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The time has come It doesn t matter that I read this book forever and a day ago Blood Promise deserves a review one that I wrongfully neglected to give at the time of finishing The 5 star rating at the top says nothing about why I loved this book back then, nor does it say why I still think about this story even now I doubt I ll ever go back and write reviews for the rest of the series but this bookit s in my soul Don t expect one of my normal polished reviews I just wanted to finally put some random thoughts down about one of my all time favorite books.So why was a middle of the series book my favorite Two words Primal Dimitri I can t honestly sayoutside of spoiler tags If you haven t read up through at least book 3, you absolutely don t want to look or you ll have the biggest plot surprise spoiled, and this is one thing you really don t want to have spoiled Someone spoiled it for me and I missed out on getting to experience the crazy shock of book 3 s ending view spoiler Okay, so I knowbig bad evil Dimitri is technically not romantic, not cute, not sane Run away from the scary killer man, blah, blah, blah But go with me on this I loved Dimitri s character pre transformation He was honorable, loyal, strong, brave, etc etc etc But he was tormented by his good character He STRUGGLED with wanting Rose He WANTED to do the right thing and fought his desires as much as he could It was part of what made him such an admiral person I felt like he was able to look past Rose s age because she wasof a peer to him than a student Anyway, I m not going to debate whether or not he should have even gone there because I know some people disapproved with good reason So when he was turned and he lost part of himself, it was intriguing to watch his honor get kicked to the side in favor of satisfying raw need He didn t fully understand why he wanted Rose, he just knew that she was what he wanted and he went for it. In any other book, I would have been flying the abuse is wrong flagbut in this book, I relished the thought of watching such a carefully crafted Guardian throw it all away and take what he wanted His complete character change worked because it was such a contrast to who he really was as a person It felt like some of his subconscious desires that had been there all along were made manifest in his new Strigoi persona hide spoiler This series has taken over my life completely and I am in no way complaining bUT HOW DOES ONE MAKE A PERSON FEEL SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT IM SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW SURE I COULD START THE NEXT BOOK BUT I ACTUALLY CANNOT FUNCTION BECAUSE OF THIS ENDING AND IM KIND OF HOPEFULLY BUT ALSO IN A LOT OF PAIN AND THERES A LOT OF INTERNAL SCREAMING GOING ON GOOD AND BAD AND I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OR DO OKAY I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES OK We need to be together Why I asked softly The word was carried away on the wind, but he heard Because I want you I gave him a sad smile, wondering if we d meet again in the land of the dead Wrong answer, I told him.I let go I look him in the eye I will always love you That s what I was supposed to say he gasped out Those were his last wordsOnce again, I absolutely loved it It s amazing I will admit I cried again 1 Guys, it s just me or I felt Dimitripassionate than his normal self I know that Strigoi don t have feelings but I don t know I loved that version of Dimitri too That scene on the bridge, it broke my heartYou forgot another lesson Never turn your back until you know your enemy is dead Looks like we ll have to go over the lesson again the next time I see you which will be soon.Love, DWe are really thankful that she had forgot that lesson 2 Avery That bitch She wanted to kill Lissa and then heal her back so that Lissa would be shadow kissed and bonded to Avery Two shadow kissed weren t enough Reed and Simon , she wanted Lissa too She also wanted Adrian How dare she My baby with her With all that spirit she used, it make her go crazy 3 Why Christian I understand Lissa kissed Aaron but it wasn t her fault Avery used compulsion to make Lissa look crazy in case Avery couldn t bring her back to life So, I think Lissa and Christian should be back together Please 4 I loved Dimitri s family They welcome her and especially Olena treats Rose as her own daughter I loved his grandmother Yeva She is amazing and a little bit creepy 5 Sydney is amazing P.S The Red Hurricane is what I named the car P.P.S Just because I like you, it doesn t mean I still don t think you re an evil creature of the night You are. 6 Finally, we meet another shadow kissed Mark I love Mark and Oksana They are amazing They give us the most important information A spirit user they knew named Robert claimed that he restored a Strigoi Also, Robert is Victor s brotherVictor was serving a life sentence no bribe could matter to him any But one thing could, I realized Freedom And there was only one way to achieve that We were going to have to break Victor Dashkov out of prisonWe will see how that goes 7 I feel so sad Rose agrees to date Adrian not that I blame her but she is going to hurt my babyYou wouldn t understand anything that isn t drinking, smoking, or womanizing He shook his head You re the only one I want, RoseIt s just me or I loved that voicemailI know how devastated you must be to miss me, but leave a message, and I ll try to ease your agony8 Of course, I loved Abe How can I not He is awesomeIf he wants to tell you, he ll tell you End of story, Rose Besides, you certainly keep your share of secrets too You two have a lot in common Are you kidding He s arrogant, sarcastic, likes to intimidate people, and oh Okay Maybe she had a pointAnd of course, he is Rose s fatherOh God, I said I m Zmey s daughter Zmey junior Zmeyette, even9 Conversation between Rose and SydneyI miss him so much I m sorry, she said Will it ever get better The question seemed to catch her by surprise II don t know Have you ever been in love She shook her head NoI was like You will be soon,Sydney With an evil creature of the night 10I d said it before and meant it Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass The third book of the vampire academy series left all of us hanging All of us wantingall of us with the same question, what happened to dimitri Blood promise is everything i could have hoped for It made me cry And laugh And sometimes both It threw our hope away, then brought it back at the last moment It was truly a great book Rose meets her father, unknowingly at first We actually see emotion from her mother We see Adrians true dedication to rose, and how much he honestly cares The story also included a few flash backs with Dimitri that were not in any of the other books In this last book, rose definetly becamemature She made heartbreaking decisions blood promise, like shadow kissed, left us with a major cliff hangerBut hope still hangs on a thread I absoluletly loved this book Richelle Mead is truly an amazing writer She managed to make this book perfect, and it was never corny The only part i regret, is that her fifth book, spirit bound won t be out until May 18 2010 I CAN T WAIT There is suppose to be one other book after spirit bound and possibly a spin off i read on her site I would defienely recomend reading blood promise But of course if you read the 4th book, you can t wait to read this book. 5 Forgotten Lessons Stars Spoilers So much happens in these books that I use my reviews as reminds so lots of Spoilers RECAP Book 4, Blood Promise, starts with Rose trekking around Russia looking for Dimitri , to kill him In Russia Rose meets up with a human named Sydney Sage and a Moroi named Abe Sydney is an Alchemist who helps Rose find Dimitri s family Rose starts living with Dimitri s mom, grandma, and 3 sisters They didn t know Dimitri was turned Strigoi Rose of course tells them They hold an memorial in his honor, and treat Rose like his widow Rose ends up staying longer with the Belikovs than she planned because she loves them and feels closer to Dimitri being in his childhood home Abe tries to get her to go back home, lying and telling her he was hired to find her and get her home Really he is her father and he wants her safe She doesn t find that out until the end of the book Rose gets in a fight with Dimitri s youngest sister and ends up leaving She hunts Dimitri down Dimitri knocks Rose out and holds her prisoner telling her that he wants to turn her Strigoi by choice Dimitri trying to talk Rose into becoming Strigoi by keeps Rose high on vampire bites and making out with her telling her they could be together forever Rose ends up staking Dimitri with a chair leg, escaping the compound he was holding her at Dimitri catches up with her and she ends up staking him with a silver stake He falls off a bridge into a river She believes him dead She gets ahold of Abe, who picks her up and gets her help as she was badly hurt fighting Dimitri and other Strigoi that lived at the compound The woman that Abe gets to heal Rose is also a spirit user Her name is Oksana and her bonded husband is Mark When getting healed, Rose slips into Lissa s head and realizes that Lissa is in trouble from another Spirit user name Avery Avery is trying to kill Lissa and bond her to her Rose with the help of Oksana and Adrian are able to save Lissa from where she is in Russia Also while getting healed she learns there are rumors that a Stigoi can be healed by a spirit user She is sad that Dimitri is dead and can t be healed if the rumors are even true Rose with the help of Abe goes back to the Academy She re enrolls in school and promises her mom and Lissa she will finish this time She also tells Adrian that she will start dating him At the very end of the book Rose gets a letter from Russia It s from Dimitri telling Rose she forgot the lesson of making sure the Strigoi is dead In the letter he sends her the stake she staked him with and tells her he is coming for her My thoughts This book is so good My heart hurts for Rose so much Rose does a lot of remembering of the good ol days in this book, so I got to get a deeper look at Rose and Dimitri s relationship I loved Dimitri s family I could see why Rose would want to stay with them A big part of the book was Rose while being held captive by Dimitri and my heart broke with Rose s I too felt like Dimitri still had good in him and I don t know if I could have staked the man I loved I felt bad for Lissa and Christian When Christian broke up with Lissa I almost cried I know Lissa couldn t help the things she was doing because Avery was controlling her with spirit but I hurtfor Christian I really like Adrian too but I don t want him with Rose Sorry I just think it s too soon, especially after finding out Dimitri is still alive and can be saved I can t wait to get my hands on the next Book 3.5 Stars The main reason I m rating this one lower than the previous three The first 300 pages were BORING 1 star This book could almost have started on page 300 and still have been great I understand the need for back story, but I was frustrated and annoyed at how much I had to slog through to get to the main story of the book Setting the stage is one thing, dragging things out to artificially create tension and mood is another I rounded up to 4 stars because I was genuinely surprised by some of the revelations I m told I might be dense though so it s very possible these things might become clear sooner to other readers I try not to think too hard when I m reading for entertainment so this might just mean I m easier to surprise.It s hard to talk about this book without spoiling what happens in the previous one, so stop reading if you haven t read Shadow Kiss yet First off, I love the new Dimitri I was hoping Adrian would get his chance with Rose after Dimitri was turned because I honestly never felt that Dimitri and Rose were a real couple She had a sad case of hero worship and he was just kind of lame and blah And if I have to hear her describe him as a god onetime, so help me but now, Dimitri is kind of hot I like him evil like I liked Angel as Angelus in Buffy I can t help but compare the two characters, and it s a comparison that I m not upset about Dimitri finally has some personality He doesn t just feel like a broody man that Rose has put up on a pedestal I like my men broody, but not mopey and broody which is the vibe I got from Dimitri in the beginning Now he feels REAL, and he has some life to him Which is sort of ironic, huh Maybe evil characters are justfun to write 0.25 stars There are some other new characters thrown into the mix in this one a few I liked and a few I m glad met their end Abe is definitely going to be an important player and one that I hope to see in the next novel I thought the Belikovs were interesting but unimportant It was kind of a weird side quest that Rose went on, and I understand the purpose it served, but still, kind of pointless Same with Sydney and her whole situation it really felt like that was all thrown in at the last minute.Also, I was annoyed with all the trips Rose took into Lissa s head it was a poor plot device and one that had just recently shown up in Succubus Shadows too, so I wasn t all that thrilled to see it repeated again Plus, it was way too coincidental that every time Rose was listening in, her friends would be talking about her It was all just too convenient 0.25 stars On top of the trips into Lissa s head, we re also granted with a bunch of flashbacks to conversations and stories about Dimitri and Rose that haven t appeared previously The same thing happened with Georgina too and it feels like Mead is having trouble lately fleshing out a completely new story she keeps choosing to backtrack instead I think she s getting dangerously in need of a new editor 0.25 stars I also wasn t too happy about the ending, though it was definitely one I did see coming a mile away It makes me mad that Rose decides to finally throw Adrian a bone, but with the way things ended you know she s just going to toss him aside for her quest He s the victim in all of this Poor guy Other people have said that this book really doesn t move the main plot along and we re basically right back at the end of Shadow Kiss But, that s not all together true Sure, not much has changed in the grand scheme of things, but Rose has new friends, new knowledge, and hopefully a new outlook on what s to come I don t think she could have gotten to where she is at the end of this book if she hadn t gone through the events of this book.But onething a hedge maze Seriously 0.25 stars My reviews of books two and three Frostbite and Shadow Kiss. OMG ABOUT BLOOD PROMISE, MY BEST FRIEND HAD A DREAM THAT ROSE HAD DIMITRIS BABY.I NOE THAT THEY CANT HAVE ANY BUT IT WAZ DIS KIND OF MESSED UP THING THAT HAPPENED, SO THEY HAD A BABY ROSE WENT TO RUSSIA SO SHE COULD FIND DIMITRI AND SHE FINDS HIM SHE SHOWS HIM THE BABY THEN SHE LEAVES HIM ALIVE.WHEN SHE MET HIM THERE WAZ SOMETHING DIFFERANT ABOUT HIM AND GUESS WAT HE KINDA LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN INSTEAD OF A STRIGOI SHE ASKES HIM WHY AND HE HAD A THEORY THAT WHEN HE DOESNT DRINK BLOOD HE THINKS HE TURNS MORE HUMAN SO HES TRYING TO TURN HUMAN I THINK ITS WORKING BUT HE ALWAYS HAS MOOD SWINGS AND LOOKS ALOT WEAKER THAN USUAL CAUSE HE DOESNT DARE DRINK BLOOD SHE THEN GOES TO SEE LISA IN THE ROYAL COURT..AND GUESS WAT SHES MARRIED TO ADRIAN CAN U BELIEVE IT SO ANYWHO..ROSE GOES TO LISSA AND LISSAS HAPPY CHRISTIAN AND LISA ARNT TOGETHER BUT CHRISTIAN, EVEN THOUGHT HE HATES ROYAL STUFF, HE JOINS EVERYTHING THAT IS ROYAL BECAUSE HE STILL LIKES LISA LISA STILL LIKES HIM THOUGHT SHE MARRIED ADRIAN JUST TO MAKE THE QUEEN HAPPY DIMITRIS POINT OF VIEWHE MEETS ROSE IN RUSSIA THEN SHE LEAVES WHEN SHE LEAVES HE GOES TO THE ROYAL COURT DAYS LATER THE THING I CANT BELIEVE IS THAT WHEN HE GOES TO THE ROYAL COURT HE CAN PASS THE WARDS THAT THEY PUT IN THERE HE GOES IN THEN LISA SEES HIM AND HE THEN TELLS HER HIS THEORY THEN SHE TAKES HIM TO ROSE IN LISA S ROOM LISA THEN TAKES ROSE S BABY SO THAT ROSE AND DIMITRI COULD HAVE SOME TIME TOGETHER WHEN ROSE AND DIMITRI ARE done THEY GO TO THIS CAFE PLACE WHEN ROSE AND DIMITRI ARE TALKING GAURDIANS SHOW UP AND ARE SURPRISED THAT DIMITRI IS ALIVE WHEN HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A STRIGOI WHEN DIMITRI TELL THEM HIS THEORY THEY SAY EVEN THOUGH HE IS PART HUMAN HE HAS TO GET OUT OF THERE THEN OTHER GARDIANS SHOW UP AND TAKE HIM SOMEWHERE THE BAD THING IS THAT MY BEST FRIEND WOKE UP THEN, CRYING CANT WAIT AND SEE IF ITS LIKE MY FRIENDS DREAM P.S THE BABY IS A BOYYYYYYY I THINK First half of the book Rose has to go a hard way full of stones and death and pain She meets Sydney and Dimitri s family and gets to know his world Rose is ready to do anything to find and to kill him And finally, she finds himSecond half of the book Dimitri as a Strigoi A very very evil version of Dimitri A passionated one, but still evil He is brutal, he is merciless He is completely different from the Dimitri we know And the relationship between him and Rose changes completely Everything changes view spoiler That s what I was supposed to say he gasped out.Those were his last words hide spoiler Shadow Kiss left us with Rose on the way to find and kill her beloved Dimitri who had fallen during a fight with Strigoi Blood Promise picks up where Rose is in Moscow, looking for traces of Dimitri Needless to say, she finds him, but I will not go into anydetail to avoid spoilers I hate to say it, but I am fairly disappointment by this book In my opinion, it is so far the weakest in the series It is by no means the worst book ever written, but the fact that Richelle Mead didn t put much work into it is obvious.Let me start with the positives however Upon finishing the book I am slightly less devastated than after reading Shadow Kiss, so here is an improvement Some action sequences are pretty good Unfortunately, that s about it for the good stuff.On the negative side, the book really suffers from separation of Rose and Lissa In this book Mead attempts to have two story lines going simultaneously Lissa s and Rose s, but neither of them is particularly exciting Plus, because the series is written from Rose s POV, the difficulty of relaying Lissa s story is solved by utilizing Rose s spirit bond ability to get into Lissa s thoughts What doesn t work however is that somehow Rose can not only see what s going on with Lissa at the moment, but she can also rewind her experiences and thoughts This seems like a pretty poor plot device in my opinion Plus, Lissa s story is rather lame and takes away too much from the final altercation between Rose and Dimitri the best part of the book.The familiar characters we met in first 3 books Christian, Mia, Eddie, even Victor Dashkov are amiss Instead we are introduced to an array of new characters both in U.S and Russia who don t really serve much of a purpose for the main story line, rather they are created to fill in pages, and it is very apparent.Mead also relies very heavily on flashbacks and memories of Dimitri that were never mentioned in previous books and at some point I started wondering, do I really want to know this much about Dimitri I already love him and adding info like he bakes bread for himself because he loves it so much is not really necessary, in fact it almost kills the mystery around his persona.What else The story drags in some parts, the spirit battle is too confusing, quite a few inconsistencies Overall, just a lazily written book IMO.I think when the series is finished and we look back at Blood Promise we will think that this book could have been easily omitted Maybe I will feel differently about Blood Promise when I re read it, but as this point I am rather saddened by it ^FREE ↝ Blood Promise ↳ Rose Hathaway S Life Will Never Be The Same The Recent Attack On St Vladimir S Academy Devastated The Entire Moroi World Many Are Dead And, For The Few Victims Carried Off By Strigoi, Their Fates Are Even Worse A Rare Tattoo Now Adorns Rose S Neck, A Mark That Says She S Killed Far Too Many Strigoi To Count But Only One Victim Matters Dimitri Belikov Rose Must Now Choose One Of Two Very Different Paths Honoring Her Life S Vow To Protect Lissa Her Best Friend And The Last Surviving Dragomir Princess Or, Dropping Out Of The Academy To Strike Out On Her Own And Hunt Down The Man She Loves She Ll Have To Go To The Ends Of The Earth To Find Dimitri And Keep The Promise He Begged Her To Make But The Question Is, When The Time Comes, Will He Want To Be Saved Now, With Everything At Stake And Worlds Away From St Vladimir S And Her Unguarded, Vulnerable, And Newly Rebellious Best Friend Can Rose Find The Strength To Destroy Dimitri Or, Will She Sacrifice Herself For A Chance At Eternal Love