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[[ Read Epub ]] ⛑ Shiver Ø For Years, Grace Has Watched The Wolves In The Woods Behind Her House One Yellow Eyed Wolf Her Wolf Is A Chilling Presence She Can T Seem To Live WithoutMeanwhile, Sam Has Lived Two Lives In Winter, The Frozen Woods, The Protection Of The Pack, And The Silent Company Of A Fearless Girl In Summer, A Few Precious Months Of Being Human Until The Cold Makes Him Shift Back AgainNow, Grace Meets A Yellow Eyed Boy Whose Familiarity Takes Her Breath Away It S Her Wolf It Has To Be But As Winter Nears, Sam Must Fight To Stay Human Or Risk Losing Himself, And Grace, Forever that fact that you guys aka my GR friends have given this book a collective average rating of 2.98 made me believe i was in for a pretty disappointing experience so it feels strange to be on the other side of a minority opinion to enjoy a book most seem to not like as its usually the other way around although this isnt a perfect book by any means, i honestly think its entertaining enough if you dont read too much into it that a girl falls in love with a wolf before she finds out hes also human , its actually a pretty decent story the characters are well developed, the writing is great, the flow and pacing of everything is very cohesive overall, i cant really find any fault other than the fact that im not in love the story its nowhere near as terrible as i originally thought it would be, its just doesnt have that wow factor i have experienced with some other series ie i dont feel the overwhelming need to pick up the next book to find out what happens next.i will most likely continue the series at some point, but my track record with stiefvater isnt the best i tend to get easily bored with her stories as they progress, so my fingers are crossed this series changes that 3.5 stars I started reading this book and a curious thing happened Suddenly my house was sparkling clean, my bills were filed away, I started playing Farm Story and reached level 13 in one day, I did my tax, I spent two hours chatting to the chatbott, JabberwockyAnything, and I mean ANYTHING to avoid the boredom of reading Shiver Shiver, the story of a girl drastically into beastiality, only to find out her wolf lover was really a boy As I read this book I had the strange urge to lock up my German sheppard should Grace ever decide to visit my home because she really does fall in love with a dog for YEARS before she ever finds out it s a boy or that things like werewolves exist I can t even begin to express how creepy her obsession with a wolf is.I get the whole eternal love thing Perhaps Stiefvater was trying to show that Sam and Grace s connection transcends all the things love actually isn t supposed to transcend Maybe I m just weird and completely unromantic, but I ve never looked at Fido and found a kindred spirit I never passed a dog down the street and found that I couldn t be attracted to men because they just weren t going to cut it for me any.So, other than the fact that this book disturbed the fucking hell out of me, bored me to death and dragged on like a visit to the old folk s home, it was also poorly edited The writing wasn t TOO bad Some of the poems were down right rubbish, and some of the others were alright Grace and Sam s voices were near identical Oh, and another thing, Sam was annoyingly chaste for way too long Where were all of these careful, thoughtful boys when I was in high school It s a disturbing trend, really Edward Cullen, Sam Roth, Daniel Gregori they all came pre pussy whipped and I m kind of wondering what the attraction is.Maybe I m just a sucker for bad boys Maybe I like boys that I COULDN T imagine comfortably playing bridge with my 80 year old grandma not to mention enjoying it What is with the sudden need to keep us women in line If I read oneparanormal, male hunk refuse the supposed love of his life, who is literally flinging her naked body onto him, then I think I m going to start a convention a Ball Replacement Convention.C mon, Stiefvater Give the boy his balls back, please He complained that a jacket made him look bulky He wrote a poem about a leaking womb What teenage boy doesn t shudder at the thought of menstrual blood What next Chipped nail, PMS cramps Is he going to stamp his foot and mutter, Drat I can t believe Jennifer is wearing the same dress as me I think I might just die Look, I know I m being incredibly sexist After all, it was kind of nice to read about a stoic female character and an emotional, gentle male character But Sam felt and read far too much like a middle aged woman and not like a teenage boy I didn t feel like he was well characterized or fleshed out enough.So all in all, I can t muster the energy to rant about this book It was REALLY boring It was average on the writing scale It s secondary characterization was pretty good but the main characters didn t do it for me The plot was SLOW.Her parents were stupid I could complain that they were unrealistic but I ve met some fucked up parents over my life, so I ll buy that they really could be that moronic What I will complain about is where they get this amazing and varied social life in a small town It never explains why Sam s fate is mysteriously different to Jack s Maybe I m just stupid No I don t buy that Was it because he was out in the freezing cold so it kept his temperature reasonable Wouldn t that defeat the purpose of giving him a crazy ass fever Was it actually because he processed it as a wolf Well that doesn t make sense because Grace never changed.And what s with the dramatic ending Really He gets cured and goes home and gets dressed and reads a few books, checks his mail, gives himself a mani and a pedi, goes on a diet, waits for his skin to clear up, buys the perfect set of shoes and THEN tracks down the love of his life who he thought he d never see again I DON T FUCKING THINK SO How about stumbling through the forest naked and desperately arriving in Grace s backyard because he can t believe the complete miracle of his cure and can t wait to have the love of his life back in his arms Yeah, that ending makes so muchsense.I don t get why this is popular But then, I don t get why Fallen is popular either It s just all beyond me Now I m off to see if I can cram the word balls into this review any.Balls, balls, balls Oh my goodness she fell in love with a dog Balls.Balls.This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. Here s how I imagine Stiefvater s meeting with the publishing house.Stiefvater I want to write a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire Publisher Sorry, Maggie That s been done before Read Twilight It s terrible Stiefvater Oh I want to write a book about a girl who falls in love with a zombie Publisher Sorry, Maggie That s been done before Read Generation Dead It s terrible Stiefvater Oh I want to write a book about a girl who falls in love with a werewolf Publisher Bingo Months laterStiefvater I wrote a book about a girl who falls in love with a werewolf Publisher reads a couple pages Maggie, this is terrible We ll take it In what s becoming a distressing theme in young adult literature aimed at females, Stiefvater s Shiver follows a teenage girl who falls in love with a supernatural creature, and risks life and limb to be with him oftentimes forgetting herself along the way Love, after all, is something every girl needs Truth is, though, I think Maggie Stiefvater might be aworsewriter than Stephenie Meyer Sure, Shiver lacks anything as truly awful as a vampire baseball game, but it does have a brooding protagonist werewolf Sam who writes unfathomably insipid lyrics to songs in his head Check out this masterful sequence She draws patterns on my face These lines make shapes that can t replace the version of me that I hold inside when lying with you, lying with you, lying with you. I like your hair, she said p 157 Here s the deal, everyone I m going to write my own teenage supernatural love story It will be sexy And scary And totally realistic And I m going to write it RIGHT NOW CABRAby JoeJessa woke up with a start The pale sunlight filtered through the linen curtains, casting a soft glow on the chupacabra s skin, highlighting the sick, putty colored spine How had it gotten into her room No matter The glances that had passed between them in the desert earlier that day hadn t been in vain Jessa swooned, casting a sultry look at the chupacabra Her chupacabra She reached out to it, and it ripped her fucking arm off.THE END I read this book to the end so you don t have to Shiver should come with a Surgeon General s Warning I think all the purple prose has blacked out my eyes Too bad the swelling didn t prevent me from noticing the ginormous plot holes And I need some aspirin because my head aches from clenching my jaw as I am certain all the sappy sweetness contained in this adverb infested book was injected straight into my molars I am very much at a loss as to how this book has received so many glowing reviews Am I missing something Allow me to recount the storyfor mood purposes, you need to know that the setting of this book is frigid, so, well, feel cold okayMoving on, Grace is 17 and in love with a golden eyed wolf that saved her when she was 11 and too weak and insipid to fight back for herself as wolves were attempting to consume her flesh Unable to think of anything but her love for a wild dog, Grace is forever seeking out her wolf, trying to catch a glimpse of him or possibly make friends with him a la White Fang, only in a romantic way Sounds disturbing right Well brace yourself cause this wild dog is equally obsessed and in love with Grace, either due to the fact that she looked like an angel while lying in the snow, nearly catatonic and helpless or because his wolf self likes the stink of fear and uselessness What follows is a story about how these two characters defy lame and dare I say borrowed werewolf lore, meet, cuddle, spout lame poetry and construct sad song lyrics The best part of this book is the cover and the font, which sadly, had nothing to do with the author There was one well done scene, and the description was able to establish the temperature of the setting which was pertinent to the plot But the very thing that the author was good at, description, was one of the very worst things about Shiver I have yet to meet, and I pray that I never will, a guy that describes himself as a leaky womb I don t even know what that means, I guess he felt like a menstruating uterus which seems very strange I have never eaten in a kitchen that smells like easy survival, nor liked the smell of armpit, or heard a guy call anything horribly cute , much less a pom pom hat, call me crazy.Also, I am sure this author doesn t like having her book compared to Twilight, but it seems as though she was attempting to cash in on its success Aside from the whole temperature angle, the werewolf lore in this book reeked of Stephanie Meyer s werewolf lore, which was ludicrous, not to mention a major bore fest Grace might as well have been a Bella cutout, though somehow not as interesting, which is a whole new low that I never would have thought possible And Sam, well he is the werewolf version of Edward, only lacking in confidence, swoonworthiness, and talent.I m not going to lie, I had some aww moments, I ve already mentioned there being one very well done scene, and sometimes I would catch myself nearing a teary eyed state when Sam would talk about his dread of the impending winter But those moments were usually massacred by extreme ridiculousness, childishness, pretentious poetry, and random outbursts of nonsensical song lyrics that were impossible to ignore So YA readers, do yourself a favor, and avoid this book like the plague otherwise you may experience bruising of the retinas, sore teeth, and burnt fingers from turning all those frosty pages Other side effects may include side stitches from laughing at extreme ridiculousness, random eye twitching and scratchy throat from asking WTHtimes than I can count.