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The following review is forTracy Anne Warren sCharmed By Her Smile only.This one was a very neat and clean short read It was one of those fluffy love stories that bring a sweet smile in your face which lingers as long as you read it India Byron is the cousin of Edward Byron, Duke of Clybourne his story can be visited in At the Duke s Pleasure and is troubled by an exasperating suitor s relentless perusal She wishes nothing but to get rid of him and is desperate to do anything to confirm the notion So desperate that she coaxes a wicked Duke no less, to masquerade as her affectionate suitor for a certain time to drive off this suitor she calls the pest for good But things never get along in life and hence in a romance novel as we wish them is it I had to read this novella since I am a fan of The Byrons of Braebourne series and hence Miss Tracy Anne Warren Though it won t harm much to follow the series if this one is left out, but however, if you are feeling rather light hearted and downy and wish to read something of less elaborated yet very well written, give this novella a chance This anthology consists of three normal historical romances and two paranormal romances.Series Irish Duke part of Cameron Sisters Duke Who Came to Dinner part of Guys Dogs Devil to Pay Vampire Huntress, 3.5 Catch of the Century Widows Club, 3.5 Charmed by Her Smile Byrons of Braebourne, 2.5 Cathy Maxwell s Irish Duke was a bit simple but cute in spite of the incongruities sprinkled throughout with the trouble Miss Susan Rogers causes Roan Gillray, fourth Duke of Killeigh Orphaned with no money, Susan has created a niche market making suitable matches for young ladies of nobility This Season, Susan has been parading her valuable knowledge by terrifying the parents with a little known fact about Irish Dukes they are always last And god forbid, any of their precious daughters should ever be last Elaine Fox s Duke Who Came to Dinner is a contemporary romance with Gray determined to step outside her shell while housesitting a friend s beach house and in the process exposes herself to Sam A sweet, simple story spiced up with a reluctant ghost or is it just the furnace Jeaniene Frost s Devil to Pay involves a scion of Mencheres Elise who encounters a human possessed by a devil just as he attempts to throw himself in front of a subway train Blake s terror at the hurt he the demon has caused to so many people has hardened his desire to kill himself to rid his body of the devil possessing him And his honorable intentions wake Elise up For fifty some years, Elise has hidden from the world but Blake s concern for everyone but himself spurs her to save him Excellent, excellent story Sophia Nash s Catch of the Century was a fun romp in Regency England when Victoria Givan and her young crew of architectural students are abandoned on the side of the road over 60 miles from their destination A chance encounter provides them with a ride from the Catch of the Century, John Varick, ninth Duke of Beaufort, when his driver almost runs them down It s Victoria s unimpressed attitude that catches Varick s attention especially as she continues to elude him.Tracy Anne Warren s Charmed By Her Smile is another Regency England adventure when India Byron is desperate to elude Peter the Pest who just will not understand no and asks Quentin Marlowe, eighth Duke of Weybridge, to kiss her in the hopes that it will finally sink into Peter Harte s brain that she is not interested It s a lovely adventure for both of them as Quentin falls in love with the vivacious India.The Cover and TitleThe cover is a odd with the roof of its country house illuminated with the ball of light I don t really understand the relevance The title sums up the main characters in each story Four Dukes and a Devil. [Read Book] ♷ Four Dukes and a Devil ☢ Fall In Love With The Unpredictable And Irresistible Dukes And One Dog Named Duke Of Four Dukes And A Devil Join New York Times Bestselling Authors Cathy Maxwell, Jeaniene Frost, And Tracy Anne Warren, Along With USA Today Bestselling Author Elaine Fox And RITA Award Winner Sophia Nash, For Tales Of Noble Danger And Devilish DesireDelicate Young Ladies Must Be Protected From HimWhat Do You Do With Three Dukes A Dog Named Duke And A Devil You Put Them Into An Anthology We Ve Combined Five Of Today S Bestselling And Popular Authors Into One Volume To Deliver Romance Like You Ve Never Experienced Before First He Steals Her Clothes, Then He Steals Her HeartMost Would Be Terrified Of This Powerful Vampire But Not HimHe S The Catch Of The Century But She S The Only One He Can T HaveA Young Miss Demands A Kiss But He Won T Rest Once She S Touched Her Lips To HisWith Four Dukes And One Devil, There S No Limit On Love I bought this anthology for the Cat and Bones short story Unfortunately, it is not alone First there is the story for which I bought this It s not bad, but not exactly consistent with the Night Huntress world Didn t we just recently get a story about demon blood vampire drug All in all, it didn t really add much to the Night Huntress world story But still it was certainly a decent read for the Frost story.But there are four non paranormal stories well, three and a half matched with a contemporary PNR story One of them is a contemporary by Elaine Fox entitled, The Duke Who Came to Dinner I ve never read anything by Ms Fox before but I certainly will in the future This was my favorite story of the anthology.The other three were regency romances I hate regency romances Really But once I start a book I will end up reading all of them So I did and I wonder why I did I keep hoping that one of these days I ll be surprised by a Regency romance and really like it The streak was not broken here.Just an odd collection The Cat Bones short should have been packaged with a PNR collection and the Fox story with other contemporaries. Cute book, Quick, fun read. I only read the Jeaniene Frost story, Devil To Pay Bones and Cat make only a brief appearance Most of this book centers around a vampire named Elise, Mencheres, and a demon possessed human male named Blake And it was sadVery sweet and very sad sniffle but of course since this is a romance story there s a happy ending to sigh over I wish there could have been a wee bit to the ending though. I am going to read the rest later but for now I m eager to get onto book 2 in the Byrons of Braebourne series because I feel in my bones that it s gonna be gooood Charmed by Her Smile by Tracy Anne WarrenApparently they fell in love but I must have missed it Also idk if it s just my age but I m inherently uncomfortable with May December romances They re OK in novels with good character development, but this had none of that, and the most defining parts of each of India and Quentin s characters were their ages. This was a fantastic anthology with stories by several very familiar authors and a few authors I hadn t read before I enjoyed all five of the stories a lot, especially Jeaniene Frost s vampire tale.The Irish Duke Cathy Maxwell Susan Rogers has warned everyone in London about The Irish Duke in order to get clients for her business of shepherding young ladies through the season When the actual Irish Duke shows up, irate because all the young ladies are avoiding him, he and Susan butt heads in this delightful story.The Duke Who Came to Dinner Elaine Fox Gray decides be bold by skinny dipping in the ocean, but doesn t count on a dog named Duke stealing her dress and then having to ride her bike through town naked After Sam sees her, he s entranced by Gray and a whirlwind romance ensues I was confused on who the ghost was, the man Gray sees walking on the beach with Duke, the ghost leaving the scent of pipe smoke in the house she s summering in, the big white dog named Duke or maybe all three Regardless, I enjoyed this ghost story, it was a lot of fun.Devil to Pay Jeaniene Frost I loved this story of the lonely vampire Elise who runs across the demon possessed Blake and determines to help him rid himself of the demon by helping him die on the Utah salt flats where the demon won t be able to possess anyone else She has the help of her vampire sire Mencheres, who gets his own story told in Jeaniene s newest book, Eternal Kiss of Darkness.Catch of the Century Sophia Nash When Victoria and her three young charges are rescued on the side of the road by the Duke of Beaufort, little does he know that he will have met his match in this lovely, spirited, exasperating, young schoolmistress Not having read A Dangerous Beauty or The Kiss, I still enjoyed the visit made by the characters from those two books in this wonderful story.Charmed By Her Smile Tracy Anne Warren When India convinces Quentin, the Duke of Weybridge to pretend to court her so she can avoid a certain pesky suitor, he knows he won t be bored, but never realizes he ll be entranced A great ending story to a wonderful anthology. I bought this for the Jeaniene Frost story I liked it, but there was an obvious solution to the overriding dilemma that was never brought up and I think that was lame Still, Frost is a good story teller and I enjoyed it, particularly knowing that some of the details are pertinent to Spade s upcoming book So even though he never makes an appearance, I thought about Spade a lot and how can I complain about that The other stories were mostly regencies I m not sure how this anthology was put together There s no real theme, except for most of the stories including a duke It s like Frost got stuck in there at the last minute regardless of whether or not her story fit I read all the other stories even though I wasn t familiar with any of the writers A couple of them were pretty enjoyable I particularly liked Catch of the Century by Sophia Nash and Charmed by her Smile by Tracy Ann Warren The Irish Duke by Cathy Maxwell was frustrating because it seemed like an outline to what should have been a full novel It s a really clever premise, and I would have liked to read the whole thing in long hand rather than skipping all the natural steps to an HEA The Duke Who Came to Dinner by Elaine Fox ended rather abruptly and never explained what was going on with the ghost theme Again, it seemed like an idea for a longer story that the author just didn t fill in The Sophia Nash story seems to be part of a series and, of course, Jeaniene Frost s story fits into the Night Huntress world, and since those stories are among the best ones, I can give this quirky anthology a mild recommendation. I decided to break this anthology down by story in my review Devil to Pay Jeaniene Frost A parnormal short story Jeaniene Frost s Night Huntress series is one of my favorites She is actually the reason I had picked out this anthology to begin with because I saw her name on the book I was not expecting this story to be a spin off from Night Huntress nobody had told me that Mencheres, Bones, and Cat would be in this book, albeit in minor roles as secondary characters I would guess that this particular story takes place somewhere between At Grave s End and Destined for an Early Grave timeline wise in the Night Huntress series, but you really don t have to have read any of that series to read this short story As for the plot of the story, it wasn t my favorite Frost story, but I take what little Bones tidbits I can get grin The Irish Duke Cathy Maxwell A historical romance short story. It actually started out with lots of promise and I enjoyed the first half of the story immensely Unfortunately, the story broke down about 2 3 of the way through I think the story wrapped up way too easily, probably the consequence of being a short story in an anthology I don t know that there was enough to carry an entire novel, but I felt like the potential was there, and it would have been a better story in the end if it had been longer and involved The Duke Who Came to Dinner Elaine Fox A contemporary story with a hint of paranormal. I wasn t impressed with the story It seemed kind of random and pointless Maybe I would have liked it better if the author had taken the paranormal storyline and ran with it I don t know, I just felt like there was no purpose behind the story at all, and I didn t feel the romance between the h h Catch of the Century Sophia Nash A historical romance story I can t remember much about this particular story after finishing the book Guess that says something laugh Charmed By Her Smile Tracy Ann Warren A historical romance story This one had potential It was interesting, but I still felt disappointed in the end I never seem to do well with anthologies because the characters don t get a chance to grow on me I think.