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I am so pleased with this uncompleted last novel of Jane Austen s that was finished by another lady It tells the story of Charlotte Heywood who is visiting friends in a seaside town called Sanditon Charlotte meets all the respectable society of Sanditon, and spends most of her time observing their characters and deciding if she should laugh at them, pity them, befriend them, or scorn them She herself is very unassuming and sensible, but when the charming Mr Sidney Parker comes on the scene, her self possession begins to slip and Charlotte finds herself wrapped up in intrigue, deceit, and gossip of the worst kind.I couldn t even tell where Jane Austen s original work left off and Marie Dobbs writing began I m usually very skeptical about other authors trying to recreate or imitate someone else s work, but wow She perfectly captures the sweet laughing mockery of Austen s writing Austen made fun of everybody with little biting remarks, but also forgave them their faults in the next sentence This writing style, the wording, the dialogue, and even the descriptions are perfectly blended together throughout the book in Austen s own way I could have sworn she wrote the whole thing And I am very picky and critical about all things Austen, let me tell you All the characters are exactly what I would expect from an Austen novel perfectly delightful and complex and interesting The plot follows just the sort of outline that Austen always follows in her novels, right down to the minor catastrophe near the end which pushes the characters to take action and come together.I am completely delighted with the entire book I only have one complaint There were too many characters to keep track of This is a pet peeve of mine Some of them were necessary, yes but many of them could have been disposed of, and I think it would have made for a clearer story. An interesting read How I wished she d finished it Reread I read it in this edition won t rate this as it was unfinished at the time of Austen s death 12 chapters that add up to fewer than 60 pages in my edition but it was on its way to being at least a 4 star read The words flow there s nary a breath in the characters speeches, yet they are easy to follow The skewering of the rich with too much time on their hands their obsessive land speculations, their ridiculous hypochondria, their dangerous vanities is merciless A new type of setting for Austen is open to the handling of a diverse set of characters The reference to a young heiress, recently come to Sanditon, described as a half Mulatto, chilly and tender, is tantalizing It s perhaps pointless to wonder how this work might ve been finished or revised but it seems poised to have broken brilliant new ground for Austen. A satirical look at 19th century business speculation, hypocondria and novel readingOn the 27th January, 1817 Jane Austen began work on a novel that is now known as Sanditon It was never completed Her declining health robbed her of what she dearly loved most, writing, and on the 18th of March 1817 after penning 22,000 words she wrote the last lines of chapter twelve and put down her pen Four months later at age 41 she would succumb to what is generally believed to have been Addison s disease Set in the emerging seaside village of Sanditon on the Sussex coast we are introduced to a large cast of characters dominated by the two minions of the community Mr Parker a local landowner with grand designs of turning a fishing village into a fashionable watering place offering the therapeutic or curative benefits of sea bathing and his partner Lady Denham, the local great lady who hasa shrewd eye self satisfying airand cares little about the community and only her pocketbook.The story unfolds from the perspective of Charlotte Heywood, a young lady experiencing her first trip away from her family as a guest of Mr and Mrs Parker Sanditon is populated by a comical ensemble of residents and visitors who upon Charlotte s first acquaintance are altogether different than they later appear Lady Denham s nephew Sir Edward Denham is handsome, amiable and titled but is prone to long inflated speeches in the most pompous and affected style in an attempt to reinforce his own notion that he is a romantic character born to seduce womenquite in the line of LovelacesLovelace refers to the villain Robert Lovelace in Samuel Richardson s 1748 novel Clarissa who rapes and ruins the young heroine He has designs upon Lady Denham s companion Clara Brereton who he shall either woo with affection or carry off Clara is a poor relation of Lady Denham s who is maneuvering to be her heir and in direct competition with Sir Edward for her favor.Also sharing the spotlight is Mr Parker and his four siblings, three of whom Charlotte is told are sad invalids, but after their arrival talk a great deal about their maladies but exhibit little consequence of their afflictions Here we see Austen at her comedic height characterizing the foibles of those who attach illness as an identity and hypochondria as their religion The one bright light of hope in the novel is Mr Parker s brother Sidney who we know of only through letters and others descriptions He may be the only character besides Charlotte who has the potential to set things in balance with his sense of humor and honest opinions Sadly he is destined to remain the mystery hero of Austen s oeuvre Add to that a lineup a nest of plot ironies to raise an eyebrow at business speculation and hypochondria, and a sharp jab at the effluvia of novels and poetry and you have a narrative that whizzes along until an abrupt halt just when we are hooked The uncompleted novel is a great loss to literature but also to the characters who after a bright and comical beginning are left with uncertain futures What does remain is than a novelty of Austenalia Sanditon s levity despite the author s failing health when it was written is quite remarkable On first reading I thought it quite energetic and satirical, similar to the burlesque humor of Austen s Northanger Abbey I then put it aside and did not reflect on it further My second reading after several years brought an entirely new reaction Austen has taken a new and fresh direction from her usual three or four families in a country village and sets her novel not about an individuals struggle but an entire community Money is still the fuel that powers the plot, but her physical descriptions of the landscape and town are entirely new in her cannon foreshadowing what may have been an evolution in her style Sanditon is a gem that no Austen enthusiast should miss.Laurel Ann, Austenprose A good start to what could have been This story was such a good start Of course, we who love Jane Austen know that she couldn t finish it, because of her illness So we will have to wonder where the story goes The story follows a group of people at a health spa, so you gotta figure this went along with her illness and the many methods she used to treat herself The characters in the story are funny and well developed in just a short while I always wonder if she based her characters on people she knew or an amalgamation of people Austen is the Queen of One liners, We have many leisure hours read a great deal Ahh, the dream He felt he wrote he forgot Yep, I feel ya His genius his susceptibilities might lead him into some aberrations but who is perfect Couldn t have said it better I am very sorry you met with an accident, but upon my word, you deserved it so kind Her nerves are a good deal deranged I know her I must hurry home, for Susan is to have leaches at one o clock Yay, Susan Although this is just the beginning of what I m sure would have been another classic, it is still worth reading, just for the enjoyment of her wonderful wit. Disappointing that Austen sadly never got to finish this, it had the beginnings of a charming story. 2.5 It seems that one is either and Jane Austen fan or one is not I apparently am not It n may have been the fashion of the time, to use twenty words when 5 will suffice but all that round and round just makes my head hurt I do like her ironic perception on how people secretly feel and view others but in this one there is not much of that So this will be my last Jane Austen and I cannot say I am sorry After all many people dislike Middle march and I love it. . ^Download Kindle ⇜ Sanditon ↯ Best Book, Sanditon Author Jane Austen This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sanditon, Essay By Jane Austen Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You