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Confidential ⚆ Christmas , Los Angeles A City Where The Police Are As Corrupt As The Criminals Six Prisoners Are Beaten Senseless In Their Cells By Cops Crazed On Alcohol For The Three LAPD Detectives Involved, It Will Expose The Guilty Secrets On Which They Have Built Their Corrupt And Violent Careers The Novel Takes These Cops On A Sprawling Epic Of Brutal Violence And The Murderous Seedy Side Of Hollywood One Of The Best Crime Novels Ever Written, It Is The Heart Of Ellroy S Four Novel Masterpiece, The LA Quartet, And An Example Of Crime Writing At Its Most Powerful Even when ya know the plot from the movie it s still riveting NERO NOIRKim Basinger modello Veronica Lake Un giro di squillo di lusso, che dopo una ripassata a una clinica di Malibu escono identiche alle dive del cinema ci sono una Ava Gardner, una Rita Hayworth, una Betty Grable E c soprattutto una Veronica Lake.Ecco un romanzo che deve aver richiesto al suo autore memoria, concentrazione, riepilogo, una parete, ma anche due o tre, piene di post it per annotare e collegare personaggi, trame e sotto trame, per non perdersi fatti episodi e dettagli, per tenere tutto sotto controllo Plot molto intricato che Ellroy domina con successo.Ho letto qualche suo romanzo, quattro o cinque, mi son piaciuti tutti ma questo m parso il migliore.Russell Crowe qui poco pi che trentenne, tre anni prima di esplodere con Il gladiatore Che fine ha fatto ora Segue il percorso di Johnny Depp Terzo capitolo della cosiddetta tetralogia di Los Angeles The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, questo, e l ultimo White Jazz.Ovviamente, trattandosi di Ellroy, la trama infarcita di veri fatti di cronaca.Chi ha sterminato sei persone al Nite Owl, un coffee shop di L.A Kevin Spacey era quello pi lanciato tra i tre protagonisti con all attivo gi un Oscar come miglior attore non protagonista per I soliti sospetti e il successo di Seven Che fine gli hanno fatto fare Io spero che torni al pi presto a mostrare il suo grande talento.Tre poliziotti, Ed Exley Guy Pearce , Bud White Russell Crowe e Jack Vincennes Kevin Spacey sono i protagonisti di questo ribollente vulcanico noir che attraversa gli anni Cinquanta della mecca del cinema, Hollywood Los Angeles, tra prostituzione, pornografia spinta, droga, collusione corruzione tra polizia, potere politico e criminalit organizzata niente di nuovo sotto il sole.Indagano, ciascuno a modo loro uno il cavaliere di tutte le donne indifese e un episodio del suo passato ha lasciato un marchio indelebile di dolore e sopraffazione, uno vuol fare carriera e sedere nella poltrona pi grande e pi comoda dove affondare la sua vigliaccheria, il terzo ama stazionare sotto flash luci e riflettori, flirtare col gossip e nascondere il mortale errore che ha commesso.Guy Pearce, quello che ha approfittato meno di questo ottimo trampolino di lancio.La quarta protagonista la citt , quella degli angeli, Los Angeles, costruita sul deserto in riva al mare, ci nonostante piena di lati oscuri, in ombra La sua appendice pi celebre Hollywood, regno dell artificio e dell abbaglio.Il regista Curtis Hanson 1945 2016 al lavoro su una scena con Kevin Spacey.Il film del 1997, firmato sia alla sceneggiatura che alla regia da Curtis Hanson, buon regista morto troppo presto, che per non si mai pi ripetuto a queste vette Il film fu candidato a nove oscar e ne vinse due per la miglior attrice non protagonista, Kim Basinger, e per la miglior sceneggiatura non originale nel senso di tratta da materiale pre esistente, libro o altro , Curtis Hanson e Brian Helgeland Oltre a riportare in auge la Basinger, che con le vicende matrimoniali era un po finita in ombra, serv da trampolino di lancio per tutti e tre i protagonisti La sceneggiatura per forza di cose riduce l ampiezza della trama letteraria, si perde quella struttura ramificata e stratificata, elimina molte parti, si concentra sui tre eroi e inventa un nuovo epilogo Magistrale.Come il libro.Il poster del film, dal quale difficile credere che Kim Basinger sia attrice NON protagonista. L.A Confidential feels like the book that James Ellroy has been preparing for and working up to during his entire career up to this point He takes all of the themes he explored in previous novels and packs them into a book that s an even larger,epic tale of crime, perversion, and Hollywood corruption than any of his previous books L.A Confidential tells the story of three LAPD officers who are initially at odds with one another after the infamous Bloody Christmas police brutality scandal and once again cross paths after a bloody massacre at the Nite Owl coffee shop in Hollywood At first, each of them are involved in separate investigations Slowly these mysteries all seem to connect to the Nite Owl in some way and ultimately, the men must learn to put their differences aside as they realize that they are neck deep in a scandal bigger than anything they could ve imagined, one that goes beyond the Nite Owl Massacre, one that involves filth porn, heroin, tabloid extortion, a popular kid s theme park Disneyland anyone , and high class whores cut to look like movie stars.I mentioned before that the novel is evenepic than the previous ones in the L.A Quartet, but is so huge that it s hard to keep track of at times, which makes for a slower read than thefocused stories in The Black Dahlia and The Big Nowhere It has the most complicated mystery and conspiracy that I ve ever read, so complicated that it seems to involve ever person living in L.A County, and even the characters sometimes have to create graphs to keep track of everything But no one could ve wrangled all of these threads into something coherent other than author James Ellroy, showing his tremendous skill as a writer And this is the novel where he begins his experimentation with his writing style, moving toward the clipped, manic, jazzy prose that he uses in later novels Here, in order to cut down on page count in order to get published, he cut out all unnecessary words.As usual, the characters in this were fascinating, strong men with weaknesses and dark secrets, who through their investigation, seek something close to redemption Edmund Exley is a young officer living under his father s shadow and a war hero reputation based on a lie, and who is an ambitious, by the book, do gooder who believes in the pursuit of absolute justice and willing to rat out his fellow officers and be hated by everyone to move up in the department Wendell Bud White is a bruising, hard boiled cop, haunted by witnessing the violent murder of his mother by his father, and takes it out on woman beaters that he arrests He hates the fact that he s seen as lacking the intelligence to be a good detective and only good with his fists, and he becomes obsessed with privately investigating a string of hooker murders And finally there s Trashcan Jack Vincennes, a Narcotics officer with his own skeletons in his closet, who s dead set on arresting drug users, butimportantly, he strives for Hollywood stardom, consulting on a hit cop show, rousts celebrity druggies, and gives exclusive dirt to tabloid writer Sid Hudgens and his Hush Hush scandal mag in exchange for cash, article write ups, and a photo op He begins investigating the production of porno picture books, and we realize that Trashcan Jack might also have an unhealthy obsession with what s between the pages of the books that he finds The way that each story evolves and interconnects is truly something to behold This book has enough story for 5 novels, but somehow it s told in about 500 pages How that s even possible is beyond meThe movie based on this book is one of my top five favorites, and reading this novel made me appreciate it evenI ve realized it s probably the best movie adaptation of a book to date How it takes this loaded story that could be adapted into a 10 part miniseries, and successfully converts it into an exciting and engaging 2 hour, 20 minute movie is a feat that really should be recognized Obviously the movie is missing lots of the story from the book, but the movie really stands on it s own, and skillfully combines multiple characters and creates new scenes and themes that still works to tell the story in an effective way Although it s sadly missing much of Jack Vincennes s intriguing storyline, it introduces new backstory elements that I wish were in the book Rollo Tomasi , strengthens the Bud and Exley dynamic, and makes Lynn Bracken an even stronger character The fact that the movie is at times even better than the book and can stand on it s own really says something about the adaptation I would suggest both seeing the movie and reading the book, as there is something to be gained by both.James Ellroy is quickly becoming one of my favorites and I can t wait to soon read White Jazz and his other books Anyway Dear Reader, that s all the dirt that s fit to print And you heard it here first, off the record, on the QT, and very Hush Hush. Whatever you desire safe passage for ruthless men in love Like Fight Club, L.A Confidential is one of those contemporary novels that provides a certain literary difficulty for readers who come to it AFTER the film dropped because the directors David Fincher, Curtis Hanson created such large, iconic images out of the novels L.A Confidential s major characters are all very similar to the movie, but there are some major omissions and changes made in the movie that keep Elloroy s urtext both novel and different enough, to warrant your buck and your time.Ellroy is a modern master of the slow build, the dark, back motives, the inevitable bloodbath I think of the image of three big waves cresting together when I think of Edmund Ed Exley, Wendell Bud White, John Jack Vincennes, and their personal demons, all coming together to exact justice, each for their own reasons and with their own baggage and agendas Anyway, it was all deftly done The novel also contains many of the usual Ellroy tropes pornography, children haunted by the actions of their parents, prostitutes, vice in general, the mob, corrupt cops, heroic cops with fatal flaws, femme fatales, queers, shrinks, plastic surgery, and a dark undercurrent that cuts thorough the heart of both L.A and Hollywood The world Ellory paints is dark, harsh, and often perverse It isn t a place you want to raise a family or even walk a dog. Rollo TommasiBisogna essere in perfetta forma per leggere questo libro occhi, cuore, cervello, fiato, nervi, fegato, stomaco Ambientato nella Los Angeles degli anni 50, un romanzo intricatissimo, con una trama principale e decine di sottotrame che si intersecano, con tre protagonisti e una miriade di comprimari poliziotti, gangster, divi del cinema, giornalisti, puttane, spacciatori, ecc Non affezionatevi troppo a qualcuno di loro, potrebbe essere fatto fuori una decina di pagine pi in l.Come Ellroy abbia potuto concepire una trama cos ingarbugliata, dominandola alla perfezione dall inizio alla fine senza perdere il bandolo della matassa e riuscire a realizzarla mantenendo il ritmo della narrazione sempre al massimo, per me sbalorditivo.Poi verranno anche American Tabloid , I miei luoghi oscuri , Sei pezzi da mille , ma questo rimane a tutti gli effetti il mio Ellroy preferito Geniale Molto bello anche il film di Curtis Hanson.https youtu.be ZE8NFujbeic 1 Yes, this was excellent.2 Yes, this was hard boiled.3 Yes, this had confusing storylines.4 Yes, this book needed a list of characters unless you have an incredible memory 5 Yes, I wanted to give this book a solid five stars I have been wanting to read this great book for years, then when I saw I had 10 friends who read it, it became a must read now Of those 10 friends, five gave it four stars and five five stars, so I knew it was great Ellroy wrote The Black Dahalia which I loved, giving it five stars and I fully expected this book to live up to my five star expectation However, I found the characters very confusing I wondered, how does Ellroy expect the reader to remember John Doe who was mentioned on page 25, then repeated again on page 158 So who is John Doe Then begin flipping back the pages to see when he was mentioned Although the storyline was about the Night Owl massacre of six people in an all night coffee shop, there were multiple storylines revolving around that event There are three main characters and they weave back and forthgood, yes, he s a good guy then hell no, he s a bad guy So, in my mind there are no clear cut good guy bad guys in the entire book And that is not a complaint but if you need a clear delineation of good bad guys, it s not here Needless to say, this is no pansy ass book with warm and fuzzies It s dark, pitch black dark and that s why it s called noir A great word for this book.I still wish that Goodreads would allow us readers to give half stars but no Changes in GR, as we all know, but not there With that said, I would give this one three and a half, but I do round up so I m tipping the scale of my circle of friends with six now giving it four stars and five reviewers, five stars No, it didn t amaze me Hopefully, the next Ellroy will I m expecting it but will begin my list of characters on page one like I should have done here hint, hint The never ending parade of homogenous macho cops the weak, dependable women perfect victims for any crime the overwhelmingly complex story line, sub plot within sub plot, twist upon twist all that delivered in a flat, dry style That s an Ellroy novel for you I know that it s supposed to add up to this intricate, dark story interwoven with sex and violence and thus gripping, like nothing else But I, frankly, was bored to death The scheming was a tad too elaborate for my taste After a while I stopped caring when yet another layer to the story was revealed there s only so much dry plot that I can take Plot on itself won t keep me on the edge for long A list of names straight out of phonebook won t do it for me either Violence and sex will keep me interested for a little while, but unless it s happening to a well fleshed out character that too will eventually start to disappoint And that s what happened I ve ended up being disappointed I wanted to like this book, I loved the movie, and I do get the appeal of this gritty, brutal writing But despite some enjoyable moments, getting through L.A Confidential felt like a chore So I cannot say that I liked it Hence the 2 star rating. We ve all heard of the Good Cop Bad Cop routine, but when you read a James Ellroy novel it slike Bad Cop Worse Cop Crimes Against Humanity Cop.This third installment in the L.A Quartet introduces us to another trio of police officers who wouldn t last ten minutes on the job if there were smart phones in the 1950s which could have recorded their many misdeeds Ed Exley is a brilliant detective, but his physical cowardice is exceeded only by his ruthless ambition Bud White is a thug who never met a suspect he couldn t beat into talking, and he s got a special hatred reserved for men who hurt women Jack Vincennes has gone Hollywood with a side gig as the technical advisor for a TV cop show, and his reputation as a relentless narco officer is mainly due to him taking payoffs from a scandal rag to arrest movie stars to create juicy stories.The three cops end up involved in a police brutality scandal dubbed Bloody Christmas which leads to drastic changes of fortune for each of them Then a shocking mass murder in a coffee shop in an apparent robbery gone wrong draws all of them into the orbit of the investigation Driven by their obsessions and haunted by secrets all of them will follow separate trails through a tangled web of pornography, drugs, prostitution, rape, and murder Ellroy had used similar elements of historical fiction that combines the seedy history of L.A with his own epic crime stories in previous books, but I think this is where he perfected the idea and really soared with it It s the first time he fully deployed a unique style that is essentially a stream of consciousness that shifts among the three leads that uses clipped sentences to form a patter that makes everything feelas if it s being experienced instead of a narrative you re reading.The main appeal for me is the three main characters These are not nice guys They are utterly amoral and unrepentant racists who cause an enormous amount of damage in pursuit of their own agendas What saves them And this is what usually redeems Ellroy s characters is their ultimate realizations that they re pawns being used by a system that is farcriminal and corrupt than anything they ve done, and that they re willing to destroy themselves and everything around them in bids for redemption.This is a brutal, vicious crime novel filled with shocking acts of violence and offensive language It s also an extremely complex and dense book with multiple confusing sub plots spinning off the main Nite Owl story I ve read it multiple times, and I d still be hard pressed to explain everything that happens and why Despite all of that it remains among my favorite novels because it is such a bold attempt to do something different that is mostly successful I also credit the movie as being one of the best adaptations of a book I ve seen There s only about 40% of the plot from the page on the screen, but they did a masterful job of combining and condensing elements while preserving the essential feel of the book and smartly keeping the focus on its three flawed main characters. Hey everyone, it s my 100th review on goodreads No, wait, this is a dark and brooding noir Can t be that happy Think mean thoughts Take a shot glass of despair, with a nihilistic chaser and a cheap cigarette There we go.Spanning from 1950 to 58, L.A Confidential stands as easily the most ambitious book in Ellroy s series thus far.It s Christmas time and that does not mean heart warming cups of good cheer and old Scrooge being visited by three ghosts in Ellroy s work Bud looked out the window A Salvation Army Santa palmed coins from his kettle, an eye on the liquor store across the street That s our Christmas spirit Ho goddamn Ho We go into an event that will be dubbed Bloody Christmas and things get worse from there as we move onto another case referred to as The Nite Owl Massacre Yeah this one s just filled with good cheer.Our protagonists this time certainly not heroes as they re evencrooked than any of the other leads in the previous books are three very different cops Jack Vincennes is a Hollywood cop through and through He is the consultant for a TV show called Badge of Honor, gets big publicity in the papers, and secretly works with one magazine to find out lower ranking stars doing drugs and sets up busts to get his picture in papers Bud White is a police officer thug, a classic ticking time bomb sort, but with good connections He s the prot g of one Dudley Smith, who has uses for the violent sort Finally we come to Ed Exley, who believes in perfect justice He has a ruthless sort of efficiency, but in a very by the book sort of way He s only too happy to make enemies if it means moving up, and he s quite good at knowing the right thing to say at the right time Together these three make up Ellroy s most interesting cast thus far.So onto my opinions on the book itself I actually find myself at a bit of a loss on this one Not because it s not good It is In fact, it s damn near perfect This is seriously the sort of book that I feel I can t pick apart because they would be nitpicks only, yet I can t fully praise without giving everything away I could say for instance that there are so many characters that I felt like I needed a notepad of suspects some of which show up for two or three pages and are not heard from again for 300 and it s just assumed you ll remember them , but that s not a full complaint as it fits the scenario after all, the book takes place over eight years From a structural standpoint, it is mucha direct sequel to The Big Nowhere In fact, this one starts with a prologue that acts as an epilogue of the previous novel I m actually a bit conflicted on my feelings about this view spoiler On one hand I like the sense of closure, but on the other, if one hadn t read the previous book and this series operates fairly well as stand alone novels thus far it doesn t have the impact as it requires you to care about Meeks It also spoils for those who didn t know that Dudley Smith is as close to a main antagonist as this series is going to get, whereas if we didn t have that prologue, newcomers could easily be taken in by his good nature and the friendship he seems to be forming with Bud To a certain extent I wish it would have been the ACTUAL epilogue to the previous novel as we were certain Smith was a right asshole then, and though it would have been a bit of a downer ending, it would have been a nice way of cementing that Smith gets the solution he wants no matter what hide spoiler