FREE BOOK ♴ Bienville's Dilemma: A Historical Geography of New Orleans ♾

Fascinating book Although the format collection of 2 10 page essays on a wide variety of subjects make it easy to pick up, it also makes it hard to get through quickly. FREE BOOK ♫ Bienville's Dilemma: A Historical Geography of New Orleans ♺ All New Orleans Glories, Tragedies, Contributions, And Complexities Can Be Traced Back To The Geographical Dilemma Bienville Confronted In When Selecting The Primary Location Of New Orleans Bienville S Dilemma Presents Sixty Eight Articles On The Historical Geography Of New Orleans, Covering The Formation And Foundation Of The City, Its Urbanization And Population, Its Humanization Into A Place Of Distinction, The Manipulation Of Its Environment, Its Devastation By Hurricane Katrina, And Its Ongoing Recovery Writing style varies from compelling to aimless which really defines the book It is an eccentric collection of articles, usually objective but sometimes lacking a strong but reasoned opinion Campanella is at heart a debunker, so his stuff is either enlightening or downright annoying In the end, this is a worthy book, but one strictly for people with a deep interest in New Orleans. As seen at Bloody wonderful This book had me reading a history book for fun for the first time in years Its essay format, which I at first thought would make it tedious, actually ended up helping its pace by invigorating my interest with each exploration of a new topic This book has also inspired me to continue my reading in this area and I highly recommend this book to anyone, not just New Orleanians. some fun chapters on architecture. LA 911.763 CAM fabulously conceived and quite brilliantly written for a geographer, hahaha , Bienville s Dilemma is astounding in both its scope, covering physical, cultural, social, and political geographies urban spaces of New Orleans and its particularities It s a scholarly work with populist roots While its daunting 598 endnotes may be offputting to those who may equate archival research with dull prose, it compellingly portrays the diversity of the city s people, history, and events through its spectacular focus on the minutiae of everyday life in addition to cataclysmic events physical material and social that have been seared into the city s history and its very landscape the city is a palimpsest and Campanella painstakingly uncovers all of its layers, with the full knowledge that it will continue to generate new identities, influx populations, and despairing dilemmas, while continuing to carry the burdens of its history. A comprehensive book on all things New Orleans Although a geographer, Campanella presents an extremely accessible and fascinating portrayal of New Orleans past, present, and future Whether you love history, geography, food, architecture, wetlands loss restoration, launguage, etc., everyone can find something they are personally invested in, as well as develop some new passions about other issues A must read even if you are slightly intrigued by New Orleans.