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Not what I was looking forThis book demoans the integration of the old style Cajun culture into mainstream American culture, particularly as a result of World War II I was hoping for a historical narrative about the period between the Diaspora and the modern era. An interesting book on the rapid changes in Cajun culture, as well as the attempt by a people to keep some of their uniqueness in the face of rapid change It is not afraid to discuss the importance of personality, something many historians try to avoid in such works It treats its subject with a nuance and fairness most of the time that I found almost awe inspiring. Rather interesting, at times discouraging, review of what happens to a society that loses its cultural backbone. 3.5 stars I found this book very interesting and it well documented what my mother and grand parents past down to me I am from Cajun Country, acing grown up in Opelousas, LA I really enjoyed it and it gave me some ideas as to where I can do som of my genealogy research My mother was one of the school kids who would get punished for talking French on the school grounds when they were trying to get them to learn English. I think I read the wrong book for what I was trying to achieve I am interested in Cajun history and culture, what makes a Cajun a Cajun This book as the title indicates is about the Americanization of a people It deals mostly with the years after WWII and how current events have changed the Cajun culture What it didn t tell me is exactly what that culture is and how it came to be The writing is somewhat repetitious and dry which didn t contribute to my reading enjoyment. interesting general history that ties a lot of national movements to the louisiana experience the coming of modern luxury goods i.e electricity, refridgerators world war II, hippies, the womans movement, civil rights movement Also goes into preservation movements such as CODOFIL and the rebirth of cajun music A good southeast Louisiana history that builds a lot of context around varous trends that shaped the region. &Read Epub ☙ The Cajuns: Americanization of a People ☟ The Past Sixty Years Have Shaped And Reshaped The Group Of French Speaking Louisiana People Known As The Cajuns During This Period They Have Become Much Like Other Americans And Yet Have Remained Strikingly Distinct The Cajuns Americanization Of A People Explores These Six Decades And Analyzes The Forces That Had An Impact On Louisiana S AcadianaIn The S, When America Entered World War II, So Too Did The Isolated Cajuns Cajun Soldiers Fought Alongside Troops From Brooklyn And Berkeley And Absorbed Aspects Of New Cultures In The S As Rock N Roll And Television Crackled Across Louisiana Airwaves, Cajun Music Makers Responded With Their Own Distinct Versions In The S, Empowerment And Liberation Movements Turned The South Upside Down During The S, As Things Cajun Became An Absorbing National Fad, Cajun Became A Kind Of Brand Identity Used For Selling Everything From Swamp Tours To Boxed Rice Dinners At The Dawn Of The Twenty First Century, The Advent Of A New Information Age Launched Cyber Cajuns Onto A Worldwide Web All These Forces Have Pushed And Pulled At The Fabric Of Cajun Life But Have Not Destroyed ItA Cajun Himself, The Author Of This Book Has An Intense Personal Fascination In His PeopleBy Linking Seemingly Local Events In The Cajuns Once Isolated South Louisiana Homeland To National And Even Global Events, Bernard Demonstrates That By The Middle Of The Twentieth Century The Cajuns For The First Time In Their Ethnic Story Were Engulfed In The Currents Of Mainstream American Life And Yet Continued To Make Outstandingly Distinct Contributions I really enjoyed reading this It was interesting to read about experiences that I know were similar to those of my parents and grandparents and to reflect on my own Cajun experience as the region became Americanized It was an interesting way for me to think about the Cajun heritage and fun to see familiar names and places mentioned. Essential reading for anyone interested in the Cajun people of Louisiana This book is a starting point for additional research.