with all his heart, but his sense of humor had me laughing out loud in some scenes Like after Laura and Phil finally make love for the first time Laura shyly ask if his aunt housekeeper knows what their doingProbably This room was throbbing and glowing There might even be a crowd gathered outside, wondering what the hell Overall This was another beautiful story by CK, that may show the gloom and hardship of war, but also shows that love on it s own can win any war. I have such an affection for this novel It was the first Carla Kelly I read and I was entirely caught up by the writing and the story I ve re read it a couple of times and it holds up The romance is lovely and the story is interesting and well paced Every time I read it I m taken away by it again, even though I know precisely what s going to happen.Laura, sister to Nana from the first book in the series seriously, read the first book, it s also so lovely and sets up the backstory which is important to get the most out of this one Sold by her father into an awful first marriage Derided for her inability to have children because, of course, it s always the woman s fault Eventually her husband has a stroke and she nurses him through his final years His death sets her free, only she finds she doesn t have anything except his money, she s damaged by the marriage and has no sense of what to do with herself Opportune then, that Nana should have sought her out She goes to her sister and starts a new life This brings her into contact with the navy and the surgeon at the nearby naval hospital, Philemon Brittle I can even get on board with that name Philemon has become as much a romance hero s name as Sebastian He is practical and sensible and not very handsome, every inch the CK doctor or, as in this case, surgeon hero After Laura comes to his hospital to see a patient he impulsively finds himself asking her to come and work for him as a nurse of sorts nurses didn t really exist yet, but, you know what I mean And in the spirit of trying to find who she is and in the wake of her attraction to Philemon and his conviction that she can do anything, she says yes.So this is a romance which develops over sickbeds and in the midst of gruesome operations There s death and sadness and an awful naval officer and Laura is subjected to an attempted rape which is pretty bloody awful Eventually Laura is faced with the Father who damaged her so much.This is not a romantic setting These are not romantic themes But gosh, because CK is a genius, it s romantic any way.Philemon falls head over heels for Laura and gives her exactly what she needs, in that he s both comforting and demanding That s true also in his proposal of marriage Laura doesn t know if she s going to be able be a wife in every sense given the continuing trauma from her first marriage With patience and gentle encouragement from Philemon they get there together The sex is about as explicit as Kelly gets and it s very sweet and sexy.What can I say I just love this novel and it s five stars all day long for me.