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Hilarious and soo good Finally I get to read it It was an easy, entertaining read about New Orleans history. #DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚼ Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children: And Other Streets of New Orleans â John Chase Has Taken What In Lesser Hands Would Have Been A Dull Recounting Of Fact And Made A Delightfully Accurate Yet Breezy Book New Orleans Times Picayune History In Its Most Painless Form Lightened Not Only By Cartoons But By Narrative Approach New York Herald TribuneThe History Of New Orleans Is A Street Level Story, With Names Like Iberville, Terpsichore, Gravier, Tchoupitoulas, And, Of Course, Bourbon, Presenting The City S Past With Every Step The Late John Churchill Chase Eloquently Chronicles The Origins And Development Of The Most Fascinating Of American Cities In This Humorous ReadFrenchmen, Desire, Good Children Details The Interesting Stories Of The Developers And Families As Well As The Infamous And Famous People, Places, And Events From Which The City S Names And Character Are Drawn First Published By Now Defunct New Orleans Publisher Robert L Crager In , The Book Remains Funny And Informative, Generally Accepted As A Standard Reference About The Crescent City This book is obviously dated language and prevailing social political thought and I imagine that some of those things impacted the lens through which some of this history is told That said, this book is informative and interesting, especially for anyone who has walked the streets of New Orleans pondering their rich history. Unlike the boringly numbered streets of New York City, most, if not all, streets in New Orleans have their own stories From the era of indians and explorers to the french and spanish rule, there are so many colourful events and people to lending their names to the streets of New Orleans Although many are undoubtedly named after prominent people of the time, there are some interesting sorts of stories such as the mytery behind the name of Tchoupitoulas and Westwego, the only name of a place that can form a sentence. Is there a word that describes people who love all things New Orleans I m not sure But I highly recommend this book to all fellow NOLAphiles. Interesting history definitely from another time before civil rights human rights but if you take that with a grain of salt, it is an interesting perspective of New Orleans history told as roads became named. This was funny and very informative about the history of New Orleans It reminded me a bit of Will Cuppy Sadly I ve never been to N.O and don t have a mind for French so I feel like a lot of it is going to drain right out of my head. I ve navigated thousands of streets in scores of cities round the world, only rarely stopping to ponder much how those street names have to say about their cities stories, whether glorious or sordid Nowadays many of us traverse modern cities cut into neat blocks by roads efficiently but boringly designated chiefly by numbers and letters, or states and presidents As in, I ll meet you at the corner of 32nd and U, not Virginia and Jefferson Especially for those people, John Chases book Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children will make you wish your city elders had the good sense to christen such tepidly named streets instead in honor of the famous or infamous folks who first founded your cities back when the roads weren t than well trod ruts in the dirt Chase s book unveils the long and twisted history of New Orleans by revealing how its streets came to bear the names they do For anyone who has wandered the serpentine thoroughfares and alleyways of New Orleans, or who wonders what forgotten tales the singular street names of their own cities may tell, Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children is an enlightening and very entertaining read. First published in 1949, its age shows at time, but the fact that it s still in print and recommended by locals is testament to its strength Tells history of New Orleans through the quirky street names Humorous and fascinating It drags at times, especially later, but a good place to start if you re interested in local history Helps to know street names See my full review at