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Excellent read well written with good characters and a crazy storyline paperback THUG LOVIN by Wahida Clark is a tale full of seduction and change I have not read any of Clark s previous books, so I can t give my opinion on how this book compares to the others or how it follows the previous storyline However, for a couple that seemed to be much loved Tasha and Trae , there seems to be quite a few reasons not to love them in this book I can t come out and tell you whether I recommend it or not yet it s not that clear cut You ll probably have to hear my opinions and use them to formulate your own.Tasha and Trae and the power couple from Clark s previous books In THUG LOVIN we find them in a new place, living in upscale Los Angeles Life is slightly different for them as they are now out of the crazy drama of New York and playing a new game THUG LOVIN follows their story as they work to discover who they are as individuals and reevaluate who they are as a couple.As I mentioned, I have not read any of Clark s previous work If I had, I might already be a fan of the series and might look on THUG LOVIN with a fond eye However, I m not already a fan and after reading this book, I m not sure that I would be able to visit any of her other books and become a fan There were some really good parts in THUG LOVIN The characters were developed well and the story was certainly full of drama If you like a book that is going to get your heart racing and pages flipping so you can figure out what happens next, I think you might find some serious enjoyment out of THUG LOVIN Clark throws in enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and really, you don t know what s going to happen until the moment that it does Making a story anything but predictable is what creates a great book in my opinion that and tension Whoa buddy does THUG LOVIN have some tension Each page is filled with it, pulling like a tight rubber band There were actually a few times where I winced, waiting for the tension to snap, but it didn t happen Great writing there.Now for the reasons that I don t know if I will become a Clark fan I am not a huge fan of foul language I ll use it when I stub my toe and frankly it doesn t really bother me to hear it spoken around me, but there s a limit There was just so much in THUG LOVIN that I felt it distracted from the story Now, that s my opinion Maybe I m discovering my inner prude, who knows Other people might not have a single issue with the language Decide for yourself whether language bothers you or not and ignore this section if it doesn t.Also, I was not a huge fan of the characters I don t mind if characters become jerks in the books, but if they are a main character then I usually look for some sort of redeeming quality I had a really hard time doing that with THUG LOVIN and eventually gave up Perhaps that was Clark s plan, to throw a wrench into the love story of Tasha and Trae Whatever the reason, I had a hard time connecting with the characters in the story and that kept it from coming to life for me.Fair warning time There are adult themes and adult scenes within the pages of THUG LOVIN They are graphic and I would give them a sensuality rating of 4.5.So, overall I would say that this book is great for people that don t get too involved with the characters, love drama, and don t mind some graphic language and love scenes I thought I fit into those categories, but perhaps not precisely enough to fall in love with Clark Remember though I wasn t totally thrilled with THUG LOVIN but someone else might have been If it sounds interesting, I highly encourage you to give it a shot Come back and tell me what you loved about it when you do This book was the bomb I read it and finished it in one day For those who don t know, Wahida Clark is one of the best urban writers out there who will never let you down no matter what book of hers you pick up I have followed her since book 1 and she creates a steamy,tasty,eroctic make ya want to shout for thug glory image the whole time you read She makes you rethink what a relationship like these would be like and takes you with her characters I know I don t have to say keep it up Wahida, cuzz I already know you will Your die hard fan MissTru This book is so good Everyone s life takes a vicious unexpected turn The ending left me speechlessI couldn t put it down towards the end because it was getting so good Wow I m ready to start reading part 5 ASAP Wahida s work never disappoints My favorite couple is backIn part four, we follow the lives of Tasha and Trae Macklin They are married and with children Trae is retired from the game and looking for ways to clean his money They have moved to Cali to start a new life This is the worst move possible for them We follow them along with their difficulties and this once power couple is experiencing some major martial problem that I for one never foreseen Author Wahida Clark has taking this book in a different direction then the other three previous books While I still enjoyed the book, I hope she brings it back to winning combination that kept the readers wanting Black Love at its best.I know there is going to be another part as there were a lot of questions left to be answered I will be waiting to see how this all plays out In part four she keep us abreast of what is going on with Angel and Kaylin Marvin and Kyra have a lot of turmoil in their lives I think she did a good job switching up I am just saddened that it was at the expense of Tasha and Trae I will have to see what she does in the next book While I am not a fan of continuing on series because I loved the earlier books I will give her one chance to end this series SiStar TeaARC Book Club Inc.3.5 rating Oh this book pissed me off too much shady business going on.It s like when the Macklins moved to Cali everything went down hell from there just when I thought Tasha Tre where going to be good First, let me say that I have been a die hard Wahida fan I have read all of her books However, this RIGHT HERE was unbelievable and not in a good way We fell in love with Trae, Tasha, Kaylin, Angel and the rest of the crew in books 1 3 Those characters are not recognizable in Thug Lovin book 4 I feel as though I have been lied to At the end of Thug Lovin, I hated Trae, was disappointed in Tasha, disgusted by Marvin and saddened by Kyra I can appreciate the need to mix it up But, this was a GRIMY tale Trae s behavior was inconceivable The fact that he cheated on Tasha was the LEAST of his foul behavior What he did to Tasha at the end of the book is what we tell our daughters, sisters, girlfriends, etc to NEVER accept It was inconceivable, unnecessary and not consistent with Trae s character Why take such a loved character and have him beat his wife to the point where he doesn t know how she got on the floor Are you kidding me What is that and what was the point of reducing him them to that level Don t devoted readers of the series deserve better than that How is that possibly 5 stars Further, the Tasha that we know would NEVER accept that behavior from him The real shame is that there are so few TRUE showcases of Black Love The magic of books 1 3 is the message that our powerful connections do exist contrary to what the media would say and that they are to be celebrated What Trae did to Tasha at the end of the book cheapened him and the story told about him and Tasha in books 2 and 3 It went far beyond shock value How can he possibly be redeemed What s next Does Kaylin shoot Angel Is Faheem a cross dresser Does Jaz develop a crack addiction We waited a year for THIS I feel cheated. |Download Book ⚕ Thug Lovin' ⚉ Tasha And Trae, The Hood S Favorite Couple, Are Still Together Following The Events Of Thug Matrimony Even With Their Relocation To Sunny Los Angeles, The Drama Of New York Cannot Be Escaped From Running A Nightclub To Dealing With Models, Shady Lawyers, Big Money, New Kinds Of Temptations, Seductions, And Drugs Not To Mention New Love Interests Can This Infamous Couple Weather All The Storms And Keep It Together Thug Lovin is the Only Kind of Lovin The fourth installment on the Thug series finds both love and hate in the air California may not be what Tasha and Trae were expecting, from illegal to legal, from highs to lows I tell you, good street lit has become harder to find Look no further Wahida Clark once again brings it with her latest novel Thug Lovin held me She again captivates readers with her wicked pen game Like Clark s legion of fans, I ll be on the lookout for the next volume in the series Reviewed by Lela In the fourth installment of the Thug Series, Thug Lovin , author Wahida Clark focuses on Tasha and Trae who have gotten out of the game and relocated to California Fresh off the heels of beating the case that would have sent him and Kaylin away for a long time Trae is determined to start over promising Tasha and their growing family peace of mind far away from the drama of New York The first four years in Cali go by without a hitch with Tasha taking care of their three sons while Trae is busy managing several legal investments with Marvin and Tasha s cousin Stephon The drama ensues when Trae decides to open up a nightclub.Club New York is a joint venture between Trae and Charles Li, a Chinese mobster Partnering up with the infamous Charles Li is exactly the type of thing that Trae promised Tasha he would avoid in order to not jeopardize his family But it s Charles Li s aggressive daughter, Charli that proves to be the cause of Trae s family s turmoil Especially once Tasha suspects that Charli is pursuing Trae Tasha s suspicions grow worse once Charli begins major tricking in order to entice Trae And instead of checking Charli for her disrespectful behavior Trae just keeps trying to convince Tasha that it s just business between him and Charli.Eventually Tasha tires of the blatant disrespect, her dreams being deferred and sexual needs not being met so she decides to do her with a close family friend The drama literally erupts when Trae suspects that Tasha is out there creeping But the game goes onto an entirely new level when Trae discovers who the person is Trouble is also brewing in Marvin and Kyra s marriage which provides another subplot or opportunity for another relationship to go astray Add that to Tasha and Trae s problems and the book could have been aptly titled Thug Buggin instead of Thug Lovin cause that s exactly what occurred in this installment So much so that I m afraid to whether it can all be rectified in part five What did you like about the book Wahida Clark is an excellent storyteller and although I was appalled by the characters uncharacteristic behaviors I was still wrapped up in the read.What did you dislike about the book The characters that Ms Clark endeared readers to over the years became very unfamiliar The adultery wasn t their worst attributes either Readers will find themselves shaking their heads saying Tasha, Trae, Marvin or Kyra would have never done that What could the author do to improve the book The need to keep the drama going in a series is understandable and all marriages experience pitfalls But at the same time Ms Clark has to stay true to the characters personality traits, if not the book becomes unbelievable and even unlikable. Not so surprising progression of the primaries in this book horrible narration sorry The characters fell victim to the pitfalls of greed and the author did what she was supposed to do Show the ugly side of greed, infidelty and abuse I know the physical abuse is what stood out for alot in this book However, I thought Trae and Tasha had a warped slightly verbally abusive relationship I may think a bit different I m sure I know some don t see the use of the n word and telling someone to shut up or the bullying the women to obey in the name of love or the biting of the cheek until a mark is left , all those things to some are not signs of abuse Because Trae says he loves her, his heart is in the right place and he spoils her, it makes everything ok I can honestly say I was not shocked when Trae put his hands on her It just seemed like it had to happen with those two I saw Tasha s infidelty as her acting out against the constant bullying she received from Trae I say bullying, because while she had a hand in getting pregnant Trae told her to not get the shot after they knew pills did not work for her Trae told her that her dreams of a clinic needed to be put on hold a little bit longer yet again So the progression of the abuse did not shock me, nor did the extreme way Tasha acted out You know when women are fed up, we strike for blood I know many won t agree with me Trust my small book club had a lively debate over the things I pointed out as instances that could be considered abuse I was distracted by the narration of this book Cary Hite has narrated the other books and the characters had individual personalities The narration drew you in to the characters and the story The narration of this book was extremely rough It completely changed the way I looked at the characters as well The high pitched, yelling for every single character was headache inducing.