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~Read E-pub ♹ Thirsty ♱ Meet Justice, A Half Black, Half Filipino Goddess Whose Appetite For A Quick Dollar Is Insatiable Having Moved From Chi Town To Charlotte, North Carolina At An Early Age, Justice And Her Younger Brother, Monk Decide To Take The Streets Of The Queen City By Storm All Is Well, And Their Hustle Is Fruitful Until Justice S Ex Boyfriend, Carlos A Vicious Drug Dealer , Is Robbed And All Fingers Point Toward Justice And Monk Subsequently, A War Ensues Between Monk And Carlos Clique Of Dealers And Killers No One Is Exempt From The Bloodbath Life Begins To Spiral Out Of Control For Justice, And She Swears Off Hustlers And Is Determined To Find A Guy With A Legitimate Job To Settle Down With She Meets JT, A Handsome Businessman Who Becomes Her Every Fantasy JT Rescues Her From A Deadly And Cruel World, And Justice Thinks She Has Moved Into A Safe Haven, Only To Find Out That She Has Actually Landed In A Snake Pit She Decides That Her Only Escape Is To Leave Charlotte Behind Altogether However, This May Leave Monk With No One To Watch His Back Justice Refuses To Leave Without Punishing All Those That Caused Her Harm, But Her Past Soon Catches Up With Her She Is Confronted With A Bare Truth That Explodes Her World Into A Million Tiny Pieces As Her Thirst For Money Grows, So Does Her Appetite For Revenge However, She Soon Realizes That Some Thirsts Can NEVER Be Quenched Justice Is ServedThe incessant need to come up, hustle, and risk it all have inspired many books But with Mike Sanders at the helm of this project, understanding, coolness, friendship, jesting, hunger and get back become fever inducing as readers are quickly betrothed by a misunderstanding that becomes detrimental to all Mike Sanders is not a new author, but, an author who s been locked down and is now enjoying his freedom I ve had the privilege of reading his first two books, HUSTLIN BACKWARDS and SNITCH, and trust, son is a beast with the ink THIRSTY is sure to whet the whistle of the most dehydrated I am anxiously awaiting part two and highly recommend this read OOSA Book of the Month One of the best books I ve read this year I Haven t read a book to keep me on my toes like this in so long Thirsty is def one of my Favorites I hated to see Monk go I was low key in love with that Jack Boy but this just goes to show that Karma is a B and that if you live by the gun you die by the gun Really Good read I recommend everybody to read This I thought this was a good book it started off slow in the beginning and started to become a little predictable towards the end I m not really gases up to read the sequel because some people have already ruined it for me by telling the book. Justice was on her grind l, her and her little brother Monk Until shit went craxy on a hit that her nor her brother knew about Her ex boyfriend Carlos was a known drug dealer and one of hit spots had got hit All finger are pointed at Jistice and her brother Monk, but they don t know anything about the hit Justice met this guy name J.T and she start diggin him, but all alone he is the snake behind that hit Good book can t wait to read part 2 I thought this was a pretty good book You just have to remember that Karma is real and sticking up people isn t a good job to have Can t wait to read the second book. The best book i have read this far ThirstyThis is a story of several people whose lives collide Choices are made, some of which are terrible Choices that will forever alter their lives Mike Sanders has brought freshness to an all too familiar premise He has introduced a multi faceted plot with many characters, and the story is told from four points of view Justice, Monk, Sapphire and Carlos in alternating chapters Each chapter blends into the following effortlessly I couldn t wait to see what would happen next His descriptions are vivid and convincing In the end, Thirsty is a book that s hard to put away completely Even long after it s finished, you may find its characters sneaking back into your head Mike Sanders has spun a wicked tale that MUST be read by everyone This is my first read by this author and it won t be my last Reviewed by Jermaine Entertaining, kept me interested in the characters and how the stories would develop.