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@Read E-pub õ The Soldiers of Halla ì It Has All Been Leading To This Every Victory Every Loss All The Thrills And Sadness The Hope And Despair Bobby Pendragon S Heart Pounding Journey Through Time And Space Has Brought Him To This Epic Moment He And His Fellow Travelers Must Join Forces For One Last Desperate Battle Against Saint Dane At Stake Is Not Only The Tenth And Final Territory, But All That Ever Was Or Will Be Everywhere This Is The War For Halla Every Question Is Answered Every Truth Is Revealed The Final Battle Has Begun I jumped into the flumes one last time with high expectations for the Soldiers of Halla and slammed right into a brick wall of dissapointment After reading the nine previous installments of Pendragon I had high hopes for The Soldiers of Halla maybe a little too high I was expecting fast paced, mind boggling adventure, but instead I got slow, repetitive explanations about the origins of the travelers and a ever frustrating search for the Exiles It was boring Pendragon is not supposed to be boring The story lacked that quality of adventure that so defined the series until almost 3 4 of the way through The final battle was fast, exciting, and nail biting It was fun to read and the only time I didn t want to put the book down.The actual ending was, how should I put this, hollow To me it made it feel like Bobby s wild adventures to save Halla had been almost pointless The ending was disappointing The whole book, save the final battle, was dissapointing A writer can either nail a series ending or they can blow it MacHale blew it. The Soldiers of Halla Pendragon, 10 , D.J MacHaleThe Soldiers of Halla is the tenth and final book in the Pendragon Adventure series by D J MacHale It concludes the battle between the Travelers and Saint Dane The title was revealed by D J The Soldiers of Halla begins with the eleven Travelers, meeting in a crumbling wasteland of a city They are immediately attacked by a helicopter, forcing them to seek refuge in the buildings Bobby and Loor are trapped in a pit and watch as a colony of people are caught by the helicopters in a nearby building When the helicopters leave, however, the Travelers gather back together The first generation of Travelers quickly appear, such as Osa, Loor s mother, and Seegen, Kasha s father, and lead the other Travelers away Bobby is met by his family again, who tell him that the wasteland was in fact the New York City zoo on Third Earth His family leads Bobby to another place, that is filled with dark clouds and crumbling, dark matter They confess that they know all that has transpired in Halla so far, including Bobby s murder of Alexander Naymeer on Second Earth Moreover, they tell him that Solara is indeed the essence of Halla and thus the ten territories Each victory and defeat inflicted by the Travelers and Saint Dane is reflected in the overall health of Solara All of the souls of Halla are transferred to Solara after they pass on in Halla The exiles that were launched into the flume are the last remaining positive spirit The rest is the negative spirit influencing Saint Dane s evil Solara Bobby travels to several worlds, including Third Earth, where Mark had been sent, and is leading a group of other exiles and rebels of Ravinia Eventually, after visiting other worlds, he returns to Third Earth He learns from Nevva that the exiles are on Eelong Saint Dane finds out that Nevva betrayed him, and kills her, not allowing her spirit to return to Solara Bobby goes to Eelong, and reaches Black Water just before the klees cats that are the sentient species of the jungle like territory of Eelong are going to attack the exiles and the gars humans that are not quite as intelligent as the klees The travelers defeat them and go back to Solara Uncle Press then proposes that they should protect the exiles as they are the only positive energy that keeps Solara running Bobby proposes that Uncle Press s plan would only delay defeat He thinks they should make a portal and transport the exiles to the Ravinians on Third Earth and defeat the Ravinians The plan is successful and they take the Ravinian conclave Bobby finds and gets into a fight with Saint Dane, and as Saint Dane uses up all of his power, he dies As the Travelers are victorious, all of Halla is saved from a fatal disaster After he destroys Saint Dane, Bobby and the other travelers are allowed to live the life they would have had if they weren t travelers The readers are shown Bobby and Courtney Chetwynde in a scene mirroring their first scene in the series However, it is shown that rather than the young teens as before, this Bobby and Courtney are much older, Bobby himself being confined to a hospital bed They kiss as a mysterious stranger probably Uncle Press Tilton barges into Bobby s hospital room and gives Bobby a box containing a story This story is actually Bobby s Journals The series ends with Courtney reading aloud the first journal 2015 1393 622 9786001821325 21 I have to say that this book was a disappointment compared to the others It promised me all the answers and I got themall at once It was like they just dumped all the answers into my lap and went Here you go in the first few chapters Then the rest of the book was just leading up to The end There weren t any twists or turns just a straight line to the end of the book Which I admit is pretty boring What had led me to love the series was the creativity of it How you never knew how Bobby would win or what Saint Dane would do next I had to sit down and force myself to read this book Throughout the story D.J justified everything Bobby did as right because he was The chosen one I am so sick of people being The Chosen One and that being the reason why everyone listens to them and why they get to be the hero The hero heroine should prove WHY they are the hero and have to show HOW they are brave, intelligent, or wise not just say Well he must be right because he is The Chosen One When I first began reading the last book in Pendragon series I was skeptical For some reason all I could think about as I was reading at was the somewhat lame excuse for a plot twist the 8th book had been However I had loved the nineth and pretty much the rest of them too so why should this one be bad I don t know But like I said I was skeptical.In the very begining all the answers are revealed My first reaction was why is he doing it all at oncein the beginning of the book But then I realized why It s kind of, um, I ll say radical It s kind of radical It all links up and makes since but it s justweird and takes some getting used to.I am always weary about portails of heaven and liberties authors take in creating their own view of heaven and what life is all about even if it s just a story I don t know I just don t like doing that For instance one of the things I was deprately hoping with book 7 of Harry Potter was the J K Rowling would not venture into eternal relms and would stick to this life I was afraid what she would do honestly but I was satisfied.I don t want to reveal any plot details abou this book but I want to say at first I was turned off My skepticism for the book shot through the roof when the answers were revealed because they naturally dealt with life, the universe, and everything I just didn t expect them to be so.spiritual I expected to have some grand council or something that had governing power over the universe but I ll just say that was not the case.But then it hit me D J MacHale got some things right in a figurative since Whether he knew he was doing it or not, I m not sure and I didn t see it until I stopped for a moment and thought about it I saw some eternal truths from the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his idea Truths that the mainstream christian world does not belive or even really think about That s why I think it was on accident It was just an extreem reminder to me of The Light of Christ and how we are all guided by the Light of Christ toward the truth.I wanted to pull some quotes to demonstrate this but I didn t want to give anything away All I can say is if you like fantasy and you are not afraid to get into a ten book series then do it.Another thing Aparently this is a children s book I don t know where they got that but it s a bit violentI never thought of it as a children s book I think that maybe it was written so that it could fit children Meaning everyonce in a while there were moments that I could tell were suppoesed to be dramatic but they weren t becuase I had already figured it out I think it was becuase they books are geared to a younger audiance But maybe I should give myself some credit, maybe I m just smart No..that s not it Anyway There were a couple of moments like that, not too many though.The last think I want to say is that I cried I cried reading this book than I did with any of the Harry Potter books There is just something about good byes that have always been a huge weakness for me When I was a little kid I cried when Pocahontas and John Smith said good bye I cried watching the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when Aslan left I cried when the fox and the hound had to split up I m not sure why I m revealing this to everyonebut you get the point I think So anyway At the end of this book there was a big moment, you knew it was all about to end and everyone had to go Where You ll have to find out but I couldn t take it It got worse and worse as each person left and there were 10 people Then..the last chapterI don t want to give anything away but it was perfect It is something I dream of for myselfandI don t know it was just perfect One of the characters in the book at one point made an off comment that there was no such thing as perfect and I think that s ironic with a such a perfect ending.