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Ley Line Drifter by Kim Harrison I was really happy that it followed Jenks with Bis the gargoyle as his sidekick I ve only read the first book so far in that series, but he d already grown to be my favorite one there It was a good quick story I don t know what else has been introduced in the series, but you can read it and not wonder what you ve missed Reckoning by Jeanene Frost I m glad she decided to write about Bones He is an awesome character and it was interesting to be inside his head for a while The story takes place in New Orleans, before he met Cat, to kill the LaLauries Depending on how far you ve read into the series, Majestic is the only other character you ll recognize Dark Matter by Vicki Petterson Really lame This had no thought to it what so ever The classic tale of good guy falls in love with bad guy and gets duped After a few chapters I was wanting to just skip the rest and go to something better, but with how short these stories are I just finished the last few short chapters The Dead, the Damned and the Forgotten by Jocelyn Drake Not bad I could read from that series This story follows a vampire named Mia, who runs the domain she s in She gets called to the morgue for a scorched vampire to ensure continued ignorance with the humans But it ends up being a much bigger issue and if she s unable to solve and quickly tie up loose ends she will be the one in trouble Two Lines by Melissa Marr This story follows a girl named Eavan, who s part of a Glaistig clan, but wants to keep her humanity As long as she stays away from sex and death she ll be okay, though her family want her to fully cross over This story is about her sensory overload Not a bad story, but I don t feel the urge to buy from her. I only read Reckoning by Jeaniene Frost and I really liked it Ahh Bones He is my favorite part of the Night Huntress series His English Spike accent seems a little subdued here which was a wee bit disappointing but nitpicking aside I really liked this short story. [Free E-pub] ♫ Unbound (The Hollows, #7.5; Night Huntress, #0.5; Sign of the Zodiac, #4.5; Dark Days, #0.6) ⚐ Ley Line Drifter By Kim Harrison Pixy Jenks Faces Murderous Dryad Locked Inside Statue Reckoning By Jeaniene Frost Bones, Faces New Orleans Ghouls Who Eat Victims Alive Horror Dark Matters By Vicki Pettersson JJ Superhero Has Illicit Affair With Shadow Agent Solange The Dead, The Damned, And The Forgotten By Jocelynn Drake Savannah Vampire Keeper Mira Investigates Murder Two Lines By Melissa Marr Eavan Resists Sex And Murder That Morph Her Into A Glaistig Until Daniel Brennan, Sex Slaver, Tempts Her Into Both I only read Reckoning by Jeaniene Frost, which is a prequel to the Night Huntress series, featuring my favorite sexy vampire Bones It was cool to get his POV for a change In Ley Line Drifter by Kim Harrison Jenks is approached by another pixy for a job all his own In a park there is a pixy family that is being attacked by a statue, it s killing the children in the night Jenks knows that something is trapped in the statue and has to think of a way to get it out, but is getting it out really the right thing to do In Reckoning by Jeaniene Frost we get a peek into Bones life before he hooks up with Cat There s a murderous couple loose in St Louis and it s Bones job to track them down and eliminate them, but with a hit man on his tail, how is he supposed to protect his own life and those of the city at the same time In Dark Matters by Vicki Pettersson, JJ, an agent of the light, is starting to burn out, still wracked with the guilt of his parents death, he runs across a women who seems to spark him back to life Only problem is She s an agent of Shadow She s the only one that makes him feel alive, and the one most capable of bringing about his death.In The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten by Jocelynn Drake, we get a look into Mira s life before the hunter and naturi show up There is a mysterious nightwalker death in Savannah, and with the coven there to watch her every move, she must find the killer, before it s too late.In Two Lines by Melissa Marr, Eavan is struggling to keep ahold of the mortal side of her life, but with a drug dealer in town who is kidnapping and selling women, and a hot bodyguard on her every move, Eavan will find that temptation is not so easy to overcome. This anthology includes 5 new stories by popular paranormal authors In all cases except for Marr s story the stories are set in preexisting worlds created by the authors My favorite of the bunch were Ley Line Drifter which gives you a closer look at Jenks family and Rekoning which introduced me to Jeaniene Frost s writing This book made me want to learn both about Frost and Drake and read some of their series Dark Matters by Petttersson is an important read for those of us reading the Signs of the Zodiac series as it explains in full some of the events that happened in City of Souls Marr s first adult story Two Lines was also a pleasant surprise and I liked it quite a bit than her young adult series.In general the stories in this book tend towards action urban fantasy than romance I personally enjoyed that All in all a great collection of stories See below for detail on each story in this anthology Ley Line Drifter by Kim Harrison 5 5 stars An excellent story set in Harrison s Hollows world, it s about Jenks helping a fellow pixie You learn about pixie culture and there is a ton of action Given the ending I am wondering if what Jenks and Ivy unleashed will come back to haunt them in the next Hollows book Reckoning by Jeaniene Frost 5 5 stars A prequel to the Night Huntress series by Frost This story tells about a vampire named Bones who is hired by the New Orleans Queen vampire to take out some serial killer Ghouls On top of this hunt for the killers, someone is trying to kill Bones I have never read any of Frost s Night Huntress books but based on this story I will have to check them out I like her writing style no nonsense and lots of action Bones was an intriguing character and Frost creates an interesting variation on paranormal alternate worlds Dark Matters by Vicki Pettersson 3 5 stars This is a prequel to her Signs of the Zodiac series It tells the background history of JJ Hunter It was good to read a story that made the events in the City of Souls book 4 make sense I still don t understand why City of Souls couldn t have explained what this story did If you are reading the Signs of the Zodiac series then reading this story is a must As for the story itself I didn t like it all that much aside from the info it gives The story is a romance than anything and much of the action is pushed aside for numerous sex scenes It was okay, but nothing to write home about The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten by Jocelynn Drake 4 5 stars Prequel to the Dark Days series by Jocelynn Drake I have not read any books in this series This story follows Mira as she tries to track down a nightwalker killer and avoid assassination herself Both Mira and Knox are intriguing characters The story was action packed and hints at an interesting world An enjoyable read I will have to check out the Dark Days series eventually to see how I like the full novels Two Lines by Melissa Marr 4 5 stars This story tells about Eaven, she is a human that will become a glasitig is she ever does two things kill and have sex She is hell bent on staying human Things get out of control when she starts hunting a drug lord When her grandmother provides a sexy bodyguard for her Eaven begins to wonder if her desire to stay human is worth the sacrifice Not as much action as the other stories, this story presented a very unique world with supernatural creatures different than I was used to seeing I actually like Marr s writing style in this story quite a bit than her writing style in her Wicked Lovely series. These stories did not match my mood. THIS IS A GREAT SERIES It has become my all time favorite.KIM HARRISON Dawn Cook is the best, you will be hooked from book 1, page 1.SHE WILL ALWAYS LEAVE YOU WANTING MOREAND WAITING FOR THE NEXT IN THE SERIES You will not be disappointed K.H s characters come alive, you will laugh and cry with them, grow tremendously from book 1 I love the world that K.H has created Bio engineered tomatoes, witches, vampires, pixies, faeries, trolls, wolvesThe first book runs kinda slow in the beginning but finishes with a bang And the rest of the series..Kicks Butt WARNING The novels build on each otherthings that happen in book 1 will not be figured out until book 3 and book 3 events with be concluded in book 7, etc K.H does a wonderful job on weaving the entire series.I reread the entire series every new release and LOVE every last one of them YOU TOO WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH KIM HARRISON, RACHEL, IVY, JENKS AND THE REST OF KIM HARRISON S CHARACTERS THE ORDER OF K.H S RACHEL MORGAN HOLLOWS SERIES 1 Dead Witch Walking 2 The Good, The Bad, and the Undead 3 Every Which Way But Dead 4 A Fistful of Charms 5 For A Few Demons More 6 The Outlaw Demon Wails 7 White Witch, Black Curse 8 Black Magic Sanction 9 Pale Demon 10 A Perfect Blood 11 Ever After 12 TBA 2014 13 TBA 2015 The series ends at book 13 Extras The Hollows Insider Hollows world guide, the definitive source for all things Hollows Into the Woods Contains previously released Hollows shorts and novellas, and five new stories from the Hollows and beyond Anthologies short stories 1 Undead in The Garden of Good and Evil Ivy s POV Dates From Hell 2 Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel Rachel Pierce Holidays are Hell 3 Dirty Magic Mia s short story in Hotter than Hell 4 Ley Line Drifter Bis and Jenks short story in Unbound The Hollows Graphic Novel Series 1 Blood Work 2 Blood Crime Madison Avery Trilogy Anthology Prom Nights from Hell 1 Once Dead, Twice Shy 2 Early to Death, Early to Rise 3 Something Deadly this way Comes This review is for Reckoning, by Jeaniene FrostAttention all Cat and Bones fanshere s a tasty little morsel to tide you over until the next full length story about them or their world First Drop of Crimson comes out Now be warned, there is no mention of Cat in this one, because it occurs in February 2004, right before Bones heads to Ohio and meets up with her for the first time This one takes place in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and Bones is flying solo in this one He s in town as a hitman when Marie Majestic the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans supposedly asks him to kill a couple of really old ghouls Delphine and Louis LaLaurie who are terrorizing the city, snatching revelers and eating them gulp The LaLauries are a couple of really nasty characters, and they do some really gross and gruesome things, and our man Bones is out to stop them Of course there s a few twists to the story when he finds out who really wants them dead and why , and Bones proves that he really is a good and decent guy He also has to deal with an annoying vampire Ralmiel who s out to collect the bounty on his head and who hinders his hunt for the LaLauries, but who ends up playing an important role in helping him to rid the city of the evil ghouls We finally get a look inside Bones s head since this story is told with his POV very interesting , and hear his thoughts about himself and his life There s no romance so to speak although he does befriend a hairdresser who helps him dye his hair platinum, and has a sexual liason with her off the pages Things don t turn out so well for her though, and I had to admire the decision Bones made about her fate he really is a good guy.This was a nice liitle UF read, but it was a little like a delicious little appetizer, and I m hungry for the main course A story about Bones and Cat would do nicely to fill me up 4 stars Oh the dreaded anthology We all buy them or if we are lucky borrow them with great hopes and expectations for the one story or one author we love I personally believe that I need to read all the stories in an anthology my own personal OCD trait, whereas I see others read just one story And that s fine with me I picked up Unbound because it had three authors I was familiar with Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, and Jeaniene Frost The other two authors were Vicki Petersson and Jocelyn Drake I was pleasantly surprised which stories became my favorites I really didn t see that coming.Ley Line Drifter by Kim Harrison 2.5 starsI love Kim Harrison s Rachel Morgan The Hollows series and Jenks is one of my favorite characters ever, but I was really disappointed by this story Jenks and Bis the gargoyle get a story on their own and I was saddened that Jenks could not hold a story on his own I actually missed Rachel Reckoning by Jeaniene Frost 3 starsThis is Bones story, before he meets Cat Bones is in New Orleans and is chasing two killer ghouls Marie makes an appearance as well I was so looking forward to this story Bones is one of my favorite characters but this story did not do him any justice There just wasn t any delicious sexual tension Dark Matters by Vicki Petersson 4 starsI had read a Vicki Petersson story in another anthology and I really disliked it I was seriously contemplating skipping this story but I am so glad that I didn t Such a beautiful love story between light and shade Loved the story, loved the characters, loved it all The Dead, The Damned, and the Forgotten by Jocelyn Drake 2 stars Not a memorable story for me I can t even remember it.Two Lines by Melissa Marr 4 starsThis is one of the surprise stories I was expecting a story about the fae and I got something completely unexpected And I truly enjoyed the story Absolutely wonderful.I m glad I took the time to read all the stories I ve discovered a new author for me to explore Vicki Petersson, and I was impressed with Melissa Marr s story.